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Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Toni Garrn is Surrounded By Naked Men!

Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Toni Garrn is Surrounded By Naked Men!

Leonardo DiCaprio and injured Entourage star Kevin Connolly sit in the front row to catch the NHL playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center on Monday (April 28) in Los Angeles.

The Kings won the game 4-1. Congrats to the team!

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Over the weekend, Leonardo‘s girlfriend Toni Garrn posted a photo on Instagram from a photo shoot where she was bikini clad surrounded by completely naked me!

“Mr @wattsupphoto has a strict #dresscode for his team” Toni captioned the pic.

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 01
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 02
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 03
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 04
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn surrounded by naked men 05

Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: GC Images , Instagram
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    @@28: That’s the best you’ve got? This is not my site? Who said it is? Whoever is here posts his or her opinion and I posted mine. How does it make this site mine? Try to come olio with something that makes sense. Something worth posting. 😏 Look at al the publicity many other celebs get thanks to posting dumb photos. So what? The photo is still dumb. Just like this conversation and your responses.

  • James Franco

    He’s the expert of dumb photos

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    @also…: Has your ability to comprehend been compromised due to your prescription meds?

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    @@28: πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  • kyle

    Big, blonde giraffe.

  • Loreto

    Love Toni

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    Also’s prescription = constant doses of JJ eventually leading to insanity

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    Even if this thread didn’t include Toni everyone would find a way to make the discussion all about her eventually as usual so what’s the point of complaining

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    @Medz: Butting into something that`s not your business? Trying to be funny and failing? Great job!

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    this thread is sad even the headline.

  • @Leokas

    But WHERE is my precious Lukas? I want Leokas back.

  • well

    What was the need to post these idiot childish pics of Garrn on that cute series of photos of Leo with his buddy?
    To make her looj even more insignificant and immature?

  • Toni

    You guys have seen the music vid of MGMT – Kids? The kid walking on the street look like Toni at the record store with Leo

  • well

    @eat your heart Clooney -
    Terrific!!! Keep them posted if you have more.
    That is exactly what Leo is looking for :):)

  • Mgmt

    @Toni: LOL thanks for the laugh

  • Fan

    Leo looks happy on this one (too bad Jared has not posted it)

  • lol

    The DM comments seem to support Leo as opposed to the now ‘Be Like Clooney’

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    We can see Leo’s fans are NOT jealous ou mean of his girlfriend Toni

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    @CarrieFromBelgium: Carrie From Belgium yur Inglisch Sucks S-U-C-K-S

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    Id like to see what pants leo is wearing here

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    Bar 6.0 is my line… be original!

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    @@famew*hore: Why would you want to take credit for that?

  • LMAO


  • Giraffe

    Toni, looks like a big, blonde, giraffe including her face.

  • Toni is working
  • Oh lawd

    @Toni is working:
    Insert the 100 comments about how stupid, ugly, worthless she is in this video and what an idiot, closeted homosexual Leo is for dating her

  • Oh lawd

    @James Franco:
    His thirst for Ryan Gosling is also too real

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  • but of course

    James Franco IG photos are so much better on this thread than 100 comments about Leo and Toni.

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    Better then the next 100 comments bashing Leo, Toni, Jen Meyer, Tobey, Lukas, Irmelin, Dave, and many more tbh

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    According to you it’s better. He has nothing to do with this thread

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    Who cares? Why do you have suck a stick up your ass? I replied to a person’s comment and idgaf if it was off topic, it wasn’t spamming or ex gf debates as the usual but I never see you coming here to complain about that. Or when the Toni haterade is on full force for a good 3 pages because of an IG post she made. Now I’m speaking to you you’re probably one of those who lives off of bashing her so no wonder your getting so defensive

  • Oh lawd

    And these threads are never ON topic fyi, let alone ever about Leo. Have fun mocking Toni the rest of the night.

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    Toni doesn’t realize she has a stupid personality. Dumb but happy

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    Who cares about your remarks or James Franco?

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    You did, enough to start this petty argument just because you can’t admit you’re one of the Toni bashers all day all night hon.

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    @Oh lawd: Don’t waste your time arguing bb, you got too good a moniker!!

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    @@Oh lawd:
    Don’t see what replying to a person who posted about Franco on here was so harmful esp since its dead with Leo news rn and there’s nothing to comment on but w/e, thanks hon!!

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    And George Clooney’s personal life has absolutely nothing to do with Leo yet there were multiple pages dedicated to discussing him, his engagement, and his fiance’s personal life yet you didnt complain about that. And yea, you prob are a basher. You’ve got that defensive tone for starters but w/e!!

  • but of course

    The previous topics had connection to Leo unlike Franco. Sure, I`m a basher if you say so. Off topic comments and remarks about the thread are a delight to read.

  • @94

    @but of course:
    clooney’s fiance rrly didn’t have anything to do with leo tho…
    and you sound like also.. man stop being a coward and use your own moniker. everyone knows its you, its so obvious bc you argue with anyone who doesnt hate toni

  • @Toni is working

    @Toni is working: Thank you. She couldn’t look more stupid.

  • Baby Poo

    @@Toni is working: I think she CAN. One day she will surprise us with a vid picking her nose and eating boogers.

  • @Toni is working

    Yep, she is working at what she does best: Looking like a perfect immature idiot. Period.

  • Leo looks stupid too..
  • Well

    @Toni is working -
    The girl is 21 going on 10 years old. And Leo likes to act like a doting uncle. Hilarious couple.

  • world

    everyone in stupid.