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Joshua Jackson Walks Arm-In-Arm with Diane Kruger!

Joshua Jackson Walks Arm-In-Arm with Diane Kruger!

Joshua Jackson gets animated while talking to his longtime love Diane Kruger on a romantic stroll on Saturday afternoon (May 3) in New York City.

The couple is presumably to attend the 2014 Met Ball this coming Monday night. We can’t wait to see what they will be wearing!

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The day before, Joshua was seen holding hands with Diane while taking a walk around town together.

Earlier in the weekend, the couple made their way through security at LAX Airport en route to New York.

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joshua jackson diane kruger walk arm in arm in big apple 01
joshua jackson diane kruger walk arm in arm in big apple 02
joshua jackson diane kruger walk arm in arm in big apple 03
joshua jackson diane kruger walk arm in arm in big apple 04
joshua jackson diane kruger walk arm in arm in big apple 05
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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • ugh

    Oh look another stroll!
    They really hate the paps right? :/
    at least they’re smiling I guess that’s something, but it’s really sad that she turned him into her :(

  • Serena

    Love these two!

  • Jo


    Sigh. Well the paps would say that, because they don’t know where they are going. Today like yesterday, they are dressed up to go somewhere. It seems from elsewhere, that they were going to see a play.

    It seems like you have no idea, that they have always walked as much as possible to places when they are in NYC. They have been doing that like forever.

  • scarlett

    I’ve said this before but this site needs to do it’s research, ‘presumably’ to attend the Met Ball, well Diane herself has confirmed she’ll be there, so no presumably about it.

  • ugh


    Well if I hated the paps as much as they “presumably” do (every time they look unhappy it’s the paps fault right?), I wouldn’t go out on so many ”

    And she was wearing a dress when they were out on a “walk”, they are always dressed well :/

    And with all my love for them they are not THAT famous that the paps need to be all over them 24/7

  • Clarice

    Ok, they have already proved that they really love each other. Now get married, have kids or something!

  • lola

    She looks stunning and he is as handsome as ever :)

  • belluci

    Diane and Joshua were on their way to see a play. They went to see Cabaret. Michelle Williams is very good friends with them.
    Last year,Diane and Joshua went to see Yvonne Strahovski when she was doing her Broadway show and they also went to see Ruth Wilson (Joshua’s The Affair co-star) in London . I love Diane & Joshua, such good people and friends!

  • Jo


    About the famous part I agree, however this site and the dailymail post their pics adnauseum. So,as long as these sites post their pics, the paps will go after them because they know they will get paid/picked up. They have always liked going for walks, so I don’t see why they should stop doing that just because the paps might see them.

    Yes, she had a dress on yesterday, but she also looked like they were going somewhere. They are always going out for dinner and meeting up with friends,family in NYC for example.

  • leydoux

    They seem so relaxed and happy together. Good for them.

  • naomi

    She’s pretty and stylish! I like her shoes.

  • LLCoolJ

    She is refreshingly beautiful, doesn’t look filled, botoxed or altered in any way. I really hope it stays that way, and she doesn’t get that cookie cutter look they all seem to go for as the get older. They seem like a cool couple.

  • rapunzel

    @LLCoolJ: What cookie cutter look? LOL!

  • mia

    Beautiful couple! I love them!

  • ugh


    They will post any celebs pics you’ll give them, and other celebs that are in NY for the same event might get them more money, so why them?

    And it really doesn’t seem weird to you that in LA, or even at the airport, they look like someone just killed their cat. But now, two days before a big event, they all smiles and walking hand in hand? Come on! :/

  • julian

    These two are such a good-looking couple. It’s great to see they’re still together.

  • kelis

    Diane Kruger is such a natural beauty and a very talented actress. I’m a big fan. Joshua and Diane always seem very into each other. I can’t believe they are together since 2006! Time flies.

  • ugh


    “a natural beauty”?
    I hate comments like this, are you a paid commenter or just really blind :/
    I love her, but I’m not gonna pretend she’s something she’s not

  • valerie

    Beautiful couple. You can tell that he’s madly in love with her. I heard many times that he treats her like a princess. And do you blame him, i mean look at her. She looks absolutely amazing!

  • Jo


    I’m not a pap, so I don’t know how it works. However, if someone gave me a steady paycheck then I’d go after them for sure.

    Nope. Nothing like having a camera in your face at the airport and taking pics while you strip going through security. Sounds great. It’s obvious when they see the paps and when they don’t.

  • ugh


    They are looking right at them in every pap pictures ever, even here :\

  • ugh


    And not only in airports, even when they’re just in LA. Every time they look unhappy people blame the paps. They always see the paps, they always look right at them, so why in NY they are all of a sudden likes them and smiling and holding hands?

    Really, open your eyes, it’s so sadly obvious. :/
    It’s like saying Diane is “a natural beauty”, it’s just painfully clear that it’s not true.

  • CF98


    Why does someone have to be married or have kids to prove that they love one another? I mean its not for everyone they’re together for some that’s enough.

  • alex

    Diane look good…she is such a natural beauty for sure! I can’t wait for season 2 of The Bridge!!! Thank you, Jared for the new pictures! It’s always a pleasure to see this cute and pefect couple!

  • charles

    For a lot of the above comment. Torvson is not going to happen! Get over it. Don’t tell me you are not those sad girls writing their blogs/tumblr about it, you are writing on here in the same way, with the same words you all use on your twitter or tumblrs. I could name it. If you don’t like them stop following their news, it will be good for your health.

  • ugh


    Josh wanted to get married have kids… And then he met Diane

  • charles

    @ugh: And you don’t know why they have not children. You are just plain mean spirited.

  • ugh


    I don’t have tumblr dude, nor do I know wtf is Torvson?
    What do you want?

  • ugh


    I know that they’re not married because Diane don’t believe in it, and now all of a sudden neither does Josh :/

  • ugh


    And also, sorry, but where in the “I LOVE THEM” part you get that I hate them :/

  • tita

    She’s plain happy just having sex with Joshua. She doesn’t want to get married, have kids…wtf?

  • michelle

    They both look so stylish and adorable! And having fun!

  • charles

    @ugh: Yeah, because love is there only with marriage and children! No?

  • ciara

    Hey “Tita”!. Diane will try and get pregnant once all the contracts and work dry up. Last card in the pack and roll of the dice as she knows that pregnancy will ruin her career at this minute in time.

    That’s if by the way the pair of them are compatible…pregnancy isn’t just about the “usual” there’s more to it than what you’ve been taught at school. Josh is a “one eleven” meaning he has extra DNA coding along with 15% of the planet’s population.

  • ugh


    Are you for real dude???!!
    All I said is that Josh WANTED to get married, for so long, and now he suddenly doesn’t want to. Why are you putting word in my mouth???!!! Wtf dude!!!??? “I hate Diane” “love is all about marriage and kids”.. I DID NOT SAY THAT!! GOD!

    Can’t you have a normal conversation?

  • tita

    Hello Ciara. How do you know that? Where’s the source? And what does that have to do with pregnancy?

  • ha

    @charles: “Torvson” is still alive?!? It´s really amazing that some fans still believe that Anna Torv and Josh are meant for each other.

    Several on-set sources confirmed that Anna and Josh hated each other, that it was a matter of two big egos clashing on a personal level, that Josh couldn´t stand Anna´s acting and her personality and that Anna was very, very jealous of Josh´s acting abilities, his friendship with J.Noble and his amazing personal life with a movie-star. At the end they didn´t speak or look at each other, at events didn´t take pictures together and never hung out together outside of work.

    But Josh and Diane … they do everything together.
    They are inseparable. They even go to the bathroom together. I never saw anyone who is more together than Diane and Josh.

  • charles

    @ugh: @ugh: But what is in a day? You really start to sound like Patty!

  • ugh


    What? Who’s Patty? Are you ok?
    Anyhoo, it’s clear that you’re insane so I’m gonna stop talking to you, have a nice life man

  • Marta

    They seems so great couple. Nice to see them together.

  • paola

    Aww, they look so cute!!!!!
    Diane, Joshua and Jason Wu were all getting a spa in New York today. They were getting ready for The Met Ball! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charles

    @ugh: Well, were we talking? More like I was talking and you were yelling! nice day to you.

  • ugh


    Because you put words in my mouth you Torvson loving crazy fan girl you. So yeah, you can make people mad and believe that you’re insane, good job!

    It’s also amazing how somehow many people started to comment about how great they are… with the same spelling errors as yours LOL

  • beth


    It’s the troll from tumblr (charles), he excuses like 5 different people to be you :D

    anyway, they look so cute!! <3

  • denise

    Is she going to wear Chanel for the event? Anyone know?

  • paola

    @denise: @denise:

    I think, Jason Wu

  • cheri

    i like them

  • laura

    diane is beautiful

  • ashton

    cute couple

  • ciara

    “Tita”, I am researching everything and anything that I can regarding books that I have come across regarding “alternate” histories and supressed information.
    It is important to do your own research and conclusions but from what I can determine. 15% of us carry D.N.A which is classed as of “unspecified origin” ( RHESUS NEGATIVE) and 85% are classed as” Rh positive” carrying genetics found in primates.

    As for my Diane comment, that is a theory which unfortunately cannot be proved but the above info can be. Josh is an “Rh negative” and read your bible texts…you lot and us lot weren’t supposedly a great mix!.