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Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Calls Me 'Hokulani' - Find Out Why!

Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Calls Me 'Hokulani' - Find Out Why!

Nicole Kidman carries an envelope in her hand while leaving a business meeting on Thursday afternoon (May 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 46-year-old actress recently chatted about her Hawaiian roots – she was born there!

“My mum called me Hokulani. It means heavenly star. That’s something no one really knows. Well, Keith knows it. He calls me Hokulani sometimes,” Nicole said (via the Queensland Times). “I used to tell the kids at school that I was born right on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. I was actually delivered in a hospital – but it sounded good and they believed me.”

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman leaving a meeting…

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nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 01
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 02
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 03
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 04
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 05
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 06
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 07
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 08
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 09
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 10
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 11
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 12
nicole kidman keith urban calls me hokulani sometimes 13

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  • Harriet Craig

    Hey, there’s a post up on D-Listed about Brad and Angie and there is a lot of bashing going on. It’s just not right.

  • Lisa

    OMG she looks just gorgeous in the California sunshine! Love Nicole and her beautiful family!

  • hellodee

    That’s a cute dress <3

  • Marcelle

    That’s a cute dress and cute story. They got it from InStyle though, not the Queensland Times. My aunt who had the same last name as a famous actor told everyone at summer camp her uncle was this actor and he was coming to Family Weekend. She wrote him that first week and luckily someone on his staff wrote her a back with a note explaining that he couldn’t come but he thought she was a precious young girl. This was in the 50′s. She still has that letter!

  • Marcelle

    That should be precocious, not precious!

  • Oh dear

    Nicole obviously began her career in TELLING LIES from a very young age.

  • LIa

    Hopefully that large envelope contains her divorce papers.

  • truth

    @Oh dear: How young did you start lying pathological liar Crazy One?

  • truth

    @LIa: LMAO. An envelope that thick must be a script for an upcoming movie. You know, the ones you say aren’t happening. Bahahahaha!

  • bahahahaha

    Nicole “it sounded good and they believed me” Kidman.

  • Bric1931

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  • 1urbanfan27

    tá ceart…What a Hoki story…



    “It sounded good to me but no one believed it” – every skeptic at the end of the day. Bahahahaha!

  • Thank you NK …

    … for confirming what we knew all along. You are a pathological liar and have been since a child.

  • http://comcast Joni

    All negative remarks made by the same jealous person THE CRAZY ONE using different names. Crazier than a SOB !!!


    @Thank you NK …: “Thank you NK… for confirming what we knew all along. You are a pathological liar and have been since a child.”

    Said the real pathological liar. LOL

  • I embrace my curly hair

    Yet another LIE.


    @I embrace my curly hair: ” I embrace my curly hair…Yet another LIE.” – from the pathological liar The Crazy One! Bahahaha

  • dave

    Hot woman!

  • Ella

    Nicole’s holding divorce papers? Joke of the day. Thanks troll!

    That’s a great look on Nicole.

  • Keith should call her …

    “Mahu” which is Hawaiian for lesbian.

  • x

    The perfect epitaph for Kidman’s future grave stone … “it sounded good and they believed me”

  • truth

    Big surprise…a skeptic wants Nicole dead. Is Cheyenne with you Crazy One?

  • Sisele

    She started her career in a movie called Dead Calm ! Tom Cruise was intrigued by her and put her in Days of Thunder fell in love etc!
    She is a academy awards winner and she has done great work!

  • lupaki

    not looking good when your nickname is Granny Freeze!!
    oh granny oh granny granny freeze oh granny freeze hahaahahaha :)

  • Oscar

    What a bunch of jealous sick morons!!!!!

  • @truth is hysterical

    @truth: nobody wants Nicole dead and btw, the skeptics didn’t report she was “suicidal” either.

  • poppet

    Now that Tommy is divorced from Holmes Nic finally includes her very feminine looking husband in her interviews. Is someone happy that Tommy divorced? Nicole such an open book!
    When he was married she never shut up about him, now all is quiet. mmmmmmmmmmm very interesting! very interesting!

  • truth

    @@truth is hysterical: No one reported Nicole Kidman was suicidal. It was a made up story on gossip sites that you are desperate to spread around. And of course you want her dead. Skeptics made death threats on Nicole and Keith and the ones that didn’t never spoke up that it was wrong. You’re still denying it years later. A 2 part F You Keith Urban tirade on an open message board was just the tip of the iceberg with you crazies. It doesn’t take much to figure out your mindset.

  • little my

    She looks lovely, the sunlight is celebrating her!

  • Pokey

    She most likely had another business meeting to pick up her latest script and sign AGAIN on the dotted line for another flop movie role. Wonder which country she is making travel plans to ‘work in’ next? Most likely as far from Hollywood and home…errrrrr Nashville…as she can. Thus the smile on her face. She claims she loves love…but she is really in love with being the victim of love. It draws more attention to herself than just being happy, taking a role every once in a while, and living a really quiet life away from all the hoopla (as she claims she really wants).

  • Holly

    “I used to tell the kids at school that I was born right on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. I was actually delivered in a hospital – but it sounded good and they believed me.”

    If she lies about her birth, I can imagine the lies she tells about her marriage. She’s been a narcissist since childhood. I don’t believe a word out of her mouth.

  • Mark

    Looking good! Nothing wrong with embellishing. Some of you women should try it. Create some scenarios for your poor husbands. Keith is a lucky man. Beauty, huge paychecks and a killer body. Lucky man.

  • No embellishment, the truth

    Considering Keith is contractually married to a lesbian, he’s not so lucky after all.

  • Sally


    There you go showing your hatred for Nicole. You can never get over that Keith and Nicole are very happy. The story is about a nickname her mother gave her and how Keith on occasion calls Nicole by this name. It’s sweet.

  • Caitlyn

    @No embellishment, the truth:

    Oh, how you wish this outlandish lie were true. Pathetic attempt to twist the painful truth, eh? Keith has done very well for himself and could have had just about any girl in the world. Nicole was a decent choice. I like to see men choose women their own age. It speaks volumes about Keith’s maturity.

  • Like The Dress

    Why do companies keep giving scripts to her when all of here recent movies have been flops? She can’t act her way out of that envelope. This one must film in Hawaii thus why she have to bring up her Hawaiian roots. But I do like the dress:)

  • Molly

    Isn’t it so very funny that people on here are all such experts on films and actors. A oscar winning actor and you all know so much to judge anyones skills?
    You are laughable idiots and show it in all your posts.

    You give humans a bad name.

  • yula

    @Like The Dress: Wow you’re dense.

  • sorry

    90 percent of people get married with their 7th grade crush.since you are reading this you will be told good news tonight.if you don’t post this on the 9 comment,your worst week starts 53 min. your crush will realize they love you

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Nicole’s a human being and makes mistakes like everyone else. Except, of course, message board posters who are perfect. One thing is certain, a single person is doing quite a few posts under different names. Why would she do that? It’s simply talking to yourself, only in print. Keith and Nicole have their ups and downs like every married couple, but Nicole is Catholic. She wasn’t married in the church the first time, but she and Keith did marry in the Catholic Church, and I think she takes this marriage seriously. No matter how many rag mags write lies and innuendoes about the state of their marriage, I think they’re going to make it.

  • http://comcast Joni

    #s5,6,7,8,14,15,17,18, 19,22,23,26,29,32,33,35,38,40 are made by the same person THE CRAZY ONE. There wouldn’t be many comments if it wasn’t for THE CRAZY ONE. You must sit at your computer all day checking to see what the beautiful Urban Family is doing. Do you ever get any excersise ?? Are you a 300 pounder??? Bet so !!!

  • @Joni

    is a numbskull.

  • bahaha

    @@Joni: You’re a psycho.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Sally: But most likely not true…And don’t tell lies…I don’t hate anyone…If you put comments like that out in the public, then the public has the right to comment…Sorry Sally…YOU don’t run JJ…Or the internet…

    First it was Princess…Then it was Baby Girl…Now it’s Hokulani…It’s ALL promo…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @JoBeth: Sorry JoBeth…Even if a marriage survives…It doesn’t mean that love does…A lot of people stay married for reasons other than love…Real love…And that’s a sad thing…Especially if the reason is based on the rules of a religion…Or what other people think…Sometimes you have to follow your heart…Even through heaps of adversity…Because your soul, won’t let you do anything else…

  • sis


    You haven’t a clue about what real love is or you wouldn’t be here doing what you do and saying what you say. Not a clue.

  • truth

    @1urbanfan27: You’re all BS. Go post your cr@p at the cuckoo yuku board. There at least someone will pretend to believe you.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth


    Sorry, but I disagree on your definition of ‘real love’. Leaving your husband to follow another man isn’t love; it’s lust. Keith and Nicole have been together for nine years. During that time you have hounded every message board about your undying love, and Keith’s make believe reciprocation. You’re mistaking ‘love’ for ‘obsession’. Love is caring for someone so much that you put their needs before your own. You certainly have never done that; consequently, you’ve never known love. Spare us the lecture, we aren’t buying it.

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