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Keith Urban Says His & Nicole Kidman's Household is 'All Drama'

Keith Urban Says His & Nicole Kidman's Household is 'All Drama'

Keith Urban heads into the studio for another week of performances on American Idol on Wednesday (April 30) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 46-year-old singer was joined at the show by his co-judges Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.

Keith was recently interviewed on Live! with Kelly & Michael and he talked about living in a household with all girls – wife Nicole Kidman and daughters Sunday and Faith.

“They’re very animated, both of them. Our house is very animated anyway. It’s an artists’ house, so yelling and singing and dancing and music and whatever. Everything is very dramatic,” Keith said said. “I’m in a house full of girls. It’s all dramatic. It’s all drama. It’s all drama.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Lorena Sarbu dress, Brian Atwood shoes, and Jacob & Co. jewelry.

20+ pictures inside of Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez arriving for the show…

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  • http://comcadt Audra

    Love Keith Urban and how he loves Nicole Kidman and his daughters !!

  • Lucy

    The article is about Keith Urban but nearly all the pictures are of Jennifer Lopez. That´s ridiculous.

  • Me3

    His girls are adorable. Fun age!

  • Mrsgail

    With 2 girls and an actress, you can only imagine the drama. Wait til the girls are teens. Just wait.

  • http://comcadt Ginnie

    Adore this man !!!

  • http://comcadt Emma

    Love how he doesn’t try to hide how he adores Nicole. Nicole does the same thing. they can’t hide how they feel about each other when they are together.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    I don’t know how Keith keeps up with everything he has going on. Between Idol and his Nashville gigs, the flights to Oz must be the only chance he has to relax. With two little active girls, and a wife who is going through quite a fiasco with ‘Grace of Monaco’, life probably comes closer to a disaster than drama. But, hang in there, Keith, once ‘Grace’ is distributed in the states, life will be back to normal.

  • starbright

    “Hottest Man Alive” is what I call Keith. This man is also full of energy and charm. I love him as a judge.

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    Cant believe this show is still on. I like them all except Seacrest so I applaud them for staying on this Titanic until the lifeboats arrive!

  • Justme

    I agree starbright! Keith is so sexy and smart. I agree too the article leads you to believe it’s about Keith and then all you see is pictures of JLo! I see enough of her on AI cause all the camera focuses on is her. She must pay him.

    I love how Keith and Nicole love each other and not afraid to show it! Looking forward to Keith’s performance on AI tonight!

  • http://yahoo lizzie


    I love Keith, but not ‘Cop Car’, and know that’s what he’ll be doing tonight. I’d love to see him do ‘When we were Us’, with someone, but know it’ll be ‘CC’.

  • Me3

    Same. Copcar is just so stupid lyrically. There are better choices on Fuse.

  • Jess

    Totally enjoy Keith Urban as a person. He is so talented, intelligent, humble, and just a great person. By far the best judge on Idol. FUSE is a great album, but, yes, Cop Car is my least fav song on the cd. Mr. Urban is one hotttttttttt dude. Hang on to him, Nicole!

  • Louise

    More pictures of the gorgeous Keith Urban, and fewer pictures of the lovely Jennifer Lopez. Seriously, this a Keith article, not a Jennifer article, and we females are more interested in Keith than Jennifer!!

  • Jose F.

    Why are you so sexy and beautiful JLo ????!!!??
    World’s Most Beautiful Woman!!!

  • Mrsgail

    TOP 10 AGAIN: Keith Urban pads his lead as the artist with the most consecutive top 10 singles on Country Airplay (counting only promoted, non-seasonal titles), as “Cop Car” speeds 11-10 to become his 31st title to reach the chart’s upper region, with each achieved consecutively since “Your Everything” became his first top 10 on the Aug. 12, 2000 chart. Urban’s 31 top 10s include 16 No. 1s, a feat most recently achieved with “We Were Us” (with Miranda Lambert) in December.

  • Carolyn

    That’s great news! Keith is doing “Good Thing” on American Idol tonight.
    It’s one of my favorites from Fuse.

  • maclen

    Idol fell to a new LOW in viewers for a wednesday episode with 8.6mil…and in “honor” of orb’s mediocre performance tonight…I wouldn’t be surprised if tonights episode is ANOTHER new LOW for a thursday’s episode. Orb’s album is a flop…selling WELL below half of this previous LOW of 732k at a measly 320k of “FIZZ”. His monkeys are abandoning orb and his music. Looking forward to highlighting HOW his tour audience continues to dwindle…much like Idol’s ratings. I see the orb is going back to HSN to hawk his cheap guitar line this month…no doubt orb’s NEW profession…hawking cheap crap…INSTEAD of his pedantic music which no longer sells. Good luck shilling the “snake oil” orb.

  • maclen

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention once again how hilarious it is that a posting about orb and his “PR family”… is dominated by 98% of photos of JLo and what she wore last night. Once again, the orb is “upstaged” by Jlo’s dress. Pretty pathetic how the shallowness dominates.

  • Deborah

    @Mrsgail: Thanks Mrsgail! Always great to see someone with so much success who deserves it. Love me some Keith music!

  • Mrsgail


    You are welcome. I like to throw out positive news because my mother always said ” if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything “. Why waste any time, energy or airspace with negatives? Sometimes it’s hard when I have a bad day or am unhappy for whatever reason, but I try. My mother is a sweet lady who made this world a much better place. I can only hope to be half the delightful woman she is.

    Let us all remember that with mothers day approaching. Nobody enjoys being around negativity. Smile. Say nice things. It will come back to you.

  • Reality

    What a great interview on Access Hollywood!
    Keith touches on several topics, including Mother’s Day for Nicole!

    Keith just shines when he talks about his FAMILY, and he’s such a generous and giving man, too. He puts so much time into his We’re All for the Hall concert, raising money for the Country Music Hall of Fame for the 5th year, too! They LOVE Keith at the Hall of Fame–I’ve attended functions there where they rave about all the good that Keith has helped bring about with his work there. Keith is so popular, generous, and loved by everyone– all who know him and Nicole LOVE both of them!

  • I’m in a house full of girls

    … and I’m the biggest GIRL amongst them.

  • home sweet home

    It’s a (self-absorbed) artists’ house, so lots of yelling (by Nicole) and singing (off key by Keith) and drunken dancing and (shazaming other artists) music and lots of crying (by Keith). Everything is very (draining) and dramatic.

  • Bizarre? Not for a gay man!

    “I’m in a house full of girls. It’s all dramatic. It’s all drama. It’s all drama.”
    “You are so outnumbered,” host Kelly Ripa said.
    “But I fit right in, which is bizarre,” Keith said.

  • Ella

    Jennifer Lopez looks like she’s trying to hard. All that make-up makes you wonder what’s wrong with the way she really looks. Yuk!

  • curious

    Which house is Keith referring to. His house or Nicole’s house because we know they reside in separate houses.

  • Reality

    @curious: Ah, yes– of course “we know” EVERYTHING about the Urbans. At least everything that YOU CRAZY PEOPLE MAKE UP, since you wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it hit you in the face! What a miserable life YOU must live, trying to live with the LIES you tell about people you don’t know at all!

  • Kim


    I won’t let their crap bother me because I know what they say is mean and false. Miserable people love company so they like to think and say bad things about others. It is too much for them to accept the truth. Life is unfair. There are rich, happy people. Keith and Nicole included. You can’t let jealousy get to you or it’ll ruin you. It takes a well adjusted person to be happy for others. Clearly, there are some people that aren’t mentally healthy. Just be glad you don’t have to live or work with them. Can you imagine?

  • The house of drama

    While Nicole screams and Keith cries, the girls turn the music up and sing and dance away.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    It must be a full moon tonight, I see the lunatics are busy on the board. Keith was good on Idol, and Jennifer was correct when she said he was adorable. That he is!

  • Okay but

    Full of drama queens- like him.

  • maclen

    Yes…just as I surmissed….Idol hit a NEW LOW when the orb performed his terrible music…and they also hit a new low in viewers. Orb’s pathetic performance drew a record low 6.9mil…which is 8.2mil lost from the season premiere episode of 15.1 mil.

    By ALL means Fox…bring BACK the orb…if there is another dismal season of this show next year. Orb and Idol are the perfect match…in mediocrity and continued failure.

  • Becca

    What is so sad about his comments is that he actually stated that he fits in. NO MAN fits-in to the drama of an all-female household. They live it, tolerate it, but NEVER fit-in. What many do not know is that Keith has ALWAYS related to women better than he EVER related to men. Just ask the country guys in Nashville….

  • Me3

    Seems like he gets along quite well with his drummer, bass player. Also, Harry CJr, ryan, john mayer…… Nothing wrong with a sensitive man. That macho ego crap is nothing but a front anyway for men who aren’t secure in their manhood.

  • Reality

    You NEGATIVE creatures just sit and dream up crap to attempt to turn people against Keith Urban– WHY? What on earth did he ever ‘do’ to you, besides get married?? What a nightmarish life you must lead to spend it on websites, telling constant LIES!

    Keith has AMAZING friends in Nashville, and they ALL BRAG about their friendships with Keith, too. Kenny Chesney, Vince Gill, Time McGraw, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Ronnie Dunn, Kix Brooks, Joe Don Rooney, Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox, Eric Church, Blake Shelton & Garth Brooks (who both live in OK)… ALL of them have praised Keith. They ALL get together for dinner parties and kids’ playtime, too, when they’re in Nashville. What outlandish claims you make— do you treat other people this way?? Oh, I forgot, you spend your LIFE online, so you have NO friends!

  • Reality

    Nice article in CMT News about Keith’s performance and song choice for American Idol:

  • Eve

    @Becca: You think all men just tolerate their wives and daughters? I highly doubt you’d ever make the same ridiculous and nasty comment about Tim McGraw or Garth Brooks who don’t have sons. It’s no wonder you haters come off as bitter. If you actually belive the crap you’re spouting then your view of the world is completely warped and sad. I don’t want to know what’s going on at your house.


    Country singer Craig Campbell accompanies his daughters on Let It Go.

  • Sorry Warped Reality

    Keith Urban is single handedly turning people against Keith Urban – with no help from us.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    Keith is a master of self-deprecation, i.e., comments referring to an all female household. If he wasn’t married to Nicole, it wouldn’t be necessary to dissect his every move. Now he’s fair game for every misfit able to reach a computer. What’s going on in his private life is no one’s business, but he might want to slow down a little bit and concentrate on what’s real. Nashville’s real, the family’s real, writing music and performing is real; everything else is distraction and destructive.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Any really, really, really ugly remarks come from THE CRAZY ONE. Ugly remarks come from a jealous, ugly person, you would have to be ugly inside and out. Mary maclan who do you hate the most Keith or Nicole ????

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ maclan Mary maclan aka The Crazy One. No 18 and 19, no you fell to a new low. You’re quite the record keeper for Nicole and Keith, her movies, his music, American Idol. Good God, get a life. You are such a loser.