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Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Reportedly Move In Together

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Reportedly Move In Together

Leonardo DiCaprio mingles with guests while attending the grand opening of the Mark Ryden: Gay Nineties West exhibition at the Kohn Gallery on Friday (May 2) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor and his girlfriend Toni Garrn have reportedly moved in together, though we can’t know for sure unless one of them happens to comment on it!

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Leo bought the apartment [in March] and quickly moved Toni in with him,” a source told In Touch about the new pad in New York City.

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Getty
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  • Lupita

    I don’t believe it ,not for one second.

  • Bz
  • LMAO!

    Jared KNOWS peeps lose their load over anything Leo+Toni related, hence more comments.

    Yet ANOTHER wank post from Jared, hes funny!

  • Oh boy

    Thank You Clooney.. Ie InTouch, Ie Just Jared. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. *Shaking No *

  • c’est la vie

    I think Just Jared likes Toni :) I like her too, she’s seems nice, funny and elegant

  • Lupita


    Agree wqith you!

  • Lupita


  • Oh lawd..
  • Cheaper

    Just one picture again? Jared only can afford just one picture when it comes to linking Toto in an article without any reason?

  • Take THat

    InTouch shitting over Gossip Cop

  • Still

    The George Clooney Effect

  • ####

    It’s funny how Leo’s PR immediately denied the original in touch story but because of the clooney engagement the story won’t die!!!

  • lucie

    Well done Toni !

  • HAHA12

    @Oh lawd..:
    OMG lmao! So basically the denial from Leo’s people didn’t mean sh*t, cus this story is everywhere. The power of Clooney..

  • So

    Was the opening after party at Leo’s?

  • Truthie

    Fat, pathetic middle-aged loser and his generic paid escort.

  • beth

    @Oh lawd..: LOLLL love that movie. It’ll be a sh*t storm in here within a couple of hours even though REAL Leo fans know it isn’t true!

  • james

    I hope they are happy together.

  • sad

    Leo is really unattractive

  • Lupita

    Everyone wants Leo to settle down.

  • lonely

    wtf? Does Clooney have anything to do with Leo’s life?

  • Oh lawd..

    Bette Davis is queen and this will likely be me after reading this thread

  • lol

    @LMAO!:Exactly what I was thinking. HAHA

  • frgdtr

    how is this news? didnt he live with his other model gf’s before to? I read he and Bar/Gisele shared places together.

  • beth

    @Oh lawd..: Lol brilliant. She was the queen of “side eye”

  • HAHA12

    Normally I don’t think this kind of story would be traveling the way it is but the fact it came out right after Clooney’s engagement is why it is. Whoever predicted Leo’s people would be getting a ton of calls after the Clooney news was right lol

  • Lupita

    Maybe it really is true,maybe he doesn’t want anyone t know,that’s why the denial.

  • brigitte

    Leo is always sad news…


    Mark Ryden Biggest Fan

  • @Take That

    Quantity over quality! InTouch is full of cr*p and dumb sites like this just copy and paste without checking. A great ‘victory’ for InTouch indeed.
    @Oh Lawd: Every single thread you have the same stupid comment about what’s coming! It’s more like you are asking for it so you can create drama around the comments!

  • Amy


    Yeah, no. That’s not likely.

  • Agree

    @@Take That: It’s more like you are asking for it so you can create drama around the comments!
    Just Jared is their guilty pleasure

  • Artsy

    @EXCLUSIVE: He’s buying more of this?

  • Jared, my friend!
  • Oh lawd..

    @@Take That:
    Um, gtf? It was a joke and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to post a Bette Davis gif. Maybe you should take your own advice and stfu since you AKA Leda think you can monitor the threads to have comments you only want. So why don’t you go f*ck off and go back to playing with your Toni voodoo doll? And leave me alone because Is2g I hate your comments so much. You ruin the fun out of everything and I mean it. Don’t you dare try to tell me what I can and can’t post and what my motive apparently is. Two can play this game that you’ll go back to complaining about Toni the minute she updates her IG.

  • Oh lawd..

    Yeah go ahead and defend Leda the one who has created havoc on Leo threads for the past 5 years, bullied many posters, and caused many of them to leave with her ugly Leo GF obsession and bitchiness. You two make the perfect pair

  • Hm

    I think they broke up. It is obvious they are on a break. He is in Los ANgeles and she is in New York doing nothing. I said the same thing 2 days ago and one person almost had a stroke here lol.

  • Huh?

    “The 39-year-old actor and his girlfriend Toni Garrn have reportedly moved in together, though we can’t know for sure unless one of them happens to comment on it!”

    Jared They DID comment!!!!!!!!

  • @Take that

    You do the exact same thing every single thread. I’m not Leda but whatever.

  • Lupita


    I know,I don’t wanna believe it,but all this Clooney sh*i got me scared.

  • whatever

    @@Take That: oh lawd is funny! At least she knows how to add humor to these threads!

  • On and Off

    @Hm: Not unusual. Also happened before Christmas and after Nina’s rumors when she was in Berlin.

  • Oh lawd..

    @@Take that:
    You are Leda lmao its so obvious by your writing and she’s the only person on here who spells crap like cr*p. I posted a f*cking GIF as a joke when I saw the headline and you don’t even know what I post in threads. I could say the same for you. All you do is bash Leo’s gfs, bash posters who have different opinions then you, and try to monitor the threads daily. Have fun having a stroke whenever we get new Leo and Toni candids, you miserable twit.

  • Obsession

    Not evreyone is Leda or bellazon poster….

  • Hm

    Leo is beautiful, the picture is good. And Leo has talent, he does not need to look like Ken Carson.

  • @35

    @Oh lawd..: I knew it was ‘also’ too.

  • Oh lawd..

    READ HER POST and tell me that’s not exactly how she replies to other posters. She also always spells crap like cr*p and uses exclamation points every time shes replying to other posters. Who else would be this aggressive about a headline revolving Toni and Leo on JJ? I can’t believe she has lapdogs like you guys to defend her any chance she gets when she spends all day attacking posters for no reason.

  • also…

    @Oh Lawd: I don’t care about your comments or what’s obvious for you. @Take that is not me so you can relax now.

  • LMAO

    @Oh lawd..: Drag ha!!

  • Oh lawd..

    Thanks bb!
    At least I’m not the only one