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Miranda Kerr on Orlando Bloom Split: We Really Do Love & Respect Each Other

Miranda Kerr on Orlando Bloom Split: We Really Do Love & Respect Each Other

Miranda Kerr looks relaxed and fabulous on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK‘s June 2014 issue.

Here’s what the 31-year-old model had to share with the mag:

On her relationship with ex Orlando Bloom: “Well, we are very good. We speak every day. We’re really close, we’re going to be a family forever and we both really do love each other. We have genuine love and respect for each other. We’re very connected and I feel grateful for that. We created something beautiful together and we both remind ourselves how lucky we are to have that. And yeah, it’s good. He’s a great dad. I’m lucky.”

On parting ways from Victoria’s Secret: “It was a big chunk of time that I wasn’t able to commit to because I’m a mother. I used to be in two different countries every single week. I made a conscious decision to shift gears. I’m very much a people-pleaser at heart – I feel that if everyone else is happy, then I’m happy – but I’m learning the power of saying no and putting my foot down.”

On accepting life’s challenges: “Everyone goes through challenging periods in their life. That’s inevitable and it’s part of being human. I feel like it’s a daily process to be positive. It’s something that’s a choice and I have different tools, like meditation, even prayer – my grandmother taught me to pray when I was young – and just finding that inner peace.”

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Credit: Harper's Bazaar UK
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  • hmmmm

    I see her campaign to make people believe she left VS because it took a lot of her time is still on. Even Candice and Adriana are not in two countries in a week for VS. Oh well, if lying work ps for her, good for her.

  • M

    So i suppose in next months magazines will always ask her the same questions about Orlando and they separation?

  • ok

    Money can’t buy class. Her latest vogue looks like an Esquire cover. This one looks like a cheap catalog shot

  • 4

    six months later still the same story, like we get it you guys love each other a lot but somehow you managed to divorce which make no sense at all at this point
    if you love and respect someone and you have a child with what’s the point of getting a divorce


    Cute sailboat poochie…

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Wat a Bubble head and a Liar!

  • Truthie

    Because you’re a mother???Sure. It has NOTHING to do with you being a party girl and them dropping you for thinking you’re bigger than your britches. Please!

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Someone thinks that if she keeps repeating lies they will become the truth. Well, at least her idiot fans believe what she says but then, they’re idiots so they can swallow that marriages end when two people love each other and that a woman who travels more now than ever and ships her melon head brat monster off on a plane every other week for a bi-coastal parent switch left her most lucrative gig voluntarily because motherhood.

  • Anon

    I wonder why they split up then if they still love each other? Maybe they will get back together.

  • daria

    others models also have vogue covers issued Jared this month just saying

  • Kate

    @daria: others models don’t have deals with celebrity sites so…

  • Kate


  • Grass

    Many VS models are moms, some with multiple kids, yet Miranda cant handle a job and one kid. Lol wonder how she would survive in the real world..shed probably turn to pro$titution.

  • Candice

    She looks Great! Haters gonna hate, thats what they do.

  • Kate

    @Grass: she wasn’t even in demand with them. If there should be complains, it should come from adriana and Candice not her. Even Ellingson had more purpose in VS than her so I don’t know where thr 2 countries a week came from. Must be prior 2010

  • Zzzzz

    @Kate: Why dont you people with short memories stop focusing on VS? VS is not the be all & end all. She had major commitments in Australia ( DJ,s, Kora & her family) plus trying to fit in with flying to see Orlando in NZ & South Africa etc….Plus they were living in LA flying back & forth to NY. You people carry on that if you are not a VS model your nothing. Theres more to life than a cheap looking underwear! And GRASS if she doesnt want to put her one child through all that flying like other VS models then she doesnt have too. What rule is there that she has to handle it? Get a grip, you cant handle she has lots of cash to do what she wants!

  • #10

    You are so right. Adriana has 2 new vogue covers. Doutzen has one and Alessandra has a new cover as well. I’ve not sen those covers on here. And yet Miranda scores Vogue Taiwan, which is like in the bottom of the Vogue barrel and here she is. JJ though, you’re too transparent.

  • Maria

    She looks so beautiful and fresh. It must be hard for all you ugly haters.

  • Drats

    @Elena: What the hell are you on about? Nothing you say ever makes sense. Its just dribble


    She is just lovely !

  • jolie

    @Zzzzz: tell us which VS models put their kids through flying all the time? Miranda is working more than ever so I don’t understand how she left VS for more downtime. She probably left VS on her own because she realized she was forever going to play second fiddle go Adriana and Candice not because thd job was demanding.
    She’s also endorsing products that are actually cheap as opposed to VS. So sit down.

  • rme

    You know you’re desperate or money hungry when you decide to endorse any kind if product that comes along.

  • Drats

    @Elena: If you want to see a Melon head look up Doutzen son Phyllon! Thats one chunky kid who missed out on his moms good looks.

  • Kath

    @jolie: Hahahaaaa….really….you think ALL the products shes endorsing are cheap? Royal Doulton compared to cheap looking undies? I think you should sit down…how funny!

  • adriana

    Royal D is your bragging point? Lmao for the love of kittens they make teawear, tablewear etc. Lol. Signs that miranda is the epitome of cheap commercial model. Lol.i mean, she’s done worst tho. Nothing trumps the detergent

  • eggi

    Love her stance on VS. Just goes to show you shes not a pushover llike Ale/Adriana whos’ careers depend on the panty brand. Thats why Miranda already has her own successful brand AND is younger than them and already #2 on Forbes list. She is closer to being the next Gisele (success wise) than they ever will be. because shes not a push over. Lima cant even speak English that woman twirls her hair and giggles in interviews., my gosh no wonder she cant even run a brand. Shes so overrated and disgustingly stupid.

  • adriana

    Pushover you say? Is that why Ale has her own clothing line and is still landing campaigns and fashion magazine covers? Among so many other side projects? Adriana is doing so many wonderful things with her career and staying high profile and doing it with the most lucrative VS contract. Even Ale would be caught dead endorsing some of the products miranda goes for. I swear more than half of the products miranda goes for reek of cheap and tallow. One has better look into it well if she isn’t the second highest paid given how she’s doing cheap products 24/7. It’s come to a point that there’s no meaning to her being an ambassador for a brand. There’s no ounce of prestige left in her.
    as for herr being the next gisele, I’ll leave you to think about that. And you know adriana can’t run a brand because she tried and failed right??

  • yawn

    Adriana is always their target because they wish… Adriana is all over European billboards and tv for desiguel and has a vogue Spain cover. In Turkey, there is her vogue turkey cover and veet. And of course there is the Donna Karan campaign and it goes without saying she’ll soon score another huge high fashion campaign. Of course the world cup is coming and she’ll be prominently all over it. Miranda’s last hopeis the catalog campaigns., its like tye only thing vs gave her is fame. I thought she would do great things after she left but she’s gone back to the commercial world in the blink of an eye, only cheaper and in more quantity. Kora isn’t even worth mentioning because she’s done everything and it remains stagnant.

  • ????

    @adriana:Well Yawn says it all! Your bagging Miranda for doing so called cheap products but Adriana turns up for Veet! Lol, plus shes dumb & uses way too much tanner. You have to admit she is one model who is just plain dumb & ditzy! Go over to the Adriana threads & put your effort in defending her there because shes bagged just as much as you trying to blow wind up our ass here about Miranda. Victoria Secrets model……who cares!

  • Melissa

    It’s great that Orlando and Miranda had an amicable split and that they are thinking of Flynn and want him to see that they have a good relationship. It’s too bad they split up. They were a gorgeous couple.

  • Seriously?

    @adriana:Can I ask, do you buy VS products & wear them? Id much rather have a nice classy tea set on my table than – seriously crap bras. VS is just marketing, real women dont wear it. If it wasnt for the once a year stupid show aimed at men who would really care about it? Oh thats right a stupid Adriana fan!

  • Anonymous

    Miranda and Orlando are very classy in how they have handled the split. At least they still have a great relationship with each other and that is great for Flynn. At least they have not been nasty towards each other. Maybe they will get back together. They speak so highly of each other, it is clear they still love each other.

  • what

    @adriana: “is still landing campaigns” Alessandra? What campaigns? Cheap campaigns.
    “Even Ale would be caught dead endorsing some of the products miranda goes for.” Are you kidding? Alessandra is the face of… Period. So funny.
    “Ale has her own clothing line.” Any celeb could do that.
    “And you know adriana can’t run a brand because she tried and failed right??” What do you mean? Adriana had her own brand and failed? So she is not very popular, right?

  • Leni

    @adriana:I just have to say that Adriana is too scared to leave VS & shes getting old. Sooner or later all the yonger prettier girls will eat her up & all the while the likes of Miranda & Gisele & others have established themselves away from VS.

  • models

    This vapid, lying, low rent, cloth-stripping ‘model’ has fans to match… there isn’t anything ground about endorsing products that could use absolutely any commercial model and still be fine. That only brand she’s built is as the mistress of low rent commercial products. Her motto should be:anything goes (as long as there’s money.)
    Veet might be commercial but it doesn’t reek cheap the way most of miranda’s projects are. That comment says it all, nothing trumps detergent. wonder bra, is another flithyly random and cheap one. The list is never ending. Funny I’ve never seen a press release statement of any of the brands she works for saying how she positively immensely affected the sales. Where as Gisele and Adriana has had brands coming out and saying how they did wonders for them (you might wanna scratch that insulting yet embarrassing comparison of her and gisele lol).
    veet might be commercial and affordable but it doesn’t reek of cheap and random. Royal Doulton on the other hand, haha, they sell tablecloths and whatnot. Lol. Anything for that $.
    Alessandra might be doing lots of commercial campaigns but at least she can still walk Givenchy and have a Vogue cover, Bazaar and US Vanity Fair etc. What’s the name of the designer Miranda walked for? Well, let’s just say it can’t hold a candle to Givenchy. And Vogue Taiwan! Lol. And she couldn’t make it look like vogue, more like cosmopolitan just like the commercial trash she is, can’t say I’m surprised.
    As for Adriana, lol well she’s adriana. She has more high fashion campaigns than Miranda could ever wish for. Works with some of the most popular and used products in the world. From Kia to Vs to Maybelline, Doritos etc etc. Miranda will never get to the same level or have the same respect. I mean, she’s still stripping for men’s magazine every passing year when almost all of the world’s supermodels have left those days behind. It’s one thing to do it once every many years, it’s a whole other thing when you keep on doing it. No wonder real high end designer avoid her and the best Vogue she can score now is Taiwan. It doesn’t help that all her photo shoots are all the same. Same hairstyle, same pose and ONE facial expression. All the qualities of a cheap random commercial model.

  • #35

    God bless you!!!

  • ouch

    @models: Ouch. I hope Miranda doesn’t see this. Talk about the bitter truth.

  • #35

    Amen sister

  • Lexi

    @models: Umm, I think you need to re -read your post here love. You scream hypocrisy here & all you stupid haters fall back to is Vogue again. Well vogue says fathoms by putting a Kardashian on the cover….talk about cheapening your brand. And as for VEET are you trying to tell us that isnt as commercial as a dishwashing liquid? Or DORITOS!! Are you telling us again thats not cheap & commercial?? Compared to Royal Doulton or Swarofski? Or KIA…gosh I see every high roller driving around in a KIA…yeah? KIA is successful in many countries & they dont need your dumb dumb Adriana to advertise for them. Plu-ease! And now your going on about Miranda & her Vogue Taiwan….wouldnt that be equivalent to Vogue Turkey that Adriana did?….Id say yes to that. Im not a huge Miranda fan I could take her or leave her, but dont get here & try to prove your smart with the lies your trying to brainwash us with. Obviously some here agree with you & they must be just as stupid as YOU!

  • Just Sayin

    Miranda did the dishwashing commercial to help establish herself in asia market as its the fastest growing market in the world. Heaps of celebs have done “cheap” product advertising in asia eg: Hugh Jackman and Lipton tea. Stop carrying on like Miranda is the first.

  • Just Sayin

    Calm down #35…..First of all I know who Royal Doulton is afterall & all the types of products they do….afterall they have been around since the 1800′s! So comparing that to Veet or you mention Doritos?? Now thats hilariously funny! Just so you know Miranda has already done Veet here in Australia but way back when she first started her career as a teen! Anyhoo…I have to ask some of you nutters here….WHY are you always comparing Miranda to Adriana & Gisele? To me it seems like Miranda is happy trippin off doing whatever she wants for whatever company she wants. Im sure she couldnt care less to what Adriana & Gisele are up to. And Im pretty bloody sure Adriana & Gisele dont give a sh*t what Miranda is up to. So why do freaks go over the top in comparison & care way too much? Your all f*cked up bending over backwards trying your very best in comparing these girls. I think you guys are just plain jealous of any other model that may be getting more attention than your beloved Adriana or Gisele….Guess what? Who Cares!!……oh thats right only you obsessed dumb b*tches!!!!

  • models

    A brand/product being commercial as I’m sure you know isn’t the issue here. The issue is a model of Miranda’s caliber should not be associated with some of the brands we see her with. Sure most supermodels have endorsed products that raise our eyebrows but doing it in excess means you’re strictly a commerce model or you’re struggling in fashion. Doritos and Veet are extremely commercial but cheap doesn’t come to mind when you think about them.
    Lol, are you comparing Vogue Turkey to Taiwan? The turkish edition is totally of good quality and excellent content. Having cover stars from Gisele to Doutzen to Letitia and Adriana. You can’t compare it with tthe taiwanese edition.
    Forbes made an article about kia sales soaring after Adriana did a tv commercial and print ad for them. Sorry if Miranda has overexposed herself to the level where noone can even identify with her endorsing a product. Where are her her articles about lifting the profits of brands?
    ppl are not jealous of her, more like annoyed. The attention she receives is basic famewhoring. I’d love to see her go without her pap pals and pr team and see ir ppl would breathe a word of her. Jealous? Gisele and Adriana have come to a stage in their careers when they just relax and do the work that need to be done and go home.
    #40 so she had to do detergent commercials to settle in Asia? Interesting, most stars start from the top when they go to Asia. And I still don’t see miranda doing luxury Asian brands, just the cheap/mediocre ones.

  • Anna Sophia

    What the h*ll did they create that was beautiful?

  • Lol

    So many haters! Or should I say, so many hater SOCKS!
    You idiots are just mad that she has two HF covers so close together.
    And the Adriana loons are even more p*ssed off.
    Pathetic losers, all three of you.

  • What The ****

    @models: You just keep on showing how stupid you are. Now your saying in your own words – “Doritos and Veet are extremely commercial but cheap doesnt come to mind when you think about them” THAT HAS TO BE “THE” ABSOLUTE MOST DUMBEST THING EVER THAT I HAVE READ THIS YEAR!!!! OMG!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL? CALLING YOU STUPID IS JUST TOO KIND!! I cannot contain my laughter right now. Comparing those two products to the likes of Royal Doulton or Swarofski is just plain stupid. But you just keep proving over & over how stupid you are. PLEASE..PLEASE STOP BEFORE YOU KEEP EMBARRASING YOURSELF. It seems that you & a handfull of others seem to have an “issue” with Miranda doing cheaper campaigns why? Theres no rule to say what she can & cant do. And for someone who has just trashed Miranda you go & refer her (in your own words again) “A MODEL OF MIRANDAS CALIBER” Again your proving just how stupid & hypocritical you are. Please GO AWAY! And just so you know Miranda has just landed in Australia….JJ your a bit slow!

  • #42

    Your one of those typical idiots to say Vougue Turkey is better than Vogue Taiwan. You dont have a clue. You try and manipulate and turn around the facts to justify your own story in your head. Were not buying it, so stop treating us like were stupid.

  • soooo

    Soooo, Royal Doulton is “cheap”? Low caliber?
    But Veet and doritos are something only top models get?
    Do you hear yourselves?
    BTW, Miranda partnered with RD to select the designs on their new, luxury line. That syas a lot about Miranda’s cache.

  • Two Cents

    @models: Wow….keep on digging that hole….

  • Hehe

    @models: Natalie Portman did a commercial for Lux soap asia, Brad Pitt did one for coffee in a can, Ben Stiller did beer and the list goes on….stop being such a snob. I dont Miranda but I dont like Adriana either. She thinks shes the be all of VS but shes just an over fake tanned ho!

  • 50

    Miranda kerr is shameless. yet she doesn’t have time to visit her family to australia but she has time to go to Australia to attend work comitments ?

    and she slaps her grand mother name on her cheap tea cups, the same grand mother she doesn’t even speak to no more