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Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling is Battling Cancer

Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling is Battling Cancer

Donald Sterling is reportedly battling cancer and he has lived longer than doctors predicted, according to The New York Post.

“They thought he would die two years ago,” one source who works closely with pro sports teams said. “People have been predicting his imminent demise. I’m sure he has the best… drugs money can buy. He can do anything to keep himself alive.”

Another source said that Donald is suffering from prostate cancer. It happens to be the same cancer that he refused to help Clippers assistant coach Kim Hughes treat via surgery nearly a decade ago.

Earlier this week, Donald was banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million for racist remarks he made that were then published by TMZ.

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  • Ivvie

    That’s why I don’t fu#k with Karma she always comes back to bite you in the ass and in this case the prostate.

  • Tyla


  • karma

    It happens to be the same cancer that he refused to help Clippers assistant coach Kim Hughes treat via surgery nearly a decade ago.

  • Jocelyn

    Yeah right, he’s banned from the NBA for racist remarks and all of a sudden he’s dying. Just saying. How convenient.

  • K

    What he said is racist but the woman who exposed a private conversation to the public is wrong too.

  • HotMessInAWalmartDress

    @K: See, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Yes the remarks were racist, VERY Racist. but if anyone has listened to it. He’s telling her he didn’t want her taking photos with other player. Yes he made it a racist thing but maybe he was a little territorial. Maybe he did trust her being around young attractive playboys. because he loved her and was older then dirt. Remember she was half black and he didn’t mind being around her!!! she pushed his buttons and got him to record 100 tapes. She’s been plotting this for a long time. She now going to make the same paycheck as kobe Bryant. He’s NO saint and im sure this is karma. but that women ONLY wanted his money shes not stupid she’s a high class GOLD DIGGER!!!!! I bet he thought she LOVED him lol.

  • IDontCare

    Karma is a B*tch and the woman who exposed the tape is a hoe and she is no better than him cause to sleep with a bigot makes you a bigot cause the money stopped flowing thats why she leaked the tape..she will get her karma in due course cause GOD DONT LIKE UGLY

  • olive

    stop trying to bring pity on him, that ain’t gonna happen

  • lol

    You act as if Karma is a timely payback, like interest on an investment. NOPE. WRONG. It is the natural settling of energy that is out of balance over time, many times in ways that are not obvious to outside observation. You mostly do it to yourselves as you are put back into your place.
    Those that are so angry at him are the same one’s who have much to be ashamed of and much to hide. Over-the-top anger is you begging for your own SMACKDOWN…(besides being pathetic media led sheep)

  • couchtime?

    If karma was being handed out in this manner I’m guessing that most of you hypocrites would have been wiped out yesterday. LOL

  • he bees rayciss

    Bought the team for 12 million.
    Has been offered as much as 600 million
    Turned all offers down
    Racist remarks made in private
    250lb. Vulture named Oprah circling
    Didn’t know something that big could get off the ground
    Class envy?
    Race envy?
    you bet

  • jen

    I think this is just a ploy for sympathy and not actually anything he has. Smells of a lie.

  • KBB

    The amount of people defending a racist! I do not agree with tapping someone’s private conversations (what’s privacy anymore) but at the same time if you’re dating someone that is half black why make race an issue? Why would you need to express yourself in that way? Apparently he’s been making these types of remarks for years as have so many others……

  • Xoxo

    Is it stage 4?
    Cuz he does not belong on this beautiful earth

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @HotMessInAWalMartDress – I agree with everything you said. Sterling had no problem being seen with her (she sat next to him front row seats). I took it as he was jealous and was probably afraid she would “upgrade” by get a younger rich man. She was still wrong for recording him, and Sterling is still racist who doesn’t mind “trickin” on a half black half hispanic women (oh the irony in that). Hopefully Sterling isn’t lying about having cancer just to gain sympathy from the public because having cancer isn’t anything to lie about or play around with.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @#11 – I agree with you. Oprah is a vulture. When she said Sterling has a “plantation mentality”, I said to myself “Hello kettle meet pot” because she has that “plantation mentality” also.

  • offtheproperty

    Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, equality under the law, in short the most freedom any people have ever known in human history, that was not good enough for most of these foolish posters on JJ.
    You prefer mob rule.
    You’re the mob.
    The ugly mob.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @offtheproperty: You make no sense. How is commenting on this Sterling story considered “mob mentality”? Most people heard the recordings, and each individual has formed an opinion based on that piece of evidence. I don’t partake in mobs or mob mentality because I stand on my own and don’t need the acceptance and approval of others BUT I can agree with what a poster comments on especially if it was exactly what I was thinking. This wouldn’t be considered “mob mentality” so please explain your stance. You can’t make a statement like that and not explain your viewpoint.

  • offtheproperty

    @celestialacademician: There is no law against expressing one’s views about his personal relationships to an acquaintance or “GF” in a phone conversation, yet this man is being sanctioned severely by the decision of one administrative coward fearing public opinion and a slave revolt by players (that’s how Jesse Jackson and other black leaders have described multi-millionaire athletes — as “slaves.”) In fact, we are fortunate to live in the freest country in the world when it comes to expression and conscience. In most brutal African tyrannies people are beaten publicly and jailed without recourse for speaking against the government. This guy was simply having an argument/conversation with his girlfriend about who he wanted her playing around with. Magic Johnson’s a piece of crap, anyway.
    And TMZ releases the tape and the entire cowardly country falls into lockstep to decree en masse that he can’t say those things — not at least and keep everything he’s worked for for 50 years!
    The two have nothing to do with each other.
    And this only begins to scratch the surface of the hypocrisy and expedient nature of this highway robbery of the rightful earned life’s work and property of an American citizen. The black conspirators like Oprah and Magic are circling above waiting to pick the bones of the carcass of Donald Sterling.
    Oprah and Magic have never uttered a word that could be called racist?

  • offtheproperty

    @celestialacademician: Oh, I forgot you think ONLY white people can be “racists,” by which biased way of thinking you effectively admit to holding precisely the same prejudiced views you so vehemently accuse others of. Because we all have to sympathize with blacks and forgive them when they have “racist” views against us — if they blame white people for their problems as individuals and as a race instead of taking responsibility for themselves, becauseā€¦ because, why?
    Because you feel sorry for them? Because you see them as so pitiable?

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @offtheproperty: You are right. There is no law against expressing one’s views about your personal relationships with a friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Sterling is being “punished” for the outrageous things he was publicly caught saying. I’m not naive. I do believe this “punishment” is more about protecting images and reputations instead of Sterlings racists views. They knew how Sterling was. Those comments of his were no surprise to them, but to say the players can’t revolt against Sterlings comments is absurd to me.

    Sterling IS NOT their slave master. Those players ARE NOT his slaves. These athletes are being paid generously because they have a talent/skill. Sterling DOES NOT own them. These men do have contracts and with the money THEY MAKE from their hard work, they buy THEIR OWN SELVES (with their own money) houses, cars, clothes, food, etc. Their hard work allows Sterling to also live quite luxuriously btw. He bought the LA Clippers for $12.7 million and now the team is worth (according to news sources) $575 million. Sterling isn’t the one out on the court busting his a$$ at each game nor is he working hard at all of those practices or in those intense workout sessions.

    The girlfriend was wrong for recording him in the first place, but clearly she has ulterior motives. It’s not that the entire “cowardly” country is becoming a mob and falling in line. Most people simply disagree with Sterling’s way of thinking. Everyone isn’t racist, but you seem to think Sterling being publicly caught saying racist things should not affect his livelihood. The majority of the NBA players are African American. Sterling taking a hit in his pocket isn’t highway robbery. It’s Business 101. This same thing would happen to any business owner who gets caught (publicly) saying or doing something bad/wrong. The owner is going to take a hit to their wallet (profit).

    No, I don’t ONLY think white people can be racists. You are putting words in my mouth. I know that black people can be racists against whites. I’ve heard it and seen it for myself. I just don’t get where you see (in my comments above) me being biased or having prejudiced views. I was going by the evidence (tape recording and the 2009 discrimination lawsuit filed against the Sterlings) to form my opinion. You don’t have to sympathize with black people (or forgive them) when they have racist views against whites. I don’t agree with that either. I also see Oprah as a vulture and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as opportunists who prey off of the vulnurable and pounce on situations like this Sterling one to stay relevant and line their pockets.

    Also, people of ALL races blame others for their problems and refuse to take responsibility for the choices they’ve made in their lives (not just black people). So what point were you trying to make with that statement? I do believe you can feel empathy and compassion for those who are suffering and struggling. This would mean you have a heart. Life is hard for everyone sometimes. Life doesn’t care about an individual’s class or race.