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V. Stiviano Loves Donald Sterling 'Like a Father Figure,' Thinks He Should Apologize

V. Stiviano Loves Donald Sterling 'Like a Father Figure,' Thinks He Should Apologize

V. Stiviano sits down for her first interview since her conversation with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, in which he said some racist remarks, was leaked to the press.

She was asked if she thinks he should apologize for his remarks and she responded, “Yes. Absolutely.”

“I think he’s highly more traumatized and hurt by the things that he said himself,” she added. “I think he can’t even believe or understand sometimes the thing he says, and I think he’s hurt by it. He’s hurting right now.”

V. said that she does not have romantic relationship with Donald and only loves him “like a father figure.”

“I think Mr. Sterling is from a different generation than I am. I think he was brought up to believe these things … segregation, whites and blacks,” she said. “But through his actions he’s shown that he’s not a racist. He’s shown to be a very generous and kind man.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of V. Stiviano’s interview with Barbara Walters?

Barbara Walters Interviews V. Stiviano in ABC News Exclusive
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  • Xoxo

    Well it’s called sugar daddy……
    So he’s like a father to her, pays your bills,
    Supports and advices you…tells you who you
    should hang out with….yells at you

  • Sarah

    What an attention whore. She OBVIOUSLY set him up. Not to defend him, but this bitch is trying to act all innocent and take the moral high ground even though she knew EXACTLY what was going on….

  • Gees

    She is ****gross & a Gold digger. Exposed a private conversion to the public & acting like she is all innocent. What’s up with her face???

  • Le

    Hahahahhaha… that´s just funny.

  • Annie

    Looks like a transvestite.

  • ugh

    2 ugly people that belong together

    a bigot and a gold digger/fame h*

    disgusting POS

    karma is coming….

    she is part black / latino, knew he was a creep, but took his $ anyway

    woman has no conscious just like her sugar daddy

  • vocals

    To me, she is a mexican/filipino mix, not black at all.
    Her voice is totally a blend of mexican and asian, there is no black in her vocals at all.
    So i can see why sterling was confused. She doesn’t come across as black. And she is a master of disguise changing her look all the time. There is only one pic in which she looks black and in that pic she looks very very sophisticated but the looks from that pic and the vocals of who she actually is don’t match….Her real culture is mexican or asian and not black. She just wants to be accepted by the blacks, but she doesn’t understand that her vocals don’t match or fit in with black vocals and she can’t change it or modulate it. She is stuck with her vocals.

  • Shoegal421

    Vocals, I don’t understand how you can tell someone’s ethnicity through vocals. Maybe you can guess where someone is from by dialect or accent but vocal chords ? Your statement seems racist.

  • vocals

    listen to black people’s voices and then listen to mexican and asian people’s voices. they are distinctly different as a group
    you sound like a black person who is offended that i can profile people by their voice.

    get off your high horse
    you’re not going to win this argument. you’re either playing dumb because you are a trolling black racist race baiter or you are ignorant and not a very good listener. or maybe you don’t have enough races living in your area to know the difference. you don’t have the ear for it.
    do you not know the difference between a black singer and a white singer? are you deaf maybe?

  • oh the hypocrisy

    i guess it is racist on the blacks part to think and act like only blacks are entitled to be the object of racism
    *big laugh
    *rolls eyes

  • Gary Zimmer

    Curious to know if the players in the NBA, some of whom make racist statements on a daily basis, will be held to the same standard as Sterling, and banned permanently from the league when these statements are made public.

    I am not a defender of anyone making racist statements. I fully support the permanent ban of anyone guilty of making ‘Sterling like’ statements…owner, player, white or black…..

  • Vocals shhh

    Vocals, you sound real ignorant. And you r making things up–there is absolutely no scientific basis for what you are saying.
    You can tell a person’s genetic makeup from their vocals, and if you Ickes up a book and educated yourself, you’d know that singing has no accent. Have you ever heard an American sing and a British/English person sing, they all sound the same.

    This level of ignorance is beyond, I just CANT!!!

    I know her, she is Mexican and black. Her mom has like 10kids by like 4 men, out of all of them, she’s the only one whose dad is black.

  • Gary zimmer(man)

    Who made statements? And what were the statements? If there’s video of them making statements and it becomes public, then the NBA will discipline–they fine and suspend players for acting out and making hard fouls ALL the time.

    But back to my earlier question, who made what statements exactly??

  • Gary Zimmer

    You’re actually questioning that there are racist remarks made by NBA player?

    And I’m not saying anything about fines for acting out…I’m asking if players guilty of making racist statements that are recorded and definitive…will be banned for life from the NBA?

    Going after a fan in the stands physically when you dwarf that fan in size has the potential of serious injury….and is certainly equivalent to racist comments….should that player be banned for life? I am not a Sterling fan nor a fan of racists…but I am a fan of equal standards…..players should be held to the same standards as owners…if there is a variance regarding standards….the variance should be in favor of the owners because their conduct physically or verbally…is not emulated by countless young people……

  • Diedre

    Why is this opportunistic, embezzling wh*re being given any attention? Sterling is a racist POS, but his b!tch is no better.
    This is exactly what is wrong with our country. Loser fame ho’s like this are given a platform for their self promotion and the ignorant eat it up like candy.

  • xyzc


  • xyzc


  • xyzc



  • ok…

    I don’t believe this person was born female. I wonder if Sterling paid for the transgender surgery.

  • jon m’shulla

    She needs to come clean about the involvement of Charles Latibeaudiere from TMZ….how he got the story and recording. And also the involvement of Magic Johnson. Did they set up this plot etc…

    Perhaps they should be banned from the NBA as well. NBA take note.

  • vocals

    those don’t sound the same to me and you selected all white singers as your comparison. there is a different sound to black singers vs white singers. you denying it is stupid because everyone can tell this difference. i’m not the only one. like i said before, she is mexican and asian. not black. why don’t you go ask black singers about this. ask them if they can tell if someone is black or white from their singing voice?

  • tmz is jewish

    tmz is jewish owned and is a tool of the jews in hollywood
    probably donald or his wife who are both jews gave it to tmz to smear her
    tmz never smears jews, they only smear other races who aren’t jewish and who the jews want to punish and smear
    barbara walters is also jewish

  • Bubble

    She’s half mexican-half black, her original face can be seen here :

  • fran

    @#22 – You can make all the snide comments about “jews” you want, but the fact that anyone in this episode is jewish has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

  • to fran the jew who is racist

    The jews would feel threatened by the remarks of sterling, who is a jew, because of what he said about black jews vs white jews in israel
    He wasn’t being racist when he said it; he was exposing the white jews on their racism, not just towards black jews but towards anyone who isn’t jewish. Period. And that is the reason why silver, who is a jew, banned him for life.

    Getting bullied by the black league is only the stick to make silver comply, because he’d prefer to let him get away with it, if only sterling hadn’t mentioned that dirty little jewish secret.
    The blacks have a right to feel outraged to some degree and i find it all very interesting because we are observing jewish racism and black racism challenging each other.

  • jews are racist

    fran, it has everything to do with it

    jew racism vs black racism
    jews are racist to everyone who isn’t a jew
    those are the whites who are racist. jews are the ones who are discriminating in job employment and hiring decisions such as major networks and media, law firms, healthcare doctors, insurance companies, even federal government jobs, jews are playing favorites with jews, and everyone else is slave driven by them. when someone says elite people should understand it means jewish. i don’t think they are elites. i think they are selfish stingy wealthy racist warmongers
    what doesn’t the media want you to know? that they are all jews

  • fran is a jew

    fran is a jewish name
    fran is a jew

  • Andrew

    She looks and sounds like an uneducated stupid TRANNY half breed ghetto HOE! As awful as her voice sounds she still speaks better than your typical PuertoRican! Like Rosie Perez.