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Adriana Lima Says Maybe It's Maybelline in SoHo!

Adriana Lima Says Maybe It's Maybelline in SoHo!

Adriana Lima rocks a red leather jacket while shooting a Maybelline photo shoot on Tuesday (May 6) in New York City’s SoHo district.

Later in the day, the 32-year-old Brazilian supermodel was spotted wearing a fur vest for the photo shoot.

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“Win an autographed @JozyAltidore soccer ball + honor YOUR mom for Mother’s Day! #HaitiMoms,” Adriana tweeted on the same day.

The night before, Adriana was gorgeous in a metallic black dress while walking the red carpet at the 2014 Met Ball.

15+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima working on a Maybelline in SoHo…

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adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 01
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 02
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 03
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 04
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 05
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 06
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 07
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 08
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 09
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 10
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 11
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 12
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 13
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 14
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 15
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 16
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 17
adriana lima maybe its maybelline soho 18

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  • Brittany

    So pretty <3

  • Maybelline?

    When did she get back with Maybelline? I don’t think anybody rocks a ponytail better than her.

  • Nya

    She is my favorite VS angel

  • Suki

    After seeing all of these wannabes for months, THAT’S a model. I hate her fur, though.

  • stupid
  • Valerie

    I did like her, but she is wearing fur and that’s DISGUSTING. Honestly. If you want to know how something like that is produced google “Chinese Fur Farms” or “Chinese Fur Farming”. It’s terrible and all kinds of awful. So Adriana, sorry, but you are definitely off my list of favourite models.

  • spirit7

    She is beautiful but forgettable

  • Stephanie

    From the snobbish attitude this industry gives off – she’s done Maybelline since 2003 and it’s 2014 and she’s still doing the same lower end makeup brand as well as Victoria’s Secret and I say this because she is listed on top sexiest and money girl – it seems not that intimidating kindly (or special) from the standpoint looking up at the high profile industry at what passes as top model doing the same lower end brands for over a decade, you know? On the contrary, the last two ‘Brasil’ Vogue suits her best as it is her hometown and birthplace… and I wish the family stay married.

  • name

    @stupid: omg! Hiw can you say stupid? That’s really vile considering how that must have hurt and it was a clear accident

  • mj

    So glad she is back working for Maybelline!!! She was always my favourite. And she looks absolutely stunning here! :) <3

  • Someone

    Miranda kerr fans are mad that she has another maybelline contract that they have to insult .

  • fra

    Love her!!

  • JustHaters

    Ok I see y’all just like shitting on Adriana for no reason. And this is on every post about the woman. I swear it’s embarrassing.

  • OMFG

    She’s on faya!!!! I am beside myself with joy. OMG. YAyayayayya!! LOL. I am here for the 2014 Adriana Lima. Maybelline is huge. Wow, I wanna see how much they are paying her. Wow, her Maybelline work was what drew me to her in the first place. She’s doing a fantastic job.
    It’s unfortunate she hit the bus like that, but I like how she kept her cool/

  • hasbeen

    @OMFG: Maybelline is embarassing for a “supermodel” they usually hire unknown models. LMAO. Now if it were Estee Lauder,Lancome,Chanel etc then you can get excited but Maybellline is nasty cheap drug store makeup marketed for poor people and teens….

  • hasbeen

    @Valerie: She wears fur all the time. in her candids,in ad campaigns. She is not against it at all. She loves herself a fur vest/scarf/coat.

  • Cindy

    wow hitting the bus, only she would…this woman in interviews makes me cringe. she literally does not have a brain! She can hardly speak English after 10+ years living in the US, (love her many mis spelled instagram posts LOL) she giggles,twirls her hair…watch her interviews she will literally look at the interviewer very dumbfounded with a blank expression, CLEARLY because she couldnt comprehend the question. *cringes*

  • FU

    @hasbeen But do you see Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel etc on TV during almost every commercial break or posters plastered everywhere? I don’t. Exposure >>>>>

    Also, let’s keep in mind VS Beauty bought out her Maybelline contact back when she was with them so I wonder how much Maybelline shelled out to get her back.

  • adriana

    LOL…calling Maybelline embarrassing… a Kerr fan would. Your list is growing, I’ll give you that, Mui Miu, Donna Karan, Victoria’s Secret, etc etc are all low class jobs according to you. Keep it up

  • try-hard

    @hasbeen: Christy Turlington, Freja Beha and Jourdan Dunn should be embarrassed, yes?

  • Stephanie

    She started with high fashion then commercial… but I don’t see why she’d be an exception to being called a top model for doing the same Victoria’s Secret and that is low end really as well as Maybelline – really commercial, really marketed to the low class now especially as Victoria’s Secret has marketed themselves since after 2004… and gradually fallen before that too, so it’s just eh, she’s not or at least from the industry, career – her career isn’t really – it’s all the interviews she’s doing especially lately with all the really junky media that keeps her in or at least it keeps her yeah, ‘in’… somehow – a fan favorite they say. I think really it’s how she presents herself that keeps her in the low end market. She just doesn’t have the presence or class that someone like Natalia Vodianova… and just the way she talks and her annoying, whiny, cracked accent and voice is just… you know. She knows what she has with Victoria’s Secret between the ‘queen’ position and exposure, I feel she’ll stay with them until the ship sinks or her attitude is kindly, I will go down with this ship… so I’m not impressed or her career isn’t really if you look for yourself really isn’t that great surely as much as the videos summarize it to be… and what also bugs is she wants – she’s ashamed or at least trying to cover her Brazil tracks namely, especially her accent (she’s said so herself a couple times at least) which who knows is even exaggerated from the get go; who knows, but that and her straight her and light skin, just feels or seems off like she’s really trying to white wash herself, which is dumb – anyone, when anyone feels that way… otherwise – all models look too similar already especially nowadays – it’s just a dumb move. Oh well, I guess the fact she does the two cheap brands makes her special in a respect, right? …. What’d be special if she kindly goes back to Brazil and does majority if not most from now on all her work there as I’d want to represent where I was born majority… otherwise she looks and they all look more and more the same and that’s no good – yeah, I liked her runways for Sao Paolo fashion week, too, as well as the last two Vogue; take her family, move back home and stay away from the media for the family’s survival sake.

  • Jolie

    @Stephanie: Are you sure you’re not mistaking Maybelline and Victoria’s secret for some low rent brands? They might be aimed at the mass market, but they sure aren’t low class. Your ignorance is palpable. People complain time and again that VS products are pricey. Don’t mistake affordable with low class. Go tell, Tisci, Carine and all her friends in the high end fashion industry that she’s low class. Sorry but she’s amazingly balancing Commercial and High fashion. If you can’t process that, lol @ u

  • Damn

    @Stephanie: You could be a fictional writer lmao. Step a side in bitterness and watch her slay.

  • cREep“`

    @Stephanie: You’re really weird with all your creepy long comments. She must have hurt you in some way, haven’t she? You’re so baseless. Meanwhile, she’s getting jobs you wish your faves had.

  • Stephanie

    I disagree and remain by my thought. Mass market is yes, considered low class – do some reading, for yourself… if nothing else, please. Yes, it’s a large market [mass] and… mass is to the top low class. She’s signed and been working with high profile agencies since she started, but her target is really, has really become the lower end of fashion in relation to the whole high profile fashion industry. Victoria’s Secret is overpriced junk all made overseas – please find something Victoria’s Secret and show me that is made in the United States as that is what I expect in designers and brands that are high end especially – that they keep their production within their nationality for the quality and integrity purpose. And… you don’t always get what you pay for. Think about that. Just as there is really amazingly priced treasures too; and please, don’t throw the names around. It really means absolutely nothing; names all the time especially in fashion where everything is changing all the time and there’s hits and misses. Givenchy she wore to the CDFA was terrible… and the Romeo and Juliet was nothing special really when you look at all the early work she’s done with not as high profile considered directors and so forth; those were so much better! And that’s usually how it is more often than people choose to notice… or observe kindly. And please, Victoria’s Secret – because they have all the names and ‘celebrities’ seated at the show means absolutely nothing when you’re there for the show itself which is and they know as do many people kindly that Victoria’s Secret has gone pretty trashy and gaudy – mostly trashy and too much sexy to where it’s overkill, really. Great, there’s people who like it and love it just as there is tons and tons of the original clients that feel the opposite… and have for a well while now, so matter of perception, experience and I’m not saying any of it to be catty or anything – I’m kindly voicing my own. And just so, the 2000 Cannes show was so much more just a different kind of world almost – just so much nicer in every respect… as an example.

  • Stephanie

    Because I can articulate myself – go over to tFS and find plenty of ‘long, creepy comments’ from people who care about… fashion and models – whoa. I truly appreciate the differences of opinion.

  • Stephanie

    Most here just write trash because they feel anonymous and can’t articulate themselves.

  • YASS

    I am super excited. Her last print ad for them, which was a super close-up is still deeply embedded in my head. It was such a rich and mysterious shoot. Beyond Happy she’s back with them. She’s going to be over-saturated on TV with all the VS and Maybelline commercials just like the good ol’ days.
    She has some fashion projects coming up as well

  • Stephanie

    I don’t know; as long as she’s and all the people are happy and making money – raking that dough. God bless her family. I’m displeased with this divorce as it’s so nice when people get together and marry and have children and she was I suppose you could say, one of my ‘favorite’ models from the early days and she’s nice and kept herself looking nice – can’t be perfect, so I give her a break. These two brands for her to still be doing shows she’s the long term in business anyway which is a strong point, but also redundant (almost degenerate-like considering I’m not happy – really, really unhappy and almost disgusted really, actually – about the direction Victoria’s Secret has gone anyway. Maybe they’ll turn it a completely different way! Enough from me; I’ve to get off this site and stay off. It’s not my cup of tea.

  • Stephanie

    I want to add in addition to hit and miss with all brands – even Louis Vuitton show one year I found too gaudy [2014] and over the top and overwhelming even to the high end taste – just didn’t seem as nice… as the other seasons, like 2010! So beautiful and just enough detail in the set; that show was gorgeous! Juicy Couture as well when they emerged to the majority anyway around 2003, 2004, they had all their suits ‘made in the glamorous U.S.A.’ as should be just as they are from…, so once I noticed as the brand became ‘successful’ – you know, more consumption – they sent production overseas! I was so… needless to say, I haven’t consumed anything from them in years because they lost the charm, the quality, the integrity, the made in the U.S.A., so… Victoria’s Secret is so much worse though being they’re so much larger as this is very common; please they stop trudging along with the focus on client base and profit and refocus on the above. Gucci and Prada and those kind keep the production in place maybe because they’re so – they’re so much more costly for what they go for, so they can afford? Maybe it’s the owner? All of it? I love them. For anyone who cares.

  • Stephanie

    Maybelline, L’Oreal – they’re all connected fyi

  • #31

    Oh you knew that that’s why you didn’t claim L’Oréal was better, you would’ve if you didn’t.
    Just because you articulate yourself well, you think writing paragraphs would make what you’re saying any less laughable?
    Educate yourself

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, you’re missing the point I made, which is… I don’t – and really it’s no good to mass market, because the integrity is lost in the name of business and profit and so on… and anyone who cares, for those who care – producer, consumer, whatever… integrity is always better than business and profit.

  • Stephanie

    Never lower standards nor ‘standardize’ unless you’re after money and power and don’t care and or can get away with it for the majority i.e. sell, market to “the masses” and it does work, unfortunately depending on how you look at it, so on; take a day to look up that for own self, respectively. Any brand, business (on either end – high, low) that chooses to go international, global where everything – everything – more times than not, cheapens (one way: overseas production) and integrity is lost altogether disguised as being ‘successful’ and ‘it’s business’ and so forth) which I see, as do others as well, as a loss, really – lose : lose :: money : power; and I do not say to be negative, but to not be afraid to speak out against that I don’t agree with, so I’m slowly, surely weaning myself off this gal and Victoria’s Secret (everything has always been – I’ve not seen anything from them ever made in the U.S.A., which bugs that Victoria’s Secret was set up here… probably with the plan to be global and so on.) altogether – particularly due to the direction both of them – together as well as separate – have gone; 007 was Victoria’s Secret’s last good year.

  • #33

    @Stephanie:Nope, Maybelline you said targets low class ppl whereas ppl here said it’s mass marketing which targets different classes of people. Maybelline has some products that are not for the average customer. You never said anything about integrity, even if you did, Maybelline isn’t lacking in that department, it is the Official Makeup Sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week after all. And has ad time in the best tv channels and magazines The likes of Freja and Christy (who are represented by one of the most respected modeling agencies in the world) wouldn’t go near it.
    I think it’s time you confess that your goal here is trying to belittle Adriana even as far as trying to debunk the brands she is associated with. Maybelline is out of your reach girl.

  • Stephanie

    Nope, difference of thought, perception and what is right and wrong, which I won’t go into because it only matters what each individual chooses… and I choose as I have, to disagree with the ways of Adriana, Maybelline and you as well. Prestige and the big things in life don’t appeal to me… (neither does makeup) and status certainly has a ‘limbo’ coordination with integrity which I do agree with and integrity is what I am for and what I entered into this discussion for and what I’ve already established here, so with all due respect, I’m vamoose!

  • Stephanie

    I was for and supported Victoria’s Secret and Adriana for years until I found my mind again and realized the above.

  • good

    @#33: thanks for this. TThey are at their wit’s end. Especially the Miranda fans, Adriana success is soaring while Miranda is stuck with endorsing tablecloth and tes sets. It must be hard for them. All these years of famewhoring only for you to get downgraded to doing the cheap jobs.

  • Stephanie

    I’m sorry for my rants. The thing is… I’m in love with Adriana Lima and I’m too ashamed to admit it.

  • Its Okay


    We understand. Love is the only force that can make a person write essays about a person. *virtual hug*

  • CCC

    @OMFG: “I wanna see how much they are paying her.” She is not the only model. They hired more 3 models and it’s not something good.

  • ceci

    Extra news Sthefanie killer Adriana lima!!!

  • lindab


    veet? LOL. not even Nivea or Jergens? veet? lmao….Point is Adriana’ yes (can) get some good jobs and has, here and there. BUT her stans are insane and act like her career is “omg”, when in reality its not. For her, the Maybelline/Panty model its going great, but for most top models its sub par. End of. You can count her great jobs on one hand, maybe two more recently. The likes of Linda Evangelista etc you cant even begin to list their portfolios. Another thing Adriana lacks compared to most supermodels, is she rarely works with A list photgraphers. Her two latest Vogue’s were shot by no name/c list photogs….Adriana’s fans live in a bubble. If they knew anything outside of catalog modeling, they would know her fashion career is nothing special. A list beauty/panty model, certainly. C/D list fashion career.

    Look at her list of Vogue covers compared to most models, its laughable:

  • lindab

    @FU: “But do you see Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel etc on TV during almost every commercial break or posters plastered everywhere? I don’t”

    LOL because you shop at drugstores….lol. Estee Lauder,Lancome,Chanel ads are plastered all over HIGH end department stores where rich women shop. Maybelline is plastered all over drugstores…. and OMG you cant even begin to compare the status of a model signing a Maybelline contract vs. being an iconic Estee Lauder model. Adriana’s fans are just as dumb as she is I swear. um yes Estee Lauder,Lancome & Chanel ads play often on tv.

    Dont compare her to Christy either. Christy is a fashion legend who worked for Maybelline on the side. It was never the bulk of her career, unlike panty model.

  • adrianavsmiranda

    Adriana: 9 Vogue covers
    American Vogue: 0
    British Vogue: 0
    Italian Vogue: 0
    French Vogue: 0
    German Vogue: 0
    Bazzar US: 0 (the back cover of Madonnas cover doesnt count as a cover)
    Bazaar UK: 0
    Allure: 0
    Vanity Fair: 0
    W: 0
    Elle US: 2
    Cosmo US: 0
    fashion campaigns: Armani fragrance/jeans,Givenchy,Miu Miu,Donna Karan,Blumarine,Loewe

    big commercial campaigns: VS,Guess,Maybelline
    big photographer support : Inez & Vinoodh,Ellen von Unwerth
    brands: 0

    Miranda: 7 Vogue covers (1 big one, Vogue Italia)
    American Vogue: 0
    British Vogue: 0
    French Vogue: 0
    Italian Vogue: 1
    German Vogue: 0
    Bazaar US: 0
    Bazaar UK: 3
    Allure: 0
    Vanity Fair: 0
    W: 0
    Elle US: 1
    Cosmopolitan US: 1

    fashion campaigns: Jil Sander,Prada,Bally,Rag & Bone

    big commercial campaigns: VS,H&M,Clear,Mango,Wonderbra,David Jones,Swarovski
    big photographer support: Mario Testino,Terry Richardson, Steven Meisel
    brands: Kora

    so much for the Adriana vs. Miranda fan wars. Their careers seem pretty on par with one another if you ask me.. Not one is really better than the other. lolz

    They both cant even remotely compare to the original supermodels.

  • Stephanie

    She’s a train wreck and this along with ‘the announcement by her agent’ just is the cherry on top. I thought she was decent, sensible, however you can describe someone who’s brain is still …not brain dead, but she gets worse every year; sorry, but Maybelline and Victoria’s Secret which both have just gone done hill are embarrassing as it would have been better she quit while she was ahead… in 2005, marry the prince and have kids and at least if you’re going to work, be nice work and I thought, ok, Marko and her are married and great it’s the once thing … but this ‘divorce’ is so dumb, it tells you the character of the two people. It’s pretty pathetic she’s been in it since 12 and won Supermodel of the World 1996 or 7… courtesy of Ford which is big especially in the 90s… so she’s fallen a long, long way; I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I think anyone who never even gives their self the time to just be won’t do well and especially just piling on more work will just be degenerative. She also won Super Model of Brazil Contest which is very cool for her being born in Brazil and I really hate it that she’s white washed between the light skin more and more often and the straight as a pin hair… it does not feel natural for her being she’s what: “African, Indian and Swiss.” And by just be I mean not take a few months off; it really takes time. She’d do best doing primarily work in Brazil, support Brazil and the shows and campaigns, though she probably won’t because I really do think she’s trying to get away from that and be a ‘star’, a ‘Hollywood star’, actress, ect., “win an Oscar”, ect., ect. Her career from high profile and in fashion industry – high fashion – is overhyped and I’m not trying to bring her down – this is from an honest, real perspective. I doubt she even still has a Brazil agency (just The Society New York and Elite Milan Paris). The Brazil born made her stand out and she’s just like any other white washed model… without it. Good for her though on a side note for supporting the IWC as it’s Switz. and she’s Swiss. Having the Brazilians represent and kick off Victoria’s Secret wasn’t a smart move as it did not mix well – too sexy and not in any good place; did not make sense… even though Victoria’s Secret gained her massive fan base… and did the same too for Victoria’s Secret, but it’s pretty lame actually though. Using a more sophisticated model with a more parallel background in its place would have carried both (the model or models and Victoria’s Secret over a much longer, much higher classification, client base NOT ‘fan’ base and the quality would have transcended so well over time.) That’s what you want in a brand – to get better – amazingly – over time without being obvious… or obnoxious or boisterous or losing anything neither.

  • Stephanie

    Going – if you’re going to go to a concert – and you’re 32 with two little girls and married at least go to a nice one, but Rihanna and Justin Timberlake? That’s a clear sign of her Immaturity… and jumping on board with “Clinton Global Initiative” and “Haiti” – she’s so dumb… and “Children’s Cancer Research” – it’s all propaganda but she would not know of course because she’s too busy and being paid to be an idiot and teaching our youth that’s the way to be…. She’s on a roll…. I have to stop looking and thinking, speaking ect. because she’s steam rolling ahead with all the idiocracy, there’s no hope… sadly – not for her and the mess she’s got herself in and la la land – what an idiot.