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'American Idol' Officially Renewed for Season 14!

'American Idol' Officially Renewed for Season 14!

Jennifer Lopez poses for a photo before heading into a live taping of American Idol on Wednesday afternoon (May 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 44-year-old entertainer was joined for the show by her co-judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. while watching the top three contestants perform three songs each.

It was just announced that American Idol will be returning for a fourteenth season next year. You can check out the audition info right now on!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing an Asos dress, Sophia Webster shoes, and Lana earrings.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez heading into the studio for American Idol

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  • maclen

    Oh good, I get to mock their embarrassingly low ratings and ridiculously inept celeb hasbeen judges another year. No doubt the pathetic orb will now go “hog wild” trying to get himself re-signed to the show next year…what with his very lame “urban chat” videos simply retitled “Idle chatter” to show the Fox suits that he will DO ANYTHING to remain on this decaying carcass of a show.

  • Thanks


  • Asheliya prince

    I am eagerly waiting for American idol 14 session. Now the time has arrived when i can become a part of this my dream way .

  • !!

    Ugly outfit and shoes. By the way, can anybody tell me how her recent single ‘First Love’ is doing? Itunes?, Billboard charts?

  • .


  • here’s a thought

    @!!: You’re online. Look it up yourself.


    She has been for so long in that business so many people don’t realise

    she looks very very nice at thoese days but she has evidently “love problem” with her boyfriend -she is losing weight

  • Welly

    This show is getting boreding. Half the people don’t make in the music career. And half the people we don’t hear about anymore.

  • Amy

    Great news! Love the show! Makes the long winters semi-tolerable. The judges were great this season. Great chemistry! Keith is sweet and adorable, harry is handsome and funny. Jlo is a true beauty. 2 amazing performances last night by Caleb and Jena.

  • http://yahoo lizzie


    For those on the board who don’t know who the first commenter is, let me enlighten you. This is an old sodden broad who spends her time on the computer using immature names. For some reason she has it in for Keith; he probably ignored her panties thrown on stage at one of his concerts. I understand she gets on all boards spewing her foolishness. Poor thing, I think she really believes that Keith pays attention to these boards.

  • too true

    @lizzie: The group Grandma maclen Mary belongs to has always thought Keith and Nicole read what they say, and care LMFAO!

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ Lizzie, great comments. I am still laughing about ‘he probably ignored her panties thrown on stage’, but it am sure it is something like that. I also thought it might be some guy that thought he could play the guitar until he heard Keith play. Wherever the hate comes from we know it comes from a Deep Jealousy.

  • http://comcast Audra

    The #1 comment is made by Mary maclan aka The Crazy One. This person even comments in Australia where they also know what a sick person (IT) is. I am so happy American Idol is returning, greatest panel of judges ever assembled on American Idol. Like all three but my favorite Keith Urban.

  • Me3


    I think everyone knows. No worries. Comes with the territory when you are successful and popular. So glad Idol will return. :-). My favorite show.

  • maclen

    Idol hits a new LOW in ratings for a wednesday episode…

    …1.7 in the 18-49 adult demo and 7.8 mil viewers…the first time a wed show has fallen into the 7mil range…which will no doubt next be followed by a new LOW for a thursday tonight. What is so pathetic for Fox…this IS the best rated show they have left. Great job grinding your network into the ground Fox with pathetic programming.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Today’s UK Daily Mail has some of the nicest shots of Keith’s little girl surprising him at yesterday’s Idol show. Haters can say what they want, but a child’s look of pure love and pleasure at being with their dad can’t be staged. It was little Faith, and her curly locks were just flying when her dad flipped her over in a somersault. Keith loves his girls, all of them.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Well, that will make 14 years that I have never watched it.

  • Barb


    With the hockey playoffs, baseball games, beautiful weather – no surprise as many people didn’t watch, but they missed some great performances last night. Good thing you can watch them on the internet. Spring is the busiest time!

  • Barb


    Thanks for the tip! So adorable!

  • Eve

    @Barb: Yep, they missed the performance of the night from Caleb. And Keith’s shoutout to Nicole because she loves that song was so cute.

  • JustMe

    I’ve never really been a fan of the show…not exactly my type of entertainment. Really only watched previously on audtition nights…because of the bad singers who think they actually have a chance to make it. It gave us a good laugh.

    Watched sporadically these 2 seasons, just because Keith was/is a judge. I’m into Harry a bit, too, so ‘eye candy’ appeal gives me reason. I’m pulling for Caleb, just because a true rocker needs to win. He seems to be the most talented and has a bit more charisma than the other three…or two depending on what happens this evening.

    As to the future of the show…I really could care less. I’ve got hundreds of other channels that I can watch.

    All in all, I think the judges this season have done a pretty good job with what they had to do with. The show seems to be getting a bit ‘old’ eventhough they attempted to breath new life into it this year. Cleaning house (with the producers, etc) hasn’t really given it a spark it needed.

    As to Keith, I wish he’d just get back to doing what he really does best……..writing and co-writing great songs….and performing. That is where he is best…not as a sidekick on a reality show….

  • Jill

    I have watched Idol for many years. I loved Simon and thought for sure his departure would kill the show. Thankfully, it is hanging on. Most shows don’t last this long. Keith is great on the show. Harry too. JLo is okay. The three seem to have fun and get along well. I would say Nikki and Mariah were the worst combination. Ellen was just ridiculous. Nobody had less to say. Stephen Tyler was nice. I like Randy better now that he isn’t judging. Harry is the most honest, Keith too but he sugar coats it. JLo loves everyone. I will miss it when it’s over and I hope Keith returns. Though, if it prevents a new CD, I would hope he goes with music instead. He is too good to stop. I love his music.

  • maclen

    So Roughstock,com reveals that orb’s album got a “sales bump” off his performance on Idol…and he sold 5000 cds this past week…

    …they say that is a “101%” jump in sales from the previous…which of course means that orb’s album sold a PATHETIC 2,500 cds the previous week. His mediocre album has sold a lackluster 335k cds in 8 months time…which is STILL less than half of his previously anemic sellng album. By comparison…luke bryan’s album on April 23 sold 33,000 cds…

    …after selling 19,000 cds the previous week..

    …for a sales bump of 14,000 cds. Again…compared to orb’s “Idol influenced” paltry 2,500 cds. That is a HUGE difference in popularity and appeal…which the orb clearly lacks. Is it ANY wonder he WOULD want to stay on the crumbling Idol…INSTEAD of putting out another dismal album of his special brand of pablem for his former monkeys to simply ignore?

  • truth

    maclen spins spins spins. You always predict negativity and this is what you post when he gets a 101% sales bump? This is why you’re a joke! All you do is flit from one overblown scenario to another. Reality must be all too much for you to handle. Keith is a popular judge. We all enjoyed his performance. He got a great sales bump. Nicole’s next project, a script she optioned, is up next which you said would never happen. Christoper Walken joined the cast. The Grace of Monaco story is just a PR stunt by Harvey Weinstein. It was never being removed from Cannes and Harvey was never going to drop it. Before I Go To Sleep was sold at Cannes. Nicole and Colin Firth are working on a FOURTH film together. Yeah I can see why you aren’t happy with how things really are.

  • truth hurts

    @truth: The facts and figures don’t support your fairy tale version of events. Despite their best PR efforts, both KUNK’s careers are dying a slow and painful death.

  • Oh dear

    Faith closely resembles the curly haired nanny in the Daily Mail pics.

  • maclen

    Clearly, ONLY orb’s monkeys WOULD think that selling a pathetic 2,500 more cds is a huge achievement. They are simply ACCUSTOMED to orb’s mediocrity.

  • The Truth Does Hurt

    You call it a slow death because nothing you have said is true and you’ve been lying for 9 years now. Congrats on nearly a decade of deceit. Do you see anybody on an American Idol post caring about how much Luke Bryan sold? Get a life.

  • maclen

    So here’s a glaring example of JUST how mediocre orb’s cds sales are…

    bryan- Crash My Party released August 2013
    sales: 1,842,000.cds
    9 months out
    36 weeks
    average sales of 51,166 cds per week

    orb FIZZ released September 2013
    sales: 335,000 cds
    8 months out
    average sales of 10,468 per week.

    51,000 cds sold per week…as compared to orb’s 10,000. Yeah…orb is doing just great! Ha!

  • The Truth Does Hurts KUNK

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are proven LIARS. Skeptics merely highlight the fact.

  • Sorella

    *yawn* is this still on??!! Haven’t watched in years, it peaked long ago and boring now. Well at least JLO has a job because it’s not like her movies or music are on fire. She promotes herself well, but her career has been declining for awhile.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @JoBeth: :)

  • Macy

    The important word is longevity. Let’s see how long the current hot stars are around and on top For two artists almost 50 years old, Keith and Nicole are doing just fine. Their careers have spanned decades. You can spout all the statistics you want, that’s not going to stop people from being their fans and admiring their talent and accomplishments. They are decent, caring, and hard working, and are highly respected in their fields. No statistics are going to alter that perception.

  • Jill

    Don’t even read her garbage. The funny thing is, Keith and Nicole are rolling in millions and will be for the rest of their lives. If that isn’t adequate success, it doesn’t exist. :-). Maclen lives a much more frugal existence I’m sure, but takes pride in calling millionaires failures. Psycho!

  • Poor delusional Jill

    @Jill: in @Jill’s superficial world, money means success.

  • Pokey

    …money isn’t everything.

  • Jill

    @Poor delusional Jill:

    No, money isn’t everything, but it sure helps! They don’t have to worry about their kids financial future. They don’t have to put up with bosses that treat you like crap. They don’t have to wake up at 6:00 am to do a job they hate. Oh, and ratings aren’t everything either. You will argue about anything and everything because you are a bitter, unhappy person. If you want to believe they are failures, there is nothing that can prove you otherwise. Nothing. You live in your own mind. Must be lonely.

  • Sally


    We don’t care what you write because despite all the crap you spout Keith continues to be successful. Keith is a great judge and he is loved by the network and fans worldwide. This must have killed you to read that Idol was renewed. After all your hard work trying to discredit the show. Oh and you’ll love this one, Billboard announced, “Keith Urban’s “Fuse” rockets 21-6 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart following a May 1 performance of the set’s “Good Thing” on Fox’s “American Idol,”

    So you see it doesn’t matter what you write Keith soars

  • Ann


    Maclen, here is a good tip for you. Sticky note it to your computer screen. You poor thing.

    Unhappiness breeds contempt and jealousy

    Go outside and smell the SPRINGTIME. It might just clear your head and vision and allow some peace in your life.

    I wish you luck in your pitiful gloom and doom life.

  • maclen

    So naturally, Idol viewers drop for the thursday episode…

    …down to 7 million. Which of course is NOT as LOW as last thursdays episode of 6.8mil…which OF COURSE was the orb’s performance episode. So not unsurprising…orb’s performance episode REMAINS the LOWEST viewed episode this season. Leave it to the geniuses over at Fox to actually bring this loser back for another season. Orb can grind the show to the drecks in ratings next year…and to the tv grave. I’m looking forward to it.

  • llj88

    Well that is all maclen has, rating on idol, record sells, , he than will throw in his marrage or looks, same old stuff nothing new, plain and smiple idol has drop , its been on along time, but it still brings in alot of viewers, keith still sells out or close to concert, his album still going strong, he brings up luke bryan in 15 years see how his record sell are, belive me a younger hot new country artist will be over selling him, and about sam hurt Maclen keeps saying that sam ssaid keith stole hissong, well Iin august sam hunt is opening for keith, cant see why sam would open for a person who he thinks stole his song, so plain and smiple keith is doing well, lots of fans and nothing malcan says changes that, maclen needs to get new stuff,

  • maclen

    “…and about sam hurt Maclen keeps saying that sam ssaid keith stole hissong, well Iin august sam hunt is opening for keith, cant see why sam would open for a person who he thinks stole his song,”

    The “announced” opening acts for orb’s tour in the US and Canada are Jerrod Niemann and Brett Eldredge.

    Where was it announced that Hunt would be opeing up for orb?

  • Urnuts


    Are you serious? You call Keith a loser? Please tell me…. How do you define a winner? There must be very few according to your standards and it’s a good bet that you would label yourself a complete waste, yes?

  • Reality

    Gosh, “maclen” has missed an announcement about Keith Urban!! Now HOW could that have happened?!! “Maclen”… the be-all-and-know-all of all things related to Keith Urban!! LOL!! Keith invited Sam Hunt to open his show at The Borgata in Atlantic City… and “maclen” MISSED that! Keith even acknowledged Sam Hunt as ‘one’ of the THREE songwriters on “Cop Car” when he sang the song in concert on Tuesday night at Keith’s “We’re All for the Hall” concert!!

    Besides… Sam Hunt COULD NOT release that song on his own album, ’cause gee whiz… he didn’t HAVE an album when Keith PURCHASED the RIGHTS to that song for his own album FUSE!! Sam Hunt has gotten RICH on that song because Keith Urban released it to radio, since every time it’s played, he earns money!! “Cop Car” stayed at #3 on iTunes for WEEKS, so it was downloaded thousands of times, too! Sam Hunt is at the beginning of his career with a LOT to learn, especially with how he ‘mis-treats’ superstars who purchase the RIGHTS to record and perform his songs. And for jerks like ‘maclen’ to use that MIS-informed information to attack Keith Urban just proves what little ‘maclen’ truly KNOWS!!

  • llj88

    Yes , Reality, that the date I was talking about,, and seen Sam hunt last month and he sang cop car and before he sang it he talk kindly about keith and said he made this song a hit,

  • maclen

    The fact that at one time “feuding celebs” would publicly “kiss and make up” does NOT negate the contention that Hunt DID accuse the orb of trying to “steal what he put into” a song. Surely the declining orb would want to engage in “damage control”…seeing how the single Cop Car struggled on the LAST place he can find any kind of success…country radio airplay…makes that even MORE likely. Cop Car was NOT a “hit”…and certianly Hunt’s accusation of “thievery” did not help. Just because orb “purchased the rights”…which is incorrect…he simply gets “permission” by the songwriters to record the song…the songwriters THEN get paid in royalties from the sales…if the song DOESNT sell…they get no royalties… does not mean he can try to pathetically take credit for the subject matter of the song. And just as pathetic…IF orb had the creativity or imagination…to even write his own songs…he wouldnt have had to try to steal Hunt’s “experience.”

  • llj88

    Maclen, waiting for two things, one show me where Sam said keith stole his song(, Hunt did accuse orb of what he put into a song) and also where he took credit for the song,(pathetically take credit for the subject matter of the song) I can show you many times he gave credit for sam and co writers in interviews and ask he said he never fell in love in back of cop put your spin on this all you want, but you are good at posting rateing and record sells, so post the prove about keith taking credit and sam saying he stole his song, will be waiting

  • Reality

    Apparently you don’t ”recognize” that a song at a #4 chart position on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart is called a “HIT”!! That occurred back in March, and that makes “Cop Car” a Top Five HIT, which is pretty darned good for a third single from an album! And perhaps you should return to your Internet and do some reading, as songs receive ROYALTY PAYMENTS in MANY WAYS!

    “The Six Ways Songwriters Can Earn Income on Their Music”

    The ASCAP website’s career development “Keen on Music” section lists six possible sources of income for a songwriter:

    Mechanical Royalties – this includes Digital download, a CD, cassette or similar song source. The going rate is 9.1 cents per unit. Doing the math and using that rate, if a song is part of a CD that reaches Gold [Platinum] status (1,000,000 copies), the songwriters of that song along with their publisher, will earn in the neighborhood of $91,000 which is usually split 50/50t! However, sometimes that number is different based on the deal cut.

    Performance Royalties – Songs also earn money when they are played on the radio, television, Internet, in concert halls, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, malls, or a gym. Payment for these uses are monitored by the PROs (Professional Right Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC). They use a formula for each use and payment is calculated based on varying factors such as frequency of radio rotation, venue of use, time of day used, how many seconds of the songs is used, audience size, etc.

    Synchronization Royalties – This is a fee that is paid to use a song in a visual medium such as television, film, or DVDs. This fee can run from several hundred dollars to thousands depending on the popularity of the song, type of use and the length of time used.

    Print Royalties – These include the sale (including downloads) of printed materials containing music and/or lyrics and can include, sheet music, books and magazines, and even when lyrics are projected on a computer screen in front of a business or church group. Income is usually a percentage of the total sales of a songbook or print sales, ie, the publisher may share a portion of their income, that might average 12.5% of the total sales, between the total number of songwriters involved.

    Grand Rights – Income that is derived through the use of the song in a theatrical production, which is usually a percentage of the box office receipts, divided between all income-entitled parties.

    Foreign Royalties – This income is earned through use in any of the previous methods in a foreign country.

    Digital Royalties – The newest way for songwriters to earn money is through digital transmission of music via iPods, satellite radio, website downloading, digital mobile phones and PDA’s.

    As a songwriter works his way through the six different ways his songs can be used, the payment “standard” becomes blurred and more complex. Every songwriter with published work will be a member of a PRO and rely on that organization to collect the royalty portion of their payments for them, with the balance usually collected and paid by their publisher. For more details on each income source, check out the ASCAP website.

    The most important thing for every aspiring songwriting to remember is to concentrate on writing a great song, make a good demo of it, and expose it to the industry professionals who can turn it into cash in their pocket. Once they have the music business wheels turning, they will start to make sense of the elusive music biz, as they simultaneously reap the financial fruit from their songwriting efforts!

    Resources: (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers)

  • Reality

    Also… “Cop Car” went GOLD on iTunes digital download a few months back, as it stayed at #3 on there for many weeks…and it’s still selling on there, as well as Amazon and other sites. Of course if people like “maclen” didn’t offer Keith’s music for FREE DOWNLOADS on the day it’s released, perhaps the songwriters, players, record companies, and even the artist might just be able to earn a living with the music!!

    As for Keith “try[ing] to pathetically take credit for the subject matter of the song. And just as pathetic…IF orb had the creativity or imagination…to even write his own songs…he wouldnt have had to try to steal Hunt’s ‘experience.’” Keith can RELATE to that experience, as he’s said nearly every time he’s performed that song. Keith has NEVER “stolen” anyone’s words or songs or “experience”! Songs are about life experiences that EVERYONE shares. Obviously “maclen” cannot share anything at all about life experiences since he/she/it has never HAD any! “Maclen” spends days and nights searching for ways to rip apart a talented and very down-to-earth musician whose only desire is to entertain people! You are truly a desperate and despicable liar who only twists every bit of news that you can find about Keith Urban. WHY? WHAT did he EVER DO TO YOU?

  • sheila

    “REALITY” aka Linda- I know you mean well and I agree with most of what you are saying, but STFU. No one likes a know it all.