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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Hold Hands at Met Ball 2014 After Party!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Hold Hands at Met Ball 2014 After Party!

Bradley Cooper holds hands with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse as they make their way inside an after party for the 2014 Met Ball held at Up & Down in New York City’s West Village on Monday (May 5).

The 39-year-old actor and 22-year-old model both attended the big gala earlier in the evening, though, they walked the red carpet separately.

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Bradley, one of the co-chairs of the event, rocked a Tom Ford suit, while Suki showed off a lovely Burberry ruffled dress on the red carpet.

FYI: Suki is wearing a Fausto Puglisi coat and dress, Saint Laurent shoes and bag, and Anita Ko jewels.

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  • scarlett

    Worst Bradley Cooper picture ever. Can’t stop laughing

  • Mike

    Bad photos of Bradley, plain horrible and he looks so miserable with Suki

  • steph

    That beard makes him look fat

  • OhCanada

    He is PIG. Literally and figuratively.

  • Dolly

    They look thrilled. Just thrilled.

  • lulu44

    The extra bulk he’s carrying, for a new role, is not a good look on him.

  • Sue

    He never looks at ease with her. It’s obvious he can’t stand her and looks forced to be with her. He should hide a bit his true feelings.

  • hah

    daddy with his daugther

  • siriusgray

    I never thought it would be possible for him to look so awful. Worst picture of his life.

  • Mike

    Bradley needs to stop pretending to have real relationship with Suki with the press, there is no point of being that miserable in a relationship, even it fake, it does nothing for you or suki and it only affect their mental health, it is not worth it at the end. Also buy a tux that fits and that will not show your zipper in your pants

    Do we have suffer them 2 miserables again for another year, going to events looking down in the dumps as I cannot stand it, they are better without each other and find someone who makes them smile and laugh and not use someone to launch there career, as that is just plain wrong

  • Mike

    Totally agreed with Sue @ 05/06/2014 at 9:12 am

  • LOL

    Some party! Could either one of them look more miserable? Why do publicists offer pics like these to be published? It doesn’t make your client look good!

  • NickyAngel

    I understand that he’s gained weight for a role…but he looks like a character from Fat Albert

  • Dolly

    So, according to the gossips, they are either engaged or broke up;)
    In all seriousness, BCoop agreed to be a co-chair. He needs to smile or at least look pleasant even if he doesn’t want the photographers there. You don’t want to be photographed with your girlfriend going to a Met Ball after party? Don’t go to the Met Ball.

  • Mel

    Coz it couldn’t possibly be because he’s annoyed at the paps or anything…nooo of course not!! its coz he’s totally unhappy with her….

  • Mike

    Why doesn’t Bradley not break up with Suki then, if Bradley is unhappy or will uncle harvey be not pleased

    everybody would be happy if they broke up, we do not suffer them 2 anymore in the press

  • Jamie

    Could we possibly bring the conversation over here since the other thread is buried several pages back? Anyway, he definitely looks upset, but that could be because of the cameras and not her.

  • allison

    Is the American Sniper that Cooper is playing overweight?

  • Lucy R

    @Jamie Yeah to be fair he looked pissed the other day when he was photographed and SW was nowhere in sight. If he’s annoyed that they get photographed/followed everywhere they go then they should stop the merry dance that they play with the press. If you dance with the devil…….

  • Hello

    He could be upset because of the paps in the pics of the after party but look at his eyes on this pic. He looks like someone who is about to break down and cry. It seems obvious that, for some reasons, he was not in a good mood last night.,488317873,488317867,488418799,488317903,488317901,488317891,488317877,488418913,488418901,488418507,488418463,488318117,488318115&st=Search

  • Dany

    He looks so miserable with Suki, Seems unhappy the guy

  • Drake

    @Jamie: the met gala one of the biggest events for the paps. There’s cameras everywhere. It could be his roid rage or something happened at the gala. Either way he going to latch out his frustration on her.

  • grumpy

    why these pretty models date these grumpy unattractive old men

  • Mike

    Wondering how many modelling contracts will Suki be getting for going to the met ball

    See she was doing a photoshoot in New York last week

    if Bradley and Suki does not like be photographed, stay out the spotlight and stay at home

  • queeniee

    Couldn’t they used a fat suit…Bradley needs to talk to Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence…he’s miserable too much weight.

  • Dolly

    @Hello: I think he looks fine. The lighting and the auburn eyebrows are making him look different. Maybe he is having trouble getting out of character and switching to “party mode”.

  • Uncle Brad takes his kiddie to a party.
    They look awfully annoyed.

  • Mike

    The Glooms

  • Lucy R

    Ohhhhh he looks really mad! First time i’ve seen the video with SW posing – what on earth is she doing? The actresses managed to pull off effortless posing and SW just looks ridiculous.

  • Hilarious

    @Lucy R: Brilliant headline from the DM. “Going strong” but they both look unhappy in the pics! Hahahaha

  • Jamie

    It must have been the cameras that annoyed him. If he was angry at her, I don’t think he would be holding her hand.

  • Dolly

    You know, I think Suki looked really good last night and I actually do think she had one of the nicest dresses there, but can we all just admit that she is not a model? She is awkward when she moves and poses and when you see the other models there they really look like…you know…models. Suki looks like a young attractive socialite. Don’t get me wrong, she’s cute, but she doesn’t have the bone structure or the spark.

  • Linda

    He’s mad he’s being photographed by paparazzi. He looks like this in all his gym photos too. It’s funny people trying to make it about Suki. Predictable.

  • Ali


  • Jamie

    @Linda: I don’t know. I’ve seen photos of him looking angry at the paps and photos where he looks like he is trying to smile and deal with them. Maybe last night he just didn’t want to deal with them.

  • Cinnabon

    IMO he is with her because he likes/ loves her.
    It was possibly a stressful evening for him maybe as co-host of the Gala.

    He does look better when he has less bulk.

  • Olive

    So called Bradley Cooper fans are more obsessed with dissing his girlfriend. Happens with Dicaprio and all other hot male celebrities. I weep for womenkind.

  • ace11

    When she finally gets going…She will dump him

    God he was a Senior in High School when she was born

    He isn’t embarrassed?

  • Linda

    @Jamie: It was a long night and he probs wants to have fun. Messageboards read into facial expressions too much!

  • Lucy R

    @Dolly I could not agree more. A pretty girl but certainly not a model. What was with the weird head movements when she was changing poses? She looked clumsy and trying way too hard. She’s just got lucky like many other untalented people. But she did look really pretty last night just spoiled it with the stupid tongue antics. Did anyone see Jourdan Dunn she looked amazing.

  • Huh

    Egads! Why didn’t he put on the gray sweatpants and call it a day? Everyone associated with his tux needs to be fired. It’s ridiculous that it fit so poorly.

  • Drake

    @Cinnabon: being co-chair isn’t a stressful job. It’s an over glorified party host.

  • Polly

    @queeniee: I don’t think they could have use a fat suit to play this character. It would have been ridiculous.

    I just saw the pics of BC and SW at the met ball : Suki looks cute but was she obliged to show her tongue like Miley Sirus ? It’s seems inapropriated for this kind of event.

    Bradley looks like shit (face and clothes). I never saw him look that bad. His actual body can “work” with everyday clothes but not with a tux like that. I can’t wait for the shooting of AS to be over.

    And he seems to be mad/angry/agressiv in all of his latest paps pics (even the one from the gym club). Perhaps I will say a stupid thing but do you think it is possible he takes some “product” to gain muscle that make him more agressiv ?

  • Bradlifer

    It is the worst pics ever. Could they look anymore miserable? He is pissed, she is sad. I wonder for how long these two will keep this ridicules charade go on. They are obviously not happy with one and another.

  • Elizabeth

    What happen to her “naturally” dark bushy eyebrows? She really needs bangs as her forehead is quite large. She looked cute at the ball however, them together looks absolutely ridiculous as he looks way too old for her. He looks his age and then some and she barely passes as a 20 year old. Looks like a father and daughter date.

  • Jamie

    @Bradlifer: More than likely he’s angry because of the paps. Why would he be holding her hand if he was angry with her?

  • Bradlifer

    @Jamie: lol! Keep on believing that sukipr.

  • DJ alias Jamie

    @Jamie: Holding her hand for the pap. Duh.

  • Suedehead

    @Lucy R: @Lucy R: Hahahaha. I cannot believe my own eyes. What is up with her head? Why is she shaking it like that? She looks like a mad horse. Maybe she was so stressed out about this.

  • Dolly

    I think it is rather stupid to be upset at the fact that you are being papped going to an after party when that is the point of the whole night: to be photographed. Go to the party separately. They went to the ball separately. He needs to get over it. Whenever Suki is with him she stares at the ground and lets him take the lead (and please don’t tell me that she is overwhelmed by all of the attention).