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Taylor Swift & Alexander Skarsgard in 'The Giver' - First Look Photos! (Exclusive)

Taylor Swift & Alexander Skarsgard in 'The Giver' - First Look Photos! (Exclusive)

Taylor Swift becomes a brunette in this first look still from her upcoming film The Giver, provided exclusively to

Other exclusive images feature stars Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, and Odeya Rush. Check them all out below!

Based on the beloved novel, here’s the film’s synopsis: In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the “real” world.

Mark your calendars – The Giver hits theaters on August 15. We can’t wait!

In case you missed it, check out the film’s trailer NOW!

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  • bonnie

    I heard Katie is only in this for about 5 minutes. Is that true?

  • bonnie

    The Swifty fans alone are enough to float this movie.

  • stan

    Taylor is gonna save this flop movie.

  • David

    @stan: LOL why would anyone go watch taylor swift in a movie since she doesn’t act for a damn ? She SUCKS big time !

  • Nathan

    is Katie’s character in this movie angry all the time LOL i mean in this pic and in the movie tailer she looks mad.

    I don’t know this book/story at all but Katie Holmes looks beautiful in this movie and I will watch to see her. Love you Katie.

  • ladybug

    @bonnie: Katie’s character is the Mother, so unlikely it’s just five minutes. Taylor’s character, however, will probably have only about five minutes of screen time, even if they added more than what’s in the books.

  • Mariah

    Without Skarsgard this movie is crap. I hate Katie’s sad/angry face.

  • Mariah

    @ladybug: LOL just like in real life. She can’t get mad at her children.

  • Meg

    ….and none for Katie Holmes.

  • @Meg

    none what?

  • Michael

    Razzie award contender!

  • lol

    @@Meg: lol a play on that “and none for Gretchen Wieners” Mean Girls quote…because Katie got left out of the post title.

  • pie

    @lol: wow now why do you have to mention “Mean Girls”? I haaaaaate that movie.

  • @Meg

    Surprised Jared didn’t post the latest pictures of Holmes at her hair care event. (that explains why her hair was brushed here)
    Notice picture 4 she has strings hanging below her dress.
    Can she ever get it just right?
    It’s improvement from Monday but still if you are going to an event for your own company can’t you fix the hem of your dress?
    Designer? does anyone wonder why it didn’t work out?
    Wonder how this hair company is doing in actual numbers.

  • lol

    @pie: uh because someone asked a question? i didn’t think to get a raise of hands of which movies were okay and not okay to mention… sorry? not sorry.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    IOP, she would be smart to hone her acting skills so that she can tell everyone to take a flying leap. All this dressy stuff just reinforces that her frontal lobe is becoming more and more vacant.

  • Why??

    Why suddenly every singer wants to become an actor/actress? You dont see that often if it is the other way around, a movie star who wants to become a musician and tour the world with his music. There few exceptions of course but suddenly is like a lot and singers who cannot even act.

    I mean since when Tayor Swift is an actress? Just because u are in a movie does not make u a movie talented star, Taylor is one of those examples

  • Bric1931

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  • Nathan

    @Sincerely Concerned:

    Katie Holmes already has fantastic acting skills. She can show so much emotion with her face without even saying a word. she is a natural born actress.
    Like they say “a star is born not made”. when you try to make a star you end up with justin bieber. LOL

  • Cari

    @@Meg: And that smirk seems to be glued onto her face.

  • billy

    @David: dumb dumb, he said taylor swift FANS. If you do not believe her fans will go see a movie just because she is in it, you are delusional. These are the same fans who gave her the #1 tour in north america. These are the same fans who buy countless albums and singles. These are the same fans who are waiting with baited breath for this movie to be released. You better believe they will go, it will tide them over until her album is released in the fall.

  • caryn

    @David: Stupid comment! You have poor comprehension.

  • caryn

    @Sincerely Concerned: Another stupid comment. It just shows they all have more brains than you.

  • Wrong

    @Why??: ummm I can name a few. In fact MORE than a few… Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Zendaya, Ariana Grande… should I go on? Every single person I just mentioned not only got their start in acting. The last two did High School Musical but they were already actresses before then, JLO was only a dancer before acting, the Disney kids participated in Disney sing-a-longs which got them deals while Lindsay Lohan just decided to be a singer. Even if they grew up singers, their careers were all actor and then singer. There are even more people than I named so the fact is that just as many singers want to be actors as there are actors who want to become singers. Everyone likes to dabble once they work in the industry.

  • Wrong

    Every single person I just mentioned not only got their start in acting, but built their initial careers in it.*

  • Wrong

    I said “the last two*” meaning Vanessa and Ashley, but I ended up adding on Ariana and Zendaya-sorry about that.

  • Sam

    @David: She’s better than u so stfu .

  • annie

    pretty girl, pretty dress, nice hair!

  • Me

    Actually, the producers of the Giver went to A Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles to see her perform, and decided to ask her to do the role in the movie. It wasn’t as if she had asked to do it. She accepted when asked.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @annie: I hope you’re noticing the Taylor trashing.

  • annie

    @ dare to be honest
    yes, i realise it goes on with everyone…..but the trashers don’t like it when you say something in her defence.
    why someone scours the internet about somebody they don’t like is beyond me, really it is. they find pics and links and reviews, all this takes time and energy, the more negative the more satisfaction they get. you might think that’s normal, but i don’t.
    to say nasty things about a little kid you don’t know is not normal.
    to write comments saying i don’t like her or her daughter is not normal.
    one poster says that i’ve been going on for years, but i have discussed things with posters over the years, who are the same people just posting under different names, they have been coming here for years as well,
    there are scies here, there are NK fans here, tom cruise fans, they all have a go for some reason or another, there were also AJ fans as well.
    why don’t they just stick to the people they like, and leave everyone else alone. they must get some perverse kick out of hating on someone they don’t know, who as far as i can see pretty much minds her own business, works, looks after her daughter, and just gets on with her life.

  • Lala

    For me Alex Skarsgard is only reason to see this movie <3

  • Nolan

    go Katoe! go annie! loveee katie forever

  • anne


    You said it all.
    Katie is living her life and taking care of your beautiful daughter.
    Have you seen the latest photos of Connor? Fat, paunchy and horrible hair. Het was so handsome.
    Katie had to send him a gift of Alterna products.


  • lauren


    Meryl Streep & Jeff Bridges also star in this film . I am mildly interested because of those two . I will never see a film solely because of Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift . Talk about atrocious actresses . Holmes can’t rely on Tom Cruise for an acting career , and Swift can’t rely on her popular bubblegum pop music ( not really country music ) to boost her acting career . If you notice , Beyonce is not in demand as a film actress , even though she is a huge pop star . And, Rihanna bombed with the Battleship flop . That film derailed her film career .

  • Adam

    Obviously all the Taylor Swift fans will watch this movie…. and btw there are millions of us. So this movie ‘ll get benefit of that for sure

  • Veni,Vidi,Vici


    First time commentator.
    You accuse people of hating on someone they don’t know, but you just commented on what you think on the same person as if you know that person. They are making a observation just like you are. The only difference is they are paying attention to details on what is being presented and what is being said. Everybody is entitled to their opinions. If you are observant in reading between the lines you can tell who is fan of Katie or Pr rep and family members. Pr rep knows the trick of media manipulation. Repeat something over and over it sticks. Family members get defensive. Fans has this naive ideal of their star.

  • Veni,Vidi,Vici


    And here you are commenting on it. Sounds like wasted time and energy getting defensive over a person you supposedly don’t know. They are just backing up what they are saying. Can you back up what you are saying in defense of this person you supposedly don’t know.

  • Bondi

    Current is all that matters in Hollywood and currently she is not doing too much.
    What is Holmes doing now except small roles and Indie pieces?
    Her design line shut down and her relationship with Bobbie Brown got cut short by two years.
    Mania days comes out soon. Will she get more good roles after that or continue with very low budget and small roles?

  • Veni,Vidi,Vici


    I think Harvey Weinstein is going to keep her afloat. I wouldn’t be surprise if he gets her nominated for something. He did the same for Nicole Kidman. Harvey Weinstein hates TC, so he going do everything he can make sure Katie succeed. Pay attention every time TC is the news. She come in after him. It a political strategies called Mirroring. Every time they talk about TC dating someone she comes out with that she dating Jaime Fox or someone else. Pay attention to the media tricks.

  • sue

    @lauren: nobody said that a person who is not a fan of taylor would go see a movie because of her. What was said was that taylor swift fans, that she hs enough to make the movie a box office success. Again, taylor swift has bern the top money earner in all of music twic already, rihanna cannot claim that and I am not sure beyonce can either. But rihanna is not as successful as taylor swift at the bank, where it matters most. Why people keep trying to lump taylor swift ib with rihanna is beyond me, they are soooooo very different. Just beause they are both young and beautiful and tall does no make the remotely the same.

  • Bondi

    IDK Maybe but the difference was that NK can act so HW might try but he won’t get as far with Holmes.
    His wife tried to dress her for Met Gala and we see how that went.
    You can lead a horse to water but……. lol….you get the point.

  • sue

    @lauren:the song mean won two grammy awards for country song and performance, the song white horse won two grammys for song and performance. Taylor has way more then a pop audience, bubble gum pop artists do not move nearly as many albums taylor. Bubblegum pop artists alo do not win pinnacle awards at country musics biggest show.

  • yep

    The Giver is a good book.

  • Veni,Vidi,Vici


    She has the sympathy card on her side right now. We’ll just have to see what he does. All she has to do keep fueling the Co$ is after me and keep trashing TC (she does this under the radar) and threatening to release more dirt. NK has nothing else to say about CO$ or TC that people want to hear. Nk over played her sympathy card. Katie can say anything she want right now and people would listen. That is what going to keep her in the limelight for a long time.

  • d

    Taylor is a country and pop star. If taylor swift did not ha country fans she would not have been able to sellout nashvilles bridgestone arena tree nights in a playing to a total of 41,292 fans bringing 3,336,545. By comparison carrie underwood one of county radios most played women was only able to play one night to 9,856 (not a sellout), earning 591,096. Now you tell me who has more nashville fans. So before people call taylor a bubblegum pop artist, you better check the stats, she is way more then that.

  • Bondi

    Her sympathy card won’t go on forever it’s already old for most.
    She either has real chops or she doesn’t and end of day it will be shown for what it is.
    If she is great actress will be offered great roles in movies the public actually sees.

  • sorry

    90 percent of people get married with their 7th grade crush.since you are reading this you will be told good news tonight.if you don’t post this on the 9 comment,your worst week starts 53 min. your crush will realize they love you

  • Veni,Vidi,Vici


    If you haven’t notice there is a power play going on in Hollywood. People getting together you would never guess would get together. Power couples= Power + Money + Opportunity. So you have think about when NK and KH trashes TC and try to keep him down career wise. WHY? TC forms a Power Couple with another actress they have to live in the shadow of that Power Couple. KH most likely fade quickly. Nk has a fighting chance because she can actually act. Nk talks about it in that Vanity Affair article where she talks about Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina (super couple) They are the top couple right now. She say she can relate to her friend Jennifer Aniston. ( she has to live in their shadow.)

  • Veni,Vidi,Vici


    I agree,but I don’t think she used all her cards yet. She has the potential. She should try and improve her skills instead of relying on other people to give her jobs out sympathy or spitefulness(Harvey).