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Jay Z & Solange Knowles' Full 3 Minute Fight Released (Video)

Jay Z & Solange Knowles' Full 3 Minute Fight Released (Video)

Solange Knowles‘ violent attack on her brother-in-law Jay Z is all the buzz today and now the full three minute video of their elevator altercation has been released.

In the new video, Solange is seen continuing her attack for nearly two more minutes and at one point, she hits Jay with her purse and everything in the bag falls on the floor.

A rep for the Standard Hotel, where the fight occurred, has released a statement saying they are investigating how the video was leaked.

“We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that we count on providing our guests,” the rep told TheGrio. “We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.”

Make sure to also watch the video of the trio leaving the party and Jay heading off separately.

Jay Z & Solange Knowles’ Full 3 Minute Fight Released
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  • Solange FTW

    Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. *BRB getting some popcorn*

  • Steph

    Solange really lost it. D*aAMN wish their was audio so BAD. Bey is not affected at all by this so weird..

  • kel

    Great trailer, when’s the film coming out?

  • Dee

    Solange drunk off her head?

  • caro

    how terrible is it to see that !!!
    i would really like to know what caused this fight

  • cooki

    Look at Jay Z cowering in the corner of the elevator while the bodyguard protects him from big, bad Solange. Can’t he fight his own battles??

  • Martha

    Beyonces reaction is so cold like its no the first time she sees something like this

  • Reba

    Look, I know Solange totally looks crazy in this video, but people calling her “ghetto” in all the other posts is not cool. We don’t know what happened. She could have been drunk or she she could have been provoked. At this point, Beyonce’s team is going to spin it so that Solange looks like the maniac. Let’s just wait for the truth. It’s just a very strange situation, given Beyonce’s calm demeanor.

  • Cam

    Basement Baby needs to write a tell all book.

  • Dee

    @cooki: No, he should not fight back when a woman is on the receiving end you idiot!!!

  • hmmm

    Towards the end it looks like Jay and Beyonce had a few words before getting off the elevator and then Solange go in on his ass again. Also, when Jay handed picked up Solange’s purse and tried to hand it to her Beyonce say took and said something to him when he pushed and swatted back Solange when she lunged at him again. I tell you I don’t think it has anything to do with her being drunk whatever it was it is big.

  • gia74

    I’m more fascinated by Beyonce just standing there.. not saying a word looks like and not helping at all.

    I guess there is a lot of drama in places the media is not looking at.

  • uh oh

    somebody needs to pay these security guard one million dollars for revealing what they heard..That security guard hit the jack pot.

  • toally

    @Solange FTW: LOL! Best comment! I cannot wait to hear all about “what really happened”

  • barn

    @Dee: so men should just allow women to assault them? what a stupid double standard…i never feel bad for these type of aggressive, ghetto women get their comeuppance….assault is assault no matter the gender…Jay Z should have walloped her scummy ass

  • pup

    Beyonce & Jay seem pretty calm during the entire incident. Seems like Solange’s behavior is nothing new to them. . .

  • cooki

    @#10 – well, since he couldn’t or wouldn’t protect himself he instructed his bodyguard to do so. And you can call me all the names in the book but it doesn’t change the fact that Jay Z is cowering in the corner of the elevator. But since you’re probably a fan of his there’s no use discussing the issue with you. Bye.

  • Michelle


    Nope. She waited until the doors closed to start her rant. She was probably just defending her sister because of one of JayZ’s transgressions. Bey left with Solange which is very telling.

  • GTFO

    @barn: …and this is why you’re gonna end up alone or behind bars. No man should ever hit back a woman. Period.

  • Living in a box

    This definitely a good debate, should a men hit a women when that women repeating assault him? As self defences.

  • Sara

    It looks like Beyonce IS talking to Jayz about something throughout… at least she isn’t wildin out like her sis… thats not cute

  • sweetness

    That kind of rage looked like JZ did something ghetto..probably knocked somebody up and soon news will be in the grapevine someone he worked with is preggo.

  • Zara

    @sweetness: wg-hat’s up with that ghetto talk? they are so rich. they are spoiled and are cut from reality.

  • offtheproperty

    What a Prince “Jay-Z” must really, truly be.
    Just the ultimate gentleman.
    Don’t you think?

  • Roberta

    Beyonce’s reaction, or lack of it, is wuite telling. She just stood there, and moved when she felt she could be fisically placed in the middle of them both and be in the recieving end of the kicks and punches. I wished there was audio on the tape, but for being a security tape, maybe it’s not allowed.

  • Christine

    Definitely looks like something going on with Beyonce and Hubs. Looks like lil sis is fighting her big sisters battles for her; to me. This looks so sad to me. She’s so riled up, it must be something bad. Sad that it had to be made public, now they’ll all have to play it down or let it all out; how exhausting!

  • Hell Hath No Fury

    Call me crazy but I think it must have something to do with Solange’s career or something controlling he did/said.
    I can’t imagine a sister in law getting more infuriated – and physically agressive – than the wife if it were about cheating or impregnating or wtv. If that’s the case then boy is Beyonce a doormat.

  • Rae

    I love this more than ice cream.

  • N

    Bey is clearly not reacting, cause she saw it before not once. and she is defending Jay Z with her body language. she is there between 2 people she loves, not wanting to take sides, cose she knows already, it will make all worse and this is not a time nor a place for it.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @cooki: Fight who… a woman? STFU LOL Go lick a Chris Brown poster.

  • wrong

    “she is defending Jay Z with her body language”

    Yeah right. That’s why she’s leaving with her sister and NOT Jay Z.

  • OMG

    I would have acted the same way Beyoncé did.. HER sister is fighting with HER husband!!! she was between TWO PEOPLE SHE LOVES… she couldn’t take sides!!! and Jay Z did the right thing letting the bodyguard take care of solange… it’s not like he was going to fight back!!!

  • mh

    @cooki: What is he supposed to do punch her out?

  • Nina

    Why’s everyone assuming Beyonce isn’t reacting? If she’s anything like the women in my family, she probably keeps her cool when there’s any chance of strangers hearing family drama. For all we know she’s saying things under her breath and waiting to get in the car or back to their home to let loose. She knows those elevator doors are going to open and probably realizes there’s a camera in the elevator (since there almost always is) so she’s preparing for that. Beyonce is a consummate perfectionist so she knows what’s up. I don’t get the impression that she’s just being a doormat. But who knows. I doubt we ever will since they’ll probably Olivia Pope the hell out of this.

  • AshleyLove

    Can y’all look and tell something ain’t right about Solange? She was hospitalized for a month back in September or October of last year mysteriously. She should be arrested asap. Women should not get a pass for ferociously attacking another human being. Jay got the sheeit beat outta him and kicked outta him. Lucky, he wasn’t driving while being attacked, like Chris Brown.

  • AshleyLove

    Solange just erased all of Beyonce’s pics from her page. Wow. She cray for real.

  • hmmm


    I don’t think she is crazy, something really foul happened that night and she reacted. If she erased photos of her sister she must be upset that her sister either took sides or settling for Jay’s misbehavior.

  • Juan


    Wtf hes’s not gonna punch a woman.

  • vicky

    Black people behaving like white trash, that’s all!

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    Threatening to prosecute the people that exposed the truth in an elevator what if someone died then what keep it hush hush … Seriously what is wrong with this world???!

  • Ava

    So that’s why they have the bodyguard with them 24 /7 protect them from each up other not for the public…. Would love audio, because at one point Beyonce turns her head and looks like she saying sh^ t to Jay Z , I don’t no any family who does that yelling yay..but hitting , kicking no .. Jay Z yelling back at her so you know some bad sh^ went down, Solange probably heard rumours of him cheating at the party .

  • Aisaiko5

    Why are people attacking Jay for not fighting back? Was he suppose to hit a woman and get a cell next to Chris Brown? Jay did the right thing. That’s exactly what a bodyguard is for. As for Solange, she’s a mess. She always has been. This is nothing new.

  • Ava

    Slonge is the only one who actually looks normal, Beyonce comes out like a stepford wife, smiling and fake, Jay looks like he always does, Solonge the only one not pretending, looks pissed and not in the mood to play fake a$$ games, probably told JayZ to not get in the f-cking car because at one point looked like he was going to.

  • Tom

    @ alsaiko5 ….. It’s more he looks like a coward letting the bodyguard take the hits , you could have restrained her himself , bodyguards really aren’t paid to mediate family fights … Especially this family cause they look crazy as all ghetto.

  • Ann

    This family’s really weird , the way they cut off their father, all because he had a affair , still your father , a father who guided Beyonce’s career from when she was a kid and she cuts him off like he is nothing to them, don’t even want to know their half brother, Beyonce’s isn’t rich she’s wealthy , doesn’t care her half brother on welfare, strange cold people.

  • kelli

    I think Jay and Beyoncé handled it all the right way, the sister looks crazy and it’s probably drama that they are used to regularly. It looks like they’ve seen it before. Beyoncé was in a difficult position and was probably just waiting to have it out in a more private location.

  • commonsense

    @Ann: What? You’re implying that it’s Beyonce’s responsibility to support her half brother, are you cray cray? Her father was a grown a$$ed man when slept with a grown a$$ed gold digger. Plus Mr. Knowles was paying that heifer a mint in child support, she just mismanaged the money and thought she could finagle more money out of Beyonce and Mr. Knowles by airing dirty laundry. The bit_h miscalculated.

  • jen

    These guys think they are royalty!! so this is hysterical that the trash is coming out…Solange must have caught J being bad and giving him shi..
    And Bey is standing there letting her sister do her dirty work so she can keep her crown!!

  • ks

    Bey should have bitch slapped Solange. Chicks a nut job and has a huge chip on her shoulder. Thinks everyone owes her.

  • HappyHunting


    How ridiculous… if someone is attacking you, whether male or female, young or old, black or white, gay or straight, skinny or fat, etc, you have the right to defend yourself.