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Justin Timberlake Likes to Give Jessica Biel Jewelry & She's Thankful For It!

Justin Timberlake Likes to Give Jessica Biel Jewelry & She's Thankful For It!

Jessica Biel wears a pair of neat green framed sunglasses as she makes her way through LAX Airport on Wednesday (April 30) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 32-year-old actress looked amazing in neutral tones at the Tiffany & Co Atlas Collection launch, where she chatted about her hubby Justin Timberlake.

She revealed to E! News that Justin likes to give her jewelry as a gift. “I’m very thankful for it!” she said.

“It’s a very personal thing. Buying a piece of jewelry for someone is like buying something that is going to define them as the person that they are,” Jessica added.

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Biel at LAX Airport…

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justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 11
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justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 13
justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 14
justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 15
justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 16
justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 17
justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 18
justin timberlake likes to buy jewelry for jessica biel 19

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  • Ron

    It’s the only reason she loves him. no matter how bad he treats her. she loves diamonds and fame. hoe*

  • Wendo2

    Her glasses. LOL. Her style is horrible tho!!

  • asw

    she always wears like a grandma and jesica honey stop hiding your wrinkles and your horsey face
    you’re disgusting

  • Takki

    pict no 4. Her legs are bad. she has mainly body

  • 34ceryl

    Those glasses! OMG LOL OMG LOL

  • B

    I don’t know if I would file my husband giving me jewelry in the “defines me as a person” category. I would think that would be reserved for myself. The jewelry I pick out helps define who I am as a person, it’s a reflection of my personality and ideas of fashion. I think jewelry from another person, especially someone with whom you share an intimate relationship with, helps define if THEY know who you really are.

  • Katri

    @B: so so true!!

  • /&$

    Why do we have to see her everyday shes never doing anything productive. Shes so boring and annoying her style is awful and her acting is laughable I bet the only reason there’s pics of her is because she called ahead of time and prob had to pay them. Shes not getting any better looking. Idk what jt sees in her she seems so clingy needy and desperate for whatever attention hell throw at her I mean she has no purpose plz stop

  • Skippy

    She looks very different without make-up on and she also needs a better stylist for red carpets

  • Skippy

    I also think the way you react to the gift being given also defines you and if you expects gifts that also defines you

  • lila

    To let yourself or your relationship be defined by a material thing such a jewelry seems a bit shallow for my taste.

  • lila

    @lila: correct that, seems TOO shallow in fact

  • Irresistable Girl

    Finale 2 because you hear and see there get what the heart desires they finally find out they have a bun in the oven. Even Madonna whose a workaholic too like JT when she wanted her two biological children when obviously she could conceive her children at the time Madonna didn’t waste no time, she even made sacrifices and commitment to cut down on her workload with her successful music career by not going on tours non at all so she can spend so much time with two children fathers till her children came along, because she knows well like any human being that you cannot focus to much on your career and concentrating on baby making it’s not going to happen so easy. Because to start a family as a healthy women within child bearing age you have to make sacrifices like you have to check your fertility level especially if you decided to come of the pill or any form of contraceptives and you and your steady partner have to spend good quality time together where you are both happy relax no stress no anxiety, no exhaustion and you the woman and her boyfriend or husband have to be making love on a regular basis especially when you know when you are fertile till conception takes place. Now how can you put all this effort in trying for a baby and your partner or spouse of the opposite sex is never hardly at home because he’s always away working all the time or he’s always exhausted after a hard days work which makes him to tired all the time to make love to you and this leaves the wife sexually insatiable and if you are not careful with this person wife if she has too much time on her hands and she wants a child that badly and through frustration and desperation to be a mother, she will go out and have a affair even if it’s a one night stand so she can get pregnant during her fertile days so she can have a child and just pretend to pass it as her husband’s because the husband will not know any different because the wife, the lover is the same colour as her husband and that’s why you see that a lot of husbands don’t know they are bringing up someone else’s child as their own without knowing it. All because the husband drove the wife to commit infidelity because the husband never or hardly at home to keep his wife company or not satisfying her needs emotionally and to keep her loneliness to a minimum. So you see where I coming from in this comment a lack of time with your partner or spouse don’t produce any good results in a relationship or marriage because it takes two to work on a marriage to make it work and also it takes two to start a family not one but two.

  • Irresistable Girl

    Have u read to days articles about how Justin Timberlake wants a baby and his wife Jessica Biel doesn’t, here it is the links to the two websites of this article Now about two weeks ago I read in the media that Jessica wants a baby and she doing whatever it takes to make it happen she even taddling along Justin behind by attending some of his concert shows while he is on tour, so she can conceive there child, then before that another article then say that Jessica is pregnant, now they saying she is not and she is not keen to start family she wants concentrate on her career and Justin is keen now to have children with his wife when before he wasn’t keen on having any children before or wasn’t in no hurry to have children because he set on concentrating on his music career. Now that is why it is better that no media should not speculate and assume that they know what goes on in every celebrities personal lives when they don’t. That is why it’s better for celebrities to confirm the truth about them being pregnant which they always does because at the end of the day can they really hide the evidence of pregnancy when it happens when they are in the public eye all the time. Now I am going to be quite honest with you and going to get straight to the point, I am not being disrespectful or anything but honestly when does JT find good quality time anyway to even shag his wife for any conception to take place. When he spend most of the time away from home on tour with his crew, his tour this year is going on for almost a year. Check out his concert dates and to be honest how can any marriage survive whether you love your wife or not if you spending almost a year away from your spouse. Doing concerts do take a lot of energy out of any celebrity that’s why a lot of them suffer exhaustion for over working too much because when you finish one concert, you just want to relax and go to your bed and sleep and get up early to prepare yourself for another concert with your crew members. So it don’t really leave you enough good quality time to relax, then shag your women good and proper for any conception to take place. Because they even say that exhaustion just like stress can affect your libido or reduce your sex drive and cause low sperm count. So you can imagine how JT libido and sperm must be like now while he’s on tour his libido must have to be very low now and the little sperm that he has now too, must be swimming in all different directions without no knowledge where to go, so no conception can not take place with his wife Jess when they make love once in a while when Jessica visits JT on tour. Now by the way come to think about it, if a husband really and truly love there wife why on earth would they want to go on tour for so long which is keeping them and there wife in long separation such as a year and expect his wife to fall pregnant through lack of quality time together I am not saying it can’t happen but your chances of conception is very slim though. The reason why I bring up this in my comment if you truly love your wife and you don’t want to spend that much time away from her you will come to a compromise and cut down on your workload such as your tour dates where it doesn’t add up to a year from home so you can spend time with your beloved wife and then start a family. When a celebrity have that many concert dates to add to a year this normally always come from a celebrity that is either single or it’s telling there fans even though I am married because I am wearing a wedding ring to prove it but really I am not committed to my wife because our marriage like a open relationship so I don’t have any boundaries to hold me down from doing a concert for almost a year or there could be another reason too where JT don’t really love Jessica the way media think he does and he see’s being on tour for so long as a opportunity to keep his distance away from his wife as much as possible who he knows really and truly adores him more than he does to her. Don’t you see how many celebrities have conceived this year and last year and some of them JT has worked with such as Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde and Ciara, these celebrities are the same age group as JT and Jessica and all three of them are in high profile relationship like them two and you see when Mila, Olivia and Ciara, when they wanted to start a family, you don’t hear them staring in a new movie or going on tours that last up to a year like JT you just see them chill with there partners or lovers, spend good quality time with each other that’s why you hardly see one without the other and during there commitment together it paid off

  • Irresistable Girl

    Sorry viewers my comment have been split into two parts number 15 is the first part and number 14 is the final or last part of my comment. Sorry about this even though it wasn’t my fault that cause this confusion.

  • Honest person

    I really like her. Best wishes for Jessica and JT.

  • AshPash

    Its amazing how all the assumptions and rumor mills get stirred up when celebrities make a comment. The news media is blatant about taking things out of context and blowing things out of proportion. Bottom line, we do not know them personally and therefore, are not in a position to make judgments. Live and let live!