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George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Catch a Private Flight Together!

George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Catch a Private Flight Together!

George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin climb the steps to their private plane while getting ready to head out of town on Thursday (May 1) in Van Nuys, Calif.

No word yet on where the newly engaged couple is heading, but we hope to get some better photos of them at their destination!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of George Clooney

George and Amal got engaged last week and the news broke over the weekend.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin boarding a private plane…

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george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 01
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 02
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 03
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 04
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 05
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 06
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 07
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 08
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 09
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 10
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 11
george clooney fiancee amal alamuddin catch a private flight 12

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • kickit

    Nice butts

  • whut

    she always wears the strangest pants

  • Al’s Marmot

    LOL. They aren’t dating or engaged.

  • Katie

    I thought she had a job? They are always on vacation. Those pants are just ugly guess she doesn’t care how she looks now she has a ring. Good thing she has a brain cause she has no dress sense or style. Clooney must be desperate hope she get’s pregnant. That would be funny.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Katie: If she has a ring it’s because she bought it herself, and if she’s going to get pregnant she’ll have to find herself a man willing to sleep with her, because Clooney isn’t.

  • Trons

    Wonder if he drove his Prius, he so environmentally conscious….

  • davidarochelle

    @Al’s Marmot:

    Al’s Marmot, Why do you think that they’re not dating or engaged? Do you know someone on his PR Team?

  • Al’s Marmot

    @davidarochelle: His PR team don’t know anything. The truth is dispensed on a “need to know” basis, and the publicity hacks don’t need to know, in fact aren’t supposed to know as they might be more convincing selling a lie if they don’t know the truth. Yes I know someone who knows the truth, can’t say who it is.

  • anne

    Al’s Marmot @ 05/01/2014 at 10:18 pm

    You “know” someone who knows the truth; sure you do in the Twilight Zone. The truth is based on a “need to know” basis? Let me guess that is dispensed by you consulting a ouija board. Tell us all, where is the mythical Anna? Interesting that the non existent woman sits idly by while George goes off with yet another woman. Wait! Could the mythical Anna actually be you in one of your strange wonderful fantasies?

  • Lorna Loves Liquor

    You can see Ugly Amal Alamuddin has a black hairy crack & wearing a thong through her pyjama pants. Real classy!
    Like she didn’t check the mirror before she left.
    She has a flat tiny asss like a little boy or twin’k. And she sticks it out climbing the steps to show off her hairy crack to the paps. Clooney’s buttt is twice as big. Sick!
    Is Clooney gay???
    By getting engaged to a she-male Twin’k clone one would think this is the fakest hook-up in Hollywood since Rock Hudson got hitched.

  • shakedown

    @Lorna Loves Liquor: LOL. Bi?
    You’d think as a supporter of Prop 8 he would have married his longterm companion of 20 year Waldo Sanchez by now.
    Next an IVF baby like other Hollywood queeers, Cruise, Travolta?
    Many gay celebs marry. Michael Jackson to Lisa Marie, Elton John to some engineer chick named Renata, then he married a man. LOL
    No one is buying this and now everyone is convinced Clooney marrying a beard out of desperation.

  • shakedown

    like Lisa Marie needed the money or fame! *The daughter of the King of Rock married the King of Pop* (to launch a music career) was some hollywood big bosses idea of power couple publcity. Now they brainstromed this bs. Only convinving the world that it’s so fake.

  • Sarah

    Muslim mom, Islamic dad and they’re anti-Zionist, anti-Israel pro-Palestine fanatic supporters.

  • Lorna Love Liquor

    @shakedown: Brahahahahahahahaha!!!
    Next she’ll be doing “accidental crotch” shots to get more pap shots.
    With a hard man face like that, she’d want to draw emphasis elsewhere.

  • sockpuppet 14

    @shakedown: ivf? What for? He’s bisexual. He sleeps with her. Kaboobie the camel Amal wouldn’t accept an arranged marriage if there was no sex just biz, like the wrestler did. Clooney’s slept with Carole Radziwill & thousands of women. This she-male is the same age the Italian one he hired 5 years ago for a 2 year contract. He’s a joke. Does what the studio big guns delegate coz he’s spineless.

  • jenny

    @Lorna Loves Liquor: why would a so called educated woman marry an actor if she isn’t interested in the Hollywood lifestyle.

  • peter

    @Sarah: George isn’t just marrying her he is marrying into another race, culture, lifestyle, religion. He has to marry her he can’t embarrass a Muslim and her family. It bad enough that the family have aloud her to marry an actor. He can’t divorce her as she would be rejected by the Muslim community. Have you heard of a divorced muslim woman. They will hurt him so good luck to him.

  • Lorna Loves Liquor

    @jenny: who said anything about he becoming part of Hollywood?
    If anything, he may be getting groomed to enter politics in the future for the Democrats.
    Spinning pr baloney like:
    Related to Lincoln, mother-in-law one of million reporters from who interviews heads of states on behalf of Arab media, wife human rights barrister (who defended criminals)…
    But I think it’s to lift & script a new direction in his public profile. Planned by his corrupt handlers, like a power couple.
    By making it so contrasting they think it makes it sound authentic.
    And plausible. But in fact, it just reeks of fake coverup.

    There are millions of educated women & from Ivy League colleges who would do this for fame & fortune.

  • Lorna Loves Liquor

    *her becoming part of Hollywood, I meant. Look at all the fake sham showbiz marriages. His f*ucked up Useless pr team brainstormed their senile heads and came up with this tangent to give it credence.
    They searched for months to find a candidate & even planted the hottest barrister bogus story in Aug13 to come up with more bs as she’s hot enough for the world’s most eligible twice sexiest ageing actor. But hot she ain’t .
    Looks like an anorexic Jeff Goldblum to me.

  • jenny

    @Lorna Loves Liquor: George Clooney is a laughing stock how by marry her is he going to be taken seriously? because he wants a political future. It makes it more fake! This will be funny to watch play out as now he will have to marry her and I can’t see a divorce so easy to come by as how would she be looked at by her race.

  • sarah

    Its funny how all media coverage keep saying she has brains and beauty. Beauty she is the ugliest girl George has dated now going to marry.

  • *magic 8 ball*


  • Big Foot

    Ok, she’s not on GC’s level in good looks. And he doesn’t have a college education. But that’s wasn’t important to them.
    He won’t back out of this. Too late. Like a condemned man being led to death row. Entrapment.

  • jack

    @Big Foot: That’s right he can’t back out of it her race will kill him it’s bad enough her family allowed her to marry him but they are a proud family and would be a laughing stock in there community.

  • Jared

    Nasty comments. She’s not ugly at all.
    Just plain, androgynous face in all the photos I’ve seen. I agree they look odd together cos she’s more masculine than he is.
    No one is ugly except those with ugly souls who hurt others.

  • @al’s marmot

    his life is so scripted. He thinks it’s Level-headed practical, settling decision at the cost of happiness? Voted by himself & his handlers
    In the hope that it will guarantee future happiness? Even if not feeling it fully yet. At what cost??
    What looks good on paper, (inflated & spiced up). There’s always alcohol to numb out reality. Because his public image is pivotal to his needs, he reasons. So I guess he’ll grow to like or love her if he doesn’t feel it yet.
    His ultimate choice. Forfeit real love for a compromise.
    Fool’s Gold.

  • davidarochelle


    Sarah, Besides “Debbie,” how do you know that Amal’s parents, and possibly Amal too, is anti-Semitic?

  • Sarah

    I didn’t write anti-semitic.
    I wrote anti-Zionist & Pro-Palestine activists.
    Arabs are Semitic people too. So are Hebrews.
    Semites encompass language groups erroneously restricted to Jews by some. It’s not Judaism.
    Anyway, both her parents are Islamic, like herself. Her mother is Muslim and quite vocal openly about supporting Palestine and anti-Zionists.
    It’s an ongoing feud in that region.
    But Jewish people globally consider Israel their spiritual homeland.
    Especially after what they endured in WW2.

  • Lena

    Okay, I agree with CDAN. Since when is an attorney with 7 more years of education suddenly on the same level as an actor who doesn’t have more than a high school education? People keep saying that he’s not marrying someone in the industry so he’s marrying on the same level as him? I find that to be hilarious. He’s clearly marrying up in that regard. I also agree with folks that say she’s attractive just fine. I don’t care about her style. I surmise these people shamelessly pay too much for ther clothes as people starve on Africa anyway. But, I don’t find her to be ugly like some of these people say she’s ugly. She’s of course attractive. She’s not super model attractive, but she’s not a supermodel. She’s a lawyer. However, I also agree with those people that say why isn’t she working? Why is it that she has time to go on vacation with her boyfriends? Is Clooney paying her firm yo keep her on the letterhead? And she is working at a firm in London. Is her firm in London just letting her not work on her cases anymore? She seems to be traveling with him instead of actually doing her work. So I guess now that she is engaged she has just decided to no longer be a lawyer? That’s very curious to me. So, perhaps she is somewhat of a Hollywood gold digger after all. I’m also not looking forward to having to look at George Clooney every dam/n time I go through the f****** supermarket check out line. Why can’t these people just advertise their movies instead of getting in our faces with their private lives and their advice about weight loss and relationships and all this fraudulent PR created “look at my life and how perfect it is, and look at the 7 carat ring I gave to my girlfriend” garbage? @al marmot, I couldn’t agree with you more on that buddy!!! It’s obscene. It so is obscene to the nth degree.

    I turned off TV 2 years ago to get a reprieve, but the greed fame mongers of Hollywood are no longer satisfied with having net worths of $300 million each. It’s everywhere even right at the checkout in the grocery store. On the news. Across the internet ads on the home page, etc. Now they all want to make sure we know they travel in private jets, give their girlfriends 7 carat diamond rings, hob knob with heads of state and thus can influence world policy makers and economies while having the audacity to lie to us about who they really are while giving us all life advice, relationship advice, happiness advice, weight loss advice, child rearing advice, etc.

    I think people are starting to get tired of it…I know I am.

  • snoring

    thanks for continuing to help kill the ozone layer george , great work buddy

  • S

    I wonder if he has a clear conscience for damaging and hurting people who he pursued, stalked, harassed, humiliated, intruded upon, then …dismissed as non-entities.
    Breaks them. Malicious intent by a functioning, duplicitous, sadistic alcoholic.
    But I guess it’s all in the past & he’s too self-important. Thinks he’s a living deity. Seriously.
    He couldn’t give a damn about irreparable damage he’s done.
    Not a nice man at all. Evil personified.

  • nacknini

    After married: no top career, no important connections anymore, no Doughty Street Chambers, because husband rich, 6 kids for the lost time, typically in a ladies mix of Arabian and occidental.
    People, this lady just was involved with (for the interest of the “chambers”, of course) Julian, Timoshenko, Syria War adviser, Kofi Anna, has a famous Mama, now George, congratulated for beauty in lowers (since when truth famous lowers are involved in this kind of classification), and all say she doesn’t want the spotlights? Let’s be serious, please! I would like to know the feeling of the direct colleagues in these last months…
    Lets be serious also about George: he is an actor but nothing special. Fortunately, he has good face and body, and above all money. Movies… lets wait for better stories. Educated person… seems. Giving money for poverty… I have my doubts… Doing some show of… for sure. Please, think, who really helps doesn’t need to appear…

  • this is all

    Clooney’s fiancee is tiny, isn’t she? I think they look fabulous together. I think he looks better with a brunette than a blonde. I hope everything works for them. Proud of Clooney for changing his mind. I think a wife will be a step in the right direction. At this age, they should be able to last to the end… I hope.

  • Piers Morgan

    George Clooney is on his path for a political career, as the next Democratic governor…senator…then POTUS.
    So his candidate for wife is Amal Alamuddin. She makes up in education, what he simply does not have. Even Ronald Reagan had graduated from college.
    A Hollywood actor marrying an Islamic lawyer is a global gesture too.
    Will George Clooney’s secret gay lover Waldo Sanchez be moving into the White House too with them as an assistant. They’ve been together for two decades.

  • composite

    .their offspring are cursed with upper classification ugliness.
    Big bug-eyes like Marty Feldman + big hook nose + no lips, + feral curly hair. The Anal may be anorexic but has more masculinity face than he. But this is not important. Tori Spelling has a rich father too so very rich. looks not everything. lol

  • Oh well…

    Pity George Clooney’s good looks genes will fade into obscurity because will be recessive to hard Arab featured domination.
    With this union, procreation brings loss of good-looks & creative talent.
    But brings emotional tonality to the masses by identifying.

  • zadik

    @Oh well…: His looks are already fading!! He has to marry Amal even if it is staged like all the photo in all the magazines. She and her family are muslims and are very proud people. He can’t embarrass them and he won’t be able to divorce her, how many divorced muslim women do you see that brings shame.

  • carmal

    It is funny how they keep saying how intelligent and educated she is.what is she doing with an ageing actor old enough to be he dad, don’t they have female lawyers in America, everyone is making out she has her own law firm in London. She is one of many and George got the short straw he should off checked out the other women there much hotter!!

  • zak

    There is more important things going on in the world like the 230 girls, aged 12 to 15, that were abducted near one of the Islamist militant group’s strongholds in the northeast of Nigeria. Where is the human rights in that!

  • Newsflash@

    George Clooney looks older beyond his years.
    Functional alcoholic. Reportedly bisexual.
    He has mild gynecomastia, a turkey’s wattle and saggy skin.
    To top it all off, no college education whatsoever. School dropout diploma.

    So he engages a masculine looking, parrot-beak, highly educated Alpha-female with the anorexic body of a boy, young enough to be his daughter.
    Power couple of two dominant Alpha-typed coupled up in a publicity marriage.

  • Newsflash!

    Together with lawyer wife he thinks he’ll save the world from terrorism, genocide & other atrocities. He didn’t do anything for Darfur.
    CIA Tool.
    The self-proclaimed messiah stooge who cannot control his liquor consumption & chose an educated but ugly woman so he can be “happy” for the rest of his life. To make up for his own inadequacies.
    What an unbalanced couple.

  • sarah

    @Newsflash!: well said I wish I was said more offen!

  • Emma

    @Sarah: actually she isn’t a muslim.

  • Emma

    @peter: she isn’t a muslim.

  • camel herder

    Amal Alamuddin IS ISLAMIC. Her mother is Muslim.
    The religious sect of Druze is ISLAM. Google it before you act so defensive in attempt to whitewash & endear her to the Bible Belt.
    They pray to ALLAH.

  • Rev. Killjoy

    @Sarah & @Emma & @2-digit IQs

    But so what? Since when is it a crime to be ISLAMIC OR MUSLIM?

  • Kirstie Alley PR services


    Supporting Palestine Liberation Army terrorists is a crime though. Amal Alamuddin & her family support Islam terrorists like the PLO.
    Anti-Jewish & anti-Zionist.

  • Kirstie Alley PR services

    Uneducated Hollywood A-lister & Islamic terrorist-linked human rights lawyer who defends criminals criminals like Gaddafi’s thugs marry & procreate.
    Another lovely Hollywood interracial partnership.
    Clooney & his beard.

  • my generation

    _midlife crisis…
    _dating a woman young enough to be his child 17 yrs younger. Awful.
    _the one who dated him before the wrestler complained that he was so much older that it felt she was with an old father figure. She was same age difference as this one. Kind of sickening.

  • ali

    @Newsflash@: nicely said he thinks they will be the new power couple in Hollywood but he is ageing badly. Look at brad Pitt at 50 still looks trendy now look at George he looks older than his dad. He only has a few year left in him why is the woman they say was playing hard to get now marrying him of all people.