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Rihanna Goes Topless, Fully Exposes Breasts for 'Lui' Magazine

Rihanna Goes Topless, Fully Exposes Breasts for 'Lui' Magazine

Rihanna lounges around totally topless with a pair of bikini bottoms on the cover of Lui magazine’s latest issue.

Lui @badgalriri x @mario_sorrenti_2″ RiRi’s stylist posted on his Instagram, along with a pic of the cover.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rihanna

Rihanna also teased some of the inside pictures on her own Instagram, which are super steamy and include some full butt shots.

We can’t wait to see the full spread from Rihanna‘s issue – stay tuned to to check it out when it is released!

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rihanna goes totally topless exposes breasts for lui magazine 01
rihanna goes totally topless exposes breasts for lui magazine 02
rihanna goes totally topless exposes breasts for lui magazine 03

Credit: Lui/Instagram
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  • AshleyLove

    D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G !! Who would want to marry what every man has already seen. Toss her around. Everyone has had it.

  • I love Rihanna

    My hotness <3

  • Rachel

    She is beautiful and sexy.

  • Milt

    I haven’t!

  • Gimmy

    Wow( I need a sec)…… That is an amazing photo set. Daring ,sexy and hot. Anyone who says otherwise is either jealous or Chris Brown.

    AshleyLove = Jealous

  • go go

    Something aint right with her

  • ala

    before the hateful comments pile in I just want to say that her confidence inspires me and the fact that she continues to do her when everyone else is ready to judge her is beyond amazing. I have been living in mental slavery because of what other ppl have said about my body in the past and i just wish I could love mines the way she loves hers. I know because its rihanna ppl are going to be calling her “talentless”and if it was beyonce they would have called it feminism or something. Keep doing you rihanna

  • Cecelia

    Well, the one thing I can say about Rihanna is that she is totally fearless.

  • Kae

    @AshleyLove: you arent happy with yourself and thats okay, but it doesnt mean you have to tear another woman down, Rihanna hasn’t done anything to you.

  • Truthie


  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Tacky as hell. She should just go away at this point.

  • Love The Shoes

    Her Granny would be so proud.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Gimmy: Anyone who says otherwise simply has different opinion than you. Respect that.

  • ladyb

    She;s very beautiful but not sure I find the pics tasteful.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Cecelia: What’s “fearless” in this day and age? She’s not fearless; she’s not done anything remotely fearless. She’s got some shots with her ass in the air, tits naked etc. What kinda guts does that take? Josephine Baker did it 80 years ago and did it better, sexier, classier and “fearlessly.”

  • Roy

    Is it at all possible for Rihanna to do something that isn’t annoying and classless? Each cheap stunt she pulls is worse than the one before.

  • LaCroix

    this isnt art its porn. there is no doubt the girl is beautiful.. but when she does things like this.. she just looks cheap.

  • go go

    She’s either terribly conceited or highly insecure and yes she is beautiful thats why its sad

  • ss

    So now she turns “officially” porn….? not suprising…

  • lol

    How is she any different from Kim Kardashian at this point, except that she can use the autotune?

  • self expression

    I actually like it, edgy and raw… she’s always been like that so why keep hatin’? anonymous internet complaints won’t push her to put on a nun garb tomorrow

  • Rocky

    @Love The Shoes:

    Totally agree. We can all disagree to disagree and not tear each other down. I’m not a fan, but let’s not get down and dirty about the woman.

  • Rocky


    OMG! That’s so true!! HA! HA!

  • Amelia

    Don’t like her singing, makes me sick, but the woman is beautiful and as someone here said ‘fearless’. I’ll give her that!

  • Cammie

    She is as trashy and attention hungry as the hundreds of women who pose nude in magazines and post sexual pics on IG, but the sad thing about her is she already has money and fame, yet still feels the need to do this…

    Not Fearless, but like the other trashy chicks…no matter how her fanatics try to spin it…

  • go go

    What does fear have to do with posing naked esp if you know you have a good body?

  • Cammie

    @Love The Shoes:

    and Josephine did it when it wasn’t consider cool or the norm…Josephine had a lot more to lose….Rihanna is just a copycat

  • lala

    I really don’t know how I feel about this. it’s really edgy

  • AshleyLove

    Yes, she is beautiful with make up on. But without make-up, she is just another Jennifer Aniston or any other plain jane looking actress without make up. They should take stock in make-up companies. They work miracles.

  • Shamu

    Is she a pop star or a p**n star? It’s hard to tell the difference these days.

  • Oh Please

    All these folks thinking this is sexy and hot I guess Jared can now start posting porn star’s cover and inside photos on this site because that is basically what your RiRi has given you. Next photos she will be naked with full frontal and doing who knows what and you guys will still say she’s daring and sexy.

    Learn that there should be limits on what these so called celebrities should be doing and Jared should have made put up a disclaimer letting folks know the photos inside or explicit. And no I am not a prude just sick and tired of these celebs like Cyrus, Beyonce and others thinking pushing porn (whether it’s in their photos or antics) is sexy and it is not, it is degrading to and for the women they claim to be inspirations to. Sad days and times.

  • Hugh

    Just do p*rn already

  • LoL


  • Rose

    @Oh Please: Thankyou!!! I coulnt have said it better myself.

  • real killer

    only thing left for riri is to become a star porn

  • D’raw

    Weak voice but her bod is good. Showing the tits distracts from all the auto tune.

  • Anonymous

    Wow no offense but thats not an appealing cover. Just looks weird. They made her look like a man with boobs. And no one seems to care about her actual music anymore.

  • So?

    Why do T & A always cause such a commotion on this site? Big deal, some boobs and a booty. How is this hurting you people?

  • sweetness

    Am I the only one who feels eh what else is new…she is practically naked every chance she gets and instagram pic we see…this is just to the point. What is taking people so long to get it…all these pop stars want to be explicit as porn stars and strippers…

  • xoxo



    What really ruins it for me is THE TAN LINES. Couldn’t they have Photoshopped those away??

  • lalaland

    Nothing wrong with nudity. It’s more that she’s naked almost all the time we see her. In her music videos, in her candids. Her songs are very passionate. I know that’s irrelevant since I listen to her music and she’s smart in interviews. She doesn’t have to do any of this. She’s beautiful and sexy without having to do all this exhibitionism.

  • 246chick

    Now this is what you call an honest opinion. Not many can come on here and say it like you have. I agree with you 100% and more. Rihanna has jealousy coming to the forefront and it is making others want to hide because she is not scared of herself.

  • 246chick

    Now this is what I call an honest opinion. Not many can come on here and say it like you have. I agree 100% and more. Rihanna has jealousy coming to the forefront and it is making others want to hide, because she is not scared of herself.

  • 246chick

    Rihanna has jealousy coming to the forefront and it is making others want to hide themselves. She is not scared of herself or who she is and that is most important in everything. All of a sudden folks are scared of nudity, fearlessness and confidence.

  • 246chick

    By the way my comment is a reply and in agreement with Lala on the first page and NOT lalaland on the second page, that was a mistake – somehow the reply keeps going to the wrong comment and I can’t fix it. SORRY!

  • 246chick

    I mean Ala comment #7 and NOT Lalaland #42. There is no where on here to edit comments, so I could not fix it. Sorry!

  • 246chick

    All of you who are calling Rihanna names, it is just out of jealousy and hate. If she wore a gown and covered her head and only showed her eyes, then what would you say? She is right to do her and not do you, cause it would never work. There will always be some negative comment no matter what, so just go hide yourselves. Keep them talking Rihanna, keep the fools talking and eating up themselves. They never saw a naked body yet, so show them what it looks like, a naked beautiful body at that!!!

  • amanda

    At first I thought it was snoop dogg.

  • GFW

    I get a sense she could have been a victim of child abuse who now as an adult needs full control and acts out (like this) for a new addiction: attention. The need to shock is very linked to child abuse victims. Plus her attraction to someone who would eventually use her as a punching bag too. That said, where she’s from also adds more pull to that theory. That place ain’t right and neither are more than half the people in it.