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Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Reportedly Move In Together

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Reportedly Move In Together

Leonardo DiCaprio mingles with guests while attending the grand opening of the Mark Ryden: Gay Nineties West exhibition at the Kohn Gallery on Friday (May 2) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor and his girlfriend Toni Garrn have reportedly moved in together, though we can’t know for sure unless one of them happens to comment on it!

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Leo bought the apartment [in March] and quickly moved Toni in with him,” a source told In Touch about the new pad in New York City.

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Getty
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  • Baby Leo

    Thanks for that smile

  • Amy


    He has a double chin and his face looks bloated. He needs to cut back on the drinking and clubbing.

  • #whatever

    Exactly. Not everyone ones to be updated on Toni’s Insta all the time. There was time Leo threads actually had more humor and less aggression.

  • Oh lawd..

    ROTFL I’m not a f*cking dumbass it was you who posted that and your writing style is exactly the same as that poster’s. Your just trying to save face and what a coincidence you’re here immediately under your original moniker once you got called out. Your such a joke goddamn but have fun with your little minions who defend you any chance they get

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    Lot of thunderings in just Jared pictures lately

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    @Oh Lawd: isn’t it ironic? That in spite of your initial comments you are the one turning the thread into a sh^tstorm? Keep going and keep blaming me. Have fun! 😏

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    Exactly and the minute a poster tries to add some humor or joke around they just get targeted by Leda and her minions who love to be buzzkills and prefer this place to be a bashingfest 24/7 only. Its no wonder people keep bringing up old posters because back then it used to be more fun. Even Leokas left

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    Your’e not leaving are you? Girl post whatever the h+ll you want. You like Leokas are funny. Its not like the ‘thread owners’ attacking you add anything here except s+it questions why Tonis eyebrows are shaped the way they are

  • Flowers

    This thread is bullsh*t.No normal people here.

  • See?

    Seems Oh lawd.. was right about her post

    though as somebody said was started by Her

  • Oh lawd..

    No honey, YOU are the one who turns these threads into a sh*tstorm daily, if it appears to be one right one its because of YOUR nasty comments towards me simply posting a GIF. The psycho in you as usual went berserk and had to ruin this thread as you always do. And I truly hope you have fun living your life on JJ and Leo’s girlfriends for the rest of your life, I truly mean it

  • Hm

    @Amy He is beautiful to me. People are obsessed with looks.


    @Huh?: Gossip cop::::::::Leonardo DiCaprio NOT Living With Toni Garrn, Despite Report

  • @also

    Its ironic that since you stared posting again as also, @Take That sems to have dissappeared

  • Leo

    Leo feeling pressure?

  • Lupita

    I think he needs to shave,that’s all

  • Oh lawd..

    I don’t wanna fill these threads up with more replies to Leda’s bullsheet but I appreciate what you gotta say and I deff aint leavin! Just had to let it out because she pissed the eff out of me

  • KIDS?


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    I’m out but ya I did and it felt good! I’ll stop now adios

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    @@54: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    I mean if we have to hear one more basic ass giraffe joke…

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    Is anyone here interested in normal conversation?

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    @Oh lawd..:
    Leokas was the best! Miss his posts, there were also funny posters in the Summer who used to pretend to be Leo’s SM lmao

  • Oh lawd..
  • Oh lawd..

    @Oh lawd..:
    This is NOT posted by me FYI I’m leavin so if you see more posts under my name it aint from mee

  • Oh Real lawd..
  • Blacksharpie
    She still in NY. On the last thread there was a tweet about seeing him on a plane. Maybe he’s flying back to NY. The Met Gala ( and after parties!) are Monday!

  • Roxy music

    Hey guys!

    In Leo’s VEDIC astrology chart he has the sun in Libra, and the moon and the ascendant in Virgo.Vedic astrology is believed to be more accurate then western, it’s moon astrology.

    Sun 25 Lib 09′ 09″ 2
    Moon 22 Vir 13′ 34″ 1
    Mercury 06 Lib 14′ 48″ 2
    Venus 26 Lib 22′ 55″ 2
    Mars 16 Lib 04′ 59″ 2
    Jupiter 14 Aqu 35′ 02″ 6
    Saturn 25 Gem 17′ 19″ R 10
    Uranus 05 Lib 54′ 15″ 2
    Neptune 15 Sco 04′ 09″ 3
    Pluto 14 Vir 42′ 37″ 1
    Chiron 27 Pis 31′ 44″ R 7
    Lilith 26 Cap 51′ 25″ 5
    True Node 16 Sco 51′ 26″ R 3
    P. of Fortune 12 Lib 32′ 58″ 2
    Vertex 17 Pis 42′ 30″ 7
    Ascendant 09 Vir 37′ 23″ 1
    Midheaven 09 Gem 54′ 03″ 10

    Do you want me to post the whole chart?

  • Just me

    @Roxy music: for me doesn’t mean anything

  • Bradleo is back this Monday!
  • Bradleo is back this Monday!
  • beth

    Is Leo confirmed to be at the Met ball?

  • beth

    Leo and rapper Tyler the Creator:

    I know Tyler and Jonah are friends I wonder if Leo and Tyler are too.

  • @Blacksharpie

    That tweet didn’t say when it happened.
    @beth: No, he isn’t.

  • don`t cry H

    and for Nanny da @bellizon , cause I know you read this too ,shirt ? Second night in a row…. Stop following us Leo
    anyway , the truth is Leo, Lily did get it and Laughed

  • Attention Di Caprio Reps!

    Happy ending @ 05/03/2014 at 12:36 am 569
    Toni will be the flower girl at this wedding
    Further to #569 “Happy Ending” post, when are Leo and Bar getting married? I know it’s soon. June, August, October? It’s the worst kept secret, like that private picture that was posted in 569.
    Alert the media! I’m sure everyone wants to cover it. Why hasn’t the real story broke yet, like the fact they’ve really been together these 5 yearrs.
    Any answers?
    Hmmm. No answers yet? Please answer; this is from the LA Dosdgers thread. LOL, how ironic!

  • @Leokas

    From last night, theyre back!

  • @86

    Where is that?

  • @Leokas

    Wasn’t there a club or party sighting last night? The girl mentioned the Roosevelt hotel but idk

  • @Leokas

    My beloved Lukas. There you are. But why so glum?

  • LolaB

    I don’t believe they moved in together. I have my reasons, but I am not interested in sharing right at the moment. I do, however, have a legit question for anyone with a brain to answer: If this girl ( and yes, I do see her as just a girl!) has, in fact, moved in with LD, why? Because nearly every time I have seen pictures of these two, she is in tears! Is it to further her modeling career? His money? Is either of them that good in bed? I am seriously interested in what the masses on here would speculate as to the reason they are dating….because I refuse to believe it is “love” plp…that is pure bs! He is too freaking old and she does not come across as all that brilliant in the gray matter. I think I may have just tick plp off, but oh, well…

  • @89

    @LolaB: But seems you already shared your reasons.

  • Calvin Lover

    The man on the right looks like Calvin Candy’s lawyer LOL

  • Calvin Lover

    *Calvin candie’s

  • LolaB


    No, I really didn’t. I was venting. lol! Pardon the confusion.

  • @89

    @LolaB: Anyway. Tell us. JJ always full of theory. Who cares one more.

  • Trouble in paradise?

    Is sugar baby having a tantrum again?

  • Intuition

    Leo did not move in with Toni,nor is he in love with her.She’s useful at the moment and that’s it.

  • LolaB


    Oh, I was venting @ the differences. The reason I don’t believe he let her move in is because he never lets them move in! They may stay over, and get a place to leave their panties, but the only one that actually lived with him was Giselle! Nope…the paps want it to happen and in this world of “lets get engaged, married, have a baby, divorce” all in a year (not always in that order!) the media and “pro-(insert current model’s name)” here want LD to commit. Let’s see if GC does it, then we’ll talk. Miracles do still happen!

  • Scorpio

    He got mad by all the attention she attracted for naked dudes picture?

  • Edinbra

    This news isn’t trueee….