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Kate Bosworth Meets Up with Stella McCartney's Other Attendees at Met Ball 2014

Kate Bosworth Meets Up with Stella McCartney's Other Attendees at Met Ball 2014

Kate Bosworth hits the red carpet in a pink gown on the red carpet at the 2014 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 5) in New York City.

The 31-year-old actress met up with designer Stella McCartney and the fabulous ladies she dressed including Reese Witherspoon and Cara Delevingne.

“STELLA x KATE 🎈 @StellaMcCartney #MetGala2014″ Kate tweeted before leaving for the big event.

Keep tuned to throughout the night for all the Met Ball coverage.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Stella McCartney dress, Aquazarra shoes, Jimmy Choo clutch, and Ana Khouri, Vieri, Sidney Garber, and Anna Sheffield jewelry.

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  • HELL

    WOW hell frozen over. Does GOOP know?

  • Verity

    Rihanna in the background, is the only good thing about this.

  • Alex

    Kate looks way too skinny. Really gross

  • Suze

    Not a memorable dress, but better than some. KB is looking so frail.

  • tbh

    rihanna and cara are the cool girls, while kate and reese look out of place. it should’ve just been riri and cara with stella.

  • open bar

    reese just looks thrilled to be standing next to
    bonesworth and saggyskin. 1st one to the bar i’m sure
    so goop unleashed her fashion hounds and lets her bff’s
    dress the mistress’ now?? interesting??

  • Smile

    That’s a hipbone, not a knife. And no, it’s not because she’s happy to see you.

  • chellea

    Wow she looks awful!!!! Too many bones sticking out…. Just saying

  • ale

    it is not nice to see your bones Kate!!!!!

  • Fashionista

    Kate looks gorgeous. They all do. So happy to see her with Stella. They go back a long way! Stella designed a beautiful gown for her. Excellent!

  • WhoDressesThem

    Bosworth has Anorexia – she’s battled it a long time and came out a few years ago about it

  • essie

    kate must starve herself.. her balding hairline supports it

  • Kim

    what a JOKE! Cara looks amazing, as usual, not sure why the others even left their hotel rooms. Kate is disgusting, go gain some weight

  • A

    Kate looks amazing. My favourite look over all, flawless.

  • 14@

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, but really? – Your favorite of them all?? – For me, this is her weakest MET dress.

  • Samantha

    At what point can Kate’s husband be considered an enabler?

  • Poppy

    Kate looks effortlessly gorgeous!

  • No she didn’t

    Kate has always been in denial about an eating disorder.
    And @Fashionista stop encouraging her. She looks awful and
    Needs help not congratulations. Needs rehab not
    Fashion praise.

  • FashiongurLL

    she is gorg, always classy, color is beautiful and her whole style fits the theme

  • Sembeiger

    At first glance, I loved this dress and thought it was one of my favorites. The back is lovely (the straps cross low in the back and are met with another strap a bit above the waist) and the minimal style is perfect for Kate. When you see if from different angles, it becomes apparent that the length and shape of the top is not flattering. I don’t like how it puckers where it meets the dress at the waist. Too bad, it had incredible potential. I hate the jewelry.

  • ladybug

    It’s a Stella McCartney and I don’t hate it?! (checks self for fever). I like the jewelry. And she was more theme appropriately styled by Cher’s colleague than Cher herself styled her clients.
    But, when the first thing you notice, even in thumbnail photos, is her pelvic bones, followed by her ribs, that’s not a good thing at all.
    It’s not a horrible look, but the dress doesn’t actually compliment her body type.
    And for those who think she’s ‘effortless’ and ‘flawless’ it’s one thing to like her look, but ‘flawless’ and ‘effortless’, these are your go-to words. Do you even understand what they actually mean?

  • Roley

    I am not a fan of the white accent at the top. It gives it a prom/bridesmaid “feel” (obviously not a prom/bridesmaid “look”). I also don’t like how the top is shaped like patches. The back is a total WOW (just not on Kate’s back). I think it would have been great on a fuller body.

  • Turtly
  • Foxx

    It looks a little warm there, but Kate’s makeup looks flawless… ooops, I mean impeccable.

  • No Doubt

    This chick is anorexic and has a eating disorder if you don’t think so you have an eating disorder and you need to go seek help. The only I like about the dress is the color as for the rest it is ill fitting and it just emphasis that she has an eating disorder and no one cares they are just promoting it but such is the fashion world very bad influnece on women they promote body image disorders.

    This chick has many secrets and I sure she is involved in some dirty s**t her name and there is a picture of her in the new Singer case she was there at the after party with that minor for that s**t movie Superman where she sucked she couldn’t act then and she can’t act now I often wonder how she is even still revelant I have heard many things about her like she was a drug dealer to rich and powerful casting couch etc

    I am also sure she has seen and kept her mouth shut about alot of wrong doing too she is BFF with Kevin Spacey who is a know twink abuser and lover who is in the closet but everyone in Hollywood knows what he and Singer does.
    So tell me now how dirty is her hands how deep and involved is she in these Hollywood mess because we all know she is not in Hollywood because of her acting abilities or her great shape so why is still Kate Bosworth because of her dirty connections and her abities to shut her mouth about it.

    read for yourself

  • BreakDownBuildUp

    @No doubt , excuse you .
    but in case you haven’t noticed kate is a WOMAN yes.

    and those men (singer etc) has no interest whatsoever in the female gender. he is gay. you dumbo!!
    so sorry to disappoint your downward spiral!!
    second kb was in superman which was directed by bryan singer that photo was taken after one of the premiers or something
    are we going to accuse all the other women and men who have worked on his movies ,no possibly not it’s only kb you gets scape-goated by evil little girls like you.
    go back to that filthy little ho laineyy and her mad batshit conspiracy files your have a good ‘ol time in your mad little worlds .

  • BreakDownBuildUp

    kate you dont look well.
    i hope her mother father and those that love her see beyond that pretty dress she’s wearing and take good look at how thin and sad she looks these past 2 years .

    how sad she has always been much prettier than most of hollywoods women but if she carries on like this there will be nothing left of her.

  • No Doubt


    The only dumbo here is you idiot. I never said they wanted her. I KNOW THEY ARE GAY EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD KNOWS THEY ARE GAY. They also know about the endless dirty going on in and around Hollywood and yes she has been around and on the casting couch not with the Gays but the other dirty perverts. I said she knows about their dirty mess up going on. Notice I said she is BFF with Spacey who is known for loving abusing twinks.

    You stupid people no wonder this anorexic stick pole is stick around because you idoits are blinded by the supposed fashion style which she never had but whatever.

  • No Doubt


    You must be very Ugly lonely loser aren’t you if you think she is prettier than most that is the same old s** they have been saying to get her to happen and guess what 10 years plus she still never happened because she never had the IT or talent just known for boyfriends or her eating disorder she just Kardashian

    As for pretty and face anyone can buy a Face in Hollywood most of these women get new faces and adjust part of their face and body. I have seen more attractive drag queens Ru Paul can take her down in sweat pants so if you are talking about Pretty she is average at best but keep believe she is she never was.

    You are more F**k up than I thought if you believe in any of this Lainey BS
    I am not Lainey nor do I care what she has to say.

  • Neptune

    you are both extremely narrow minded .

    some women really do have genuine hard time keeping on weight …it’s really that simple .
    please stop this projection of yours just because YOU have issue keeping weight off does not mean every other women does to .

  • @No doubt

    #28 #29 @No doubt ,
    by all your MANY posts about kb it is all so clear you are a incredibly bitter nasty person .
    there is no evidence for anything you accused kb of all your accusations about her are unfounded except for in your deluded head. live in your fantasy world where kate is the protagonist!!!!!
    you need to get a life (preferably your own)

  • @No doubt

    Who said you where Lainey?even tho you where never even asked .
    by denying your little-miss-rabid-queen of vancity, did you just inadvertently admit who you really are !!!

  • @No doubt

    @Nodoubt .
    lol yes you are funny ,do you really believe that all these years ‘bought’ her fAce REALLY! YOU IDIOT, she has always been exceptionally pretty just take a look way back when she started out in Hollywood , you cant buy beauty .we couldn’t buy that face much less than you need to buy a new brain.

  • @ Samantha

    “@Samantha @ 05/06/2014 at 1:05 am

    “”"”At what point can Kate’s husband be considered an enabler?”"”
    enabler? what does that even mean? do you mean her weight.

  • Volcano

    Good to see that Bonesworth is still actively posting on JJ 30-34 lol that not one of the women from the group was hanging out with her afterwards.

  • Jan

    @ Volcano
    I guess once a piraiha, always a piraiha! She’s always be known
    as Chris Martin’s side piece no matter what. She is so talentless, so
    beige that nothing could ever overshadow the skank!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I´m so happy to see Reese again !
    She looks (GORGEOUS)² x (GORGEOUS)² (GORGEOUS)², yep !
    But most important thing for me is, that her eyes and her face do look much more gorgeous than any dress, that could be designed in this universe, yep !
    B E A U T I F U L !!!

  • OMG

    My guess is there’s one hater here with a bunch of aliases. Can’t you be more clever than sounding like the same person no matter what name you use? Idiot.
    @#33: I agree with you. Kate was a beautiful child when she did The Horse Whisperer. People can do whatever they please to their looks but natural beauty is obvious and Kate’s a natural beauty.
    @Neptune: You’re so right. Just as some women have a hard time losing weight, some have just as hard a time gaining weight. Many of the hate posts at JJ are about women’s bodies. That’s weird. As a woman, I don’t care if another is fat or thin.
    Stella did a great job dressing her guests – Kate, Reese, Cara, and Rihanna (I think). All gorgeous looks.

  • @jan @Volcano

    #35 #36 oh really you two is that the best you can do!!!!
    you are so Lame go eat some shitt.

  • Yikes

    KB is clearly anorexic. Every bone in her body is sticking out. Why are her husband and family not getting her some type of treatment? I know she’s an adult and you can’t force an adult to seek help but geez she really looks sick. They should be really worried about her.

  • Liverwurst

    Stella looks like she’s sucking on a lemon. Smile once in a while sweetheart.

  • gigi22

    I like the dress KB is wearing but not on her. There are bones protruding everywhere. Look at her left wrist or her pelvic bone protruding. People always write about her head, which appears “too large.” That is because her body is emaciated. emaciation is NOT beautiful people. I don’t care who you are. You can clearly see it by her size next to the others. Even Cara, a professional paid model, is more healthy. The others appear frumpy and suffering from PMS. Had Cara and Stella worn a gown with some color, perhaps they would not appear so Blah and out of place. The pink on Reese appears too loud for her pale skin. The top of the dress does not appear to even fit her. Someone mentioned Rhianna, who appears like a real woman! Love the back of that white dress. Perhaps the photographer placed both women in the photo to show the difference, because that is apparently what we are all noticing.

  • Vultures

    sadly i think the vultures that descend on these threads have won these bitchy wars against kate.
    even when she looked glowing & athletic these nasty women would never stop calling her bonesworth …probably due to they’re own bodys & self loathing
    but now she really does look underweight obviously something not right with her lifestyle but i Don’t think she has anorexia she probably just loses weight really easily ,as hard as it is for the bigger woman to understand that.

  • Americas.obesity

    read my title says your all obese yanks or just bitter twisted twats.
    or both

  • Samantha

    @@ Samantha: Of course I mean her weight. It’s been commented many times how wonderful she looked in Blue Crush. She was fit, slim, and healthy. I’m not sure age can be factored into it, as most people tend to gain weight as they age, unless that’s what she’s afraid of and is overcompensating.

  • gigi22

    @ Vultures Isn’t this site for posting opinions good or bad? Are you trying to make our opinions less than your own? KB did appear glowing and athlete..when she was like 23! She was “cute” not beautiful. She had that wholesome California look, as every other young woman at that age has in Hollywood. She’s 31 years old now and is clearly emaciated nor is that a secret. She’s gone rogue on the lip and cheek filler, more so in recent years. She does NOT appear the same. And let’s face it, she’s no Meryl Streep! My thing is fashion! I can’t get passed her body to see the clothes, because she always shocks me. You can continue to live in a fishbowl, but KB (and Hollywood) is promoting a very bad image, because it’s not “beautiful” or glamorous at all. In fact, many women in Hollywood have come out about eating disorders.

  • @Samantha

    #45 @ samantha
    i think your observation on women’s body’s is a very narrow & simplistic one…”as most people tend to gain weight as they age,”"”
    then like many others she is not MOST people like you . remerember that not everyone is the same.

    and some people have health factors which cause people to keep low body weight .food poisoning,hypoglycemia,anemia, deficiency stress etc.

    “She was fit, slim, and healthy.”(in blue crush-year 2000)
    yes she was ( too) fit but she had to do an extraordinary amount of exercising and eat abnormal amounts of fatty foods for ‘that’ body.
    why you speak of a long gone movie she did when she was a TEENAGER!!! that’s 14/15 years ago now!!
    you are one of those women obsessing about her body in blue crush are living out they’re ideal body image and closet-Lesbianism’s through kb …how pervy sad.
    so if you liked that body so desperately then go to the gym yourself instead of wishing kb would build that body for YOU again.

  • @gigi22

    ” Are you trying to make our opinions less than your own?”
    no ,but i think that anyone giving an opinion different to the Vultures’ is usually attacked or dismissed for it.
    and the problem is bitchy women like you keep saying the same thing over and over .and it’s boring.

  • @gigi22 and EVERYONE


    “many women in Hollywood have come out about eating disorders.”
    yes but she has never come out and said any such thing ..all she has ever said was that she was stressed/anxious and there was death in the family.
    which caused her 2006 weight loss ..she is probably over worked with the all the movies and moving to a completely different city and who knows what else it DOES take it’s toll on health (+weight)
    sorry that’s all so hard for you to understand.

    …and YOU are he one living in a fishbowl!!

    are you speaking of her blue crush days when she was teenager? you are really living in HER past!!! “She was ‘cute’ not beautiful”
    no she’s has always been moe than ‘cute’ .
    just ask all those fashion designers since she has been chosen by some of the best designers despite being shorter than models and not having A+ list recognition,she still fronted designs usually reserved for the most gorgeous models. you would have to be more than ‘cute’ to do that.

    i think that’s one of the reasons so many of you crazed women hate women like her so much its easier somehow to hate those opposite to yourself …those with something you have not.

  • 49@

    “she is probably over worked with the all the movies and moving to a completely different city and who knows what else …”
    I guarantee you that people will not validate that argument. She is NOT overworked. It´s not like she´s complete booked all year with several movies to make and press tours and what else. Yeah, she had been working more now than before, but she clearly has more downtime than other actresses, and I refuse to acknowledge going to fashion shows, dinners, openings as hard work. You show up, drink/eat and talk to people.
    some works a lot more, and they still look healthy.