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Olivia Wilde Hits the Red Carpet One Week After Giving Birth!

Olivia Wilde Hits the Red Carpet One Week After Giving Birth!

Olivia Wilde and her fiance Jason Sudeikis hit the red carpet at the 2014 Ms. Foundation Women Of Vision Gala on Thursday evening (May 1) in New York City.

The 30-year-old actress sure wasted no time at all to get back to the red carpet after giving birth to her son Otis – it has only been one week!

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Jason observed that a breast pump looks like something Katy Perry would wear to perform at the VMAs. #accurate #milkyfashion,” Olivia tweeted earlier in the week. Lol!

FYI: Olivia is wearing a Band of Outsiders jacket and J Brand jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis on the red carpet…

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olivia wilde hits the red carpet one week after giving birth 02
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olivia wilde hits the red carpet one week after giving birth 04
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  • Trey

    Actually 10 days, since their child was born on April 20th. Still she looking amazing.

  • LaCroix

    really? so it’s more important to attend a red carpet then being home with your baby that isn’t even 30 days old? such a great mom.

  • Dana

    @LaCroix: She wasn’t due until May 4 so she might have confirmed her attendance assuming she’d still be pregnant. In any case, going out for a few hours does not make you a bad mom, and she and Jason have been spotted out with him several times. She looks awesome, by the way.

  • Jordy

    @LaCroix: Moms do have lives. Lots of parents go out of the house without their child, even a week after being born. She’s not out clubbing. A lot of these actors do the red carpet and then leave. You don’t know if she did the same or not. She may have been away two hours tops. It’s really not a big deal.

  • whatever

    @LaCroix: People shaming women, mothers especially, has got to stop. You don’t know this woman or what she did all day prior to going out. She’s allowed to be a mother AND have a life without being labelled a bad mom. After carrying a child for 9 months and then going through labour, I’d say all new mothers deserves a night out without being guilt tripped by a complete stranger.

  • Kelly

    @whatever: Right? And what’s funny is there are pictures FROM TODAY of Olivia and Jason out on a stroll with their son. This idea that moms are supposed to stay inside for a month is ridiculous. My daughter was 13 days old when I went to my best friend’s wedding. We left after the ceremony was over and were gone no more than two and a half hours with our daughter in the capable hands of her grandparents. Are we bad parents? I certainly don’t think so.

  • Jean

    OOooh! I saw her and Jason on the L Train today in those outfits! They must have been on their way there. They are both RIDICULOUSLY attractive in person. I couldn’t stop staring!

  • kelli

    she looks quite tired in her face/eyes. perhaps rushing it a bit to show off??

  • Lila

    IDK 10 day old babies eat like every 2 hrs. IMO she shouldn’t leave her baby to attend a red carpet. It’s not even one of the top award ceremonies.

  • : /

    Olivia Wilde still looks more like a man than a woman and there are a lot of people who say she is beautiful it seems nowadays anything is called beautiful : / with face i understand why she got that unattractive man

  • Jean

    @: /: Troll much?

  • Caycee

    @Lila: That doesn’t mean you can’t go out. That’s what breast pumps and bottles are for. It’s not like the baby doesn’t eat when she’s out.

  • Boring

    i guess she is going to use her baby to promote herself i mean she used her divorce, her vagina, her sex life, woman rights, her pregnancy boobs and now her baby (diapers, bottles and how difficult is to be a mom and so on) and after that the sex life of her teenage son and after that what ?

  • Thomas

    I never understood why many people hate her so pasionatly. She seems to be a nice, funny, down to earth woman, who is a pleasure to look at.

    She looks fantastic (especially since she gave birth just a couple of days ago) and I really like the picture where she smiling with the great Gloria Steinem.

  • cool

    All these comments trying to say whats best for her and her baby lmao to the baby eating every 2 hours well some eat every 4 hours and even if it is every 2 hours there is such a thing as expressing milk and the babysitter bottle feeding the baby or formula if she isn’t breastfeeding, also every mother should get out of the house and have a wee break its great for a mother to have a few hours away from there baby its not like the babys 1 day old. of course she looks tired aswell.

  • Sweetness

    I don’t have an issue whether she opts to walk a red carpet soon as giving birth.. I just wonder if it was a healthy choice for her to do so because she looks tired. Women aren’t restricted to the stay at home for a month rule. It does not make a woman a bad parent to go out under a month but women forget that they need to recoup and heal and get their energy up after giving birth. A body goes through changes for 9 months why rush to resume life at a fast pace so soon after.

  • Thomas


    Tired? She looks absolutely fine to me. And I don’t think taling part of an event is “rush to resume life at a fast pace so soon”. Celebrating Gloria Steinem isn’t exactly equals heavy partying at a club.

  • James

    She prooved she has absolutely nothing in hear head. Fool. Having a baby is greatest sacrifice in our lifes. If you’re not prepared to give your life up for another you shouldn’t have a baby. This modern time is twisted but our only purpose is have a kids and raise them not to go to the parties.

  • Patrick

    @James: I hope you’re trolling. If you truly believe that a mom can’t go out for a few hours without her baby and that she supposed to give up her entire for said baby then we must still be living in the 1950s. What a ridiculous comment you made. I’m a guy and I think that’s ridiculous; that ought to tell you something.

  • Casey

    All these comments about it being shameful for HER to be away from the child for a couple hours, but NOTHING on him?Otis is his kid too. She clearly expresses milk or she’d not have a breast pump. Do you think she’s just left him in a crib alone ffs? please, shes likely got a nanny and a sitter and everything else. I don’t like the women, no doubt she’ll be using her new motherhood to continue to preach on high about what someon should do, she’ll be insufferable, but shaming her for going out, you’re all disgusting and should be ashamed

  • Portia

    At 10 days old babies need that contact with their mothers when they’re breastfed. A nanny feeding them from a bottle it’s not the same. I’m not trying to shame anybody here. It’s just an opinion. I would never leave my newborn baby with a nanny unless it’s an emergency, but that’s me. Maybe that’s why I’m a regular person. I don’t have an ambition to be seen and be famous.

  • Someone

    what i like about olivia wilde is that she is an ambitious woman, just think carefully olivia´s face and legs never were more beautiful than jennifer morrison and odette anable´s , but she was called the sexiest female doctor on house, megan fox is by far hotter than olivia wilde, but now she is left off magazine lists and olivia wilde is on those lists year after year (even the beautiful bar rafeali was left off from the last askmen list) because she is the kind of celeb who is capable of doing and saying anything in order to be the center of attention, so olivia always has something new for her fans in ordent they dont get bored, even she was capable of getting pregnant olivia is overrated and depends on her popularity to be a ” a successful actress “

  • mrs me

    I agree 100% with the above comments that it is shameful for her to leave her 10 day old baby! people are so into this don’t judge mothers bit these days. Well I do judge because there is right and wrong. It is wrong to leave your young babies and children. A newborn wants nothing more then to close to his mother 24/7 and be fed nourishing breast milk from the breast, not a bottle! Olivia seems smart and down to earth but I guess I misJUDGED her. As the commenter above said- she’s got nothing in her head!