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Michael Fassbender Confirms that 'Prometheus 2' Is Happening!

Michael Fassbender Confirms that 'Prometheus 2' Is Happening!

Michael Fassbender sits down for an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday evening (May 8) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor is currently in the Big Apple while doing press for his upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will hit theaters everywhere May 23.

Michael sat down for an interview with Collider and confirmed that he will be working on a sequel to Prometheus at some point with director Ridley Scott!

“For sure. I love Ridley. He’s a master filmmaker,” Michael said when asked if he’s excited to work with the director again. When his co-star James McAvoy asked if the sequel was really happening, he replied, “Yeah, but when I don’t know.”

Michael Fassbender Confirms that ‘Prometheus 2′ Is Happening!

FYI: Michael is wearing a Thom Sweeney blazer, shirt, and trousers.

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  • isolated

    What’s that ‘Prometheus’ movie?

  • Lola

    Hooray! I love that movie! What a surprise!

  • Angelia

    I could not get into the first Prometheus movie. kept falling asleep. The only way M. Fassbender can save the sequel is by being full naked throughout the whole film. I’m sorry, but that’s the only way I will watch it.

  • Bookworm

    Prometheus is not my kind of movie at all (I don’t do sci fi) but it was on TV one rainy afternoon, just after I had discovered Fassbender for the first time in Jane Eyre so I started watching out of curiosity. I was so mesmerised by Fassbender’s performance from the minute he came on to the screen that I watched the whole film and have watched it several times since.

  • @Bookworm

    @Bookworm: It’s one of his best performances. I would love a sequel.

  • Fercat

    The original movie is set up for a sequel or sequels.

  • Lena

    Whoa! Fire engine red right eye in a splotchy yellowish and red face picture. Yikes!

  • no future

    Sorry Fassbender and sorry USA, UK and so on and what else. It is so hard to learn another language?
    Imperialism is a dead thing.

  • Then and Now

    Seems much more comfortable than when on Graham Norton.
    Appears to do the “Chat Show” better when Solo it would seem.

  • no future

    @Then and Now: Take him to America, you are familiar with puppets.

  • Wiki

    Michael and Paula “I don’t even allow him to go to the bathroom alone” Woods

  • Then and Now


    LOL….That looks unavoidable. Not the usual Photo bombing!

  • Johnsons

    Do you think they have a “thing” then? Michael and the Paula Woods person?

  • Wiki

    @Then and Now: Did you see the pic of them (either heading into the Tonight Show or to dinner @ Tribeca Grill) where she’s gazing at him? I’m trying to find it again and will post it once I do.

  • Wiki

    @Johnsons:Some posters think there’s a relationship where she quietly stands by, allowing him to do as he pleases hoping one day he’ll realize she was the one all along. Some think it’s a tale of unrequited love. Others think there’s nothing to it. Whatever it is, i believe the line between professionalism and personal have been erased. I don’t know if they’re in a sexual relationship but her photographic and video actions don’t scream out PR woman to me. Whatever it is, what can anyone do? What’s your take on it?

  • Then and Now


    No didn’t see these pics
    Was she really gazing? I am a little skeptical as I have not thought her looks were improper or gazing in the past, more keeping an eye on things.

  • Interesting

    Wiki I don’t effing like it LOL and I don’t even wanna think like that tbh. Such is life I guess but unless he says they banging or he show up with her arm in arm on the red carpet Im not gonna think anything of it. Honestly if I worked for him Id problably be looking at him like I wanna jump on him too. Hes pretty desirable (some may or may not agree). From afar its easy to develop a thing for him much less if ur working along side, up close and personal almost every day. So if shes in love, lusting after him, don’t blame her good for her. Do they share a hotel room, hmm maybe if shes his babysitter. A hotel bed? Naah don’t think so. Like I said until he takes her as his date at the Oscars, theres nothing to it. Ok 1 more thing, to me he doesn’t seem like the type of employer to be strictly professional with ppl who work for him. Hes problably laid back and comfortable. Especially in her position yeah there might be some closeness, but not sleeping together

  • Lena

    @Then and Now:

    Is that really her name? Or is that who people just decided to say her name is? Sure it’s not his homely wife of many years? Whoever she is, why would she wear jeans that accentuate a fat pu//$$y? Like those way too tight jeans are cramming all the fat in her nether regions to one area. I’m sorry, but, it looks like old girl tries to keep her weight down but she’s a big bottom and bottom heavy girl. One of those women with puffy features (bubble nose and puffy cheeks) despite being as skinny as she can be. As opposed to long lean bones and bony bone structures. I mean all women carry weight, but why bring attention to your bad features in that way?

    Michael said he wanted something to happen to this “family” man. I think it would be a HUGE fraud if this chick isn’t really PR lady Paula Woods and Michael has been playing the role of Hollywood player for years merely in order to get a fan base while secretly living another life. Is he slowly transforming in a carefully crafted rollout? Can you imagine what his black fan girls would do? But would they even ever know if the big reveal makes it look lime he JUST got married?

    Of course, they could be having this woman PURPOSELY photo bombing all those pictures in order to ease her into the spotlight, and then make up some nonsense about some relationship JUST happening as they got to know each other. To be honest with you, I wouldn’t put it past anyone in Hollywood to be this deceptive. Now, if any of you followed Lipstick Alley when Big Butt Judi was ruling that tea thread, (b/tch….love her!!! :)…)…) they posted a picture of a blonde woman who wasn’t THIS woman lurking behind Fassbender in a threshold watching him (kind of stalking him in a pose, etc) and they were discussing I think “pimps.” Not like traditional pimps. But I think the discussion was “who is Fassy’s pimp?”. Or something like that…And they were like everyone has one blah blah blah…I’ll see if it’s still there and try to find it.

    If Michael is in on a public deception, he will be the bad guy in my view. If this woman has unchecked power over him against his will, then she’s the bad guy, in my view. I doubt seriously with the dedicated photo bombing going on, one or both of them are not aware that they are being photographed together so much.

    Im not convinced she’s a PR person to begin with.

  • Interesting

    Hmm could she be a personal assistant then?

  • Wondering

    Wonder what you look like Lena? Also wonder just exactly what personality disorder you have.

  • fun fiction

    If they are in love why he is sleeping with other women lol.She is around him only when he promoting movie , she is woking.When I’ll see them together in a race kart or they helds hands then believe.

  • I

    Blind Item
    89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#4**
    This foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee B+ list mostly movie actor went out on a date with his B list celebrity girlfriend as part of a bet but is still dating her because he says the sex is the best he has ever had. I have to say she doesn’t look the type. Michael Fassbender/Naomi Campbell

  • Nope

    @I: it’s not the answer, at least for Naomi who is exactly his type, if the actor is Michael, the woman is someone else who I don’t want to talk about

  • Interesting

    If u put Michael in a room wth darker skin women its like Christmas for him. Matters not if its lighter “dark” or dark “dark”…… here comes the ish starting. Every time Michael’s name pops up on JJ theres no talk about his work (well only for a minute), theres gonna be rumors, accusations, conspiracy theories, bashing, name calling, mud throwing and such like. D@mn

  • ???

    @I: You’re making it seem as if the blind has been revealed. It has not. And Naomi def seems like sex would be hot. I doubt Michael would go on a date with her as a bet, more like the other way around.

  • @nope

    @Nope: Yeah, she si Crazylina. But sure she is not a B list celebrity.

  • Nope

    @@nope: yes that’s why I’m sure the actor is Fassbender, it could be someone else

  • who’s who

    MG is not a b-celebrity , Naomi is a A-list model , I think that the actor is not Fassbender

  • Bump

    MG is back in Italy while his is stateside.
    Her attempt to break Hollywood as a credible actor probably flopped as expected. She is not B list in a million years.
    Naomi is A list in history but these things fluctuate, so she might be considered B when not modelling?
    I don’t think its him/ them though.
    Might be Orlando Bloom, Bene Cumberbatch, Sam Worthington etc ?

  • Shane

    @Bump actually Naomi was just on the cover or Russian Vogue so she does do high fashion work on the regular, I would say she is definitely A list. Fassbender I would say is A list as well. He’s coming off of a Academy Award nomination and he’s about to release a summer blockbuster so I agree with you it’s not Fassbender or Campbell.

  • Wiki
  • Wiki

    @Interesting: My opinion, they aren’t sleeping together but as you said, it would be hard to work for such a beautiful creature and not catch yourself staring once in awhile.

  • Wiki

    Michael mentioned on the Tonight show he traveled to Peru with a “Professor”…any idea who it is? Inquiring minds want to know :)


    “Michael Fassbender is a man. He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes off. Let me just say this — once he kissed me on the mouth to say hello, and I almost fainted. The kiss was very platonic on his part. I could smell what he had for breakfast in the morning, you know what I mean? He could eat a pile of shit, and it would smell good on him.”

    Sarah Paulson‘s description of Michael Fassbender in the new issue of New York confirms first hand what I always suspected about the “Shame” actor — he is sex on a stick