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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' Show 'Dracula' Gets Cancelled By NBC

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' Show 'Dracula' Gets Cancelled By NBC

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers‘ NBC show Dracula has been cancelled after being on the air for only one season.

The 36-year-old actor’s show was the latest one to be cancelled on the network, which included Revolution and Community.

In case you missed the big, Hannibal and About a Boy have both been renewed after having decent seasons for NBC.

There is still no word on if Parenthood will be renewed or cancelled. Stay tuned for more details!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ show Dracula being cancelled by NBC?

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  • Teresa54

    I loved Dracula! I can’t believe they cancelled it! Bring it back!!!!!!

  • someguy

    Well, I honestly wish him to get better. To get help for that.

    His addiction is quite obvious, imho :(

  • Ap

    oh no that sucks :(

  • not good

    who cares?

  • Sara

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  • Mary3

    Sucks sh

  • trapper

    I’m incredibly disappointed. Everyone worked so hard on this show, and it was brilliant, from writing to sets to acting. It’s a real blow to fans of intelligent television. Hmm. When it comes to network TV that may be a contradiction in terms, “intelligent television”. I am sick to death of shows that pander to the lowest common denominator and glorify stupidity. Dracula was a show that made you think, and so it gets thrown under the bus. Tragic.

  • James

    @trapper: Well, I suppose most people don’t like to use their brains. Every time there’s something little different or little deeper it’s getting canceled because they don’t make a money of it. And people who like something different from a mainstream loose. Damn it.

  • kel

    I liked it, it was different. Figures they would cancel it.

  • Petra

    I’m so sad! Loved this show so much. JRM is awesome in everything.

  • MEL

    I love you John. I will watch whatever you make because your work is deep and exquisite. NBC Chairman wouldn’t understand because he is a greedy arsehole!

  • Tyla

    I loved this show. It was dark, poetic, and different. It was the perfect show for the Fall season!!! NBC must be run by a bunch of morons. Oh well I guess. Jonathan can do more movies!!

  • leah

    vampires are over :o

  • Reb

    Urgh, F U C K you NBC!


    Real talents, and real movies don’t get recognition.
    I am sadden to see that stupid shows like hart of Dipshit are renewed but a series like Dracula with the very talent Johnathan Rhys Meyers is cancelled

    What is going on ?
    Stupid series and deprivation are promoted ….showing your crotch, twerking showing in between your lower lips, mumbling like a you ve never known as to speak properly (many actors like Rachel Bilson have a horrible elocution and no presence)….

    I am SAAAADDD!

  • Julie


  • Liz

    Mmmmm… cancelled. Bad move NBC… bad move… It was a class A production for television. In the US, you didn’t give the opportunity it deserves. You put it in an hour that didn’t permit it to develop. No a smart move. Sorry but true.

  • Rachel

    Suggests that the tides are finally moving away from focus on the messed up over hyped vampire monster demon genre… not a bad move in my feeling and heralding perhaps a personal change for Jonathan too, now that its patently obvious that the artistic world doesn’t understand the subtleties of the nature of the dark feminine/masculine or vampire demon perhaps it can be laid to rest a while for its extremties and mutilated props to decay… the vampire form and its uses are not really understood in a context that brings the reality of it to the fore, itself having been too churned too mixed up morphed out of context thus releasing it’s energies only at its most savage and wild when it has a light side… the vampire has been sensationalised in such a way that it has become devoid of being in any way believable… abandon the vampire as it is seen currently, such a smart move, give it time give it space for it to die down to be forgotten about a bit… maybe we can find the reality of man/woman to then rediscover the ancient reality and the human heritage of the vampire incarnate in the first place to make it believable again someday… so we can now refocus on there being something better something which resonates with truth and radiates truth on the horizon for Jonathan to focus his sights on… Here’s to change and towards living a more fulfilling career for you Jonathan one that will bring you away from unhealthy untruthful patterns about the inner wildness to an openess that will let more light in :)

  • borednow

    No, his addiction is not ‘obvious’ *rolls eyes*

    I’m more than annoyed with NBC, I am livid. They don’t promote the shows then wonder why the ratings are low (probably because no one knows about them NBC.. just a thought) and why shows aren’t as successful as other networks. He can do MILES better than them *waves at Showtime* and like I said on the Facebook page I hope your network goes to the crapper because this set of fans, should you need help, will never ever give you it. I’m just waiting for Karma to strike in the form of the network going under or it being picked up by a better network and it making more money for them than what it did for NBC. You’ll never find a group of fans more decided to a show or an actor than what we are. Your loss NBC, your loss

  • Maria

    I am so done with NBC. Loved Dracula and all the actors who made Friday night something to look forward to. The show was edgy with suspense and anticipation of what would happen next. I cant believe you would cancel Dracula. Why not cancel dull Law and Order special crime show? The writers are recycling on that one. Think I will just drop NBC and the rest of the sorry networks and watch HGTV and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

  • Kimberly

    I am so depressed!!!! I loved, loved, loved!!! This show!!! And JRM!!!!!! Is there any chance it can be picked up by another network or something!!! They need to give it a proper ending!

  • PJ

    Very disappointed. I love Jonathan. He was great in this role but he can do much better than NBC so it may be all for the best. I will continue to follow his career.

  • Adrian

    He is such a great and sexy actor!!! I loved Dracula and you guy yanked it! I’m soooo disappointed!! Bring back Dracula 😡

  • Sam

    NBC sucks. They are so short-sighted and couldn’t possibly understand that SERIALIZED dramas need time to build a loyal fan base. A little more promotion by NBC would have helped the ratings, too. I’m very disappointed, but hoping for other, even better, projects for JRM on the horizon.

  • spirit7

    @Teresa54: I agree!!! It was soooooo good., Oh , I have never been so bummed about a show being cancelled. Oh bummer!!!!

  • spirit7

    @not good: I do!! Dracula was a great show. Not weird or funky.

  • Reb

    Maybe another network can pick it up?? It would be great on a cable channel like showtime!

  • doo

    THANKS GOD! Man, Hollywood should really stop making movies/TV shows about vampires, especially about Count Dracula since they really have no idea who was him .

  • Who’s Surprised?

    Was anyone REALLY surprised this was cancelled? The ratings were terrible and the vampire craze is long over.

  • Marie

    Bring back Dracula!!!

  • Marie

    @trapper: Ditto!

  • Marie

    @leah: NOT!

  • carrenae

    Whaaaaattttttt!!!! That is so awful! I love this show.

  • Loni

    I cannot believe they cancelled Dracula!!!!!! I really loved that show. I’ve had enough of the reality shows. Bring back Dracula. It was very riveting. I hope another network picks it up since NBC were dumbasses and cancelled it.

  • Evelyn Gauthier

    Although there were hopes of a second season , Dracula aired as a mini series. I’m not sure that’s the same as being canceled. Regardless , I thoroughly enjoyed Jonathan Rhys Myers as Dracula . It has made me a fan of his.

  • Reva

    I really like the show.It was well made ,and a lot of thought had went into originality.I liked it more than the original telling of the story and regret I will not get a chance to see it through.I feel NBC is trying to” catch the brass ring “,and in doing so is jeopardizing its fan base.I am fed up with all the reality stuff and the supper stupid form of comedy that is going on.Really ,more Will Farrel and Tina Fey crap,how tiring can you get?I look forward to the next JRM project and hopefully he will be gracing the television medium soon again.

  • erika

    No lo puedo aún concebir, a mi me encanto este trabajo, ver otra faceta del “villano” DRACULA, ver su lado humano, la naturaleza de su amor. Ahora todo se rige por dinero$$$ si le hubieran dado una mejor hora del día otra cosa hubiera sido!!!! Yo reconozco que todo me gusto, y todos los días que lo pasaban lo veía, solo que si era algo tarde ya, aún así no falte de verlo, pues se me hacia eterno esperar hasta la próxima semana :( MUY MAL NBC MUY MAL! valía demasiado al pena, que le brindaran un buen horario para que se dieran cuenta que las cosas cambiarían en 180°

  • mnlnnlojjijljljjlkjjj

    I totally started loving the tv show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate the WORLD

  • Jean

    WHAT A SHAME NBC!!!!!, all of the stupid shows on television, especially on Friday night here. You had an exciting, thrilling, and different show in ‘Dracula’ and I looked forward every Friday night to watch it.

    I’m wondering if, maybe that JRM was not available , due to filming a another show this June, I guess I am trying to excuse your bad judgment.

  • Juliesparkle

    @Rachel: Your comment is a long blow hard of nothingness!!! You are a lot of hot air who thinks you are an intellectual.. You are nothing of the sort!! You are COMPLETE BABBLE!! Go SOMEWHERE ELSE TO SAY BULLSHIT WE WHO KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT WANT TO WEIGH IN ON!!
    DRACULA, Cole Haddon and all the people involved deserved more than they received!! They all did a MASTERFUL JOB!!

  • Jessica

    I really loved Dracula. Why cancel it? Someone else should picked them up (CW).

  • Lourd

    Loved the show . Too bad they cancel . Jonathan Rhys meyer’s is so hot!!!! Great actor , sexyyyy

  • gtfo

    @someguy: someguy, you suck. As well as your retarded comment.

  • beth

    Terrible decision, this show was awesome and we looked forward to our Friday night tv……book NBC!

  • Lyn

    Here in SA, we have just viewed Dracula Season 1 Episode 10. Now, I learn the show has been cancelled. For goodness sake, just when we are really in the grip of the story ……. we want Jonathan back and SOON!! He’s an excellent actor. I watched every episode of The Tudors and his acting is superb. He works himself into his characters …. if I see a movie has JRM acting in it, I rent it just knowing I’m in for an outstanding watch. August Rush was also such a lovely movie ….. we want JRM back on our telly with Dracula. Pleeeeezzze…………………

  • KF

    They always cancel good programs!

  • Emily I.

    Why ?! Dracula was one great show. I’m very disappointed ;xx Bring back Dracula <3

  • zainab

    I really enjoyed watching Dracula. I must confess, I am truly disappointed. Jonathan really worked himself into the character Dracula, as he usually does. I advise that, the network reconsiders their decision.