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Who is Conchita Wurst? Bearded Drag Queen Wins Eurovision!

Who is Conchita Wurst? Bearded Drag Queen Wins Eurovision!

Meet Conchita Wurst, the bearded drag queen who just was crowned the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest!

The 25-year-old singer represented the country of Austria in the contest this year, which had the participation of 37 countries throughout Europe.

Conchita took to the stage for an amazing performance of the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” and she received a score of 290 to ultimately win the competition. Watch the performance below!

“This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. We are unity. We are unstoppable,” Conchita told the crowd after being announced the winner.

Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix

Click inside to watch more of Conchita Wurst‘s performances…

Conchita Wurst Interview | The Saturday Night Show

Conchita Wurst – My Heart Will Go On

Conchita Wurst – Unbreakable

Conchita Wurst – “That’s What I Am”
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  • Gina

    I’m so proud right now! Her song is great, very James Bond tune-y and she carries a great message. Congratulations Conchita!

  • ok

    The song was not my favorite but i like the fact that she won because it was a big f**k you to the homophobic a*sh*les

  • marc

    massive congratulations to Conchita and the people of Austria! AMAZING!!

  • L

    I loved the song and the act. It was pretty glorious!

  • sdf

    So he wants to look like a girl, but decided to keep the beard?

  • MikeG


  • Nicole

    First time we won the ESC since 1966!! So proud! You Go Girl!! I am from Austria! Thank JJ for posting this!! Love You!

  • european

    As a European I hate the fact that, no matter who wears it and what they want to represent, a beard wins this contest and not a song. It’s not a music contest anymore, it’s a statement contest.

  • …….


  • Lola

    Looks like Kim Kardashian.

  • kkk

    @european: My thoughts exactly.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    Her victory is a big finger to the homophobics!
    I voted for her and the Netherlands

  • Mel

    it’s a shame

  • LiiL

    PATHETIC! Seriously. I watched the whole show, and I have a liberal spirit too, BUT the song wasn’t as good as the big ado around this woman-man. who-knows-what?..
    There were MUCH BETTER songs, congratulation Europe. showed that can be SOOOO LIBERAL , but stupid in the same time. Think. And choose the best. Btw, this show should make with black screen and only numbers instead of country names. Then, we get a contest with justice.
    love from Hungary. 5th place!!!! fckyeaaaah

  • annabel


    The song was fab though. But it’s not purely a song contest. The whole performance is important.

  • crusader

    She won rightfully. She has an amazing voice and the song is fantastic. Netherlands were great too.

  • Alsatian 460

    Absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!…Poor Austria.

  • wtf

    wtf is that?

  • circusfrk

    wow he was on Pee Wee’s Big Top circus movie as a freak side show back in the day. Now its a main attraction. Our world is asking for more natural disasters. Sodom & Gomorrah.

  • Dee

    To much penis to call him a she sorry…

  • me

    haha, yeah the “tolerant” europeans. Can I take people seriously, who celebrate their “tolerance” but booed two young russian girls minutes before, because they’re russian ? NO!!!
    Conchita is not a symbol of change, she’s just a funny little freak show for the people. They bear one person in public, who’s “different” to calm their own guilty conscience. Plus, the makers know that you can make more money with a transvestite, cause the ESC is very popular in the gay community. I feel very sorry for Miss Wurst. In a few days, nobody will remember neither the songs nor the “tolerance” and everything goes on business as usual.
    Europeans saying there’s no homophobia now are as pathetic as americans saying they overcome racism cause of a black president. Just disgusting.
    User “european” is absoluteley right. That show as well as the votes are highly influenced by politics and media propaganda. Who denies that, is just plain naive.
    Still, there was one nice exception, the Netherlands. One of the few quality songs there, and they made the second place.
    But still, the whole show is just a big joke.

  • Dutchie

    Didn´t mind losing to her. She has an impressive personality, just watch her interviews. She won the press over, including the Dutch journalists, who were smitten with the way she responded to the nastyness from eastern European countries. In Russia people who are different than the standard black/white ideology are kidnapped, tortured and even murdered. In Nigeria young girls are kidnapped because girls and women are considered lesser human beings. I am proud someone stands up for intolerance in this shitty world. I´m a wheelie and have been abused in many ways by people who don´t consider me a human being because of my wheelchair. Sexual preference, disability, skin color, religion etc. it´s always the same type of people with the same type of remarks who think they are better than others because they can´t think out of their narrowminded little box mentality and sadly it way too often leads to nasty behavior.

    @European you try and sing like that. That was not an easy song and she hit every note repeatedly, also in all the pre shows she did all over Europe. There are many clips. As usual it´s easy to pick out the good singers but some of them had crappy songs to work with. Conchita had everything right, the personality, the voice and the show. It´s clear all the countries who are against people of another sexual orientation didn´t vote for her but the majority of Europe did with an overwhelming amount of points.

  • Observation

    Why do women even bother anymore? Drag queens need their own contest. Ashamed to be Austrian with this sexist garbage. Men can’t have kids, can’t menstruate, can’t suffer migraines or cramps. They are NOT women.

    “political correctness is a doctrine…. fostered by a delusional, illogical minority…… and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media; which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  • looooooool

    She looks like a lost Kardashian sister.
    Her song was good, but not the best. It’s a shame you have to be controversial to win these things…i feel like the west of Europe is trying to hard to be seen as “tolerant’.

  • Lisa

    @european: Exactly! He, yes it is a man, won because of what he is and what he stands for, and not for the song he performed. After tonight, this whole contest has become a joke.

  • alf

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Lola

    @MikeG: My very first thought!

  • Omg

    JJ, don’t refer to this person as a ‘she’. It’s a man for god’s sake! This sad, poor and confused world we’re living in really needs a big time anatomy lesson. If you have a p*enis between your legs you are a MAN. No matter how many feminine dresses you put on, no matter how much makeup, you are still a man. Only a v*agina can make you a woman.
    Yes, there are transsexuals who identiy as the other gender but that’s a whole different topic altogether so I’m not going to bring that up here. Conchita, or Thomas Neuwirth which is his real name, is NOT a transsexual but a transvestite and has no intention of going through male to female surgery or any other thing that goes with being a transsexual person. And this is something he has said himself. He was born a male and is still a male and should therefore be referred to as a ‘he’.
    OK so everyone together now: P*enis = MAN and V*agina = WOMAN.

  • Love The Shoes

    He’s a drag queen not a transgendered person and so he is a he and not a she. Until he is transitioned via reassignment, he is not a she. Congrats to him, he’s beautiful.

  • Love The Shoes

    The beard is dumb. It’s a gimmick. He’s beautiful and the beard detracts as it looks like “a gimmick.” With it he looks like a Kardashian on Halloween.

  • Disgruntled Sleepyhead

    Congratulations to her/him, what she/he stood for and all but this was a competition about music (political voting aside) and her/his song was not that great. Their were much better songs. She/he won because of looking different and thats the bottom line. I think Austria should have finished high in the scoring but should not have won, that honor should have gone to someone that was there for the music.

    Actually this year on a whole was a joke. While i hate what Russia are doing atm it was so unfair on those poor 17yo twins that had to endure the booing tonight even though its not their fault with whats currently happening. Next year can we just have it it about the music please…

  • WHAT the!!.

    We are loosing it…our values, ethics.
    The New world Order is blurring the traditional values and set its new values.

    Crotch showing, soft p0rn is every music video, 3rd gender , bearded drag (what the f… keeping a beard was clearly to create confusion and make a political statement that he is no woman and no man).

    GOD KNOWS BETTER>>>>We live in a EVIL TIME with EVIL Values

  • WHAT the!!.


    We are loosing it…our values, ethics.
    The New world Order is blurring the traditional values and set its new values.
    Crotch showing, soft p0rn is every music video, 3rd gender , bearded drag (what the f… keeping a beard was clearly to create confusion and make a political statement that he is no woman and no man).
    GOD KNOWS BETTER>>>>We live in a EVIL TIME with EVIL Values

  • WHAT the!!.


    The New world Order is blurring the traditional values and set its new values.

    Bearded drag (what the f… keeping a beard was clearly to create confusion and make a POLITICAL STATEMENT he is no woman and no man).

    GOD KNOWS BETTER>>>>We live in a EVIL TIME with EVIL Values

  • Ghetto

    What a freak!

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Kim Kardashian, Iz Dat Chu?

  • Love The Shoes

    @WHAT the!!.: There is nothing new under the sun, I always find it interesting that it was never viewed as a sign of decency ending and a new world order taking over when for nearly 250 years, millions of people were not only enslaved but also not allowed families, marriage, endured children ripped from them only to be sold, millions legally forbidden to learn to read or write and then once set free, only to be “legally” re enslaved but this time without chains for nearly a hundred more via Jim Crow. The same descendants of those who owned other human beings just like they owned a cow or a chicken or a goat or the same ones hurling “moral code stones” at everyone else as if their hands are clean and their somehow victims. Just shut your hypocrisy up cause that’s exactly what it is.

  • Warrior

    So is it a he, she, or it? And am I going to be called names for being confused? It looks like both to me. Was it born with both female and male body parts, if not, then this thing chose to be a freak. Sorry but I can’t take a freakshow clown seriously or give them respect.

  • Carrie

    @WHAT the!!.: I agree. This world is going mad!

  • Kitty

    @me: @me: spot on. simply spot on. WORST EUROVISION EVER because of all the hate towards Russia, those two girls did nothing to deserve the booing and it alienated the russian audience who also did nothing. But all the other Europeans keep preaching about how the are so much more “tolerant and progressive” than the rest of the world meanwhile they cannot be accepting of two 17 year old girls simply bc they are russian.

    Anyways, we all knew that Austria would win the second we saw they entered a drag queen. It’s not about acceptance or LGBT+ rights! Its a political gimmick!

  • Anna

    Welcome to Eurovision where voting isn’t based on musical performance but rather to make a political statement!
    It sucks because there were better songs than Austria’s this year.

  • Z
  • Metronomic

    @sdf: The style is genderqueer which is mixing and matching from both sexes or someone who doesn’t identify with male or female. I think it’s quite alluring.

  • Chisp

    @european: thats right

  • WHAT the!!.

    @Love The Shoes:

    You are clearly confused. The New world order has nothing new but has ancient roots. Educate yourself as they are the ones enslaving you by controlling and setting news standards of so called “tolerance”, trying to twist shift God’s words (whether you’re Christian, Muslims or Jews).

    These people who control the media are money/power hungry and you’re nothing for them but a puppet.

    Once upon a time , there was Adam and Eve ….and of course the snake.

    You are free to believe what you want but you can make people believe that a bearded she-he thing is what God wants.
    No believer in God will harm this New world creation (aka Wurst), but we strongly disagree.

    All believers in God, let’s pray against what our world is becoming (an unwelcoming world for a innocent child/a pure soul).


  • soy

    who let the christian freaks loose today

  • olga

    новое лицо Европы.России не о чем беспокоится…

  • alexandrina

    what’s the point of this?

  • Radu

    Austria should be ashamed for pushing this s**t into whole Europe’s TV. This creature should be eradicated from the face of the earth.
    For who will not like my comment: may your children (born as boys) look like this and suck c**ks in public bars and clubs. This is the future. If this is what you want I hope this is what you will get in the personal way.

  • John

    Innocence has no place- everything is sexual nothing can be said unless its promting same sex life style and the new free headonistic new world order consumerist society. The world is now at a stage when the same sex life is seen as promotong freedom against the tyranny of the old world and the family unit when its really promoting a sexual life style inline with promoting a global society which is enslaved to the global media and the financial institutions which run the world economy.

    Freedom to do what you like because your not hurting anyone is enslavement of the mind and body and is the age old trick used in the times of rome to keep the peasents happy and their attention away from the real issues like growing extrems of poverty and wealth and exploitation of every manner. Sex sells and is all consuming and hedonism is enslavement of the mind. The new world order must be laughing all the way to the bank with all our new freedom of expression and its sexualisation of society.