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Naya Rivera Has NOT Been Fired from 'Glee,' Fox Confirms

Naya Rivera Has NOT Been Fired from 'Glee,' Fox Confirms

Despite reports, Naya Rivera is not leaving Glee, it has been confirmed.

“There is no truth to the rumor Naya has been fired from the show,” Fox said in a statement to The Associated Press. “She remains under contract to Glee.”

The network’s statement follows a similar one her rep released, shooting down the rumors that claimed Naya was let go after an alleged on-set altercation with her co-star Lea Michele.

While she hasn’t been fired from the show, E! News confirmed that Naya was written out of the season five finale airing on May 13.

“[Naya] isn’t fired and her not being in the finale has nothing to do with Lea,” a source told the site. “I don’t know where these stories are coming from, but they are not true.”

There were also recent reports that Naya had been dropped by Columbia Records, which her rep has also denied.

ARE YOU EXCITED to hear that Naya Rivera is staying on Glee?

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  • kami

    somebody is “leaking” those stories. maybe they are coming from none other than lea michele.

  • maria

    she looks like kim kardashian now..sad what she did to her face.

  • My eyes !!!!

    All this means is she is still under contract. It doesn’t mean she hasn’t been written out of remaining episodes and says nothing about her future on the show next season.

  • Tina

    @maria: she doesn’t even look like that anymore and saying she looks Kim Kardashian is compliment. Millions of jack off to her on a daily basis.

  • Tina

    @maria: “she looks like kim kardashian now” oh burn as if Kim Kim isn’t multimillionaire.

  • Tina

    @My eyes !!!!: the contracts a usually renew in june so noone knows who will be back next season and she is in the next episode.

  • Fan

    Best news. Santana is the only whole character of on the show.

  • Yorkie

    Absolutely! She is the reason I still watch.

  • Maria

    @Tina: she is a famous porn star. Of course millions of men will do that. Who wants to be compared to a porn star?

  • Chezza

    She would have been more lucky if she wasn’t on the show.

  • IMO

    This show ended when season 3 did.

  • Tina

    @Maria: She isn’t a porn star and she better than you haters.

  • Truth

    I get the feeling that all this was contrive to get Glee more attention since everyone stopped watching the gay gay oh so gay being shoved down our throats show

  • Meena

    People need to stop messing with their faces. I shudder to think what she will look like at 40.

  • June

    @IMO: I agree. It lost all it’s spark after that season and Cory Monteith’s death just soiled it more.

  • June

    Santana Lopez is the only character that still gives me season 1&2 feels. I glad she is staying.

  • Tina

    @Meena: people need to mind their own f**king business too!

  • oops

    glee is shit and will forever be shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kayla

    They are hardly using her on the show. She gets so little but that other two dimensional characters with average actors get everything. That being said, the little moments she gets are the best!

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  • http://mhm/ EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!

    Please open!!! These links show that it is obvious that Asians can read minds!!!!!

  • http://mhm/ EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!

    Last one.

  • Amy


    She’s an idiot. You shouldn’t look up to this shallow famewhore.

  • Jenny

    @EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!: This is getting really annoying. Would you people stop posting that everywhere! It doesn’t even make sense.

  • Stella

    @Tina: Let the haters hate. These girls will continue make their millions.

  • Tina

    @Amy: Although they aren’t I will take shallow over bitchy, druggies, or any of the other f**k up things celebs be doing!

  • Tina

    @Stella: right? Hating is what haters do best anyways. Kim and Naya are fab.

  • Ok

    Whatever. I want to know why did she tan if she already have a naturally tanned skin? dumbasses

  • grandma

    @Tina: bla bla bla… As if you don’t have anything else better to do than praising this wannabe

  • Blah

    She looks like a brown Jessica Alba.

  • grandma

    She got lip injections, botox… and now she looks like a large cardboard doll

  • grandma

    I mean cabbage patch sorry

  • Alexis

    I am a little interested in why Rivera was written out of the final episode.

  • SallyM

    @Alexis: haha Me too. I thought they would give the reason why she was considering it was what making people start talking.

  • Martha Willington

    She really was a great character on the show. No wonder once her character graduated Glee ratings have flopped. Just end the show this season before it gets embarrassing.

    and look at Jared putting that shady pic of Naya out of all the other pics. wouldnt be surprised if he’s the one making up these stories

  • Auhderione

    @Tina: Hi Tina! Or should I say Kanye?

  • Allie

    That plastic Botox face wishes she looked like Kim K.. Naya’s nose job is hideous.

  • Lisa

    Glee is pass it’s sell date. awful show.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    No. Don’t really care for her.

  • Boo

    I was hoping she was leaving. I’m going to have to keep watching.

  • Boo

    @QueenOfTrashin: hence why you wasted time to click and make comment.

  • Jill

    @Tina: #12

    Kim got her reality show break by a porn video.. So in essence she is a porn actress.

  • Lying sheep

    It’s me making all these rumors up, I have a new one.
    “Naya was really born a man.”

  • Lewis

    Naya, you deserves so much more than what Glee gives you.

  • Anon2

    If the sexy lesbian leave, I leave.

  • Fynn

    @Lying sheep: LMAO!

  • Heather

    Too bad. She could be doing something much better.

  • Kris

    Her character is my favorite but I’m not too into Glee anymore.

  • Mara

    What happened to her face?