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Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Buddy Up at Harry Josh's Second Annual #HARRYSPARTY! (Exclusive Photos)

Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Buddy Up at Harry Josh's Second Annual #HARRYSPARTY! (Exclusive Photos)

Taylor Swift wraps her arms around BFF Karlie Kloss at super hairstylist Harry Josh‘s second annual #HarrysParty on Saturday (May 3) held at The Jane Hotel in the West Village neighborhood of New York City.

The duo mingled at the star-studded event, which is the place to be leading up to the big Met Ball on Monday, June 5!

“I had fun with these Lovely Ladies last night at #HarrysParty… thank you @harryjoshhair 😘,” Karlie later tweeted.

Be sure to follow @HarryJoshHair on Instagram!

The day before, Taylor was spotted making her way home from the gym.

FYI: Karlie is wearing a Tamara Mellon cropped vest and skirt.

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Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • NativeNYker
  • carofrombelgium

    If they’re in couple,i’m okay to do a threesome with them

  • JNow

    Taylor and Karlie both look beautiful!

  • kat

    Taylor’s gorgeous!

  • london

    sorry, but they look scarily alike! and not pretty alike ..but weird kinda alike… sorry

  • Jon

    Karlie seems like a genuinely nice girl, Taylor’s a brat.

  • Singer

    Taylor hangs out constantly with different women because she can’t get along with men.

  • Tessa

    @Jon: Th only brat is you Jon. Taylor is one of the nicest people many people have they’ve met. I bet you have no friends.

  • Tessa

    @Singer: Not true at all. Ed Sheeran is her best friend, and they go the same private parties,which are mainly male musicians. She just doesn’t appear in public with men much because people like you will make lies about it.

  • Sarah

    Taylor is so gorgeous!

  • shelby

    @Singer: Taylor has had many of the same friends for years, your remark makes absolutely no sense. And when did having a number of friends become a bad thing? Lol

  • Nana Yaw

    It seems Taylor has 1000 best friends lol

  • susan

    @Nana Yaw: name the thousand best friends? I would love to see you try. She and karlie have been friends since she did the vsfs, if you look at the tape you ciuld tell that they clicked during that event. So it is not like taylor has all these random friends, most od the people she is friends with she hasworked with them inthe past. Liliana is the reason taylor did the vsfs and they were friends before that event. Can taylor help that she makes friends easily? Besides, if itwas not the friends people would be complainingabout the lipstick or theway she holds her purse, she cannot win so she may as well do what she wants with whomever she wants.

  • susan

    @Tessa: exactly, no way can she evenlook at a man in public without her being a s l ut. Can you imagine the field day haters would have if she was simply seen walkingdown the street with a guy. Their panties are all in a bunch because she has girlfriends. But I guess haters are mad now because their dating jokes and s l u t jokes are now outdated. Though theystill try very hard. Gotta give them credit they slways find something to complain about.

  • Dieter !!!!!!



  • Jon

    @Tessa: She’s an immature girl who’s idolized for whining and complaining about trivial things meanwhile talking bad about others in order to make people dislike them. Named most charitable for only donating money (which every celebrity does without the PR) while honorably charitable people who actually get physically and emotionally involved in important causes do it to help others with nothing in return. She treats and talks to people in a patronizing manner. She’s smug regardless of how modest she pretends to be. Having friends or not having friends has nothing to do with the fact that she’s wrongly placed on a pedestal and labeled as humble when there’s nothing down-to-earth about her at all. Spoiled. Brat.

  • ME

    Boy are you blind! Taylor is the least bratty of most other celebrities.

  • Wow

    @Jon: You really could not be more wrong about Swift.

  • Frank

    @Jon: you are a disgraceful punk and if you were in front of me you would not be standing any longer you don’t know her at all so stfu!!!before I shut you up

  • ME

    She is on a pedestal because her fans adore her. But you cannot assume that she is bratty based on that. She has done a lot of good. But you can’t see past your nose and therefore can’t see it. Making assumptions is a dangerous thing and if anything if you do not know the true facts well then you will not know the truth. The fans and the celebrities that she has met will differ 100 percent from your opinion and they have the real knowledge here of this woman. So your assumptions really don’t matter.

  • ME

    Did you ever take a course in logics. One of the greatest fallacies to exist in the history of the world is making faulty assumptions. It goes like this: Because A happens, therefore, B must be true. But most of these arguments have no causal relationship. If I like chocolate, does that make me fat. If I am married and I have a woman as a friend, does that mean I am cheating. If I have a headache, does that mean I have brain cancer. You can’t make assumptions that because Taylor has a lot of women friends is because she cannot get along with men. That is faulty logic as far as I am concerned. You don’t know the truth.

  • Guest


    1) Charities love when celebrities donate. It’s gives their charity PR therefore more people will donate. So I don’t know where you get your facts from.. but if you’re unaware which celebrities donate it’s not because they don’t publicize it , it’s most likely they not a big star/the media not reporting it or they really not donating much of anything to make the list.
    No Tessa, Taylor’s chooses the wrong men to date . Fact is that none of them have settled with one woman either. John and Jake are in their mid-late 30′s.

  • Guest

    Sorry Tessa, my second comment was meant for @Singer.

  • rico

    For some reason I thought Taylor Swift was much taller. She is tall, but Kloss is at least 4 or 5 inches taller.

  • susan

    @rico: taylor is 5’10. Karlie is listed as 6’1 but I think she is about 6’3 because taylor has been around many many years with tall women and no one woman has ever outright towered over her. Not even michelle obama who is 5’11.

  • Great Girls!

    Love them both. Ms. Karlie seems like a well rounded American girl just like Ms. Taylor. Hope she does not party too much or run her mouth like the other BFF we all know. We think this one is well grounded, taking care of her business kind of gal and we think Ms. Taylor find herself a good friend. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest


    Michelle Obama never towered over Taylor because she wears flats or kitten heels. Taylor is always wearing 4″ heels at awards shows/red carpet events. Taylor is model height, not many actresses or singers are as tall as Taylor.. After Taylor, I believe Rihanna/Adele are second at 5’8 and 5’9. Gwyneth and Julia at 5’9.. Taylor fits in with VS models. I’ve seen Adriana Lima on the streets of NYC and she is tall at least 5’10-5’11 and she was wearing sneakers.

  • Greg

    Jared the Met Ball is May 5, not June.

  • Guest

    It’s interesting, Taylor seems to evolved as she get’s older. She surrounds herself with smart girls.. Lena, Karlie, Hailie, Sarah, Lorde, Jaime King ( who cleaned up her act) her childhood friends. Yet her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles surrounds himself with the rich HW party girls and boys. It seems as tho he wants to be part of the “it” crowd of the moment. It’s not cute, he doesn’t realize HW will eat you up and spit you out just as fast.. He’ll see when the US girls are no longer buying 1D albums. the HW friends will dry up. .

    I’m going to scream if one more person say’s “Oh her music is immature” Well, you’re not selling 26 mil albums if you’re just selling to 12 years olds. I asked ” why haven’t the Disney/Nick stars sold as much as Taylor?.

  • Allison

    @jon taylor wrote a song called Ronan which was about a boy who died from cancer. She gave all money she made from the song to cancer research and Ronan hit number 1 on iTunes. So do your research before making assumptions. Also, she has visited hospitals numerous times this year to visit children with cancer. Please please please educate yourself before making incorrect statements.

    Also, thankfully, she actually writes her own songs unlike most singers these years who write about drugs and s e x. Her songs have substance. And I’m sorry you are jealous of her seven grammys.

  • yeahh29


  • ryan

    shes preety,,i love her eyes and her lips.;)

  • Sora

    Both Taylor and Karlie look great. Taylor has a lot of friends because she is down to earth, humble, smart and funny. She’s an all around great gal. You won’t read that in gossip blogs/sites. You will read that in in-depth articles about her by real journalists. You will also read and see it in interviews with other celebrities and non- celebrities. If your get all your info about someone from gossip blogs /sites, then me ost of the time you are getting false or exaggerated info.

  • hoota

    Two very classy young ladies!

  • http://@juliet30 juliet

    wow is so beautiful taylor swift and karlie

  • http://@juliet30 juliet

    taylor is so many many bff