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Zac Efron's 'Neighbors' Dominates 'Spider-Man 2' at Mother's Day Weekend Box Office!

Zac Efron's 'Neighbors' Dominates 'Spider-Man 2' at Mother's Day Weekend Box Office!

Neighbors surpassed all expectations with a whopping $51.1 million opening at the box office this Mother’s Day weekend!

According to THR, the Zac Efron and Seth Rogen flick is now the No. 4 three-day opening of all time for an R-rated comedy.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Jamie Foxx, fell to the second spot with a $37.2 million gross, totaling $550.2 million globally.

Coming in at No. 3 was the female-centric flick The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton, which earned an additional $9.6 million.

Rounding out the top five were Heaven is Real and Captain America, which brought in $7 million and $5.6 million, respectively.

Meanwhile, Gia Coppola‘s Palo Alto, starring James Franco and Emma Roberts, opened to $80,640 from four locations for a location average of $20,160.

Jon Favreau‘s food-truck film Chef, starring Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson, cooked up $204,201 from six theaters for a location average of $34,034.

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  • Living in a box

    Amazing Spider-man already made over 500 million world wide.

  • OK

    So proud of Zac !!!! Number one movie this weekend.

  • sasha

    Its not Zac Neighbors its Seths! The actor, and producer of the film. Not hating on Zac just that its annoying just singleing out one actor of the entire film. He’s not even first billing.

  • katty

    I’m not a Zac Efron fan, but to be honest the guy really can act.. also I don’t think the success of the movie is because of Seth Rogan, I think Zac’s helped A LOT in the movie.. more of people who are saying that the success of the movie is because of Seth has not even seen the movie yet. I swear. I think Efron stole the show. We never get to see him like that. A villain. Now I’m waiting for his upcoming movies.. I’m pretty curious about his career right now. Good job boy.

  • Nick

    @katty: I feel you – I’m totally agree with you. I think we underestimate Efron’s work a lot – the guy really knows how to act.

  • Richie

    I saw the movie and to be really honest I didn’t saw it because of Seth Rogen.

    I saw it because of Zac Efron, I thought it was a really good movie for him and I was pretty curious and if you look at all the critics and reviews of the film most of it is based on Zac’s character “Teddy”. Most of the people loved it.

  • My hand

    @Living in a box: Spiderman was released Worldwide but it’s not the case for Neighbors.. Neighbors was released in 3,279 cinemas while Spiderman 2 was released in 4,324. Do you see the difference? Can you imagine what would happen If Neighbors were released like that?

  • Fercat

    TASM2′s worldwide take is a given. Neighbors is quite the surpise.

    It won’t make so much overseas but it has already made a tidy profit in just 3 days.

  • Look

    Seth rogen is ugly.

  • loiuy

    Zac Efron has still got it! Fück yeah!!!

  • Unknown

    @katty: @Nick: I agree with both of you. He knows how to act and he freaking kicked ass in this movie. From now on he should do drama or thriller. But not as a good guy, but as a villain.

  • bobby mgee

    went for Zac and Franco to a lesser extent.
    Hot! and funny.

  • Marley

    @Unknown: I agree with all three of you. I like him as the bad guy. I also read that the audience was 53% female. I wonder why? Lol. I’ll tell you one thing, it was harder getting into this movie than getting into a bar. So many ID checks haha.

  • Kiki

    I went for everyone but I’m not gonna lie, Efron pushed me to see it opening day. Universal studios knew exactly what they were doing with this movie.

  • Kiki

    @katty: yes, him and T

  • Kiki

    @katty: sorry, that messed up. I meant yes, him and Rose. Rose was hilarious.

  • Unknown

    @Marley: lmao yeah. Obviously seth made a good job casting zac. but to hell with those shallow girls who went to see zac shirtless. i’m a girl too, but to be honest ”abs who?”. Zac’s performance was outstanding. He fit perfectly for this role. That fight scene between Zac and Dave gave me chills.

  • jon m’shulla

    Neighbors is really, really bad!

    Neighbors……. domestic: 51 million. International: 34 mil.
    Spidey……………domestic 27 million. International:69 mil. 2nd week.

    Winner.. Spiderman 96 million (in the second week) By 11 million.
    Loser…. Neighbors 85 million (in first week)

    Adding the first week…..Spiderman is killing Neighbors with no chance of a catchup.

    Also, and most importantly….Neighbors really sucked!!!!!!

  • jon m’shulla

    Once word gets out how bad this movie Neighbors is, it will die a deserved a box office death.

  • amy

    @jon m’shulla:
    LOL What an idiot. You know Spiderman is now playing everywhere in the planet, right? Neighbors has opened only in 29 foreign markets so far.

  • Really b Really?

    @Katty I don’t think Zac helped that much. He was shirtless and nude in That Awkward Moment and did u see those results? Neighbors made more in a day and a half of that entire movie gross.

    Good movie. But I thought the wife was the standout.

  • Dan

    @jon m’shulla: lol dude it’s already making profit, too late for that lol. Didn’t this movie play in like every state for free before this movie came out? Why do you think it made as much as it did it first week? People actually liked it and told people to go see it.

  • Lisa

    @Really b Really?: trust me, Zac helped and so did Franco, but Neighbors had appealed to large audience. Male and female. Young and Old. It had a wide audience. Seth and Zac promoting the movie together was gold.

  • Meme

    @jon m’shulla: look up both movies production budgets and come back to me. In all honesty, I did not think Neighbors was going to beat Spider-Man, but I was pleasantly surprise.

  • Darts

    @Living in a box: but relatively speaking it’s not doing as well as the others. I for one won’t see it as I can’t stand tbe smug and smarmy Garfield . Long live Tobey Macguire!

  • amy

    @Really b Really?:
    Of course Zac helped. Seth’s previous movie This Is The End made “only” $20M opening weekend despite that it also had James Franco, Jonah HIll, and cameo appearances from Rihanna and Emma Watson. And like most of R rated movies, 60 percent of its audience was male. On the other hand, Neighbors’ audience consist of 47 percent male and 53 percent female.

  • amy

    *R-rated comedies

    That Awkward Moment didn’t performed that well because it just looked terrible and reviews said so. Neighbors did amazing because it looked good and received very good reviews, but without Seth AND Zac, I doubt it would’ve done as well as it did. $51M? That’s crazy!

  • Tbone

    seth rogen doesn’t have a lot of range, actually he just knows how to play himself, he’s so limited.

  • OK

    Zac Efron is a major part of the success of “Neighbors” this weekend and Seth would be the first to admit it.

  • OK

    Doesn’t matter what the haters say this is a huge weekend for Zac and all the cast members.

  • @

    zach sucks, dave franco too. seth is the best ! Period!

  • anon

    Yeah congrats to Seth but really the hidden story is Zac Efron. He is on the verge of being a truly huge global star. if he could just stay out of trouble. keeo him working all the time with no breaks in between projects longer than two weeks.

  • Greg

    @Darts: YES!!! Long live Tobey McGuire!!! Btw, I enjoyed Neighbors more than I thought I would… It was pretty awesome. In fact, I might see it again.

  • OK

    Most critics pointed out that Zac was fantastic in the role of Teddy Sanders.

  • IMO

    Congratulations to all who was part of “Neighbors”. To longtime Zac Efron fans it’s been frustrating all these years because his talent was never a surprise to us. It’s just been one project after another where the scripts were not as good as Zac was yet he always shined even when the material was not up to par. With Neighbors everything clicked. I am just happy that others are appreciating his talents now and can see what we always saw a actor who is getting better and better with each role he takes on. A true Star whos charisma is so strong that you can’t
    take your eyes of him on screen. Thank you to the fans who have supported him and helped defend him against the Hate, Jealousy, and hard times. There is not much the Haters can say about this success is there. Sometimes victory is so sweet.

  • OK

    You said everything just perfect , agree with you 100%.

  • Rachel

    So glad for Zac and the entire team! Congrats guys! You deserve this victory so much.

  • Rachel

    From Twitter:

    Joseph Gordon-LevittVerified account
    .@ZacEfron @DonJon Thanks dude, glad you dug it! You were hilarious in Neighbors, you would make a good scary villain..

    Chris Mintz-Plasse @MintzPlasse · 18h
    Thank you everyone who went to see Neighbors this weekend!! It was an epic, huge amount of you. Thanks so much.

    Ashley Tisdale @ashleytisdale · May 11
    #NeighborsMovie is a must see! So good! I was laughing my ass off. Very proud of Zac :)

    Judd Apatow @JuddApatow · 10h
    Congrats @ZacEfron ! You are hilarious in @NeighborsMovie !

  • Pm

    Zack got a nose job!

  • IL hottees

    @IMO: Well said and I like reading your posts.

  • sweey

    Why do they all always act in cheesy movies?

  • Seth

    Seth rogen is so ugly. Zac had too many plastic surgeries and dave franco is a loser with no acting skills. They are all boring. what’s fashionable now in movies and music simply sucks.

  • OK

    “Neighbors” is so funny I’m off right now to go see it a third time. Zac is fantastic as Teddy Sanders.

  • Zara

    @OK: zac has had too many plastic surgeries, that’s true, he’s kinda gross.

  • OK

    @Zara Once when he was young he had his nose shaved just a touch and that is it.
    Unless you want to call removal of moles and a tattoo Plastic Surgery, I certainly don’t.
    I find Zac extremely attractive . (Always have)

  • ytu

    @OK: yeah, that’s called a nose job you idiot. have you seen his old face? that guy undergoes plastic procedures. he’s a fake;

  • OK

    @yto No need to call people names especially when I said he did it one time. (Or can’t you read?)
    I see his face every chance I get
    So when did he have the other procedures if you think you know so much?

  • OK

    @ytu Didn’t think you had an answer.

  • Aaron

    The movie was pretty awesome.

  • Jol

    Zac’s face is so plastic.