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Jennifer Lawrence's Crazy Faces at the 'X-Men' Premiere Were Amazing!

Jennifer Lawrence's Crazy Faces at the 'X-Men' Premiere Were Amazing!

Jennifer Lawrence makes a crazy face while posing for a photo with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and a fan while attending the premiere of their new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past on Saturday evening (May 10) at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress is always the queen of the funny faces at the events she attends. Don’t you remember all her amazing faces at the SAG Awards earlier this year?!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Jason Wu dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, a Kotur bag, and Ana Khouri jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult at the premiere…

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jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 01
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 02
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 03
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 04
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 05
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 06
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 07
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 08
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 09
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 10
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 11
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 12
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 13
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 14
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 15
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 16
jennifer lawrence crazy faces at x men premiere 17

Credit: Amanda Schwab, Dave Alloca; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared
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  • Go away

    @katniss85: It looks like YOU need to get a life. You J-Law fans are idiots.

  • This is so dumb

    It is TWO pictures??? Why is everyone freaking out? Get over yourselves such ridicilous overreacting you would think she killed someone :S
    and I don’t understand why JJ even made a whole new post for them so unecessary….

    And everyone who is writing ESSAYS about someone they supposedly don’t like.. try spending less time readiing about her then? Move on to other people you like :)

  • Rich


    Why can’t Pam comment on this thread, she said her daughter is 21 and that means grown up so its not like she needs to up in her daughters business like your suggesting.

    Geesh… if you don’t like an actress/actor don’t read about them but again its the new nature to TROLL to cause reaction.

  • Hannah

    She is taking selfies with fans in the crowd making faces with them for their selfie picture, she is not trying to get attention but to make her fans day who waited to get that picture.

    Too funny are the comment sections, always out to condemn.

  • NativeNYker
  • hillbillybobblehead

    Good God her tongue is about to detach from her mouth!

  • stam

    Why would they choose her to play mystique? She’s a horrible actress in every movie her facial expressions stay the same.

  • Nick

    She’s overrated. That’s the weird part of fame. people get really famous, they get a lot of attention, then, things slow down and they get lost.

  • Hollyweird

    I think she needs to mature. She’s cut from reality and full of herself.

  • Naye

    I love her! She’s funny and fun! Not looking down her nose at others the way so many starlets do. Love you Jen!

  • Naye

    Exactly! Haters gonna hate. Why they click on an article about a person they don’t like is beyond me! LOL

  • Island

    She a little too self important.

  • yulie

    you all need to take a break. what are you hating on????? she’s flawless in every pssible way and you all are SO pathetic. i bet you got nothing going on in your lives so you just come here to do something other than being your lame selves. well, it emberessing. she’s an amazing actress without even trying and there is absolutely nothing remotely bad to say about her acting. but most importantly – SHE’S AN AMAZING PERSON. just stop being little b*thes. it’s annoying. just shut up. god.

  • stans are funny

    @yulie: and I think you’re deluded but that’s just my opinion. ppl that don’t think much of her are just the most horrible pathetic people that are so utterly dumb yet we can see through the mediocre acting and down to earth PR act ROFL. sorry that we can’t agree to disagree in a world with 7 billion DIFFERENT opinions. get the f*** over yourselves, there’s nobody in this world that is absolute perfection, if you want to idolize somebody that plays make believe in movies, then I think YOU are the ones with issues.

  • feat

    Don’t hate her but her ego is getting bigger. she’s too much. i don’t understand stars who show off as much. being an actor is just a job. I think some of them tend to think their paycheck make them feel more important than other people.

  • Yep

    @yulie: Just because some people dislike her and don’t see any talent in her, doesn’t mean they don’t have a life by the way. If you admire her and think she is flawless and perfection on earth, good for you. But other people have a different opinion.

  • J-Law Sux

    @yulie: No, she’s not “flawless in every way.” These blogs are for comments, whether you like it or not, so go away if you don’t like it. You J-Law fans are morons, so why don’t YOU shut up? This isn’t a fan site, dummy. And learn English spelling and punctuation while you’re at it.

  • Carmichael

    @Bliss are you kidding me? How can you say she’s the same in every role? Winter’s Bone, Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook and X-Men are all TOTALLY different performances. I agree that Silver Lining and American Hustle were similar characters, but they were also created and directed by the same director. In other words, it wasn’t necessarily her fault that it turned out that way since the director DIRECTED her performance.

  • e

    It’s funny how everytime a post is about Jennifer Lawrence, the hates are among the first ones to comment. If you hate her so much, how about you stop clicking on the article?

  • Gigi

    If you don’t like this girl why take the time to read the article and then bash her. That is what I don’t understand.

    I agree with Hannah above, like she said it is clear that Jennifer is taking selfies with fans who waited long hours to meet her, I bet those fans and her were having a ball taking those selfies. Don’t understand the hate.

  • Reina

    From other articles I read today from fans who attended the event said she was by far the favorite actor in regards to interacting with the fans on the red carpet, they all said she spent the most time signing and taking photos and had a great personality.

    So based on that I think these pictures support that. Good on her for making those fans experience that much better.

  • Unsealed

    I think she thinks a little too highly of herself. She’s just a normal person who got lucky. Things don’t last, she’s going to need to come back to earth one day…

  • Charles

    Oh no, first miley cyrus now jennifer lawrence, the tongue thing; ewwwww stop

  • Court

    On one hand here is Jennifer Lawrence who is a bubbly, fun, goofy girl who is always laughing and joking around and photo bombing .. she gets scrutinized

    Then there’s Kristen Stewart who is always sullen, miserable, awkward, uncomfortable in front of the cameras and annoyed.. she also gets scrutinized.

    Jesus H Christ a young girl can’t win!

  • Sal

    @Court: what a drama! what a difficult life they have! How sad for them!

  • The Giant
  • Marion

    @The Giant: LMAO

  • Jburp

    “I don’t trust a girl who doesn’t have any girlfriends. I have really close girlfriends, but they are guys like me — girls who eat and don’t know anything about fashion,” jennifer Lawrence

    Then why does she have a contract with Dior? What a hypocrite.

  • J


    She has a contract with Dior because they pay her to wear the clothes, who wouldn’t make a deal to get paid to wear someone’s clothes to a couple of red carpets. That’s what is crazy about fashiob/celebrities, their the people who can afford those clothes but the fashion house pay them to wear it. From what I have seen of this girl when she is not on a carpet or interview she seems pretty dressed down. Hardly a hypocrite.

  • Jason

    @J: she is a hypocrite. It’s pretty obvious.

  • Ken

    Her nose job isn’t nice.

  • Ha

    Her face is so plain. her acting is always the same. she’s not experienced enough. wonder how long she’s going to pull those things.

  • Saw Binnya

    Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest and fattest girl the world ever has.

  • HAZ

    @Yuck: Miley rides blow up c*cks on stage, Jenn makes a funny face w 300 plus cameras…yet so few picturs pop up. Strange. Either way she is making more money than you ever will and is talented. It you act too old you are told to loosen up…you act to young your told to grow up. She’s not having high speed chases in LA like Lohan at that age she’s making a funny face at a premiere event which are not formal events, if she was at Cannes doing this in front of the jurors then you could criticize her. This is a blockbuster movie that is not intended to be taken seriously, just a premiere of a fun summer movie! Loosen yo nuts.

  • Lawly

    @HAZ: I love jennifer lawrence, but i don’t like miley and lohan. they seem competitive and self centered. jen looks nice .

  • nnnnnnn

    I don’t like her as Mystique at all. HATE HER DRESS HERE. I remember seeing a couch someone threw out on the street that has that exact material. It makes her boobs look saggy and weird.