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Suki Waterhouse Felt Like It Was Her Wedding While Prepping For Met Ball!

Suki Waterhouse Felt Like It Was Her Wedding While Prepping For Met Ball!

Suki Waterhouse rocks chic pants while arriving at her hotel on Friday (May 9) in New York City.

Over the weekend, the 22-year-old English supermodel was pretty in purple while attending an after party for the 2014 Met Ball with her beau Bradley Cooper.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suki Waterhouse

“It was very atmospheric actually, and beautiful. I felt like I was at a very special occasion. Getting ready I felt like it was my wedding a tiny bit,” Suki recently shared to NY magazine about the Met Ball.

FYI: Suki is wearing Addison pants.

15+ pictures inside of Suki Waterhouse heading to her hotel in New York City…

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suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 01
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 02
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 03
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 04
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 05
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 06
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 07
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 08
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 09
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 10
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 11
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 12
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 13
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 14
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 15
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 16
suki waterhouse wedding while prepping for met 17

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  • trashley

    isn’t she done yet?

  • Huh?

    These are two different sets of pics. Pics with sunglasses she’s carrying a notebook and wearing platform wedgies. With no sunglasses, the notebook is gone and she’s wearing different shoes! LOL

  • Dibbles

    Suki must be trying to make herself look model tall with those platforms she is wearing. Even in the platforms she is average height. Those pants are waaaay too large and long for her even with the lifts. That hair of hers doesn’t look at all like bed head, it looks like a rats nest of uncombed hair extensions from all those party nights.

  • lol

    beard suki

  • Solar Beez.

    Why is this girl a model again? Too bad no one remembers the 80′s. Those were models.

  • Miquel

    @Huh?: You are right, two sets of pictures, two days in a row. Notice the high wedged heeled shoes on day two with her carrying a folder and wearing glasses. Suki is still wearing the SAME outfit and hasn’t combed or washed her hair. Sort of gross how it looks greasy..

  • Leslie

    Met Gala was like prepping for a wedding? I guess taking a shower, washing your hair, putting on makeup and a dress is like prepping for a wedding… Sure.

  • scarlett

    Again, you refer to her as a supermodel. Don’t. She’s not. Save that term for someone who’s actually earned it. And she’s clearly wearing those nasty wedge boots to give her height for a casting. Says it all really. She really does come across as the vapid wannabe I expected in her interviews. Urgh make it go away.

  • Pretty

    Just curious, why so much hate on suki? Seems like she gets a lot for some reason. Can someone please explain? I think she’s really pretty. And modeling is changing. Think that jager girl, cara delivigne, and so on. They’re shorter, have more edge, are a bit messier. Kind of just the trend. But those other girls aren’t hated on like suki is.

  • anna

    Her saying that sentence puts the nail on the proverbial coffin in her current relationship. Bradley fears any sort of committment or speaking of such.

  • http://Justjared Not A Super Model

    She is not a super model, nor will she ever be.

  • Lily

    @Pretty: No one likes the office girls that sleeps her way to the top, when other qualified individuals who happen to have self respect, values, esteem and goals are brushed off. I think its bad for younger generations to have role models or see people glorified for being undeserving ho’s.

  • lr

    Hardly a supermodel. Don’t know what Bradley sees in her-she must be good in the sack.

  • Norah

    @Miquel: Same outfit two days in a row. Her clothes are wrinkled like she’s been sleeping in them. A dirty head that definitely isn’t screwed on right.

  • Hello

    She often wears oversized clothes and shoes.
    Also, she stays at the same hotel BC has been pictured with a fan last week-end…Wonder what he was doing there :-)

  • ace11

    @18 IR

    He can control her..that’s why he is with her

    He’s a creepy old guy who when with women his own age range can’t handle them

  • Jamie

    @Hello: I thought it was discovered that almost all of the Met attendees were staying in the same hotel.

  • Hello

    @Jamie: I guess I missed that conversation. I have seen the pics of them leaving the Mark Hotel but this place does not seem to be the Mark. It’s not a big deal anyway :-)

  • Hi Daniela!

    @Hello: Nobody awake on the Leo thread? Hahahahaahahahahahahahaha

  • Ben

    @Hello: It’s Robert Deniro’s hotel, the Greenwich. He always stays there when he’s in NY.

  • Hello

    @Ben : Thanks for the info.

  • Jamie

    So, she switched from the Mark hotel to the Greenwich hotel after the MET gala?

  • Monica

    @Ben: Do they have showers at the Greenwich? You can tell a lot about a person from their personal hygiene.

  • Dolly

    Those are the same shoes in all of the photos. They have a platform and a huge wedge heel. Is that her modelling portfolio she is carrying? The pap probably just caught her going in and out of the hotel a couple of times throughout the day.

  • Mike

    Wondering if Suki feet where not hot in these silly boots that she wore at the met gala (they looked stupid) and wonder how many times Suki mentioned that is she Bradley Cooper girlfriend, to that interview, Suki is just sad loser and who needs a doss of the real world, the sad fact she would not care what anybody would say to her and all in her mind that she just wants to be rich and famous and nothing will stand in her way

    what stupid thing to say Getting ready I felt like it was my wedding a tiny bit (laughable)

    Why does Suki gives interviews for, honestly, it like Suki is worth $10 million in last week daily express and the crappy es magazine interview, it just dross that she comes up with to get attention (and nobody buying it anymore)

    I do not why the paparazzi follow Suki (so sorry she calls them up) and they do not follow some with real talent

    Suki says she sleeps in her clothes, they why the look like crap

  • Mike

    I am not surprised that Suki did not turn up to the interview with her pj’s on

  • Sherie

    @Dolly: Nope, two different pairs of shoes. One pair has an even 3 inch heel, and the other pair have an extremely high wedge 6 inch heel including the front sole being about 3 inches off the ground as well. Suki is average in height and trying to compete with naturally tall ‘models’. Also it looks like she’s spent the night in her clothes because of the wrinkling and the uncombed hair. The ‘powers that be’ are working extremely hard to make Suki relevant.

  • Suedehead

    @Dolly: Nope, she was wearing Superga sneakers first and then black wedges from MET gala. But there’s no difference really :)

  • Pam

    Suki has to be calling the paps. She’s not famous and nobody knows who she is, especially in the USA. She must have an agent who has photographers on call that collect a little income each time her pic winds up in the tabloids. People take pictures of Zoe Saldana, because she was relevant and a famous movie star (Avatar/Star Trek) and Renee Zellwinger (Jerry McQuire/ Bridgid Jones Diary) AND this wasn’t because of Bradley Cooper. Looks like Suki is a sponge who’s using Bradley Cooper to make her famous the easy way.

  • Libby

    I only see someone who is dirty, cold and calculating.

  • Dolly

    Ok, you guys are right. They are different pairs of shoes. I still think it is the same day though. She must have been wearing the KISS boots for a go-see.

  • Mim

    Just bitchiness @ Pretty. She’s just a 21 year old having fun & doesn’t deserve the nasty comments

  • Bitchiness

    @Mim: Bad as I wanna be.

  • Scott

    The thing is, it’s kind of surprising when you see her because her features are harsh and she is not pretty. I think that’s one of the reasons why people do not understand how come a person who looks like her would model anything. It’s fishy, you do ask yourself what kind of contacts she has or what she did to get those modeling jobs.

  • Kelly R.

    I think she’s lovely. Where do you people get all your info? That she sleeps her way up? That she’s a slut? That nobody knows her is the US? This is the most random crap and completely unprovable. She’s Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend for over a year now – THAT’S how people in the US know her. Anyone who follows entertainment or Cooper knows who she is. And as far as her being a slut who sleeps her way to the top? How the hell would anyone possibly know that? You people are DEFINITELY fat middle aged women sitting at home hating yourselves. It’s such a pity that you have to bag on a young woman like this. Imagine if you actually saw her in person. There’s NO WAY you’d say she’s ugly. She’s very attractive and seems to be very sweet. Shame on all of you losers.

  • Marco

    @Kelly R.: You are not a sweet person, look how vile you are.

  • James

    Not liking suki and finding her not pretty does not mean that people are jealous. she’s just not their cup of tea. I couldn’t care less what she does in life but to me beautiful women are people like: Brigitte bardot, monica bellucci, laetitia casta, sophia loren, claudia cardinale, ava garner……
    Next to them, suki looks like a tramp. I just think her features look vulgar.

  • R. Kelly

    Black Panties.

  • Mim

    How can features look vulgar??

  • Marco


  • Ouch!
  • Hmmmm

    @Ouch!: If it’s Bradley she’s talking about in the book it doesn’t make much sense that she would MARRY a guy that she knew in advance had so many flaws. It doesn’t make her look like the sharpest tool in the shed. Didn’t they date for quite a while before marrying?

  • Hotels

    @Hello: easy! cuz they stayed in Greenwich. They went to Mark Hotel just for preparation to go the Met Gala. 00:54 Bradley arrived to MH in casual clothes!
    Dunno understand the conspiracy theory? They’re together!

  • Jamie

    @Ouch!: Since she mentions the role on ‘Samantha Who’ in 2007, which would be after they divorced, the timeline would seem to fit the relationship with Bradley. Although it’s weird that people who work with him, as well as Renee, never say anything bad about him.

  • Indian Flower

    @Jamie: Renee didn’t interviews in years, Zoe talked pretty bad without naming him about their relationship.
    People who work with him are costars and just friends. It’s pretty different when two persons sharing their lifes. Private time-regular basis-home is where they meet the real person behind scenes. I’m pretty convinced that Bradley don’t talk with his others ex’s much like people believe.

  • Jamie

    @Indian Flower: He did mention in his last Howard Stern interview that he is still in contact with his high school girlfriend, so she doesn’t seem to hate him. LOL As far as Zoe is concerned, I’m aware of the comment about her wanting a “real man”, but I believe it was in US Weekly which has been wrong about things at times, and it allegedly came out through a “source” close to her.

  • Indian Flower

    @Indian Flower: well bfs on high school isn’t a commitment, sure a simply exploration phase. But for UsWeekly or Page Six ‘source’ is a synonym undercover to ‘publicist’. I tend to think that Bradley just thinking about his career. Nothing wrong with that! and in a few months we will have the Suki post breakup interview to ensure some things.

  • Indian Flower

    @Jamie: sorry my comment was to you!
    well bfs on high school isn’t a commitment sure a simply exploration fase. But for UsWeekly or Page Six ‘source’ is a synonym undercover to ‘publicist’. I tend to think that Bradley just thinking about his career. Nothing wrong with that! and in a few months we will have the Suki post breakup interview to ensure some things.

  • Jamie

    @Indian Flower: What about the things that Us Weekly has completely made up? For example, Jennifer Aniston being pregnant. Her publicist made that up? And, then there was some story in that magazine about Brad and Angelina’s kids being unruly in some restaurant and someone from the restaurant came out and said it was untrue. I just think that Us Weekly can be right about some things and dead wrong about others.

  • Hello

    @Hotels : Thanks for the video. It’s safe to assume that BC and SW were staying at the Greenwich and went to the Mark just to prepare :-)