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Kate Bosworth & Husband Michael Polish Go for a Romantic Central Park Stroll

Kate Bosworth & Husband Michael Polish Go for a Romantic Central Park Stroll

Kate Bosworth and her husband Michael Polish go for a romantic stroll through Central Park on Friday afternoon (May 2) in New York City.

The married couple watched people playing with toy sail boats at the Conservatory Water area of the park.

Kate and Michael are in town to attend the 2014 Met Ball this coming Monday and they most likely will be attending some pre-parties throughout the weekend.

Kate even wore three different dresses the day before while making her way around town. Make sure to check them all out and let us know which was your favorite!

FYI: Kate is wearing a Cheyann Benedict jacket, a Raquel Allegra top, a Rodarte boots, Anna Sheffield rings, and Ray Ban sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish having a romantic stroll…

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kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 01
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 02
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 03
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 04
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 05
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 06
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 07
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 08
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 09
kate bosworth michael polish central park stroll 10

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Hope

    Maybe Kate and Gwyneth can hang out together after the Met Ball and catch up. I am sure they have a lot to talk about.

  • James

    How pathetic are they? They called paps for a stroll? Both of them need a psychiatrist.

  • essie

    wow someone give them a sandwich or 12

  • leah

    thank you PR

  • ladybug

    @Hope: Sadly, Gwyneth will not be attending this year’s Met Ball.

    When Kate was filming in NYC in March I think she wasn’t papped off set at all. And now, in the last couple of days, she’s been papped several times. I’m sure the paps just happened to catch her every time she left her hotel and when she and MP happened to be engaging in ‘casual’ stroll. And that we know the brands of everything she’s wearing in these shots.

    I liked the red dress she had on Thursday, not sure about the plum one though, not really a good look for her. And kudos to her hair stylist for making it look as though she actually has a lot of hair.

  • Ewww

    He looks like shit , who just strolled out of bed with out having a good scrub with soap and water and GET A JOB MOLISH …

    As for Kate EFFIN GO AWAY you scrawny little pigeon toed twig

  • ladybug

    @Ewww: He’s got a job! No, really! Apparently in front of the camera this time:

    Ronen Rubinstein (It Felt Like Love) and Disney stars Grace Phipps (Teen Beach Movie) and Sierra McCormick (A.N.T. Farm) will lead the cast of indie horror Some Kind Of Hate, from first-time helmer Adam Egypt Mortimer. Michael Polish (Big Sur), Noah Segan (Looper), Lexi Atkins (Zombeavers), Spencer Breslin (The Happening), Maestro Harrell (Suburgatory), sierramccormickJasper Polish (The Astronaut Farmer),..

  • Twinkle

    Are we even sure she’s an actress? Seems like she gets more press for attending parties than for acting. Stupid companies pay her to be their party girl.

    Seems like there is this whole new class of celebrity/actresses, the B-minus list, that get more work and attention for their event hopping and social media presence than for any actual acting work or acting talent. Instead of focusing on taking acting lessons and improving their “talent” they go for the easy money of just preening for the cameras. Why doesn’t JustJared stop posting about these minimally talented girls and focus on real stars?

  • pretty kitty

    oh he wants to be a staaahhhhh! color me surprised! not!
    no wonder he was oh so happy to partner up with a fame wh*re like kate.
    it takes 2 to make a pap shot sell amiright?

  • Well

    Let´s not forget she just did two movies – Somnia and Still Alice. How did she get those then? I´m not a huge fan, but think about it. Obviously she could not have gotten them by being totally irrelevant or without talent (I don´t buy that an agent has unlimited strings to pull). WWWH, Homefront and Big Sur clearly display her efforts better. Seems like she´s working harder now with acting, than a few years ago. Probably with reason to. I am inclined to believe she decided to explore the fashion world, like Jewelmint and Topshop, because she wasn’t getting the movie offers she wanted, and decided to wait while keeping busy with other things. However, the fashion thing have probably backfired and made her seem less interested in acting and now she´s working to get back.

    Still Alice seems like a pretty good deal to land, even more for her probably, since she´s a huge Cate Blanchett admire (probably why she wanted to work with SK-II as well) and probably saw similarities in this movie to her work. Right now she is more known for SK-II and Topshop, but that also means she needs to own that role in SA, and not just be average. That´s probably her chance.

  • WHCD

    Where are the pics of Kate & Mike from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Surely she got an invitation.

  • ladybug

    @Twinkle: She’s still more of a mocktress than an actress:

    @pretty kitty: well, he’s acted before, he and his twin were the leads in their movie Twin Falls. But this role just seems like a supporting role. As is Jasper’s.

    @Well: she has been working more now than since 2011. They’re not leads, but they’ve got better potential than the ones she did then. I don’t think she’s that great of actress, but she’s not horrible.
    Perhaps for Homefront, for which she got pretty good reviews, she finally put some effort into it and it paid off. Both SA and Somnia are supporting, but perhaps that’s what she should be looking for, supporting roles in indies.
    As for SK-II, her ad campaign doesn’t run in the US, as far as I know, so she’s not that known for it here. Topshop, maybe, but her contract was apparently only for a year, and while it wasn’t a flop, I don’t think it really got her noticed outside her niche.

    @WHCD: I don’t think she’s ever gone to the dinner. It’s usually the same weekend as the Met Gala and the Met is her thing, being the fashionista that she is.

  • SomethingsWrong

    dear ladybug why aren’t you hounding the askars thread …i mean that is what robinbaum/askars pays you and cafelady for isn’t it?

  • WhatsUpDoc

    what the hell is going on with her these past 18 or so months?
    she looks a shell of her former happy self …i would not even recognize her if it where not for the headline reading her name.

    i wonder is she on some kind of self destroying medication or other kind of drug…because i dont think the extreme dieting she did for Home Front would cause anyone to be this far from they’re original selves .
    or is she just really sick with some illness we know nothing of?

    alexskarsgard or someone else must have given her some really nasty ‘advice’ out of some kind of evil sick revenge in wanting to see her destroy herself….and destroy herself she has done.


  • Illness


    Why would any of her exes want to do her any harm they have left her and moved on. If anyone is hurting themself it ‘s her causing herself harm. But what about him he has married to her she is suppose to be so happy and in love Right that what she keeps telling anyone that will print it or will listen but instead she looks sickly and very fragile. If you are going to blame anyone for how she looks now it goes to the two people in this post pictures. Her and him no one else so leave her exes out of your blame game.

  • WhatsUpDoc

    @twinkle i case you haven’t already noticed people in Hollywood get vast amounts for a lot worse than modeling being spokespersons attending party’s etc .
    some or many have fake ass ‘relationships’ with there co-stars on the behest of the movie makers and with the encouragement of they’re agents i will not going into naming them (the list is to long) but just look at the celeb couples in big budget movies.
    i think one of the worst mistakes she did of the last few years is the pretend coupling with alexskarsgard….HUGE waste of time for them both.

  • WhatsUpDoc

    @illness …yes you are right it is her and those around her BUT also those that pester her….and one of those people is from her distant past ,or so i have heard.

    but saying all that if at any point she has taken up the bad ‘advice’ of anyone and has followed thru with it than yes that is her own choice and she is (almost) entirely to blame for listening to bad people.

    i do wonder if her husband and parents ever cared to take her to the side with a few words of wisdom about how she’s treating her body & health ..or maybe they have given up on and let her go her own way.
    who knows

  • ladybug

    @WhatsUpDoc:”yes you are right it is her and those around her BUT also those that pester her….and one of those people is from her distant past ,or so i have heard. ”

    Sure you have heard.

    As for her weight, she’s probably not truly anorexic. But even if she were, and it was noted to her by those close to her, she still is the one who has to make the decision to not follow the dictates of HW/Fashion in terms of weight.
    And she didn’t have to extreme diet for Homefront, because she was/is so tiny to begin with it probably wasn’t more than a few pounds lost to play the role.
    This weight issue isn’t new, she’s been underweight for most of the last 8 years, since summer of 2006.

  • BadMoonRising

    …”Some people are just bad for each” alexskarsgard quote interview 2013 i wonder if he (as) was secretly talking about these two.

    …and by the looks of it these they kb-mp are certainly doing each other no good no matter all they’re declarations of undying love….
    love kills more women than any accidents .

  • @ladybug

    @ladybug i disagree she ws not underweight from 2007-2011 i saw straw dogs she was VERY fit and healthy .

    the idea that she has been emaciated since 2006 is just some bullshitt spread around by women who still take issue with her 2006 appearance and those still angered by the fact she got to sleep with orlandobloom
    but if you look at her from 2007 onwards (2011) you will see she is average/slim.

  • Illness


    Yeah she has an history of anorexia and she wouldn’t get help for it no surprise really but I would have thought that this guy would help her a little but he sees to follow her bad leads instead of other way around anyways whatever to them both.

    @20 I highly doubt Alex cares about KB MP to refer to them in interviews he barely spoke about her when dating her if anything he was probably taking about his own failed relationships probably with her that they were bad for each other.

    @18 in her mind she thinks she is a good actor, perfect weight, great marriage and doesn’t have a huge forehand and all accounts she is wrong so many evidence proof that so she wouldn’t seek help because she thinks everything is perfect

  • @illness

    she has explained previously what caused ‘that’ weight loss in 2006 she said it was due to stress and a death within the family..and yes i believe her.
    the only kinds of people who immediately jump to the ‘anorexia’ train of thought are usually those women who are over weight or those who just despise other women and can not abide the idea that anyone can easily lose weight without having forced themselves by purposeful starvation!!! which is just incredibly narrow-minded in my opinion .

    as for your doubt about alex’s comments ..well i highly doubt your doubts i noticed that in a interview in march? 2013 that BritMarling was doing an impersonation of kb!! and alex was there to YES i am may have been the only person to have noticed but i know what i saw… but if he has his women being obsessed with his ‘ex’ than that’s an insanity all of it’s own.

    and as for the rest of what you said ..please tell us why are you so bitter?

  • @ladybug13

    Um, where did you read her character is not the lead in Somnia?

    I’ve read the script, and she’s the only lead, if we don’t count the child actor.

  • Detroit

    @@ladybug13: Why wouldn’t you count the child actor?

  • ladybug

    @@ladybug: We’ve been through this endlessly, if you look at pics from her from 2002, after the she lost the muscle mass from Blue Crush, through 2006, she is naturally slim, and healthy looking. Even after she gained some of the weight back, she never went back to that truly healthy ‘naturally slender’ look.
    Your idea of VERY fit and healthy is apparently very different from most people.

    “she said it was due to stress and a death within the family..and yes i believe her.”

    So do I. But what explains her look now? Look at her chest area in these pics, you can see her chest bones again. Is that stress? She’s actually had acting work, she gets appearance fees, she’s happily married to her soul mate. Where’s the stress?

    “she’s the only lead, if we don’t count the child actor” The fact that you’re not counting the child actor, who is the lead, in order to get her to the actual lead category, tells me something. She’s the adult female lead, but not the lead. I
    I snark on her for not being the lead in these two movies, but really, it’s ok, she doesn’t have to be lead.
    And Flanagan’s Oculus did well, so this is a movie that will get wide release and probably do well.

  • Suze

    Cher isn’t styling her for the Met ball. Interesting.

  • Crazies

    I don’t know why posters have to pick on people for being too fat or too thin. Are any of you the perfect weight? I’m not. Clearly Kate’s a healthy weight for her petite frame. She wouldn’t have such beautiful skin, teeth, hair (her hair looks much healthier now than when it was a bit over processed) if she were malnourished. I’m happy for her that she’s happy in her relationship with someone who seems like a good guy. I think he’s extremely talented (I loved For Lovers Only) as is she. I’d bet she’ll get top billing in Somnia. I’m sure they didn’t get the film financed because of the child actor. Whether some of you like it or not, Kate gets good reviews and she chooses very interesting and diverse roles.

  • Yokahoma

    @Crazies: You are welcome to your opinion as much as anyone else here. I believe that Mike Flanagan’s recent success (“Oculus”) is a huge reason the movie was financed.

  • ladybug

    @Crazies: It didn’t get financed because of her. It got financed because Oculus got good reviews at the Toronto Film Festival. @Yokahoma, the movie wasn’t released until after Somnia filmed.

    As for her hair, it looks fine when it’s professionally styled. Not so much when it’s not professionally styled.

    @Suze: Do you have a link for the info about Cher. I’m not really surprised if it’s true, though, as Cher doesn’t seem to be doing as much stylist work, for anyone, as she has been.

  • Ladybug@

    It could be this link
    Kate Bosworth: styled by Kris Zero

    Cher: Kate Upton, Nicole Richie and Rosie Huntington Whitely

  • Yokahoma

    @ladybug: Wooops, my bad. Thanks for correcting my mistake Ladybug.

  • Hey ladybug

    Do you criticize Lupita Nyong’o because you “can see her chest bones”? Or is that reserved for Kate? Lots of women have boney chestplates. So what?! You must have been shocked Lupita was selected People Magazines most beautiful woman, boney chest and all. I like People Magazine’s selection. And I think Kate is very beautiful.
    Relativity has already stated Somnia will get wide release. They saw the film, albeit a rough cut I’m sure, and bought distribution rights because they liked what they saw.

  • pretty kitty

    if cher isn’t doing much styling work for “ANYONE”
    i guess kate upton, nicole richie, and rhw don’t count as anyone??
    maybe cher got tired of kate’s hysterics??
    what was behind kate/cher’s falling out a few years ago anyway?
    kate pulled some shiz on cher somethingorother??

  • ladybug

    @Hey ladybug: Does KB have a more boney chestplate? Yes. But it’s also an area where you can when she’s been losing weight, since it becomes even more prominent.
    Here’s a pic of her from 2003, at the Wonderland premiere:

    What’s not obvious in this pic? Her chestplate.

    As for Relativity, I’m sure they liked what they saw in Somnia. They also probably liked that Oculus, which they also distributed, was made for 5 million, plus some promotional budget, and did around 26 million box office, which is a nice return. And I’m sure they’re hoping that Somnia does a similar, if not better return. But KB wasn’t the selling point in getting in financed, which is what Crazies was saying.

    @pretty kitty: Cher is still styling, but does seem to be moving toward doing more of the design stuff. She still does the ‘big events’ like the Met, and she was with Kate at the Jimmy Choo’s launch, as well as working with her on her wedding.
    Kris Zero is part of the same group that Cher is.

  • Suze

    @ladybug: Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, yes that’s the article I read. I find it strange that she’s been with Cher the longest & Cher isn’t styling her. It could be nothing & Cher clearly has her hands full styling people tomorrow night.

  • @ladybug13

    Do you know a film called “Mama”?
    The main story is about those 2 children (everything that happens in the movie is because of them), but who do people think is the lead? Well, Jessica Chastain.

    Do you really think there can only be 1 lead in a movie?

    And I know it’s going to be a good movie and a good role for Kate. Just read this review of the screenplay.

  • @suze/#27

    well @suze she often gets styled for these kinds of events by someone other than cher.
    so what what’s the big deal.

  • BreakDownBuildUp

    @ladybug #26 “So do I. But what explains her look now?”
    first im not defending her look now.

    second her body has always been ‘distinctive’ and her chest especially been noticeable since 2006 but i guess that’s just her bodys/bone structure .
    and when she was with alex it was the same she started out fit and lost weight during her time with him ,
    and he lost so much to.
    i ain’t heard one bad words about him though! and no he never fully regained back his muscle though he’s clearly doing much better than her health wise.

  • BreakDownBuildUp

    @crazies #28
    though i agree with you that picking on her (which is what women here always do) is a bad thing ..i also think she is going around telling everyone how great wonderful and amazing everything is right now when her dramatic physical change/appearance says something else entirely ..possibly a serious health problem caused god knows what.

    ” Clearly Kate’s a healthy weight for her petite frame” no she’s not .sorry

    p.s she is ALWAYS hiding behind masses of makeup lately and those huge glasses ..which means she’s very aware something is wrong.
    and i honestly dont mean any of this in a cruel way.
    i really do hope she finds her way back to her health.

  • Boobs

    I applaud Kate for not getting implants! She’s thin but her legs and arms have nice lean, long muscle tone. Maybe it’s from horseback riding. Weight lifting develops more bulging muscle. Kate’s beautiful.

  • @ladybug

    since it is quite well known she had some sort of filler/botox back in 2007 which shows she is not entirely against cosmetic procedures she could have a fat transfer to her chest ,some people have fat transferred to they’re breasts but it is possible also around the other parts of the chest .
    i dont think anything wrong wih that since she gets called all sorts of names because of her bone structure

  • burnt bacon

    Aging hipster try-hards are an endless source of guilty amusement for me.

  • Last Resort

    @burnt bacon: “Aging hipster try-hards”
    Thank you for an early morning chuckle!

  • BreakDownBuildUp

    i dont like how some women change themselves -fashion personality hair everything depending on the personality of whichever guys she’s with at the time…kb is most guilty of this especially past 4 years.
    i however did like her style when she dated james rousou though,
    but with skarsgard she started dressing all tarty and almost mimicking at times to sookie stakhouse!!! wtf. but even at her wost then is better than now.
    almost as soon as this guy came along her dress sense became quite awful at times ,and it’s clearly so she can conjunct with his (lack) of dress sense and life style .