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Elle Fanning Hopes to Be Like Angelina Jolie One Day: 'She's Amazing'

Elle Fanning Hopes to Be Like Angelina Jolie One Day: 'She's Amazing'

Elle Fanning wears her workout clothes to run some errands on Sunday (April 27) in Studio City, Calif.

The 16-year-old actress recently chatted about working with Angelina Jolie on their upcoming film Maleficent!

Angelina has done so much for other people and I hope to do that because she is not just a famous celebrity, people know her around the world because she is able to do things for other people. I hope to be like that in that way,” Elle said to Yahoo. “She is amazing. She really never told me anything but I could pick up on things from just observation. She was very meticulous, took care of every detail, like, the costume she wanted to be right so she worked with the makeup a lot to get the right look and everything. So, me seeing her so invested in it that much, it was like, ‘I want to be like that.’”

FYI: Elle is wearing Soffe capris.

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  • Ako si Gladys

    Me too Elle!!! She’s an inspiration and my role model (aside from my Mom). :)

  • Ako si Gladys


    Kia✨ ‏@ChaeMandela 10h

    Why is Angelina Jolie so perf? 😍😍😍

  • Ako si Gladys


    Milan ‏@mhxvrt 10h

    angelina jolie’s beauty gives me chills.

    from Lancaster, CA

  • Maria

    Maleficent sounds like a great movie, look forward to see Angelina in it…

  • anonymous

    you’re too young to know this, I dont appreciate the way she got her husband – despite of how much she’s done worldwide…

  • Annabelle

    Love the Fanning girls and the Jolie-Pitts.

    I don’t think she held Brad against his will. Women always seem to get the blame. There must have been problems already there for him to get with Angelina. Takes two people.

  • http://Justjared Jesus

    @anonymous: He was a helpless man, that she stole from a store.
    Humans are not possessions to be stolen, they can make their own choices, once they’re not in prison.
    Maybe it is none of Elle’s business, like it is none of yours, nine years later get over it, and mind your own MYOB.

  • como

    destruyo un hogar y quiere seguir el ejemplo de angelina pobre chica no tiene personalidad solo porque se cobre haciendo obras de caridad a nadie se le olvidad como consiguio a su llamado esposo

  • jaliah

    You know I don’t listen to what tabloids have to say and prefer to hear it from the horses mouth. Maybe Elle is doing the same thing. All the horses involved in this have said various things which if pieced together goes something like this: A married couple had been having difficulties for a long time. The married people wanted different things in life and neither was happy. The man met another woman, he told his wife of an attraction but hadn’t acted on it. Over time he came to a decision to divorce his wife and pursue the other woman. The divorce happened and the rest is history. The ex wife, whose main interest was and is her ambition to be a moviestar, allowed her PR to try and besmirch the reputation of the woman who the husband had fallen in love with and they have been doing it ever since. Do you feel the same way about how the ex got her new husband…from the arms of a woman he was with for 14 years and was still with her and hadn’t told her she was no longer his partner? Maybe because the same tabloids didn’t tell you to feel that way.

    The bottom line is the husband made the decision, he chose Angelina…it’s called free will.

  • xoxob

    she is already there. she looks miserable and isn’t wearing a bra. mission accomplished.


    You are a fast learner Elle…you are already walking around without a bra like your uber-attention-whore idol. Now you just have to tongue your brother, do drugs and fuvck around like a horn dog, look like an anorexic skeletal junkie… and oh you have to a frak married man and remain friendless for life…easy peesy

  • Jean

    @anonymous: #5

    FYI, Brad and (horse-face Jen’s) marriage was OVER when he got with Angie. SO GET OVER IT!

  • guest

    Elle, I too want to be like Angelina, and I’m a senior citizen. She is one of a kind.

  • hah

    aha that is cool , she’s want to be a hooker*** one day yapyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Snau

    Start using drugs !

  • Helene

    this will always come up, she crossed the line, she broke a marriage. Its about ethics. You just dont get involved in someone else’s happiness. Its that simple. There will always be people that will never stop resenting her for that. I love how she cares about refugees and war crimes. Maybe she ‘s trying to redeem herself. Who knows? I dont. For me, I dont like her. I respect her. But I dont like her.

  • ma petite soeur

    Her mother looks mad at her for not wearing a bra.

  • nellygin

    @Helene: What marriage did she break?

    If you must know, both parties in the marriage broke the marriage themselves. The woman in particular (Aniston) did not respect or value her then husband. And as the saying goes, one man’s poison is another man’s meat vis-a-visa.

    So grow up!

  • maritza

    @Helene: Meanwhile JenAn gets a pass for the way she got Justin, she gets a “you go, girl” for swiping Justin from Heidi Bivens. Oh the double standards.

  • Marly

    Her mom should take her bra shopping.

  • Leslie

    @Helene: #16

    Dumb@ss. Angie did not cross any one. BRAD LEFT JEN BEFORE HE TOOK UP WITH ANGIE!

    No matter how many hissies you nut cases have, it will never change the fact that Jen LOST Brad long before Angie came into the picture.

  • Living in a box

    Are you people still arguing about Brad,Jen and Angie? Here the real deal, he want a family but Jen doesn’t want a family. Then he met a woman with a family and fell in love with her entire family. He left a woman that doesn’t want a family, he goes to a new family. The End.

  • gigi22

    Hey Mom! Tell your 16 yr old daughter to get a bra on. What a horrible role model. Both of them!

  • angie

    u can be like her but just dont break any marriage like she did! :)

  • grow up

    @Living in a box: Yeah I always heard they both wanted a family, tried, had a miscarriage and couldn’t get pregnant again the remainder of their marriage. Whether that’s true or not, it’s a story out there, just like yours. I will never understand those who perpetuate rumors as the truth. No wait I understand because it fits into your sick twisted world where it justifies your hatred of Jennifer.

    — I think one of the saddest things you Angelina freaks whine about is that it was Jennifer’s fault that Brad cheated. Ummm no. If Brad and Jen were married when he started an affair with Angelina then HE IS THE ONE AT FAULT. The most shameful thing people do with their opinions about affairs is blaming the women. No. Brad vowed to stay faithful to his wife and then choose to cheat on her. It is neither Jen nor Angelina’s fault, it lies with Brad. But again that wouldn’t fit into your sick LOVE of hating Jennifer.

  • holly

    I totally agree with you Jaliah!

  • Shamu

    Jolie broke both Aniston-Pitt marriage and the relationship between Billy Bob Thornton and Laura Dern. Facts! Billy Bob and Laura confirmed their split on April 6, and by April 7 Angelina Jolie (who co-starred with Thornton in 1999′s “Pushing Tin”) was seen sporting a “Billy Bob” tattoo. According to the New York Daily News, Thornton called Dern on May 1 to say he had no intention of marrying Jolie but was just “doing his thing” Four days later, Thornton and Jolie eloped to Las Vegas. That’s Saint Angie for you. She may feel sorry for refugees, but she clearly hates other women.

  • nicole

    First of: WEAR A BRA……
    second: Pleas do something about you hair. It looks like it hasnt seen a shower in a couple of weeks

  • Hugh

    Truth is, no one wants to marry Aniston cuz shes too ugly.

  • Evan

    Look at all of these judgemental people trying to impose their ideals on others. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she doesn’t want a bra? Maybe there is an issue with sweating and wearing tight clothing? You don’t know her life. Let her be free to do as she pleases. Focus on what this article is about, not her choice of clothing.

  • Turrican4D

    Nice titties!!! :D

  • frank

    I love that she is not wearing a bra! She has a nice pair of boobs.