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Ronan Farrow's Sinatra-Like Blue Eye Color is Allegedly Fake

Ronan Farrow's Sinatra-Like Blue Eye Color is Allegedly Fake

Ronan Farrow reportedly does not have blue eyes the way his possible father Frank Sinatra does.

There has been speculation about who the 26-year-old MSNBC host’s father is ever since his mother Mia Farrow claimed that Frank could be the dad and not Woody Allen.

Woody has even admitted it could be true as “he looks a lot like Frank with the blue eyes and facial features.”

Now, Page Six is saying that the blue eyes aren’t actually real and that he is wearing contacts that make the color appear that way.

“You could see the outline of his contacts,” a source told the outlet. A friend of Ronan‘s added, “He’s blind as a bat, they are prescription contacts. They are tinted white, but they do make his eyes brighter blue.”

Pictured inside: Ronan attending the Time 100 Gala on Tuesday (April 29) in New York City.

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  • Reports

    He looks like Rosemary’s Baby!

  • Blues

    Yuk, he freaks me out! He could plain the villain in a horror movie!

  • Jay

    @Reports: Hahhahahahha!

  • Truth

    @Reports: He IS Rosemary’s Baby!

  • Jesse

    That was obvious all along. He also looks to have had plastic surgery including a chin implant (to match Sinatra’s?) compared to his childhood pics.

  • DNA

    Why can they just get a DNA test & end this story?

  • Jody

    He looks creepy here. He is wearing make up too. I understand he has to do that on the tv show but not at this event.
    I actually don’t think he wears contacts though as his eyes were this color way back if you see old pictures.
    Maybe the outline they saw is just normal contact lenses and not colored one?
    Knowing the way Ronan is he will hint about it one way or the other on twitter.

  • Jordy

    So photos of him as a child with light blue eyes… he was wearing colored contacts then? At age ten? Please.

  • TwistedFamily

    Yuck. This guy and his warped family gross me out. They’re so weird and twisted, you can just see it in the fact that he’s 26 and looks manufactured like a Ken doll. You get the impression that that mother of his did a number on him and his siblings. Again, yuck.

  • Lori

    When will this guy just disappear???

  • Amy


    That’s what I keep wondering.

  • @6 and @11

    If I had to guess I think it is because he knows the truth and it’s not what he wants it to be.
    He must know he really is Allen’s son and likes the idea of being Frank’s since he hates Woody so much.
    His mother started this whole game again right before his show was to air. It gave him all kinds of press and a way for him to sort of distance himself again from Allen so people might look at him as Frank’s son and not Woody’s.
    I find the whole situation very tacky and disrespectful to Frank’s wife.

  • arwa

    I also, believe they killed Sinatra (his mother and he), and cut off Sinatra’s face then he can have a face implement. Are people stupid or ignorant or both. Just done some damn research and see his pictures as a kid and you can see if he really has blue eyes or not. And I really think this story is ridiculous.

  • ahmad

    who cares about the eye colour when the shape of his eyes and brows looks exactly like Sinatras.

  • ahmad

    @@6 and @11: he looks a LOT like frank and NOTHING like woody so what r u even talking about

  • Marty

    He looks exactly like Mia if you google her and Mia’s father.
    The timing for Frank being the dad would have made Frank a very old dad.
    He could do a dna if he wanted but he seems to enjoy the speculation.

  • Curly

    Ronan Farrow may come from a ‘weird’, ‘showbiz’ family, but this guy has more IQ points than all of you put together! (not that hard, actually)

    The guy graduated from grade school at, like, 11 years of age. Finished college super young and has been doing good things since. Don’t be so prejudiced and narrow minded and get the facts straight before you judge! He’s gay and ‘metrosexual’, so what?!!!!

  • Nicky

    @Curly, we all finish grade school at age 11 or 12 so that doesn’t seem very genius of him. Nice try though. And I challenge you to name three good things he’s been doing since college graduation. Working for Mia doesn’t quite count either.

  • ******

    No one said anything about him being gay or judged him on that.
    Gay or not he is still odd.
    You can be book smart and still be a jerk.Most people know of his early college anyway. Don’t be so defensive because others don’t like him. I see you must be a fan girl or something?
    He is into Jon Lovett I think so he is taken.

  • Curly

    @Nicky: time to start reading something other than celebrity blogs all the time! ‘Work for Mia’ huh?
    @#19: I work in the field, so I know something about his background. This guy has done more than most people do in a lifetime.

    Check it out:

    - was a UNICEF Spokesperson for Youth,
    - interned at the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell and in the office of the chief counsel at the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, focusing on international human rights law.
    - Farrow joined the Obama administration with his appointment as Special Adviser for Humanitarian and NGO Affairs in the Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
    - “overseeing the U.S. Government’s relationships with civil society and nongovernmental actors” in Afghanistan and Pakistan
    - Farrow was appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues[20] and Director of the State Department’s Office of Global Youth Issues
    -After departing government, Farrow began a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.[26]
    - Farrow’s book, Pandora’s Box: How American Military Aid Creates America’s Enemies, scheduling it for 2015 publication.[32]
    - In February 2014, Ronan Farrow Daily began airing on MSNBC.
    - He has written essays, op-eds and other pieces for The Guardian,[27] Foreign Policy magazine,[28] The Atlantic,[29] The Wall Street Journal,[30] the Los Angeles Times[31] and other periodicals

    etc etc


  • James

    That’s Frank Sinatra’s son for sure.

  • commonsense

    What’s the issue? His eyes are blue, he’s just wears contacts that make his eyes brighter.

  • Lol

    Fake just like his fake mum Mia! Family who enjoyed being bitter, miserable and hateful.

  • Darts

    @Marty: he looks like Sinatra. Tony Randall had kids in his eighties, which makes him much older than Sinatra would have been if he died a Ronan.

  • Darts

    @Nicky: he started college at age 11


    Whats a problem?
    His eyes are BLUE
    with contacts more brighter . so WHY FAKE?

  • Maully

    I think he has Woody’s nose but the rest is what Mia would look like with some testosterone treatments. He’s smart but seems a little immature in a way. Like he never went through high school so he still believes that people are good and that there is hope for the world.

  • asd

    He’s as crazy as his mother. They’re both narcissists obsessed with Woody Allen.

  • lol

    Despite all the attention seeking/grabbing headlines and interviews from him and his ma, his show still flopped

  • g

    @DNA: because it’ll confirm he’s Woody’s son and the Sinatra connection.chatter will die!

  • Rose

    @DNA: Because Mia would be in trouble in the courts for all the child support Woody had to pay on him.

  • czd

    He looks like a horror version of mia farrow,

  • GFW

    Fine. The explain his face shape, nose, smile and cheekbones that resemble Frank’s?

  • Tyla

    He still has similar features to Sinatra. Look at that second picture of him beneath the story.

  • Tina

    He is Sinatra son,looks like him

  • Lighten up

    He’s definitely stupid enough to be Woody’s son. Did PMSNBC fire him yet? I don’t watch but heard his show blew chunks. Not much of a surprise. No one is buying liberalism any more after Obama wrecked the economy and turned us into commies.

  • nathalie

    He is as fake as his loony mother Mia Farrow.

  • Jason

    First off very disappointed in Just Jared for going with this stupid BS story. And alot of idiot comments on here. Ronan Rocks and is smarter than all of you put together including Just Jared.

  • Curly

    @Jason: So agree! The guy does nothing but good work and gets dissed on a celeb site, by people who know nothing about what he’s done.

  • Curly

    @Lighten up: You obviously know nothing about politics. Obama is centre left! Go read up on Communism in a dictionary because you’re confused!


    I’m looking through old pics of him as a toddler and he’s got blue eyes back then. The story is fake….he is Frank’s son, there’s really no doubt. The only difference is that Frank was nicer. Ronan is a tight a s s e d crazy liberal and it makes him sound stupid when he speaks.