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James Franco Shows More Skin Than Ever on Instagram

James Franco Shows More Skin Than Ever on Instagram

James Franco puts his hands into his boxers and pulls them down a bit in this new racy photo that he posted on Instagram.

The 36-year-old actor is no stranger to posting shirtless selfies on social media and you can see a bunch of old ones in the gallery below!

James recently talked about his Instagram scandal, in which it appeared he tried to initiate a hookup with a 17-year-old girl.

“Here’s the thing … the way that the news wants to do it, because the way flashy headlines [are] … they make it like, I’m perusing young woman,” James said on Howard Stern‘s radio show. “I’m not going to high schools looking for dates. I’m leaving my work and they’re coming there,” he explained. “I’m seeing attractive women. And look, my fan base is like, you know, 17-year-old to 30-year old women — that’s my biggest fan base.”

“I was a gentleman, I said, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?,’ and her response was, ‘Not when you’re around,’” James elaborated. “So that to me sounds like, OK, she’s interested. Here’s what I’ll say in her defense — I don’t think she posted it knowing what was gonna happen. I was like anybody, just trying to meet somebody. It’s just that my dirty s**t gets put out internationally.”

10+ pictures inside of James Franco going shirtless on Instagram…

Just Jared on Facebook
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 01
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 02
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 03
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 04
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 05
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 06
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 07
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 08
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 09
james franco shows more skin than ever on instagram 10

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  • Mara


  • Ava

    WTF is wrong with this guy, he’s getting weirder everyday.. Dude enough with the creepy selfies.

  • poopypumpkin

    This is hilarious. I laughed out loud when I saw this. He is a bit sexy, but it seems like a character clash, since when does he post these kinds of pics? Is he doing this as a hoax, social experiment, comment on society? I’m still a fan :)

  • blondie12

    It is a little unexpected, but we all know him to be a little different!! I am a huge fan of his, and honestly, I am loving this side of him ;) haha

  • siriusgray

    He’s showing more skin but this is undoubtedly the grossest he’s ever looked. Seems like he’s finally gone off the deep end.

  • Yoga

    He needs a shave, a wax, a work out program, and a long, intensive shower. Sleep and dietary change wouln’t hurt etiehr.

  • LOL

    A few more dinners and he’ll have a nice pair of moobs.

  • Légion

    GROSS GROSS GROSS!!! him and any artists who post thoses kind of selfies are beyond gross desperate and in need of therapy. i will enjoy their music – tv show – movies and whaterver they are doing as a working artist but this type of behaviour…..well thank god for internet and download cuz i ain’t spending 1cent in thoses types of humans

  • Xoxo


  • shanghai

    WAS a fan but sorry he is not young, fit or sexy anymore. Needs to workout a lot or just put it away because he does not look good.

  • essie

    Maybe he wasn’t loved enough as a child..

  • Guest

    He looks gross. What a internet perv

  • miam

    Egomaniac fashion designer Marc Jacobs told James to make that picture. He controls and pressures many celebrities. He has great influence on Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and more. Jacobs is a behind the scene puppet master. Read the truth at: styleangelique blogspot ca

  • Taking-A-Break

    Next we’ll be reading about him being admitted into some kind of rehab. Seriously, where else can he go at this point? If nothing else, the rest of us will have to be sent to rehab to recover from his antics.

  • Barbara

    Really James, you are not that hot looking…

  • :@

    so very, very unattractive.

  • adambrodyrocks

    He is doing all this for his next film with Emma Roberts, he is a genius publicity creator for his art

  • oh please

    James, what about to make a good movie instead of all these stupid things to get attention?

    We know you are a pretty good actor

  • Amy


    I think he’s having some kind of a mental breakdown. It’s either that or drugs.

  • roll eyes

    @adambrodyrocks: Yeah right

  • UGH!!!

    He’s a pervert and nobody with the least bit self respect goes on the vile Howard Stern show.

  • stephanie

    ewwww fat!

  • xoxo


  • Maggie

    People who say stuff like ‘he’s fat’, ‘he’s got moobs’ are either stupid, blind or just jealous. He is NOT fit now, he’s an average person, but still better looking than most of you haters. He’s a great actor and a weirdo, that’s why true fans love him.

  • bbm

    we are seeing his ***k in 3, 2, 1………

  • Andy

    Take a look at this it’s insane

  • Wurry

    It’s difficult to actually read what he is saying. He basically needs his “partner” to be a fan and worshipping him. Probably impotent in an equal match or relationship.

  • B

    @Amy: Im betting on drugs tho´

  • olive

    sleazy perv

  • claudia

    after the no kids policy can we please pass a no franco policy please?

  • Jason

    @shanghai: If the SAME thing was said about a woman, that she’s not fit and needs to work out, y’all would lose your $h!t over it! Double standards go both ways, accept it.

  • Object

    He’s just doing what many insecure 16 year old girls do everyday all around the world: post half naked selfies of themselves on the internet for other people’s attention and approval. Haha…he thinks he’s Rihanna. Seriously tho he doesn’t look bad, just wish he would give us a little smile.

  • Missy

    He looks cute in the one the cup. But overall I have no clue what is going on with him at the moment.

  • GFW

    Maybe he’s just makin’ fun of everyone who does this by showing them how it looks even by a sort of famous kind of good actor and not bad director guy?
    Then again he could just have too much time on his hands and is a tad bored? Kids get bored, adults do not. We have no time for it!
    James, playtime is over kid… get busy livin’ as this isn’t a test run, and there are no do-overs. You’re creepin’ into 40 now. You’ve talent so please place your focus there… find a purpose. What gets to you? Start there. This world needs you, do something (cough) other than this. It’s run its course wouldn’t ya say?

  • james

    I understand but just save on your own phone.
    don’t upload on your instagram to get many likes…

  • lol

    he’s f**king awkward

  • Susan

    Vanessa Hudgens has to apologize when her leaked photos hit the net… and he does this publicly on the daily and gets press from all these outlets… on the daily? I think we deserve an apology from Franco…

  • Diedre

    What is wrong with this guy? I can’t tell you one movie he’s been in, but I can guarantee that I’ll see some idiotic half naked picture of him on a regular basis.
    Get help, dude.

  • Casey

    lol I’m sure this wanker’s a Kardashian; he’s all class too.

  • Arrow 12

    Chester the Molester…Gross

  • jen

    this is really just wrong. seriously, he is showing way too much to people not intimately involved with him. he is obviously troubled in some way and attention-seeking, but in the wrong ways. it doesn’t seem likely he’s all innocent of chasing young girls when he is posting garbage like this about himself. not sure what his deal is, or why h thinks he’s such a big deal. this is just wrong. really stupid guy; you can be technically smart but morally stupid, which he appears to be

  • nico

    Geez he reminds me of my uncle Guido uuug. ( and he’s 60). And who ever told him he was good looking or can act ? He is a moron He is the most over rated person in Hollywood.
    How desperate have times become when James Franco is still considered relevant?
    His porn star brother is probably more relevant.
    And he wont even admit that he got it on with La-Lohan-
    The only role he everplayed where he did half way decent in was ‘Spiderman’ – and we know he had to eat a lot of Lollies to get that cheap part.
    Hollywood gave you your chance and now it’s too late – give it up-

  • Jessie

    Something is seriously wrong with this guy. If he has any real friends they need to get him help because he’s going off the rails. I’m thinking picking trying to hook up with a minor is just the tip of his problems.

  • spirit7

    Cmon now! He doesnt go trolling high schools looking for girls; he goes to elementary schools!!

  • James

    Franco is very intelligent. What he does has a purpose. These pictures are very similar to all those pictures that Rihanna, Miley and thousands of nobodies post every day on their accounts. But there’s a double standard. Girls are OK, boys aren’t? Same picture of Miley is cute but Franco’s pictures is disgusting? Who’s wrong in here?

  • Arrow 12

    @James: I totally disagree with you. Rihanna and Miley are just as disgusting as James. Most decent human beings would never put themselves out there like that. He’s not intelligent he is ignorant just like all the rest…

  • Kiki

    James Franco, just go away. Your acting sucks and you are nothing but a talentless hack. And your ego, use to to be arrogant but now you are just silly and pathetic. So please save yourself from embarrassment and just go away.

  • GFW

    That it’s about as narcissistic and a total waste of time for all who do it (men & women)?

  • GFW

    I agree. Next up is the blurred ball covering, no pun intended, his pipe and sockets.

  • Victoria

    Used to be very fond of this man… RIP brilliant and attractive renaissance man :’(