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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are One Engaging Pair at Met Ball 2014!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are One Engaging Pair at Met Ball 2014!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard hold hands while walking the red carpet at the 2014 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 5) in New York City.

The engaged couple was the definition of old school Hollywood glamour at the annual star-studded event. Don’t they look so good together?!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

FYI: Amber is wearing a Giambattista Valli dress with Fred Leighton earrings and bracelets. Johnny is wearing a Ralph Lauren Purple Label black tuxedo tailcoat and white pique vest.

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# 1

They look gorgeous!

# 2

He looks soo cute and youthful.

# 3

he has gone way overboard with the hair dye. i guess he is trying desperately hard not to look her dad. his mid- life crisis is going on & on & on.

# 4

Love her dress. Beautiful.

# 5

They do look so good together. They both look like they are in their 30s.

# 7

Johnny looks terrible. Just NO.. I like Amber’s dress.

WTF has happened to Johnny. At the MET GALA>. why?? or Amber. SAD..Thank goodness my favorites are not doing this.

# 8

Very Great Gatsby looking Johnny Depp and very sexy ..Amber must like being at this event ..she has probably never been here before!

Stepping stone for Amber! Love how he showed up thanks Johnny!

# 9

she looks nice
him not so much


ITAWY.. it doesn’t look natural at all. He is so pale. And to the poster saying he looks 30 needs to make an eye exam appointment. That is not the face of a 30 year old man hon.

@amelie: Lmao @ this ignorance , I assume that you don’t know that he dyed his hair blonde for a movie role and then dyed it black because you obviously know nothing about him. He doesn’t need to try to not look like her dad because he doesn’t look that older than her. Mid- life crisis your bitter a$$. He’s happy and in love and yeah that is going on and on. At least he’s happy with his life and doesn’t have to make snarky comments about people that he knows nothing about on the internet. Go die please.

@suze: What the hell are you talking about? Are you having a breakdown over this or something? He dyed his hair after he’s had it blonde for a movie role and he looks great and yes he does look like he is in his 30s. Get over yourself and deal with it.

@suze: You are the one who needs to make an eye exam appointment if you think that he looks terrible because he looks AMAZING and really young.

Atleast Johnny is A list. Amber might not be the greatest actress but she seems decent. They have a right to be at the MET unlike that no-talent, no-name couple known as Kim and Kanye.

@Toni: That’s funny because he looks so much “nicer” and better than her. Her makeup is not good.


he is a fifty year old man – of course he dyes his hair! and not just when he is filming. he is naturally good looking with fine bone structure but he does not look like a thirty year old man. well maybe one that has aged rapidly due to alcoholism or drug addiction. i just find him rather tragic now – he looks like he is trying way too hard & he was clearly Amber’s golden ticket into this thing.

@katt: You are right he’s dressed and looks much better than her.

Johnny looks like a creepy drunk as always.


Lmao @ your hypocrisy & how you managed to completely undermine everything you were trying to say in you last words.

@amelie: It’s interesting that you find someone who is obviously so happy and healthy and in love with someone who loves him “rather tragic”. What makes you think that he’s “trying way too hard”? I don’t know why would he even try. Amber attended this even last year without him so I don’t know how he was her golden ticket into it. She had connections in the fashion world before she was with him.

aquarius64 @ 05/05/2014 at 8:47 pm

Johnny …. the only thing missing is the monocle.
Amber …. stop raiding Helen Mirren’s closet.

Amber heard is a cutie. Johnny is always gorgeous ! cool style!

@Bella: You need to actually look at the pictures before you make your typical pathetic, hateful comment. Creepy drunk guys do not dress like sirs and wear such expensive suits. He looks elegant and intelligent. Admit it.

@JDF: completely agree with you. Johnny is smart, he’s always been unique. they look happy and they seem like a fun couple.

Sallywintour @ 05/05/2014 at 8:53 pm

This is like the 4 year in a row that Amber is at the MET Gala. Obviously, he’s there for her. Every year Amber has been one of the best dressed, I remember an impressive Zac Posen she wore a couple of years ago. She looks good now, because she’s stunning, but the dress isn’t remarkable at all…but Johnny? And i never believe that his name and the phrase “best dressed of the night” would be together, but it’s happening. He’s the best dressed man on the gala, so much style and the cane!

Enough with the hate already, He actually looks really good and fresh.

@aquarius64: i want a monocle! NOW! Anyway johnny always starts new fashion trends!

The cane rules! yeah johnny!

Yuck! He looks frigging creepy and she looks boring as usual. Boring couple.

@Sallywintour: She has NEVER been on the best dressed list and nobody ever knew who she was before Depp. He looks like the penguin from Batman!

Love her hair! The color is gorgeous!
Johnny is like the Clark Gable of our time in terms of stye!
Nice couple!

Her dress is really elegant, very chic.

@Garth: ewwwww. She’s such a fameho!

@Garth: that was funny as helll!
@Nadia: yeah, angelina looks like a creep. I don’t even want to imagine what she would have pulled at the Met ball,, probably her weird leg again….

He looks great, so does she.

yeah. got to admit they look pretty good.

Johnny’s always been cool.

They look so awkward, stiff and staged with each other.

I think Johnny would rather hang out with Marilyn Manson.

@damn.: They do! I’ve always had such a crush on Johnny!

@O-O: No, they don’t look staged or stiff at all. Are we looking at the same people? They have original styles, good taste and they both have beautiful faces. If I was there, I would want to hang out with them for sure.

Without 5 inches of caked make up Johnny still looks like a creepy drunk!
But even the thick make up couldn’t cover up the puff and blue under his eyes.

Man johnny always gets the best clothes! At least i can take some ideas from him, as a guy I find it hard to find new ways to dress.

@Bella: No he doesn’t look like a creepy drunk. Look at his eyes, so sexy!

Toni_Soprano @ 05/05/2014 at 9:28 pm

Johnny looks gorgeous as always & she looks beautiful.

@Bella: Yo, that vest is niiice!

@Toni_Soprano: He’s always beautiful! And what an actor! The guy paints, plays music, writes, directs…. I saw an interview with pacino once and he said something like :” johnny has gifts”. And I agree with him, he’s a true artist.

If I had johnny’s looks and all his funky hats I would die a happy dude!

Johnny’s shoes are awesome!

@Bella: Oh shut up!

She looks like a really sweet person and johnny is a nice man.


got you panties in a bunch. get over it. Not everyone has the same opinion. oh Johnny doesn’t know you. all you anger is wasted. he doesn’t care.

and nobody else either. He has looked bad for some time to me.

@suze: not to me. He looks gorgeous.

Nice dress, but the hair do, not so much.

I really like this couple.

What a beautiful dress!

@suze: Oh no he actually cares so much about his fans and appreciate all what they do for him.

You really need to get an eye check if you think he looks bad because he looks great and better than most other men his age.

@Karrie: How does he look creepy? As creepy as you? Why did you bother to click on to read the article and post a crappy comment if they were a boring couple?

In fact, Amber’s been on so many best dressed lists and the fashion people always like what she wears. She wasn’t a nobody before Johnny. She’s been in the business for almost 10 years.

I LOVE HIM!He looks gorgeous!Best wishes to them!

But what happens? She has bad make up and it looks like she did hair herself with a vacuum cleaner! Where thus passed her hair ? She does not have than 3 hairs anymore on the head, a capillary accident maybe ! Today, she does not wear her wonderbra, her breasts are falling down. When she smiles, her set of teeth gives the impression of a dentures. And in more she is going to sweep the pavement with her dress! Attention on dog mess Amber !

@O-O: Not really. They just look happy and in love.

Johnny shows his 50 years old and Amber is losing her young beauty. Now she looks like a old woman.Sad

Sallywintour @ 05/05/2014 at 10:05 pm

@Karrie: Yes, she was. You don’t seem be too aware of fashion, but i do remember that the last couple of years she was on the best dressed list of the MET GALA with a pink Zac Posen and a red Emilio Pucci

He has not only died hairs but too make up on his eyes ! But he is well looking to day Johnny !

@Bella: Thanks for that pic! He looks gorgeous! Do you really think that he wears 5 inches of caked make up? Lmao he is a guy and not a woman.

oh! He’s so beautiful! I wanna see him in a tarantino movie, or a scorsese movie! I want to see him in a a movie pacino and de niro!

Johnny rocks! The man’s got styyyyyle!

He’s just the coolest actor in hollywood !
There’s nobody like Johnny, nobody!

@JDF: yeah, she was great in carpenter’s movie. and they are in loooove!!!!!

@Tina: I wish other 50 years old looked that good, but no they don’t. He looks 40 and not 50.

Of all the looks at that event they are by far the classiest!

@Tina: wtf are you talking about? You are so wrong! johnny has always looked younger than his age.

@Koko: he looks in his late 30s.

Johnny is smart and clever, he’s not a follower.
He’s different and he’s not some dumb Hollywood sheep.
He’s at his own level in terms of talent and character choices.

@Amanda: he always looks young. he looks so much better than other actors out there. he’ll always have that glow and that coolness to him.

@Robert: yeah I agree with you. he’s not a phony. He’s a really cool guy.

I’ve met him once he’s soooooo nice!!!! and he’s sooo beautiful in person!
He even seemed a little shy. It’s part of his charm.

He’s got brains and beauty!

They are also on the best dressed list of VOGUE

@Meh: I’m not surprised by that. What they wear is well chosen and sophisticated.

LOL at all the paid trolls thinking Johnny still looks hot!

Mr. Pitiful @ 05/05/2014 at 11:36 pm

Mr. Peanut all the way.

Mr. Pitiful @ 05/05/2014 at 11:41 pm

Oh dear God! I just looked at them large size. Is it Halloween? Night of the living dead? Seriously made up by undertakers.

@Mr. Pitiful: I believe you posted this crappy comment on the wrong article. Or maybe you should have posted this comment with a “Mr.exaggerating” name? I don’t know what the hell are you on about because he’s just wearing an elegant suit and she’s wearing a stunning dress. There’s nothing so dark about their looks or her makeup.

@Bella: What are you talking about? I think you’re a reeeetard! go away!

@Mr Pitiful

Yep, so true!

@Rick: yuk, thank god Angelina something wasn’t at the met ball. This woman is a walking zombie skeleton narcissist with too many veins coming out of strange places and a face that’s about to blow up all the botox that was injected in it.
I loved Amber’s dress, it was refined and feminine. She has a lot of elegance and she’s natural. I liked suki’s dress and that girl from gossip girl’s dress and diane kruger’s dress.
As for the men, I thought johnny found the coolest suit for the night. the other suits were a boring and not as funky as johnny’s.

@Mr. Pitiful: As for you your name perfectly describes who you are and what you say.
Night everybody!

WhoDressesThem @ 05/06/2014 at 12:40 am

Ozzy and Sharon in the making…

Well I’m not fan of his outfit at all..I don’t really like it ,but Johnny is still a cute guy and I know he could looks better . He like to dress diferent ,it’s his style..but he doesn’t looks terrible like N7 Suze said!! There are many haters here like Karrie N30 and N32..he si not creepy at stop LAYING! By the way..@Bella and Mr Pitiful are the same hater…they can’t deny that Johnny still looks good..

Clementina @ 05/06/2014 at 12:52 am

@brenda: Of course he looks great! johnny is always hot! just look at the rhum diaries recently, that’s one piece of man!!! mmmmmmm

@WhoDressesThem: Ozzy and Sharon? How random. They are more like Branglina in the making. But Amber said she doesn’t want their relationship to be like Branglina soo..

That’s what’s cool about johnny, he tries different things, he has his own style and doesn’t wait for other people to dress him like a puppet.
He doesn’t get influenced by people who decide what is “so called” fashionable at the moment.

Anyway, a lot of things he wears and his style was copied many times by people and has inspired fashion designers.
Creative artists follow their own rules and they get some stupid critics here and there, but who cares.

Clementina @ 05/06/2014 at 1:08 am

@Opp: no johnny and amber, don’t be like the Brangelinas!!! ewwww, nooooooooo!!!!
Be yourselves!

@WhoDressesThem: What does Ozzy and Sharon got to do with Amber and johnny? Wtf?

siennagold @ 05/06/2014 at 3:57 am

They both look beautiful!

it is wonderful, and gorgeous charm is the high point of it.

They are such an odd looking couple. I don’t mean because one is better looking than the other but most couples look like – I don’t know… they just have some similarities. Even Johnny Depp had this with Vanessa Paradis and Kate Moss. They looked kind of alike. These two just don’t look like they go together.

I think Johnny wants his fans away. Many like me not even want to read news on Johnny or go to his sites to not have to come across him and Amber

Jesus Christ, what’s going on with Amber, her face looks like a scarecrow.

who dressed and made the hairdo of Amber she should hate. She is horrible

Johnny is ok, but after Amber, poor guy! He looks pale and with big bags under his eyes. He seems to be drinking too much.

They both look lovely and elegant. Johnny really brought it this time around:) I like her dress too..simple but nice.

Johnny is looking good here but he should have worn his dark framed glasses. Amber looks lovely too. My fav of the event though was blake lively:)

Amber seems a man.

Just few flashes for you?

where is your pouting, Amber? In NYC?

What happens to the hair of Amber ! Perhaps she is young but she is horrible to day !!

They look fantastic!

Aniston’s freak on board! Well just remember that Aniston’s is literally nothing but a tabloid fodder and a laughingstock. Never anything but a mean Homely lonely spinster. That’s why the freak is here.
Aniston’s freak, take a break, dude!
Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. It’s so sad but true.
This is so not about Brangelina! And Johnny said fantastic things about Angelina, like everybody else did.
But don’t worry, Aniston freak, with this woman by his side, no way they can succeed in being a power couple like Brangelina. Ever.
But I have always liked him, b/c he’s unique and extremely talented.

The supremes @ 05/06/2014 at 11:40 am

Johnny !!!!

@Cyntia: scarecrow? where do you see a scarecrow? Do you need new glasses or a new brain? choose!

I raise my hat to johnny!
He’s original.
This guy has guts when it comes to style and movie roles.

I like the cane!

TEAM HEIDI @ 05/06/2014 at 2:38 pm


Thank you for this. How do you get rid of filthy Rachel Green of Envy Aniston cockroach? Lol.
Me too likey Johnny. Only find yourself somebody worth you, Johnny! I liked his ex wife, was classy and never talked other people. She was a cool
and nice lady and a mother of his little ones.

Pump that gas! Now! @ 05/06/2014 at 2:48 pm

He rules! Johnny’s a funny dude!
I love this:

@Pump that gas! Now!: That’s fun. Will he direct a feature soon? I hope so. I loved the music videos he’s made.
When I saw him at “Inside the actor’s studio” I loved it when he said :

“Just keep moving forward and don’t give a **** about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”
-Johnny depp

It gave me a lot of hope.

@Bella: They actually “go” together and they have so much in common.

Johnny likes a young Alain Delon !
He’s such a beautiful man.

@Seasons: Who’s Alain Delon?

@Seasons: yeah he does look like him.

@Seasons:are you kidding me? Alain Delon was an beautiful man when young but he isn’t like Johnny. Alain was much better

@Fanny: No they are both hot.

@Fanny: You mean Johnny is much better?

Johnny is becoming more and more ridiculous since dating Amber ! It is what his career is falling down !

Again hot Johnny ? Open your eyes ! He is now old and tired and looks like the papy of Amber !

Has Amber lost her hair ? Strange head Heard this day !

It looks like she has stilts under her dress. Johnny looks like a dwarf close by!

Santa clause @ 05/06/2014 at 8:33 pm

@coca: You have a bad spirit. You belong with satan.

If we look well at Amber’s hair, they are electric and raise themselves straight ahead on the head ! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Johnny !

@coca: You are the only ridiculous person here. His career is not falling down or anything. He’s a Hollywood royalty and he’ll be offered high profile roles.

Again old and tired Johnny? Open your blind eyes! He looks hot and gorgeous and not that older than Amber.

he looks like an undertaker

@Pump that gas! Now!:
I miss this guy
Where is he?

@Chris: You mean YOU look like an undertaker? He looks classy and like a sir.

@rita: Where is he? Well, he hasn’t changed but he just matured and got wiser and much better as a person.

she is already using face diva, Victoria Beckham became a Crabby …

amber is so classless and has no subtlety for show her ring.
It is no wonder that Johnny is tense with her.

Johnny chose the right clothes for him to be in this type of event. He went to a gala event. This outfit is the face of Johnny, he’s vintage.
Poor Johnny, he hates this type of event

MarkGeinn @ 05/07/2014 at 8:09 am

All right with all comments but let me tell you, according to my personal taste (and many newyorkers), Take a look at Vanessa Paradis when she was 28 years old : She was an absolute KNOCKOUT ! Not just a beautiful american stereotyped gal !

I love him.
So, unfortunately, I don’t think so

see Johnny in an event like this scares me

Stella McCartney?
Bet you that they are mocking Amber and her big open mouth

Dude, Vanessa is absolute knockout

poor Amber
will you pout and frown again, Amber?

Amber must have some mental disorder and Johnny, sweet heart, is helping her because that’s the only reason I see for a man like Johnny Depp be with Amber Heard

@???: She is a mature and classy woman and soooo beautiful, perfect for Johnny and they are together just because they love each other. I hate people like you, so jealous! Johnny is happiest than ever since he is with her, he is really back to who he is! He is Johnny again, enjoying life. That’s why he said Amber brought him back to life! After more than a decade dating the female version of the phantom of the opera he is finally with a beautiful intelligent strong classy sweet young woman who love him for who he is and don’t try to change him or hide him from everybody keep him only for her living in another continet so far from his roots, parents and friends! Now he is happy and healthy! And I’m happy for them both!

Sorry, but you’re a deluded

@????: No, I’m not. I know when Johnny is happy, I’m not jealous, I want the best for him and it’s obvious that Amber is the best for him.
@Cat: She’s sweet, elegant and classy as always in this video!

@Cat: yeah Cat, you are a B!tch.

@rita: You love him? Unfortunately, you don’t seem to know much about him because he’s definitely wiser now.

I always thought Johnny was a nice and smart man. very classy and elegant with his words. To me he is a special actor with a creative career. To me, Brando, de niro, pacino and Depp are unique in their own way;

Tatah is JDF !

Johnny Depp is unique.
I’m so sad to see how Johnny in this last one year that he is with Amber how he aged!
I remember him presenting the Grammy 2013. He was thin, deeply tanned, but he was young, he looked less than 10 years he was.
Now he seems 10 years more than he is.
Amber is not good for Johnny. She is like a poison.
He seems very painful, seems dry inside.
Too bad.

@Tatah: Why do you think that anyone who thinks Amber is ugly, is jealous.
I think Amber is ugly, I don’t like her type.
And I’m far from being jealous

I follow Johnny long ago and I know he is not happy.

@Hooper: No I’m not the b * tch, because I’m not Amber.
She is the only, the special b*tch

@rita: Do you think you know him personally or something? He’s never been happier than he is now and with Amber and his kids.

@JDF: That’s the best!

@JDF: LMAO and you talk exactly the same way as if you knew Depp personally. What an idiot! Your whole rant on JJ is ridiculous. Get the hell out of here, you sick fanatic running amok. Take your pills, and close yourself in a dark room for ever.

@Tatah: from your reaction I hit the nail on the head

@Jenny: No, I’m not JDF. I never was. But sometimes I am “Me”. But there is another “me” who is not myself.
But I agree with JDF, only a blind jealous person can’t see how happy and healthy Johnny’s been in the last couple years.

You crack me up. Are you a comedian? Or blind?

@Cat: You are not a fan of Johnny because his real fans NEVER would call B*tch the woman he loves and is engaged to.
@Dave: It’s impossible to someone who is not jealous to say find some women are ugly. Amber is this kind of women, she is perfect, with delicate features, a perfect body, hair, beautiful eyes and mouth/teeth. If someone say “she is not my cup of tea”, that’s ok. But saying she is ugly, yes, you’re jealous! There is not wrong or “ugly” about her face or body (if you really know the meaning of the word “ugly”).
And I really think she’s perfect to Johnny. She is sweet and intellectual like Winona and partier and funny like Kate.
And… she likes to cook for him (and his kids), to paint with him (I wonder how many times these two painted each other), to watch him playing his guitar…and there are a lot of things they can do together (because they like the same things): going to an old book story to search for rare books, listening to rock, blues and country music, driving fast cars, shoting guns, riding horses, having dinner together in good restaurants, having fun with their dogs and talking all the time about all those things and much more. And, of course having e their romantic moments and good sex . Lol

If Amber is ugly then what is Vanessa?

I like Amber-she is gorgeous. There are many jealous nutjobs out there whoact out their frustration on her.

And she paints? Didn’t know about that. Maybe sometime she’ll reveal her paintings of JOhnny.

@Tatah: When did he say that amber brought him back back to life? Dont get me wrong i love them together :)

@Tatah: Because I can’t see love between Johnny and Amber.
But if he really loves a b*tch. what can I do? Nothing.
She still remains a b*tch. It is her nature. Johnny can do nothing.

Is Amber gorgeous?
I don’t think so!
Take a look! Awful! She was cute! Now she is ugly!

Poor Johnny. Amber is lesbian y she doens´t changed for him. She loves Tasya …..and women

A terrible couple without any class ! Johnny Depp is over and Heard so vulgar !

An arrogant woman who is not the good choice !

Gold-digger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man is a fool !

@Dave: That is your opinion but most people think she is beautiful. You are one of the few people that do not think so.

@fy: Public humiliation does not equal love. She was dropped like a sack of s***! Honestly, its been two years now or more…the time to move on has since passed. There is nothing anyone can do cos we are not involved. It is their business so get over it…no point crying over spilled milk.

It seems the couple Depp/heard begin to be tired ! In love Amber ? See here under the photos of the Dayly Mail :

@Falala: In fact my opinion coincides with most people. Some, like me, think Amber is ugly and many people think her cute but unattractive

@Dave: I have taken a good look and i am sticking with my opinion. I still think she is pretty….sorry. I guess people see other people differently and have different opinions about what beauty is.

@Falala: in fact the concept of beauty can be different from one person to another. What is beautiful to you, to me, can be ugly.
But something is common to all concepts of what is beautiful.
Beauty is what transmits the well, what is nice. And for sure Amber is not nice. She doesn’t transmit any beauty.
Amber is ugly.

@186 cher..Johnny is not over …he has so many plans for the future and if Amber loves him or not is not your business,he is having fun with a gorgeous and young woman so?..he is just living his life and he doesn’t give a **** what we think !

@Dave: That’s the worst picture you could find of her? o_O my god the woman is stunning!!!

Hereunder we can see Amber with some friends girls to the Met ball. It seems like the “blonde” friend wants to defy Johnny ! Perhaps she could stole Amber to him. Amber seems very happy with the girls friends !

Dadaist? Do you consider yourself a Dadaist? So, you despise traditional aesthetic values​​, don’t you? Then, I understand why you think Amber stunning. (hahaha)

@cali: Cara is very pretty. Amber seems to like more girls than boys

This Dave is wasting his/her time trying to prove that Amber is ugly. She is gorgeous in all those pictures! What kind of feeling can make a person try so hard and desperately to prove that someone with a so perfect face is ugly? In my opinion she is the most beautiful actress of the current decade, far more beautiful than Angelina Jolie, or Gwenet Paltron or Scarlet Johanson. And Johnny Depp is the most beautiful actor, she looks young, happy and really in love! I didn’t see him like this for many years! The most interesting thing about their relationship is that they are together but they respect each other. He is with her but also with his friends, she is with him but also with her friends. They seem to love and trust each other, this relationship is not a prision, it adds things, experiences, people, and never decreases anything. That’s why it is working.

@M: I disagree, although Johnny is a good looking guy, but living with Amber made ​​him to age 10 years in just one year. Look at photos of him in January 2013 and you’ll see I’m right.
As for Amber, she has really beautiful features, she’s pretty but unfortunately she is also dull. She is not attractive. She’s lackluster, humdrum, stodgy, uninspired.
Amber seems to be made ​​of plastic.

Amber was beautiful in the promo for TRD, but she was never beautiful again. Nowadays she seems to be another woman.

Amber was not only spotted with Johnny to the Met Ball. Hereunder, she was spotted with girls too and how she seems happy !

Amber looks like a scarecrow for this Met ball ! what happens to her hair !

@cher: What do you know of them to call them a “terrible couple”? What does that even mean? They are a lovely couple and they look classy. I’m pretty sure that they have more class than you’ll ever will.

If Johnny Depp is over then why did you bother clicking on to read an article about him and post a comment? You are the vulgar person here and not the classy and sweet Amber.

@fy: What the hell are you talking about? She’s not a lesbian and her and Taysa were over ages ago. She’s with a man since 2 years now, stop this nonesense already.

@cali: Happy with the girl friends? Please, she’s just fake-smiling.

Amber looks like to go to clubs with sex shows. this is her favorite program and where she has led Johnny lately. Nasty

@Peggy: fake, again? Amber is totally fake. That’s why she seems a plastic woman

Hmmm, Amber loves night clubs, specially with decadent shows. Really nasty. She is still going to these places with her friends and last week she went to Queen of the Night with Johnny. Disgusting.

Johnny is already in Boston to his role in Black Mass. Amber is with him. She jinx everything. Please Amber stay away from Johnny at least during the filming. I don’t want to see him with a bombed movie.
Amber is jinx. She tanks her and his movies.

@Paloma: I say the contrary: please Amber stay with him the way you have been for two years and a half, because he is happier when he is with you. He really needs a partner like you, someone who always is there for him, no matter what!

@Paloma: Thank God Amber is not with Johnny in Boston. So there is a chance she does not screw it up. She is really jinx

@Lady: In fact, it is best that Amber stay well away from Johnny in the footage. Exactly, since 2011, when Johnny and Amber began to see each other, Johnny’s movies has tanked.
Amber, please stay away from him during filming.

Why didn’t Johnny kiss Amber on her lips?

@Rob: You didn’t see the second picture, did you?
Haters are always so stupid! They always say something nonsense…@Brian: Brian, most of his movies are not blockbusters, and many of them were less sucessful than TLR and DR! And, he was not with Amber. So, it’s ridiculous to blame her. At least he is happy with her. But haters are haters, and they’re jealous. So, Amber can’t win, no matter what she does. If she is there you’ll say “it was better if she wasn’t there”, if she was not, you would say “she doesn’t supports him, she is not by his side now”. I know hnow your minds work: “i’ll just hate, just say bad things, I won’t think if I am being fair or not, I’ll just say bad things, even if I’m wrong about what I’m saying”.
It’s just the way you (haters) are.

For three days I’ve been here reading the article and (almost) all the comments. What can I say? They make a gorgeous couple and are obviously in love!
It’s funny how some people decided that Amber is ugly, a bad person, a gold digger and everything bad SINCE THEY KNEW SHE IS WITH JOHNNY. There is ONE word for this: JEALOUSY.
Ok, Amber is not my favorite actress (as Vanessa is not my favorite french singer, or Kate is not my favorite model) BUT, yes, she is ok as an actress and even if she was not it’s their business!
If I could choose a girlfriend for Johnny I would say Charlize Theron or Sandra Bullock (my favorite actresses). But, I can’t choose for him, nobody can! He chose Amber, and it’s his life. I am his fan, and I’ll always be, he is a great actor, my favorite one, and he’ll always be. He doesn’t have to marry someone I would like him to marry. And no matter what we say or think or want for him, it won’t change anything.
He is living his life with the woman he loves and that’s ok. I respect her and I’m learn to apreciate the good things about her. As someone said on this thread, she supports him she is always there for him, and that’s what he needs. AND, yes she is really gorgeous, and seems a sweet human being. He is happy, I’m happy for him!

@Lady: you’re spending your energy for nothing. I never said that Amber is hateful I always say she’s jinx

@Nell: You’re funny! If you’re a really Johnny’s fan. You could say, it’s his business and I hope he can be happy. But no, you are defending Amber even when it’s obvious that she is spoiled and doesn’t care for Johnny. Maybe she can like him, afterall he’s a special and handsome man. But love, Amber just loves herself. in every picture she only cares to show the engagement ring, she is only happy when she somehow manages to draw the attention of photographers. even when she and Johnny are making out she was worried to show off her ring. Amber is sick

@Lady: did you see the link that I posted? He was kissing her cheek

@Brian: Amber is in Boston with Johnny. I saw pictures of her there. She is suffocating. She looks like a sh * t that stuck in his shoes.

Amber will jinx this film too. She jinx everything she touches.

Amber looks like an ostrich for this trap ball. It looks like she did not sleep at night ! That is what it is to strut about on red carpet every day ! She is not going to hold the road. We shall talk again of Miss Amber in 15 years ! With all that she has of redone in the face, that should not be very attractive ! How nice the destroyed family woman !!

Yes, Amber is a jinx ! Run away Johnny when it is time again !

An ostrich and a gold-digger !

They have nothing in common ! Johnny became a vulnerable person since his destroyed family and he is the victim of dangerous Amber !

Vanessa looks so ugly with this hairstyle, Benjamin Biolay looks so ugly too. I like Vanessa but I LOVE Amber. Amber fits better to Johnny. WAY BETTER! and she’s a great actress. Amber and Johnny are my favorite couple EVER! :D

@Denise: I don’t know who fits Johnny but I know who doesn’t. Of course, Amber doesn’t fit Johnny. Amber is arrogant and phony, Johnny in opposite is kind.

Amber is now tired of Johnny, the images hereunder prove it. The Johnny which she met in Rhum Express, in 4 years aged of 10 years (alcohol, drug?). He already was not in sync with her, but now he is no more. If she stays again with him, it is really to increase her notoriety and that she hopes to take advantage of him. At one point or another, she is necessarily going to return towards a younger person. It is life. And the poor Johnny, from now beautiful but old man having lost his marks, will recover in hunting towards an even younger woman ! Good thing for him to be rich in this job !

@Emily: Yes, she paints. She said in a recent interview that she likes to paint. She has the same interests as Johnny’s. Old movies, tattoos, fast cars, the same kind of music (rock, blues and country music), vintage closes, rare books (and they were visting a book store in Boston yesterday), animals and all those things I’ve alread said. They have a lot in common. I really believe that they are made to each other!

@Vmnhphng: He gave a lot of interviws lately, and said many (good) things about her. So, I can’t remember exactly when I read it, but I did. He said that and also he said that he loves her as he loves his kids, and he was waiting for her to get married. He said he is his alter-ego, and that the age-gap is not a problem for them, he said they learn a lot with each other, and she really inspires him. He also said he’ll always love and respect Vanessa as the mother of his kids and he also said about his kids and Amber: “Amber loves them, and they love her, it was easier than a expected, I’m pround of my kids”.

@Lady: I agree with you, and or course it is not fair to blame Amber for anything. I could make a list of his movies that made no sucess (and he was not with her), but I won’t waste my time with trolls and haters. Johnny always prefered cult-movies but after Pirates people think that every movie he does, have to make more than 1 bilhion dollares! It’s not fair, it’s absurd!
Cute and cultural:
In my comment (number 236) I meant “vintage clothes”.

@Rob: I see the pictures and he is kissing her chick and then her lips. What’s wrong with you? There is an old picture that shows him kissing Winona’s nose. There is no rule saying tthat a person only can kiss his/her love’s lips and nothing else!
And I’m done.

Johnny sacrifices his children so by displaying with this woman without any morality. Even if they do not show him, they will never forgive it to him !

Again a kiss for the paps. She’s laughing with arrogance and has a fake face. With her hand, she hasn’t a tender gesture but she almost shows her ring well. Johnny seems to be a “thing” in her hands ! She is her jinx ! She is always and only a destroyed family woman and a gold digger !

Johnny became nothing since he’s dating Amber !

Johnny looks like a dwarf next to this wading bird !

Re : Boston kiss
It is not Johnny who embraces and kisses Amber, he is caught by her as a marionette without reaction ! It is Amber who, with a sardonic smile, caught Johnny and kiss him for THE PHOTO with a lot of “mimiques”, and especially by showing well her ring in his back as a trophy ! Poor Johnny, that hurts to see him making a fool of itself so ! This woman manipulates him dangerously and does not make her happiness but her misfortune ! The real only woman for him left ! His children can only despise him even if they continue to like him ! But one day they will hate him ! They are very close to their mother and love not at all amber. Numerous photos and looks prove it. They are obliged to tolerate her and they hate necessarily in secret this woman who destroyed their family and their happiness !!!

She did hair with a vacuum cleaner and she looks drawn today Amber !

They have nothing, really nothing in common !

Oh my god ! A guinea fowl with a dentures !

@Tatah: of course. Amber is empty, she copies everything Johnny does. That’s the why Amber is so insignificant. She has no own brightness

After the pirates movies, Johnny was rediscovered and he was noted as a great actor and a great guy. And only after Johnny be connected in one way or another to Amber his professional and private life is sinking. Amber is jinx

Johnny is always humble and sweet and Amber is always arrogant. She is full of herself.

What a damage to see Johnny going to his loss with this woman !

Her smile is terrible of arrogance ! I do not understand, man or woman, how we can fall in love with her !

well, he’ll soon retire and then amber will truly shine. she is young and talented and will become a big star.

@Stars: hahahahahahaha
You’re hilarious. Amber can’t act and she hasn’t own brilliance, she is trying to steal the brightness of Johnny

Amber is so insecure and suffocating. She was again with Johnny in Boston in the set of BM.
Amber has no more work for her? No one wants her?
I think it’s because she has a bad aura and jinx all around her.
She also will jinx the new movie of Johnny, sadly, because he’s a very good actor.

@Stars: Amber is a porn actress.
I won’t watch London Fields

@Peter: I also saw the pictures. Amber has some psychological problem. She always gets overly showing her engagement ring.

As the couple Depp / Paradis was beautiful, as the couple Depp / Heard is not and causes a malaise ! And not only for the gap age !

hahaha The same haters over and over again! Poor ones, they don’t understand what a true love is! Haters, get a life! Johnny and Amber are happy and in love, no matter what you think about it. They are happy and lucky people, you are not.

LOL haters are having a major breakdown!!Calm down you pathetic creatures it’s only love, you will be fine I promise

@Sasha/cali/yan: Every person who met Amber says she is humble, nice and down to Earth. She is not arrogant at all. She’s the girlfriend that is more like Johnny in everything, and it’s not because she “copies him” as you said, but this is how she really is, and always was, even when she was a teenager, many years before she met Johnny!
About the feelings of Johnny’s kids, I believe that their father knows them better than you, don’t you think? You can’t see what is in their hearts, you not even know them, so don’t be ridiculous!
When you are in love, it’s not “suffocating” to have the person you love by your side, it’s the real freedom! He is doing everything he wants, he is happier than ever because she gave him a new breath in life!
And she is not forcing him to kiss her, he loves to do it: “Well, you know, I had the great pleasure and honor of kissing a co-star in The Rum Diary” … it’s been doing all right”.
To kiss her is a “preasure and a honor” for him. Deal with this fact!

Both of them are very stylish! I love her dress, her shoes, her make up, her hair… She’s so classy and beautiful.
He is a unique presence, I love his suit and even the cane! He gets even more beautiful and young without his facial hair. And this haircut really suits him!Perfect couple!
I’ve been following them for a while and I don’t care about what the frustrated and jealous people say (they will always twist things in their own way). I learned to do my best to ignore them.
I have no doubt that this couple love each other and enjoy to be together as always as possible! She was working in NY, he was there with her, now he is working in Boston, and she is there with him (as she does since he was filming The Lone Ranger).
Lovely couple! God bless them, always, and always and always!

Both of them are very stylish! I love her dress, her shoes, her make up, her hair… She’s so classy and beautiful.
He is a unique presence, I love his suit and even the cane! He gets even more beautiful and young without his facial hair. And this haircut really suits him! Perfect couple!
I’ve been following them for a while and I don’t care about what the frustrated and jealous people say (they will always twist things in their own way). I learned to do my best to ignore them.
I have no doubt that this couple love each other and enjoy to be together as always as possible! She was working in NY, he was there with her, now he is working in Boston, and she is there with him (as she does since he was filming The Lone Ranger).
Lovely couple! God bless them, always, and always and always!!

He looks creepy, and not like a 30 year old.
people ho say he looks like a 30 year old or sexy.
lives on the time when he was.
I like jd but somthing has happend to his face.
And yes i know 50 and 60 years old man that looks better than him.
So stop saying that he looks good when he dosent do that.
You just whant to see him like you Always have seen him and he dosent look like that annymore.

Cocco, are you blind? Look at his skin! Many actores who are younger than him are aging so faster! He has almost no wrinkle, or grey hair! Everything about him shows us a 35 year-old man! Stop saying he doens’t look good, because he really does.
He is like wine, he looks better with the age.
And about his fiancée Amber, she is gorgeous and a good actress, I think she makes him happy and wish them the best.

Johnny aged 20 years in latest year with Amber

@Me: Love or secret?

Amber is a bagger. Have i made a rhyme?

I love this couple! they’re absolutely perfect together!!!!! s2

Amber seems a bit fat there was some years !! And what clever eyes !

Pedofile johny depp with his daugther amber heart. Its make me sick. Old prick

Most Lovely Couple Of Hollywood.Amber Heard Looking So Gorgious.

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