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Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Toni Garrn is Surrounded By Naked Men!

Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Toni Garrn is Surrounded By Naked Men!

Leonardo DiCaprio and injured Entourage star Kevin Connolly sit in the front row to catch the NHL playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center on Monday (April 28) in Los Angeles.

The Kings won the game 4-1. Congrats to the team!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Over the weekend, Leonardo‘s girlfriend Toni Garrn posted a photo on Instagram from a photo shoot where she was bikini clad surrounded by completely naked me!

“Mr @wattsupphoto has a strict #dresscode for his team” Toni captioned the pic.

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leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 01
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 02
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 03
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 04
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 05

Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: GC Images , Instagram
Posted to: Bikini, Kevin Connolly, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naked, Shirtless, Toni Garrn

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439 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Toni Garrn is Surrounded By Naked Men!”

  1. 1
    lol Says:

    Are my eyes deceiving me or does Leo actually look stylish?
    Loving the blue/grey combo

  2. 2
    Annonymous Says:

    Leo looks cute but he DOES kinda look like a porn director.
    Why does JJ have only one picture though?

  3. 3
    @2 Says:

    DM has more pics

  4. 4
    Hey Says:

    They’re not naked, it’s clearly a joke.

  5. 5
    FINALLY Says:

    At long last she has been recognized as his gf!!

  6. 6
    sadface Says:

    Looks like Leo misses his girl

  7. 7
    Bz Says:

    Anna Innocenti ‏@AnnacInnocenti · 8h
    Just a regular day in LA… Leo Dicaprio 😜

  8. 8
    Abd Says:

    Somehow JJ needed to link Toni garrn’s desperate Instagrams post *roll eyes*

  9. 9
    Eclipse Says:

    @Bz: Those girls look 10 years old… and Leo’s head is huge omw

  10. 10
    1st bare boobies... Says:

    Coming next from these 2: sex tape.

  11. 11
    Mary Says:

    His girlfriend has a great sense of humor.

  12. 12
    Fake but Says:

    It looks like the guy closest to her on the left is actually naked lol

  13. 13
    attention seeker Says:

    @Abd: At least for once The Daily Fail focused on Leo and his friend without promoting her girlfriend so called modeling career who need to pretend and sell nudity to finally get some attention.

  14. 14
    13 Says:

    he seems thrilled

  15. 15
    LOL Says:

    Leo Has a Guys’ Night Out With Kevin Connolly While Toni’s Away

    While Leo was at the game, his model girlfriend, Toni, was hard at work on the East Coast. She caused a bit of a stir over the weekend when she shared a photo of herself surrounded by “naked” men during a shoot in Sarasota, FL. However, she has since jetted off to NYC where she met up with friends Karlie Kloss and Andreea Diaconu on Monday.

  16. 16
    LOL Says:

  17. 17
    21 Says:

  18. 18
    Famewhore Says:

    Who said Bar 2.0. Looks more like Bar 6.0

  19. 19
    also... Says:

    What a way to ruin these new Leo and Kevin photos. Put them together with that stupid Toni IG photo and the thread is ruined. Thanks, Jared.

  20. 20
    i'm jealous Says:

    @21 ???

  21. 21
    Instagram Says:

    Famewhores best weapon ;)

  22. 22
    Almost Slut Says:

    This has been the best publicity Toni Garrn has had since she started dating Leo.

  23. 23
    Paul Says:

    she’s a beautiful girl

  24. 24
    for Leo Says:

  25. 25
    .. Says:

    @also…: Well those pics of Leo are crap to begin with so maybe JJ needed to add more info to make this “news” worth posting..

  26. 26
    Ok Says:

    @also…: Yeah I don’t get why they did it. Again, I wonder how they found the picture of her, or how they found her Istagram.
    The toothless pic on dm was funny.

  27. 27
    Major twist Says:

    @..: When Sugar Baby is becoming more interesting and news worth it than Leo roflmfao

  28. 28
    also... Says:

    @..: I don`t think the Leo photos are crap. The Toni photo is dumb and isn`t interesting at all. Definitely not worth posting.

  29. 29
    also... Says:

    @Major twist: How on earth is the Toni photo more interesting and new worthy than Leo?

  30. 30
    doc Says:

    Leo looks very hot while watching the match.

  31. 31
    @also Says:

    Agreed, there are more nice pics of the game. I dunno why JJ used just the one pic over and over

  32. 32
    @28 Says:

    @also…: Well this isn’t Just Also, it’s Just Jared! Maybe they were worth posting to him. A lot of what you have to say isn’t worth posting

  33. 33
    Duuhhuuu Says:

    That’s the Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, FL

  34. 34
    Soon Says:

    Toni Garrn’s boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio is enjoying a night with friends while his girlfriends is working.

  35. 35
    Amy Says:

    I wish Leo would get rid of that goatee. I think he looks better clean shaven or with a little scruff.

  36. 36
    @28 Says:

    @also…: Look at all the publicity she’s having thanks to that dumb picture. ;)

  37. 37
    @Amy Says:

    Agreed ! I hate his goatee.

  38. 38
    .. Says:

    @Major twist: dark times indeed

  39. 39
    .. Says:

    @Soon: lol

  40. 40
    hey Says:

    Toni is only mentioned when Leo is mentioned. She can’t be mentioned by herself without Leo mentioned.
    She’s aiming for more men around her zzzz

  41. 41
    .. Says:

    Leo = stay at home hubby aww

  42. 42
    Advertisement Says:

    Toni must be receiving many google alerts #toni #garrn

  43. 43
    juice Says:

    @hey: Toni had her own post on JJ I think and she’s got her own tag. She’s dating Leo so naturally that will be mentioned since it brings in viewers/discussion, not really her fault

  44. 44

  45. 45
    hey Says:

    @juice: Im bored of Toni

  46. 46
    @hey Says:

    or bored in your life

  47. 47
    niagirl Says:

    Don’t forget a got drunk with CopyKat and Riri the other night.

  48. 48
    hey Says:

    @46: Yes, and so pissed off, sad and wanting to kill somebody lol

  49. 49
    @hey Says:

    bored of your life.

  50. 50
    Advertisement Says:

    Jennifer Meyer jewelry: still not as fugly as her daughter! Buy now!

  51. 51
    also... Says:

    @@28: That’s the best you’ve got? This is not my site? Who said it is? Whoever is here posts his or her opinion and I posted mine. How does it make this site mine? Try to come olio with something that makes sense. Something worth posting. 😏 Look at al the publicity many other celebs get thanks to posting dumb photos. So what? The photo is still dumb. Just like this conversation and your responses.

  52. 52
    James Franco Says:

    He’s the expert of dumb photos

  53. 53
    @28 Says:

    @also…: Has your ability to comprehend been compromised due to your prescription meds?

  54. 54
    also... Says:

    @@28: 💤💤💤💤💤

  55. 55
    kyle Says:

    Big, blonde giraffe.

  56. 56
    Loreto Says:

    Love Toni

  57. 57
    Medz Says:

    Also’s prescription = constant doses of JJ eventually leading to insanity

  58. 58
    What a joke Says:

    Even if this thread didn’t include Toni everyone would find a way to make the discussion all about her eventually as usual so what’s the point of complaining

  59. 59
    also... Says:

    @Medz: Butting into something that`s not your business? Trying to be funny and failing? Great job!

  60. 60
    Sad Says:

    this thread is sad even the headline.

  61. 61
    @Leokas Says:

    But WHERE is my precious Lukas? I want Leokas back.

  62. 62
    well Says:

    What was the need to post these idiot childish pics of Garrn on that cute series of photos of Leo with his buddy?
    To make her looj even more insignificant and immature?

  63. 63
    Toni Says:

    You guys have seen the music vid of MGMT – Kids? The kid walking on the street look like Toni at the record store with Leo

  64. 64
    well Says:

    @eat your heart Clooney -
    Terrific!!! Keep them posted if you have more.
    That is exactly what Leo is looking for :):)

  65. 65
    Mgmt Says:

    @Toni: LOL thanks for the laugh

  66. 66
    Fan Says:

    Leo looks happy on this one (too bad Jared has not posted it)

  67. 67
    lol Says:

    The DM comments seem to support Leo as opposed to the now ‘Be Like Clooney’

  68. 68
    CarrieFromBelgium Says:

    We can see Leo’s fans are NOT jealous ou mean of his girlfriend Toni

  69. 69
    sAY WHAT? Says:

    @CarrieFromBelgium: Carrie From Belgium yur Inglisch Sucks S-U-C-K-S

  70. 70
    ..... Says:

    Id like to see what pants leo is wearing here

  71. 71
    pretty Says:

    @sAY WHAT?: And how it should be?

  72. 72
    @famew*hore Says:

    Bar 6.0 is my line… be original!

  73. 73
    @72 Says:

    @@famew*hore: Why would you want to take credit for that?

  74. 74
    LMAO Says:


  75. 75
    Giraffe Says:

    Toni, looks like a big, blonde, giraffe including her face.

  76. 76
    Toni is working Says:

  77. 77
    Oh lawd Says:

    @Toni is working:
    Insert the 100 comments about how stupid, ugly, worthless she is in this video and what an idiot, closeted homosexual Leo is for dating her

  78. 78
    Oh lawd Says:

    @James Franco:
    His thirst for Ryan Gosling is also too real

  79. 79
    S Says:

    Good News!!!

  80. 80
    but of course Says:

    James Franco IG photos are so much better on this thread than 100 comments about Leo and Toni.

  81. 81
    Oh lawd Says:

    @but of course:
    Better then the next 100 comments bashing Leo, Toni, Jen Meyer, Tobey, Lukas, Irmelin, Dave, and many more tbh

  82. 82
    Oh lawd Says:


  83. 83
    but of course Says:

    According to you it’s better. He has nothing to do with this thread

  84. 84
    Oh lawd Says:

    @but of course:
    Who cares? Why do you have suck a stick up your ass? I replied to a person’s comment and idgaf if it was off topic, it wasn’t spamming or ex gf debates as the usual but I never see you coming here to complain about that. Or when the Toni haterade is on full force for a good 3 pages because of an IG post she made. Now I’m speaking to you you’re probably one of those who lives off of bashing her so no wonder your getting so defensive

  85. 85
    Oh lawd Says:

    And these threads are never ON topic fyi, let alone ever about Leo. Have fun mocking Toni the rest of the night.

  86. 86
    Avicii Says:

    Toni doesn’t realize she has a stupid personality. Dumb but happy

  87. 87
    but of course Says:

    Who cares about your remarks or James Franco?

  88. 88
    Oh lawd Says:

    @but of course:
    You did, enough to start this petty argument just because you can’t admit you’re one of the Toni bashers all day all night hon.

  89. 89
    @Oh lawd Says:

    @Oh lawd: Don’t waste your time arguing bb, you got too good a moniker!!

  90. 90
    but of course Says:

    Am I one of them? Or I just don’t see what James Franco has to do with this thread or I don’t like to read remarks like yours. But it seems that just makes me a basher. All righty then.

  91. 91
    Oh lawd Says:

    @@Oh lawd:
    Don’t see what replying to a person who posted about Franco on here was so harmful esp since its dead with Leo news rn and there’s nothing to comment on but w/e, thanks hon!!

  92. 92
    Oh lawd Says:

    @but of course:
    And George Clooney’s personal life has absolutely nothing to do with Leo yet there were multiple pages dedicated to discussing him, his engagement, and his fiance’s personal life yet you didnt complain about that. And yea, you prob are a basher. You’ve got that defensive tone for starters but w/e!!

  93. 93
    but of course Says:

    The previous topics had connection to Leo unlike Franco. Sure, I`m a basher if you say so. Off topic comments and remarks about the thread are a delight to read.

  94. 94
    @94 Says:

    @but of course:
    clooney’s fiance rrly didn’t have anything to do with leo tho…
    and you sound like also.. man stop being a coward and use your own moniker. everyone knows its you, its so obvious bc you argue with anyone who doesnt hate toni

  95. 95
    @Toni is working Says:

    @Toni is working: Thank you. She couldn’t look more stupid.

  96. 96
    Baby Poo Says:

    @@Toni is working: I think she CAN. One day she will surprise us with a vid picking her nose and eating boogers.

  97. 97
    @Toni is working Says:

    Yep, she is working at what she does best: Looking like a perfect immature idiot. Period.

  98. 98
    Leo looks stupid too.. Says:

  99. 99
    Well Says:

    @Toni is working -
    The girl is 21 going on 10 years old. And Leo likes to act like a doting uncle. Hilarious couple.

  100. 100
    world Says:

    everyone in stupid.

  101. 101
    @Well Says:

    Sasha/Lorelei, why did you change your name to Well, everyone knows who you are

  102. 102
    Hiiiiiiiii! Says:

    Hi, I’m virgin. I love Leo. I’m a 40-year-old woman. People think I’m a teenager because I’m immature, but I’m retarded.
    Toni is a giraffe. LOL. I’m soooo funny. Toni is a giraffe. Toni and all his girlfriends. His girlfriends look like boys and giraffe. I’m so funny.
    I love you Leo. Marry me. I’m a loser bur I’m not a Giraffe.

  103. 103
    Huggies Says:

    @Hiiiiiiiii!: poor you

  104. 104
    @Hiiiiiiiii! Says:

    LOL +1000000000

  105. 105
    @Well Says:

    Don’t forget a lapdog and David Bowie reference in there!

  106. 106
    Huggies Says:

    @@Hiiiiiiiii!: you too?

  107. 107
    Please Says:

    Toni’s are getting upset. You can go back to make fun JUST of Leo. Please?

  108. 108
    @Please Says:


  109. 109
    @Please Says:

    You guys are really mean when you make fun of Leo though. Its usually not even mean in a fun way it just comes off as haterade

  110. 110
    wuf wuf Says:

    Hello I’m the eyebrowless giraffe and I cant wait to finish my half-time job as a so called model to follow him as a lapdog
    wuf wuf

  111. 111
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

  112. 112
    @wuf wuf Says:

    Hi I’m a miserable spinster who sits on the computer all day leaving, breathing, and licking off a supermodel’s instagram. I insult her all day but the truth is im obsessed with her

  113. 113
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

    #Dinner #Time

  114. 114
    @wuf wuf Says:

    Truth is I print out her pics and masturbate to em all dayyyyy

  115. 115
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

    Ready to dining with Leo

  116. 116
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

    My new Shoe Collection

  117. 117
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

    JJ posters;–z.jpg

  118. 118
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:


  119. 119
    KIDS Says:


  120. 120
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

    JJ posters;–9-580×435.jpg


  121. 121
    First class flight to LA Says:

  122. 122
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

    JJ posters;


  123. 123
    Hot Says:

    Lure for Leo tonight

  124. 124
    Toni 's stupid Says: This is the only IG post where shes telling the truth ..Heidi Klum wanna be..

  125. 125
    kristen Says:

    Ok now Im convinced that Toni is dumber than Bar and desperate! congrats girl the most lame of all gfs

  126. 126
    Rank em Says:

    1. Gisele 2. Erin 3. Blake 4. Toni 5. Bar

  127. 127
    Annonymous Says:

    I think she’s doing a shoot for Vogue magazine

  128. 128
    @also Says:

    I see what you’re saying. We get sexy Leo pics (and Kevin too actually) as well as a Leo tweet and again all the focus is on Toni or again his ex girlfriends!

  129. 129
    lol Says:

    I just noticed they mentioned his possible showing at the MET Gala after party next monday on his BZ thread. We’ll see, esp as Kanye and Bradley are definitely going

  130. 130
    also... Says:

    @ @also: I agree. With more photos and the tweet or the news about him joining the effort to save elephants it could have been a nice Leo only thread. I personally think it got ruined by posting that Toni IG photo. JMO

  131. 131
    @lol Says:

    If both Kanye and esp BFF Bradley are going, Leo is def going JMO

  132. 132
    yeah Says:

    @also…: cause you only talk about Leo on his threads

  133. 133
    @also Says:

    @also…: Even if that IG were not there, the talk will still turn to Toni then Gisele, Bar, Blake, Kristen, Erin e.t.c.

  134. 134
    lol Says:

    @@lol: He won’t do the red carpet but its possible he’ll go to the after parties. Might depend is Toni goes too I don’t think she’s ever been asked

  135. 135
    also... Says:

    @yeah: I talked about THIS thread and I haven’t said anything about Toni or Gisele. Let’s stick to what I actually said. THIS THREAD not Leo threads in general.

  136. 136
    Hmm Says:

    @lol: Bar was invited to the Met Gala and Erin was invited to the CFDA… sure Toni can get also a ticket to any of those event.

  137. 137
    Famewhores Says:

    @Hmm: FINALLY Toni’s modeling career is enjoying the perks to being Leo’s girlfriend.

  138. 138
    @129 Says:

    @lol: Jennifer Meyer and Tobey could also attend.

  139. 139
    Whoopee! Happy day! Says:

    #Met #Gala @tags #and #hashtags #day

  140. 140
    lol Says:

    @@129: Jen and Tobey have attended before and walked the red carpet so its possible

  141. 141
    Whoopee! Happy day! Says:

    #Boom #Boom #Room

  142. 142
    Hmm Says:

    @lol: Probably Leo is going to return to Ny with Tobey and Jen then.

  143. 143
    Bradley Says:

    Didn’t someone say Bradley was co hosting the MET Gala or something? Leo will def go then but won’t walk the red carpet

  144. 144
    Nuggets Says:

    @Bradley: Leo is gonna be there for the party no matter if Bradley or Ronald McDonald is hosting the show.

  145. 145
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

    Piicture of the VIP pass to The Met

  146. 146
    LEO Says:

  147. 147
    ???? Says:

    Does Leo attend every event Bradley Cooper is involved in? Only in that case I would say he will go to the MET Gala but that’s not the case.

  148. 148
    Amy Says:


    Yeah, he is. He’s co-chairing the event with SJP and Oscar de la Renta.

  149. 149
    Amy Says:

    More info on the Met Gala (theme this year is 1950s couture)

  150. 150
    @???? Says:

    I mean Bradley attended an event for Leo’s environmental charity last Summer, they both attended De Niro’s birthday party together, they hung out with their girlfriends after the Oscars, were together at the Globes the whole time, plus those pics of them with Lenny Kravitz at the pizza shop. Its really not hard to believe Leo would want to go to the MET Gala afterparty esp since he’s close with Bradley and we know he’ll be there for sure. Point is they’re often at similar places together

  151. 151
    Well Says:

    Leo never attends a gala’s after-party unless he is surrounded with his entourage.

  152. 152
    ???? Says:

    They are friends and they hang out together. But they don’t go everywhere together and this is an event Leo has never attended before. I just don’t think Bradley being involved in this event means Leo is going. The after party is a different question.

  153. 153
    @151 Says:

    He’s attended the gala after party only twice 2011/2013 and there was no talk of the entourage. Anyway quite a few Leo pals like Helly Namad live in NY so he has an entourage anywhere he goes whenever he wants

  154. 154
    @???? Says:

    I’m only talking about the after party, I agree he won’t attend the gala itself.

  155. 155
    Met Says:

    @Amy: Lots of flop fashion every year from the Met. They hire headline drawing celebs as opposed to good designers/fashionistas so… it is what it is. I swear I heard Gwyneth P say she hated it and it was overcrowded and smelly (ya can’t always trust her but this seems true lmao). Another empty event for the overpaid to flaunt their stupidity.

  156. 156
    kristen Says:

    I remember when Bar went to the gala after the breakup she tried to look super

  157. 157
    Game Time Says:

  158. 158
    @kristen Says:

    Is it necessary to bring up Bar? They started dating over 7 years ago and are long done yet her closet stans can’t ever shut up about her. Just move on already. ALWAYS ex gfs have to be brought up and talked about just as much as Toni is and its so annoying.

  159. 159
    Amy Says:

    @Game Time:

    I got Belle and the Beast. Any other Belles out there? ;)

  160. 160
    Game Time Says:

    @Amy: I got frozen (I’ve never seen that movie and don’t know the characters :( )

  161. 161
    Amy Says:

    @Game Time:

    All I know about that movie is one of its songs got an Oscar nomination.

  162. 162
    Newcomer Says:

    Tweets from a girl who seems to be in California and from another girl who was at the hockey game yesterday.

    @maryanaarauj0 · 2 h
    my mom saw Leonardo DiCaprio in person 😍

    kenz ‏@kenziemiccolis 23 h

    kenz ‏@kenziemiccolis 22 h

    kenz ‏@kenziemiccolis 22 h
    Okay Leo didn’t even stand for the goal what a lamo

    kenz ‏@kenziemiccolis 22 h
    @madimeanss he’s incognito he has sunglasses and a hat on:)

  163. 163
    Amy Says:


    LMAO… He must spend a lot of money on bodyguards.

  164. 164
    Thanks Ponpiri Says:

  165. 165
    Newcomer Says:

    Emma Wiener ‏@emmaweens 1 h
    My cousin just told me Leo Dicaprio was in his class today for “bring your friends and family to school day”… Only in LA

    It seems Leo went back to school today.

  166. 166
    Ruhe Says:

    Leo is such a good uncle! The kids were probably very excited he was there.:)

  167. 167
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @S: Hi lady! Thanks for the link! I am so glad to hear that he is getting involved with the anti-poaching campaign to save elephants. A couple of days ago he actually tweeted something about the environment (the first time in over a month) and now today there is this article. There is hope fo him. Baby steps! Baby steps!

  168. 168
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: I just got The Revenant. Unfortunately, I am slammed at work and won’t be able to start reading it until the weekend. Will let you know what I think. Also, I remember you said you finally finished True Detectives. what did you think of the end? I thought it was very anti-climatic. I was like ‘is that it?!” Your thoughts.

  169. 169
    kyle Says:

    Maybe he should think about settling down with the big, blonde giraffe. He’s not getting any younger or better looking with age. They seem to get on well. She still be young enough to push him around in his wheelchair when he hit’s his 70′s.

  170. 170
    @Thanks Ponpiri Says:

    Damn the comments are nicer about Kevin than they are about Leo.

  171. 171
    leslie Says:

    While Leo is always having fun with stupid btches Im still waiting for him at my doctor’s appointment

  172. 172
    ONTD Says:

    They only care/ praise him for young Leo, that’s it. They’ve done that since ONTD was launched. They dont actually like him. Look at this example here:

  173. 173
    Hmm Says:

    @Newcomer: So sweet. Wonder if it was his niece Normandie or maybe one of his friend’s kids.

  174. 174
    Ken Says:

    James franco is da mannnnnnn!!

  175. 175
    Ken Says:

    Everybody here should become fans of James Franco! He’s the best y’all!!!!!!!More power to James biiiiiittttccchhhhhessss!!!!

  176. 176
    From BZ Says:

  177. 177
    Checking Says:

    @From BZ: moving in… check

  178. 178
    #### Says:

    and a gossip site got the scoop first? LOL…..right…..

  179. 179
    Maybe Says:

    I think he is going serious with this one. As we said he is he reaching 40, his mom already found a guy (although manchild just like Leo) but this could have had an impact on him. His life has been mocked more than ever for his dating habits even in the Golden Globes.

    Besides Toni has been the most obedient of his girlfriends ever, she barely works just to be 24/7 available for him, her life revolves completely around Leo, his lifestyle and interests. She “fits”. And we cant deny that he enjoys spending time with her since is seen as less in clubs hasnt being spotted in clubs that much when he is with her.

  180. 180
    Oh Leo Says:

    @From BZ: Oh George.. I mean.. Oh boy.
    Leo, Leo Leo

  181. 181
    also... Says:

    @From BZ: Right on schedule. If it wasn’t for the source, InTouch, I might even give it some credit. Just think about the fact how little they are in NYC recently so how can anyone say they moved in together in NYC? I’m sure Toni is at his place a lot but moving in? And InTouch is far from reliable. JMO

  182. 182
    @From BZ Says:

    Deja vu????
    Moving in just like when he was dating Erin? Or Blake? Or Bar? Or Gisele?
    What’ s next? Let me guess… shopping for a diamond ring… or the kid being prehnant.

  183. 183
    also... Says:

    @####: It’s InTouch. When was the last time they got something right? They frequent gossip cop and not the ‘it’s true’ group.

  184. 184
    hahahahahaha Says:

    The George Clooney Effect Lmao

  185. 185
    poor leo Says:

    He just wants to be taken seriously

  186. 186
    #### Says:


    Doesn’t this rumor start to fly right around the time of the 1 year mark he’s with a girl? LOL

    Just like we recently had the rumor in another German gossip mag that they were shopping for engagement rings. Unbelievable…..

  187. 187
    Futurama? Says:

    And this news comes right after that many predicted “Now with George Clooney taken”……

  188. 188
    also... Says:

    @####: It was the same with Erin and he dated her for only 9 months so it`s a surprise that the moving in rumor started only a year into their relationship.
    Reading again what the source had to say it`s kinda odd. First the source says they moved in and they love it and then they look `happy and relaxed` when spotted in the building? Why would an insider talk about how they look when they are spotted in his building? I think it`s someone from Leo`s building talking and since she is seen there a lot… Just like Erin. There was an article that Leo had a bike for her at his place so it means she moved in?
    If it comes from other source I will take it seriously.
    I haven`t heard of that German rumor. A Gala cover was posted here and the word `engagement` was in the headline so maybe that`s what you are talking about?

  189. 189
    also... Says:

    @Futurama?: This might be InTouch`s way to respond to the Clooney news. Trying to make Leo settle down?

  190. 190
    @Maybe Says:

    That was all said about his previous naive kiddies he dated.
    Oh this one is diffetent…please c’mon!

  191. 191
    also... Says:

    @@Maybe: Every girl is different and `the one` for him. There is always a reason why the current one is special.

  192. 192
    InTouch Weekly Says:

    :) :)

  193. 193
    lol Says:

    @InTouch Weekly: If his people don’t go to Gossip Cop. Then I’ll take it as deliberate story for whatever. JMO

  194. 194
    InTouch Weekly Says:

    comments about Leo and Toni are nice compared to people here

  195. 195
    Sweet Deja Vu Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio ‘very much in love’

    LEONARDO DiCaprio’s seven-month relationship with model Erin Heatherton is getting heated.
    The Victoria’s Secret beauty is said to have moved into the actor’s plush New York City apartment that overlooks the Hudson River.

    The couple are rumoured to be head over heels in love.

    They can’t bear to spend time apart from each other.

    “Erin has been with Leo nonstop at the apartment,” an insider told Life & Style magazine.

    “He even got a bike for her since he likes biking around the city so much.”

    People who have seen Leonardo and Erin together say that the pair appear absolutely enamoured with one another.

    “They seem very much in love,” a source added about the couple. “They’re really cute together.”

    Erin is elated about sharing a space with Leonardo.

    “I live on the West Side Highway now and I love it!” she told the publication recently.

    Leonardo previously dated actress Blake Lively and gorgeous model Bar Refaeli.

  196. 196
    ????? Says:

    @InTouch Weekly: How many more times are you going to post the same thing? Posting several times will make it more credible? If it was a breakup story from an unreliable source like InTouch you wouldn’t go :) :) on it I assume.

  197. 197
    also... Says:

    @lol: It’s not like his people go to gossip cop with every story posted in cheap tabloids.

  198. 198
    InTouch Weekly Says:

    @????? Just relax, that’s just a link…

  199. 199
    lol Says:

    @also…: I expected someone to say that and of course I know that. But if the story is untrue him its VERY easy to issue a denial. He denied Miranda Kerr, Cara D even laughable ones like fighting with Gerard Butler all posted from cheap tabs like In Touch, Enquirer,. If the story bugs them or counters their interest his people can always go to gossip cop.

  200. 200
    LOL Says:

    Leo is so predictable LOL

  201. 201
    ????? Says:

    @InTouch Weekly: It was already posted on this page and you posted two more times. If it was a breakup rumor I bet you wouldn’t keep posting it even if it’s the same source.

  202. 202
    InTouch Weekly Says:

    naughtybutnicerob is not InTouch Weekly and I cant post whatever I want.
    I can even post it one more time

  203. 203
    Lovely FB comments Says:

    Most people are making fun of InTouch saying this is a bigger deal than Clooney’s engagement.
    Kelly Prebish
    Seriously?? Marriage is a muche bigger step than shacking up with a bimbo who took a pic of herself with 6 naked guys…. He should have dated kate winslet.

    Can we say gold digger and she just milking it… I know she has her own money but why spend it if she has his haha! He’s twice her age lol… Maybe that’s the trend these days

    Sheri Hurley
    Since when is moving in together more shocking than someone unlikely to get married gets engaged?? Lol

  204. 204
    Hmm Says:

    I agree with some. Could be Leo’s respond not to George Clooney settling down but to what ppl was joking about him. Besides Toni as his other girlfriends, certainly spend a lot of time in his places so Pr or gossip sites always use the old “they are moving together, very happy, very much in love, very together” Same old Bs

  205. 205
    ????? Says:

    @InTouch: Keep posting it. That will make it credible! lol

  206. 206
    Lovely FB comments Says:

    Sharon A
    Good For him. Nothing wrong with that. I rather live with some one and get to know them and Married them and find out they are not who you thought they were. My Cousin lived with her boyfriend for 2 years before she got Married and is real Happy and have 2 Children and a Great married Life. I think this is the best way to do it. I am if I meet The man of my dreams or soul mate. Still Looking hope I meet him soon. It is lonely when you live alone.
    Anika D
    Toni is a German Girl and Hamburg Girls are the best anyway
    Vicki F
    Congratulation to him an his girlfriend. I hope they are happy together.

  207. 207
    The Most Influential Says:

    I smell a Pr machine working at full speed for The Last Bachelor in Hollywood.

    Credits to Clooney engagement

  208. 208
    @Lovely FB comments Says:

    @Lovely FB comments: Bz now comment on Facebook. Great

  209. 209
    Futurama? Says:

    @also…: Is not coincidence. jmo

  210. 210
    Reality Says:

    How many called it that there would be a kind of response from Leo to Clooney finally getting married? Even Wendy Williams mentioned something and a poster said Leo’s people Leo would receive many calls?

  211. 211
    LOL Says:

    @Reality: Because Leo IS PREDICTABLE. LOL

  212. 212
    Noting to See Says:

    Leo did not move in with T-Bone. She STILL has her apartment. And even if he did move in with her big deal? When Leo does this its not an indication of how much he likes someone. Like his gf meeting his mom doesn’t mean he’s getting married to them. I don’t think they’ve moved in together but it wouldn’t make a difference Toni will always be a In The Meantime Girlfriend. And I don’t care what anyone say this relationship will be a short one compared to Bar. I still feel they will break up soon!

  213. 213
    Well Says:

    I love this latest “déjà vu” piece of gossip!
    Let’s hope it will be spread in just about every columns, tabloïds and even more serious mags.
    We all know how Leo loves having his personal life (true or false) talked about.

  214. 214
    also... Says:

    PR? Why would he need a PR move like this? Why would he need to react to his engagement?
    What puzzles me is that this story comes from a rag that’s notoriously unreliable. Why would his team use a mag like that? That E! sighting recently with the healthy meal and talking a lot to Toni sounds like PR to me responding to earlier criticism and his team used a pretty much reliable source. E!, People, Us Weekly or Page Six. If I see this coming from one of these I would give it some credit or believe it has some PR in it. But not from a source that’s frequently on gossip cop because of their unreliable stuff. Several celebs sued the magazine for fake stories so it might just be another typical InTouch creation. JMO

  215. 215
    also... Says:

    @Reality: Why would he need to respond to Clooney’s engagement? Why would he care about Wendy W’s remark? This is a 40 years old frat boy who does whatever he wants and doesn’t do anything just because that’s what’s expected from him. I don’t see why would he respond to the engagement especially with a story from an tabloid.

  216. 216
    Noting to See Says:

    @lol: Leo doesn’t deny every story about him. This story is causing him no harm or consequence so why would he deny anything? Its just a silly rumor only few on here take seriously. Stories of him being a cheating bastaard make him look bad in the eyes of the public so he’ll more likely to deny that but this story is like the pregnancy stories which he has also never denied. He has never denied a pregnancy story or an engagement story so does that make them true?!?Some people can be so stupid…Nothing new here folks.

  217. 217
    @also... Says:

    @also…: Perhaps he just wants “the gossip” spreading although it isnt true.

    And dont expect any denial from gossip cop since this works on his favor.

  218. 218
    Noting to See Says:

    I’m sure if there was a story of Leo doing crack or cocaine that was being picked up by many sources he would deny it also. …doesn’t take a genius to figure this out…

  219. 219
    Guess Time Says:

    Next “call”?

  220. 220
    Pizza Says:

    Moving in is a huge step and these two have surprised us at every turn. We gotta take each new piece of info as neither true nor false since they’re so unpredictable. The only thing that really pushes me to deny this is the fact that he would move in with her and not the other way around – surely he? Anyone know how credible this source is?

  221. 221
    Pizza Says:

    @Pizza: *** surely he would have nicer houses than Toni *****

  222. 222
    lol Says:

    @Noting to See: No need to get hysterical and abusive because some of us see it differently. For the record he has denied some cheating stories in the past and ignored others. He has also denied engagement stories and ignored others. I won’t elaborate cause it’ll just start another stupid ex-girlfriend debate.

  223. 223
    Wow Says:

    I have just read the reliable and EXCLUSIVE article from In Touch Weekly

  224. 224
    @216 Says:

    @Noting to See: Some can see YOU as the stupid one for your eternal “they are breaking up this week” BS.
    Especially when pictures or stories come out that contradict your crystal ball and upset you greatly.
    Its almost a year now so lets have the next break up forecast

  225. 225
    @222 Says:

    @lol: I think the only girlfriend pregnancy stories came with Bar in 2007/2008 and he has definitely denied those

  226. 226
    So Says:

    Seems Leo isnt moving to the penthouse he bought early? You guys think is because Gisele and Tom also has a condo there?

  227. 227
    Hmm Says:

    @Wow: Always exclusive details, exclusive pictures.

  228. 228
    Noting to See Says:

    @lol: You’re the one who said that if the story is untrue it would be EASY for him to deny it, but how about he doesn’t care to deny it? You yourself said he doesn’t deny every story so whether a story is EASY or not has nothing to do with whether he denies a story.

    @@216: So just because its almost a year means they’re not gonna break up!? Because people that date for almost a year never break up after that?? lol You have all the sense in the world! Not. People might get the times wrong but they will break up and its going to happen whether you like it or not. : )

  229. 229
    Noting to See Says:

    In Touch Weekly should change its name to Out of Touch Weekly! lol

  230. 230
    also... Says:

    @Nothing to see: I absolutely agree. He denies unflattering things like cheating or things like that. This is no harm for him but that doesn’t mean it’s true or this is his PR move. He plays the PR game but not on such a low, InTouch Weekly level. To me this is just as reliable as anything from Star or National Enquirer. The source sounds like someone who lives in his building not someone who actually knows them.

  231. 231
    lol Says:

    My point was not that it was not easy but that it is so easy there must be a reason he chooses to deny some and not others.
    We’ve had engagement rumors, ring wearing, cheating, moving in with every girlfriend. Most of these stories have been from Life & Style, Enquirer e.t.c Some he cared to deny and others he did not even though they reflected on him the same way good/bad.

  232. 232
    In the Mud Says:

    40 and desperate. Worst combination ever. I dont see Toni leaving anytime soon just because his reputation is getting worse and worse and he knows. Better stick with the 21 barely legal he already has than getting a new one and start all over again his repetitive cycle. He doesnt seem in the mood anymore to do it and he’s already bored.

  233. 233
    #231 Says:

    @lol: Stick to your opinion and don’t bother explaining.

  234. 234
    @#231 Says:

    @#231: +1000

  235. 235
    also... Says:

    @In the Mud:40 and desperate? What makes him desperate? I agree that his reputation is catching up with him but I think that’s why he is more low key with Toni. You said he is already bored so why would he stick to something that bores him?

  236. 236
    also... Says:

    @lol: Most of the time these rumors are denied by a source. A source can be his guys deliberately making a statement or can be someone who has inside info and just commons on a story without Leo being involved. I don’t think he bothers to respond to everything intentionally even if there’s a response on gossip cop.

  237. 237
    Tru luv Says:

    @Hmm: Funny he goes always “low profile” with Toni since day one but somehow there are all these exclusive details and pictures *cough cough*

  238. 238
    also... Says:

    Case closed I guess. That was pretty quick! lol

  239. 239
    Newcomer Says:

    Hello! Some said they were expecting a denial on Gossip Cop. Well that was quick:

  240. 240
    Ruhe Says:

    Moving Toni in…I’m not buying it. If this was true she would be posting hints on her IG # movers # new digs…etc.

  241. 241
    LOL Says:

    lol to lol

  242. 242
    ahhhh Says:

    just curious…how do you know hes ‘bored’?

  243. 243
    @also Says:

    LMAO at how your writing tone changed from – Why would he deny it? No one cares about In Touch? to – case closed with a lol.
    Palpable relief
    Posters now won’t be attacked by you with questions anymore till next time

  244. 244
    #### Says:


    WOW….I don’t think I’ve ever seen a denial come so quickly on one of the Leo/Toni gossip stories!!! LMAO

  245. 245
    lol Says:

    @also…: I never said he responds to everything but there is a reason for his and his people being selective. He denied this Toni moving in from In Touch one but never denied the Erin Life & Style one for example even though the narrative was the same.
    @#231: I won’t anymore

  246. 246
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Congrats! You beat me to it lol. I don’t know why my link is so long and yours so short though lol. I was catching up with the thread and as soon as I saw somebody saying he would maybe deny it on GC, I search on the site and it was already there. Like you said, In Touch is like Star and National Enquirer, they have no credibility. Actually, even the person on BZ posting it said it could be false rumours. I think when they are in the same city, she stays in his house or apartment (NYC, LA or Palm Springs) but the article sounded strange to me. It was reported some time ago that he had bought another apartment in the same building but not that he had sold the old one (the one In Touch calls “his bachelor pad”) and In Touch was speaking about her moving in with him in March when since March, they have rarely been in NYC (St Barths, LA, Bora Bora, Coachella, Palm Springs, LA and just a few days in NYC). If I didn’t see the Gossip Cop denial, I would have simply said that to know if she had really moved in, we would have had to see how it was when they were actually spending more time in NYC, but now that it has been denied, I simply think that she stays in his apartment when they are in NYC at the same moment and she has kept her apartment.

    And about BZ, the member said it was Vinny who said he was leaving NYC. So she can see his private IG account I think.

  247. 247
    @lol Says:

    @lol: Not have to. You were right

  248. 248
    @also Says:

    Well that was quick.
    I have the feeling someone wasn’t too happy with this new piece of gossip.:):)

  249. 249
    Newcomer Says:

    @lol: You are right though that he doesn’t confirm/deny everything. Maybe he didn’t want people to take this article as a reliable source to start stories about him settling down like George Clooney. No idea. But like #### said, he denied it quickly this time.

  250. 250
    clooney Says:

    It’s George Clooney’s fault, for sure.

  251. 251
    @249 Says:

    @Newcomer: Toni was having already too much of Leo’s fame and this would have launched her ego off into the stratosphere.

  252. 252
    @Newcomer Says:

    I believe Toni has an apartment she shares with a friend.

  253. 253
    Newcomer Says:

    @@Newcomer: Yes, I think she lives with Madison Stephens in Greenwich Village.

  254. 254
    also... Says:

    @ @alao: Seriously? That’s all you’ve got? My writing tone? My opinion has been exactly the same when it comes to InTouch for years. What does it have to do with my response to theories that this is how Leo responded to Clooney’s engagement. If you wanna pick on something try harder finding something valid.
    @####, Newcomer and @also ( the reasonable one ): I find it pretty funny, surprising and kinda telling how quickly this rumor was shot down!
    @Newcomer: it doesn’t matter who posted it first! The point is that it got posted. 😉Stories like this are all about the source even without the denial. InTouch and others like Star proved themselves unreliable so many times before. And the story was strange indeed. They haven’t been in NYC am that much recently and based on the last part it sounded like someone who sees them talked to InTouch not someone who knows them.

  255. 255
    caer Says: haha hes so much wider than kevin lol

  256. 256
    sis Says:


    i don’t think so she bought her appartement back in october 2012 back at the time when karlie and her friend andrea were buying too ; i don’t have the link anymore but karlie bought hers for 1.9 million , toni for 1.5 million and andrea for 1.2 million

  257. 257
    Hmm Says:

    I must be very honest I didnt expect his ppl denying it neither that fast. Ie There have been similar rumors with his other girlfriends and he didnt bother.

  258. 258
    lolol Says:

    @Hmm: iiiiiiiiiiinteresting… maybe it was denied because Toni is moving in with him? lol neither of them stay put in their homes anyways, I don’t think that kind of news makes a difference. They stick together pretty close on their off time, they may as well be married.

  259. 259
    Noting to See Says:

    hahahaha! See, LOL Thanks for the links guys. Its too early for this nonsense! lol

  260. 260
    Believer Says:

    Yep, In Touch ruined the surprise *roll eyes*

  261. 261
    #### Says:


    Toni lives on her own now. She used to live with another model Andrea Didonatu (not sure of the spelling) but moved into her own apartment in late 2012.

  262. 262
    Believer Says:

    @lolol: My post was for lolol

  263. 263
    sis Says:

    yes with andrea and karile too they were renting

  264. 264
    also... Says:

    @lolol: that’s quite a way to twist it. Same old scenario as it was with the exes

  265. 265
    @lolol Says:

    @lolol: You gave up to repost the InTouch Weekly article?

  266. 266
    don't worry Says:

    In 2 months Leo will be single again.

  267. 267
    Newcomer Says:

    @sis and ####: I didn’t know this story about her moving in on her own in 2012, but thanks. It seems Madison spends a lot of time in her apartment then. Toni even asked her on IG to put flowers in the trash bin before she came back to NYC so this is why I thought they were living together.

    @####: I think it is Andreea Diaconu and there is another model named Emily DiDonato.

    @also…: Yes, it is probably a neighbor or somebody living in the building who saw them and reported it to In Touch and, IT being lazy, they published it without confirmation. It would have taken them a phone call to know if it was true or not though. I mean Gossip Cop probably called a Leo source and had the answer and the denial in a minute. So I guess In Touch simply doesn’t care about the truth, they just wanted a story to create some buzz.

  268. 268
    #### Says:


    LOL so I put two models’ names together! Whoops!!! :-)

    It was Andrea Diddy she lived with but I did not know she also lived with Karlie and they all rented a place together like that other poster mentioned.

  269. 269
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: LOL! I also confused their names several times before. And like you said, she uses the name Andreea Diddy on IG, so it doesn’t help to remember her real name lol.

  270. 270
    don't worry Says:

    Toni is not the one. Leo will find the one at 50 like Clooney

  271. 271
    Different theory Says:

    I think Leo’s people denied it so quickly because they didn’t want people to assume he’s copying Clooney and trying to get engaged next. Esp with Toni, I think he likes her and they may date for awhile more but eventually will breakup.

  272. 272
    Crystal Ball Says:

    @don’t worry: He will be a toothless balloon at that point. George at least kept himself slim n trim.

  273. 273
    Sequel Says:

    How to train your Leo 3: toothless finds love

  274. 274
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi Lady! In case I don’t have a chance later on today, good luck on your test tomorrow. Will be sending you positive thoughts! :)

  275. 275
    #### Says:


    Hey there! Thanks! :-)

  276. 276
    Amy Says:

    @Different theory:

    Leo doesn’t want Toni to start pressuring him to move in together.

  277. 277
    My Fair Lady Says:

    And since Toni is Leo’s Eliza Doolittle……..

  278. 278
    Filling the void girlfriend Says:

    Thats what I think Toni is. He obviously likes her, but I don’t think there’s anything more than that. I think she’s a temp and Leo will never marry her, the way he even said “I’m good for now” when asked if he needed some wife help from Gayle sounded to me like he knows Toni is in his life now, but won’t be forever. And I think in a way she does feel sorry for him, and so thats why she may appear too desperate to always be with him or obsessed with him, I do think she tries to make him happy more than anything. But I think she also realizes they won’t be together forever and there is obviously something missing with Leo and its showed on his face for the past 4 or 5 years now and that’s why he always needs companionship even more especially, and may explain why he’s with Toni more than ever lately.

  279. 279
    Filling the void girlfriend Says:

    And this is all my opinion I mean no harm.

  280. 280
    TBH Says:

    It seems like people here are the ones who want Leo and Toni to be married/engaged desperately, more than anyone else. Thats why Clooney keeps getting brought up here again and again, trying to rub it in Leo’s face or something.

  281. 281
    Ama Says:

    There was no need for a denial. No one with any sense believed that bullsh t story but its funny…lol Leo wants to set the record straight! Hahahah

  282. 282
    Amy Says:


    Leo nearly had a heart attack when he saw that In Touch article. ;)

  283. 283
    Next investment Says:

    Can Leo buy the Clippers?

  284. 284
    @TBH Says:

    @TBH: I respectfully disagree. I don’t really think that many people here truly want Leo to be happy.

  285. 285
    TBH Says:

    Can you elaborate? I don’t think I understand what you mean, to be happy with Toni or in general? And I dunno everything about them gets hyped up on here even a typical moving in together/getting engaged gossip story thats supposed to be predictable at this point according to the regulars

  286. 286
    @TBH Says:

    @TBH: Just in general. Everything he does gets picked apart and he is constantly being compared to someone else. The latest being Clooney. Now of all people, some want Leo to be more like Clooney. I don’t know whether he is truly happy with Toni or not, but common sense would dictate that if he were in an unhappy relationship, he would just remove himself from the situation like he has in the past.
    I just don’t think most people here will ever really be happy for him, because they want him to be something/someone that he isn’t.

  287. 287
    Fan Says:

    If it respects the usual pattern, then the relashionship should come to an end shortly.
    When rumors of moving in or babies are reported and then denied (or not) it means the conclusion is no that far.

  288. 288
    TBH Says:

    Yeah that is true. It makes me wonder how his fans would react if he did indeed end up marrying. I still bet lots of people would hate on the wife like they have with his past gfs, and she’d probably get scolded.
    And the Clooney thing has never surprised me. People always give props to Clooney or praise him but always diss Leo.

  289. 289
    Blacksharpie Says:

    It’s supposed to be the girlfriend who leaks strategic gossip about how she would love marriage and babies with George, but if she ever dared confirm that she was expecting a ring or a baby, then George would have dumped her.
    @My Fair Lady:
    Too funny given the story today about Leo and Toni moving in together.

  290. 290
    @286 Says:

    His fans want him to be some perfect real life Jack Dawson lbr. They’re never going to praise him the longer he’s with Toni or any other person they disapprove of and will always complain about him while praising other actors over him.

  291. 291
    @286 Says:

    Even if the other actors personal lives are just as questionable as Leo’s

  292. 292
    @TBH Says:

    @290 & @291

    I completely agree with both comments.
    Leo and George were pretty much the same in regards to their personal lives, until about 4 days ago.

    And he’s never going to be that perfect person, because none of us are. And any woman he is with will get picked apart for the most random reasons.

  293. 293
    @286 Says:

    Exact-ly. This is why I don’t get why everyone acts like Clooney is so classy and mature now that he’s found a woman who appears to be like that. Before this engagement, he was still dating “cocktail hostesses” and holding court over his own posse. They just keep their debauchery on the DL and have better luck than Leo when it comes to that. But we all know they also get involved in messy sh*t. People praise Clooney for being so influential and having a great career, which is true, but since when does Leo not have a great career himself? He’s a former teen heartthrob who is now able to produce his own films and get the films he wants made any time. He may have a bad track with the films quality he has produced, but the fact he started his own company before he was 30 is still a feat itself. And he’s now the 7th actor to have gotten 4 acting nominations before age 40 or whatever.
    The only REAL difference between Clooney and Leo to me is that Clooney idolizes the rat pack, while Leo has Kanye at his parties. Before people bring up that Clooney dates women over 25, his last ex Stacy Keibler was still 18 years younger than him, just like how Toni is 18 years younger than Leo. Clooney is also 13 years older than Leo. And Keibler was still picked as Clooney girlfriend he could show off at award shows because she fit the bill; was significantly younger than him, a model, all that. I fail to see how Clooney’s life until now was such a beacon of maturity, classiness, and whatnot.

  294. 294
    Leo Says:

  295. 295
    Ama Says:

    @Amy: lol

  296. 296
    Just a thought... Says:

    What if its true, and Leo is denying it because it states specifically where the apartment is at and doesn’t want people to even know if he was living with her? In a recent interview Toni mentions how she got a rug for her “new” apartment.

  297. 297
    @296 Says:

    @Just a thought…: keep dreaming!

  298. 298
    Just a thought... Says:

    @297 Dreaming? I was just bringing up that could be a possibility. Read a recent interview of her I think for Glamour magazine. She says she bought a rug for her new apartment. Geesh, you are all quick to jump on anybody who brings up another possibility hm?

  299. 299
    Greatest love story of our tim Says:

    @Filling the void girlfriend: The void left by Lukas when he went away to film and promote Transcendence sniff sniff

  300. 300
    Theory Says:

    JJ full of make up theories. Just like InTouch or the Enquirer

  301. 301
    @Leokas Says:

    @Greatest love story of our tim: hahahahahaha

  302. 302
    also... Says:

    @Just a thought: If it was true why denying it? It’s not harmful and would come out eventually. He has been living in the same apartment in NYC for years and he got the new apartment in the same building so the location hasn’t been a mystery before this article.

  303. 303
    Dream Girl Says:

    Glad Leo Is Happy With His New Live in GF.

  304. 304
    @Just a thought... Says:

    You mean bother him because it states specifically where the apartment is at as the articles that specified when he bought it in the first place?

    And Why he would be ashamed to let people know he might be living with her?

    Real love I guess.

  305. 305
    @Just a thought... Says:

    Incredibly some excuses still surprise me. o_o

  306. 306
    Home sweet home Says:

    @@Just a thought…: That apartment is a bit fugly and wayyy overpriced. Why pay for that location when you’re always on the go? Leo don’t make no sense, he’d be better off building a nice custom home in a quiet place but I guess that ain’t the style of overgrown bachelor manchildren.

  307. 307
    @300 Says:

    @Theory: This sounds more like truth than a theory.

  308. 308
    FACT Says:

    JJ cares more about this relationship then even Bellazon does.

  309. 309
    @306 Says:

    Leo is not very good at making investments

  310. 310
    A flavor of deja vu Says:

    I thought I had read something similar but with another blonde bimbo…

  311. 311
    @A flavor of deja vu Says:

    @A flavor of deja vu: Life & Style sounded so credible.

  312. 312
    Balloon Says:

    @A flavor of deja vu: Lol @ them using a pic from 2005-6. His head ain’t so small nowadays

  313. 313
    @FACT Says:

    @FACT: Cares or obsesses?

  314. 314
    Hot Potatoe Says:

    Toni’s face looks like a baked potatoe in that In touch weekly farmers market story lol..

  315. 315
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

    JJ posters;

  316. 316
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

    JJ posters;–9-580×435.jpg

  317. 317
    Toni and Leo Says:

    Toni and Leo look like Jack Dawson (Toni) and Molly Brown (Lardno)

  318. 318
    noooooooooooooo Says:

    @JJ posters vs. Toni: yuck – the kissing pic

  319. 319
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:


  320. 320
    Spammer time Says:


  321. 321
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

  322. 322
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

  323. 323
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

  324. 324
    Lapdog Towers Management Says:

    Mr.Dicaprio please control your giraffe she’s posting selfies with our maintenace guy..

  325. 325
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

    JJ posters;

  326. 326
    noooooooooooooo Says:

    @JJ posters vs. Toni: #319 = horrific beige two headed sea monster

  327. 327
    @322 Says:

    @JJ posters vs. Toni: Cute hug

  328. 328
    JJ posters vs. Toni Says:

    JJ posters:

  329. 329
    Lapdog Towers Management Says:

    Mrs. Brown from the 14th floor said Toni kicked her poodle in the nuts because she thought she was David Bowie.

  330. 330
    Lapdog Towers Management Says:

    Mr. DiCaprio is our most famous tenant wink

  331. 331
    Crazy Says:

    The Gerard butler fans scare me!

  332. 332
    Sighting? Says:

    Is Leo still in LA?

  333. 333
    Lapdog Towers Management Says:

    No Toni we dont want to follow your IG *eyeroll

  334. 334
    FAKE Says:

    Don’t you just love Leo’s PR’S fake fan girls with their spamming and other ridiculous posts.

  335. 335
    Newcomer Says:

    @Sighting?: Yes it seems he is still in LA. posted new pics and she dated them from today. You can also see Irmelin, Dave, Dave’s daughter Emily, Jennifer Meyer and maybe Vinny with a black shirt.

    And a sighting from yesterday night in LA:

    Brittany Shirk ‏@brittNAY11 23 min
    Sat next to Leonardo Dicaprio night out in LA… Nbddddd

    Brittany Shirk ‏@brittNAY11 21 min
    Last night* lol whooppiesssss

  336. 336
    Typo? Says:

    @Newcomer: “with his family” he doesn’t have one of those!

  337. 337
    Newcomer Says:

    @Sighting?: Or maybe the pics are from yesterday evening but she only posted it now. It seems they were leaving a restaurant but it could be either lunch or dinner yesterday or lunch today.

  338. 338
    Newcomer Says:

    *only posted THEM now

  339. 339
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Thanks for the photos. Leo looks so tall and skinny on the first one. And Irmelin looks PISSED! Seems like a family outing indeed.

  340. 340
    Sighting? Says:

    @Newcomer: Thank you.

  341. 341
    #### Says:


    Definitely not being a Dave hater like other posters on here have been but in that one pic, where Leo’s mom, Dave’s daughter and Jen Meyer are looking at the camera with angry faces, Dave looks confused! LOL

  342. 342
    Lol Says:

    @Newcomer: Ugliest family in the world

  343. 343
    Haters Says:

    @Lol: Go away…..

  344. 344
    irmelin Says:

    Irmelin is butt-ugly .lol.

  345. 345
    also... Says:

    @####: LOL! He does! It seems like Irmelin is not in a particularly good mood or she is annoyed by the paps. She looks mean on these photos! Too bad because otherwise she looks great. She looks great for her age but a smile would completely transform her face!

  346. 346
    Lol Says:

    Stinkiest family in the world too

  347. 347
    Lol Says:

    @Lol: Leo’s going to look like her in about 2 more years

  348. 348
    Newcomer Says:

    @also… and Sighting?: You’re welcome!

    @####: LOL! He does look confused!

  349. 349
    Amy Says:


    Nah. Facially he looks more like his father. He got his blond hair and blue eyes from his mom though.

  350. 350
    #### Says:


    You can tell they are all mad at the paps. Dave’s daughter is pointing at them in one pic.

    @Newcomer – thanks for posting the pics! :-)

  351. 351
    Rich and dumb Says:

    They all dress like 14 years olds who shop at American Eagle

  352. 352
    LOLOL Says:

    WOW Irmelin looks so angry… its so funny because I’ve been reading some stuff about her (here in JJ) that suprise me a lot eg. the way she treats leo’s fans and how people who have met her says she’s such a diva and then I look at these pictures and wow look how angry and hateful she look LMAO. Then again, we can’t blame her, she’s tired of the papparazis and the attention her family has been getting because of Leo, as a mother i guess all she wants is to protect her son and she him happy and we all know for sure that being papped dosent make leo happy

  353. 353
    ring Says:

    irmelin doesnt appear to be wearing an engagement ring?

  354. 354
    Vain woman Says:

    @LOLOL: She kissin’ Dave’s kid like she kissin’ her younger self

    I bet she’s a nazi

  355. 355
    Vain woman Says:

    @ring: Bcuz Jen Meyer made the ring and its too fugly for Queen Irmelin

  356. 356
    irmelin Says:

    @ring: who gives a shi-t about that fat ugky cow?

  357. 357
    also... Says:

    @ring: Irmelin got engaged to Dave on NYE in Aspen and she is clearly wearing the ring.
    @LOLOL: Interesting. I haven`t heard any of that stuff about Irmelin before ( here or anywhere else ).

  358. 358
    LOLOL Says:

    Well I wasn’t maybe clear… there was some weeks ago someone posting a link here to a blog when somebody commented about seeing Leo in (china) and he was “being mean towards his fans” then irmelin come to them and told them to stop looking at them (leo and his family) then i remember some tweet long time ago about his mom being arrogant ( that person didn’t wrote what she did though) I might be wrong i don’t know..

  359. 359
    hm Says:

    @also…: how do u know about the engagement? Was there an article ?

  360. 360
    Son Says:

    @irmelin: Leo gives a ssht about her he needs to buy her a new vibrator each week ’cause she ain’t gettin any wit dat gargoyle face

  361. 361
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: You’re welcome ;)

    @also…: So the engagement thing is true? I thought it was just a rumour started on Twitter.

  362. 362
    irmelin Says:

    @Son: ha
    Like he’s any better….
    They are both f.u.g.l.y.

  363. 363
    @Son Says:

    What are you, like 12?

  364. 364
    ring Says:

    remember the pics of her and Bradley…lol the fukkkk was that about

  365. 365
    Newcomer Says:

    @LOLOL: Yes, I think it was in a temple in Japan but I remember that she wasn’t happy some people were bothering Leo. Maybe after a while, it is tiring to be always asked pics and autographs though, so maybe she just wanted to “protect” him so that he could visit the temple quietly.

  366. 366
    Uh huh Says:

    @Newcomer: No need for excuses, Irmelin was being a douche and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Leo needing quiet time at a temple? what a joke, he’d probably fall asleep from being alone with his own empty head.

  367. 367
    Dream Girl Says:

    I am going to NYC tomorrow. Would be cool to catch a glimpse of Leo. I will be with a friend that travels the world too. but I have to leave early to go home for dinner. Does anyone live close enough to NYC?

  368. 368
    Annabel Says:

    Hi sorry to be a pain but I comment on here a bit and was wondering if one of you could proof read this? It’s an email to my boyfriend of just over four years. We decided to write an email describing things and calling each other out /having a little rant so when he returns from being on a business convention we will work on it.
    I know I could send it to a friend but I wanted outside advise.
    Here it is:
    I don’t see your point in everything. I get you have an opinion but you seem to smack others down. I know you mean well but you seem to cause a bit tension and create drama. You are stubborn, manipulative, jealous, obsessive, domineering, and possessive. But you can also be passionate, independent, and funny. I love you, but your controlling ways are way to dominating for me.
     I want to explore life and not to be worried how you will react when you see a man taking to me (while you are probably flirting with woman). This is another thing! You are very flirtatious with other women to the point where sometimes you make me feel insecure. Yet when I hug a man you instantly think I’m cheating on you. 
    Remember when we were at a game and I saw my cousin who you hadn’t met yet? I went over gave him a hug and did not introduce you too properly because we hadn’t seen each other in ages and I was so excited. You then cause a scene.
    I know we have a lot of history together and I’m not angry at you. I love you so much hunny and can’t wait to give you a big hug and kiss when you return xxxxxx

  369. 369
    Ruhe Says:

    What the hey hey! Leo’s mom looks great for her age. Come on guys…

  370. 370
    ring Says:

    @anabel hahhahaahahahahahahahhaahahahaha

  371. 371
    Annabel Says:

    *talking not taking

  372. 372
    @ring Says:

    @ring: Could you explain English is not my first. What is funny?

  373. 373
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: It seems like the rumor is true because it certainly looks like she is wearing an engagement ring.

  374. 374
    also... Says:

    @Ruhe: I agree. She looks great for her age!

  375. 375
    ring Says:

    That you would post such a private issue on such a public board, THATS whats funny

  376. 376
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: OK, but do you know where the rumour comes from and, apart from the ring, what could confirm it? Like Dave or somebody hinted something?

  377. 377
    @Annabel Says:

    Just accept his flaws and maybe he will accept yours. Forgive and forget and let I go. Be better than pointing finger at him, because there sis 3 fingers pointing back at you.

  378. 378
    @Annabel Says:

    Here it is:
    I don’t see your point in everything. I get you have an opinion but you seem to smack others down. I know you mean well but you seem to cause a bit of tension and can create drama. Sometimes you can be stubborn, manipulative, jealous, obsessive, domineering, and possessive. But you can also be passionate, independent, and funny. I love you, but your controlling ways are way to dominating for me.
     I want to explore life and not to be worried how you will react when you see another man talking to me (while you are probably flirting with other woman). This is another thing! You are very flirtatious with other women to the point where sometimes you make me feel insecure. Yet when I hug a man you instantly think I’m cheating on you. 
    Remember when we were at that game and I saw my cousin who you hadn’t met yet? I went over gave him a hug. Then I did not introduce you to properly because we hadn’t seen each other in ages. I was so excited. You then cause a scene.
    I know we have a lot of history together and I’m not angry at you. I love you so much honey and can’t wait to give you a big hug and kiss when you return xxxxxx

  379. 379
    On Irmelin Says:

    I don’t see anyone saying she looks old. She looks rough and unwelcoming though.

  380. 380
    also... Says:

    Jen M was at Chateau Marmont today. Maybe that’s where they had lunch?

  381. 381
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I remember some comments on twitter and then I think someone here posted it. I don’t think there was an article or a confirmation just picked up on comments.

  382. 382
    dave is everywhere Says:'actualit%C3%A9/leonardo-dicaprio-attends-the-2014-vanity-fair-oscar-photo-dactualit%C3%A9/476365367

  383. 383
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: OK, thanks. I have seen this story circulating for some time now but I was wondering where it came from and if it was true. Thanks for telling me.

  384. 384
    @ring Says:

    Don’t be a jerk. She can post what she wants

  385. 385
    @Annabel Says:

    introduce you two not “to”. Good luck

  386. 386
    Annabel Says:

    @@Annabel: Yeah we are working on it, he is going to anger management classes, but I’m certainly not perfect. He said I’m too sensitive, too generous, and my optimism gets irritating. He is diffidently my life partner.

    I posted it on this site because no one knows who I am and it’s good for outsider advise.

  387. 387
    Annabel Says:

    @@Annabel: Ok thanks :-) you sound like a nice person.
    I wonder where that Lilly girl is, her response would of been interesting.
    Side note: my boyfriend is a Scorpio and I’m a pisces.

  388. 388
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: Maybe it was the Chateau Marmont but do you think they would be open until 6:30 pm only on Monday? I thought it was also a hotel.

    Unless of course, they left through another door and these hours have nothing to do with the place they were at.

  389. 389
    @Annabel Says:

    I hate to sound intrusive, but is he abusive in any way? If so I’d get out of that situation immediately, its not worry dating someone like that, trust me.

  390. 390
    Annabel Says:

    @@Annabel: he used to be but he’s getting help. He was very close to his mother and when she passed he took his anger out on the ones he loved most. He hasn’t quite shaken off the possessiveness, trying to control me, or some snarky comments, but it is much better than it was a year ago. He is still overreactive so it can be hard to tell him my opinion.

  391. 391
    @@Annabel Says:

    @@Annabel: What do you meanby this? ‘because there sis 3 fingers pointing back at you.’

  392. 392
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Well, it was just a guess and those signs with the hours seem kinda cheap for Chateau… Maybe Jen was there later since she posted the photo like an hour ago…

  393. 393
    . Says:

    Maybe was a lunch yesterday but really doesnt matter.

  394. 394
    @Annabel Says:

    You’d be saving yourself a lot of pain if you left him, really. I know it’s hard because you love him buy no woman deserves to be abused, emotionally mentally or physically by their own boyfriend who is supposed to treat them fair and like an actual human. You dont want to go through a cycle of abuse with him all over again, its not worth it. I hope you will consider it.

  395. 395
    Annabel Says:

    @@Annabel: I get it, but his mum dying changed him. He can go from being a caring boyfriend to a control freak. He isn’t very close with his other family, he loves being around mine, we share a house and always talk about our future. Im hoping it’s a phase, I love him so much, I’m stuck. We are so close and he still gets into crazy fits which he’s working on, I love him but he can be a bit ott. I’m not sure what to do….

  396. 396
    celestialacademician Says:

    @Lovely FB comments: There are no guarantees in life. That is good for your cousin, but there are people in the world that are good actors/pretenders and can fake being a descent person while living with them and then totally switch up once they get married. Evil always disguises itself.

  397. 397
    @Annabel Says:

    I see. Just don’t let yourself get hurt then, is all I’m saying

  398. 398
    celestialacademician Says:

    @also…: AMEN!!!!!! Who in their right mind takes any “advice” from Wendy Williams? Wendy Williams wishes she could get a rich guy to want her. She’s obsessed with it. I don’t watch her because I can only tolerate her for a short period of time, but the times I do watch her she is always trying to “advise” some star (Kelly Rowland or Ciara) to go and get a Count or a billionaire. I feel bad for her sometimes because it’s clear to me that she lives in a fantasy world.

  399. 399
    Annabel Says:

    @@Annabel: I think we have a toxic relationship but he is in no state to be broken up with. I don’t know how he would react or handle me breaking up with him.

  400. 400
    About Irmelin Says:

    Leo’s mom always has an annoyed expression when she spots paps.
    Remember that pic with Bar taken in Paris in 2006?×0-1.jpg

  401. 401
    Look! Says:

    @Annabel: Don’t mean to be blunt but you are an idiot for being with him. Who cares if you are in love or you have lots of history together! Get over it and move on!

  402. 402
    @Look! Says:

    You make it sound so easy smh

  403. 403
    @@@Annabel Says:

    “there is 3 fingers pointing back at you” meaning when you say this person ishas such behaviors and blaming him, doesn’t relinquish you of acting that way yourself. its a saying when you blame someone etc, it could be you that exhibits such behaviors yourself and that you are not blameless.

  404. 404
    @Nothing to See Says:

    Maybe she is just keeping his bed warm. Did Leo leave her a teddy bear?

    PS I bet he did.

  405. 405
    Something to see Says:

    Guess what I;m gonna go look at tomorrow, from outside of course. Toni;s new love nest. lol

    You wont detect me.

  406. 406
    Virgin fangirl Says:

    I hate Leo. I hate Toni. Sniff. I’m a 40-year-old virgin. I can’t believe I will be a virgin forever. Leo doesn’t want me. Sniff.

  407. 407
    Clue Says:

    Nope, nobody remembers pap pics taken from 2006 except really weird stalker fans. Yikes. This place gets scary

  408. 408
    @406 Says:

    @Virgin fangirl: LOL

  409. 409
    also & Newcomer Says:

    @Virgin fangirl: NO! This is our last post. Really. I know I said it 10000 times, but this is my last post and Newcomer said she doesn’t want to be a loser anymore. We are crying now. We hate him.

  410. 410
    ahhh Says:

    @also & Newcomer: I so wanna say your comments stopped being funny a while ago but the truth is they have never been funny.

  411. 411
    @Virgin fangirl Says:

    @Virgin fangirl:

    You do know Leo’s PR already denied the story right? But I guess you get off making fun of other posters?

  412. 412
    While we're at it Says:

    While we’re at it, Clooney loves eating the bony p-ussy of his lover while Toni’s pampers always get in the way of Leo’s fantasies :(

  413. 413
    kristen Says:

    I thought that was Toni in the group pic with Leo.. its Emily lol I knew she didt look thin enough ..duhh

  414. 414
    Geez! Says:

    @Virgin fangirl: You cant be a even more lame loser poster thought.

  415. 415
    Anyway Says:

    Where is lapdog? Already following Leo?

  416. 416
    Ultimately Says:

    And setting the records straight. The fastest story denied?

  417. 417
    Muse Says:

    I sense tallest tall is becoming more and more greedy

  418. 418
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Annabel: Hi! If you are for real, then you need to get out of the relationship ASAP. The fact that you admit the relationship is toxic and you are afraid what he would do if you broke up are massive red flags. You need to focus on you and find out why you are willing to stay with someone who is domineering, jealous and has anger issues. I suggest you talk to someone or go to counseling. I wish you good luck.
    @also…: Hi! Imerlin is wearing a ring, but it isn’t on the correct finger – it’s on her middle finger.

  419. 419
    .... Says:

    I noticed these “new” pictures from the Daily Mail article someone linked

  420. 420
    interesting comment Says:

    from dailymail

    Leo should marry his mother. He was staying in the same hotel that I was in Switzerland and I am not joking, his mother was glued to his side and he deferred to her all the time – it was fascinating and yet somewhat disturbing. Things could have worked out with Bar but he was too busy sitting on the fence. Garrn is only on the scene because of the Germanic link – moving her into an apartment (ooo so convenient)…. this isn’t going to end in a marriage. If they’d moved into that Palm Springs house then yes, I’d say it was serious.

  421. 421
    A new article Says:

    Celebitchy write about Leo and Toni

  422. 422
    @421 Says:

    How is it that even with a firm/quick denial and In Touch as a source this story is still travelling. I guess the power of Leo interest.

  423. 423
    Don't understand Says:

    @interesting comment: What does she mean by ‘he deferred to her all the time’?

  424. 424
    spam Says:


  425. 425
    spam Says:


  426. 426
    Dane DeHaan Says:

    Doesnt he remind of a young bb Leo circa Basketball Diaries?

  427. 427
    lol Says:

    @@421: I think its the ‘George Clooney angle’ that has given the story legs. Without that must would maybe have ignored it.
    Only left for Lainey to use the story as another bash on Leo

  428. 428
    Dane DeHaan Says:

    Perez even tweeted about it
    Perez Hilton @PerezHilton · 21h
    I need Leo DiCaprio to play Dane DeHann’s father in a movie ASAP!

  429. 429
    Dane DeHaan Says:

  430. 430
    Don't understand Says:

    @interesting comment: What does she mean by ‘he deferred to her all the time’?

  431. 431
    @lol Says:

    Have a feeling the media is going to run with this “Leo trying to follow George’s footsteps” angle more than ever now

  432. 432
    Just an opinion Says:

    @Don’t understand: probably taht he acts like a little boy and he comes to ask for the permission to his mom and to ask her if she saw him carrying achieving his exploits (as when we are a child and we ask her mom if she saw us plunged by the highest diving board and we want she compliments us)

  433. 433
    @lol Says:


  434. 434
    @426 Says:

    I was watching Place Beyond The Pines w/ Gosling and BCoops awhile agooo and I kept thinking he reminded me of someone, but now I see the young Leo comparisons. Hes a good actor too. ONTD already loves him and calls him their ‘ugly-hot’ bf

  435. 435
    Don't understand Says:

    interesting comment: What does she mean by ‘he deferred to her all the time’? What does it mean?

  436. 436
    #### Says:

    @Don’t understand:

    That he looked to his mom to make the decisions…..

  437. 437
    NEW THREAD Says:

  438. 438
    #### Says:


    I agree. Amazing how this story of him moving in with toni came out right after the clooney engagement was announced. Lol

  439. 439
    also... Says:

    @####: Creative journalism. Toni sightings in his building + Clooney engagement = Toni moved in. And it`s amazing how the story is spreading in spite of the denial.

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