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Nicole Kidman's New Film 'Family Fang' Adds Christopher Walken to Cast!

Nicole Kidman's New Film 'Family Fang' Adds Christopher Walken to Cast!

Nicole Kidman rocks a chic scarf while touching down at LAX Airport on Tuesday (May 6) in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, the 46-year-old actress was spotted making an appearance at The Queen Latifah Show, where she talked about living in Nashville.

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It was recently announced that Christopher Walken has joined the cast of Nicole‘s upcoming film The Family Fang, which also stars Jason Bateman.

The Family Fang centers on “a brother and sister who return to their family home in search of their world famous parents who have disappeared.”

FYI: Nicole is carrying a Ferragamo handbag.

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  • penelope

    thought itd be about vampires.

  • Oh dear

    It doesn’t matter what the “family fang” storyline is. It will bomb like all her movies do.

  • Kola

    Christoper walken! Yes! This is gonna be good.

  • LaPfeiffer

    What a fun dark comedy! Nicole looks so put together after a flight.

  • curious

    It’s nice to see, on this occasion, Nicole hasn’t subjected the PR little girls to the photographers flashbulbs at LAX.

  • Please RETIRE Nicole …

    … and stop wasting everyone’s money.

  • More Kidman Lies

    “I’ve finally accepted that I’m a girl with curls.” Yeah right Nicole!

  • Oh dear

    @More Kidman Lies: What a delusional, crazy b!tch. 47 years old and still referring to herself as a “girl”.

  • lolololololololololol

    5-8 is the delusional crazy b!tch. Kidman is all class.

  • Another dud bites the dust
    “She has bombed across the movie spectrum – big comedies, small comedies, blockbusters, action films, art films, epic romances, period pieces, intimate dramas. Nothing she touches seems to work.”

  • Another Flop

    The family fang is aptly named. Kidman will suck the life out of this movie.

  • Sorry

    Nicole’s hair is completely gray and badly thinning. She doesn’t have enough hair curl left to embrace.

  • ?

    Why does she insist on telling lie after lie. It is so embarrassing for her.

  • gwen

    Nicole looks nice. I Like the scarf.

  • http://comcast Audra

    Comments #2,5,6,7,8,10, 11, 12, and 13 all made by the same person, using different names. This person is known as THE CRAZY ONE, two of her favorites is maclan and x. In other words there is only four or five legitimate comments, the others by this cruel, hateful person that I am sure has a horrible life. This person even goes to Australia articles and spits the same crap out, they have her number even in Australia, nothing sticks The Crazy One, keep trying.

  • Holly

    Where are the girls that the fansies claim were with her in Australia? They certainly weren’t sitting with her on the airplane. So she flew into LAX on the same evening her husband has a benefit concert in Nashville? I can’t imagine if it is dark in LA that she made it to Nashville in time to attend the show.

  • http://comcast Ginnie

    My favorite celeb couple, Nicole and Keith. Makes me happy they found each other.

  • little my

    Nicole Kidman is a lovely and elegant woman. Haters can keep spewing for years to come till they croak.

  • ian

    I can’t believe the same person has commented under like eight different names just attacking Nicole Kidman. Your bad spelling and grammar makes it obvious you’e the same person, idiot.

  • Holly

    @ian: “you’e”
    I guess that makes you an idiot too. BAHAHAHAHA!

  • hump wednesday

    @Holly: That is the best case of Karma I have seen in a long time.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Whether Nicole went on to Nashville or stayed in LA isn’t our business. I imagine the Urban’s make it first priority that the children’s whereabouts are kept private when they aren’t with the family.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    Maybe Nicole flew into LA for a fitting; she’ll be appearing in Cannes next week. It would be nice if Keith would go over and spend a few days with her. ‘Grace of Monaco’ isn’t up for any awards this year; it’s opening the festival., After all of the troubles between Weinstein and the director, it’s about time. Actually, the reviews from those who’ve previewed the film aren’t so good for the film, but very favorable for Nicole.

  • http://comcast Goldie

    @Holly: None of your business!! Wherever her children are I am sure they are being well cared for. The Crazy One

  • Oh dear

    You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out where the girls are. They are with THE NANNY as per usual.

  • tan

    why nicole not at All 4 the hall with Keith ?

  • Louis

    Precious Keithy didn’t look as happy as usual on American Idol last night. He’s probably pissed that he has to be with his wife after the show and can’t go partying with his friends in LA. After three weeks of total freedom, that’s quite a change.
    He also looked a bit sad on his AFTH thing. Just saw on You Tube that he sang a song about “a girl” and what he did with her in a car. Wow, so much maturity for a married man with two kids, so much respect for his wife…
    Something is very off with him these days. And look at his fanatics here, bashing Nicole because she’s away from the kids for a couple of days. It’s ok for Keith to be away all the time but Nicole is a bad mother because she isn’t with her children for two days…

  • Louis

    @tan: Why Keith not with his family?

  • curious

    @Louis: aka Sewer Mistress. Are you attempting some kind of reverse psychology with your attack on Keith?

  • Louis

    @curious: So now I’m “Sewer mistress”? I thought I was “Mary”.

    No reverse psychology. I talk about what I see. Keith hasn’t spent a single day with his daughters or his wife in the last three weeks. And he hasn’t seemed a least bit sad about it. And now that his wife travelled all the way from Australia to be with him, he doesn’t look happy at all.

    It’s obvious that Keith wants the public to see him as young and hot, not as a 46 year old married guy with kids (and clearly not as a guy married to Nicole Kidman). It just wouldn’t fit with the absolute silliness of his latest songs. Just read the lyrics. This is a man who has gone to rehab several times, who has betrayed his wife’s trust and yet, his recent albums have no depth at all.

  • Louis

    @Holly: The girls were with Nicole in that plane. She has found a way to protect them from the paparazzi at LAX.

  • Holly

    @Louis: No, Nic was sitting without the girls on the plane. If they were on the plane, they were with nannies. If she protects them from the paps, what happened when they left for Oz?

  • Louis

    @Holly: She was sitting without the girls? WTF? Were you on that plane Holly? If not, you probably should shut up. And stop the cr*p about nannies. Of course they have nannies and I don’t see why it’s such a problem for some of you. The girls are now in LA with their mom, just like there were in Australia with their mom. Keith will spend 4 or 5 days with them and then he will go away, as always.

  • Holly

    @Louis: No, but the man that sat next to her was on the same plane. There was a window on the other side of her, so where were the girls? How do YOU know the girls are in LA with her? Maybe you should shut up.

  • JustMe

    Yes, the photograph was posted….no kids with Nic. If they were on that plane (she, of course appeared by the photo to be in first-class), they were sitting in ‘coach’ with the nannies. Personally, I think they were already back in California…and took an earlier flight.

  • JustMe

    Oh…and Louis…bashing Keith doesn’t turn the tables and make you a fan of Nic’s…defending her every move. We all know that she takes roles out of the country on a regular basis for months at a time. She makes sure that everyone knows that. Keith is the one doing the traveling back & forth. He also has a job…just like she does…but he does most of the sacrificing of time and effort. He has done that from day-one of their relationship. She has sacrificed very little…..

  • JustMe

    So…the best she (and Jared) could do was pull the old Queen Latifah stuff from weeks ago, huh? That’s right, she didn’t really ‘do’ anything while over there in Oz that was worth hooting about. Living in Nashville? She doesn’t really ‘live’ anywhere…except whereever a film company pays her expenses for. She has property…but lives nowhere.

  • Holly

    @JustMe: Don’t forget – she flew back to LA the night that he has a big event in Nashville. Couldn’t she have flown out a day earlier? She rarely, if ever, sacrifices her schedule for him.

  • truth

    Haters devouring each other with whatever version of reality they can accept. Go at it morons.

  • Louis

    @JustMe: Are you talking about the picture posted on Twitter? That guy on the plane asked Kidman to take a selfie with him. So of course the girls are not in the picture! Do you idiots REALLY expect her to let a stranger take pictures of her daughters? Are you insane?

  • Louis

    @JustMe: “She has sacrificed very little”. Yeah. The only things she has done were saving his life (Keith’s words, not mine) and giving him two daughters.

  • Pokey


    “She saved my life” was his way of groveling. It was to help her save face. I am happy for Keith’s sobriety (if he really is working the program), don’t get me wrong. Since that day, he has been her puppy on leash.

    Holly said it, she flew back THE NIGHT OF his big fundraising event in Nashville that I personally attended. She could have flown out a day earlier if she wanted to…even took a private jet…if she really cared about him and his giving heart. She has not sacrificed for him…not since day-one. She has taken film role after film role. As to the daughters, I truly do not believe she gave him either one of them. She wanted them, she got them, by hook or crook. I’m not saying that he is not the father…they both look like him, each in their own way. Sunday is his spitting image. People have speculated from the beginning that she did not actually give birth to Sunday…and we all know that Faith was born by surrogate. The gal (from what we can tell in photos) who is one of Keith’s personal assistant (the curly-haired one in the photos from AI with Faith) favors Faith in hair, coloring, and build than Nicole. My vote is that she was the surrogate…

  • Holly

    @Pokey: Faith’s walk is exactly like the “assistant’s” as well.

  • Louis

    @Pokey: Your comments are disgusting. Leave those children alone. You too Holly. You girls are sickos.

  • Epic Fail for SM

    Louis is sewer mistress, who is attempting reverse psychology with little success.