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Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Jay Z - See the Crazy Video

Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Jay Z - See the Crazy Video

Jay Z was violently attacked by his wife Beyonce‘s younger sister Solange Knowles last week and the whole thing was caught on video.

All three of the stars stepped into an elevator together after attending a Met Gala after party at the Standard Hotel when Solange started screaming at Jay before violent attacking him, according to TMZ.

Solange was held back by a large man who appears to be a bodyguard, but she was still able to get in some kicks and definitely makes contact at least three times. The whole time, Bey stands to the side without getting involved physically. No word on what happened that caused the fight.

During the middle of the whole ordeal, the bodyguard hits the emergency stop switch presumably to keep the fight private.

Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Jay Z – See the Crazy Video

15+ pictures inside of Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange Knowles on the red carpet at the gala…

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  • Kate


    Seems Beyonce was more bothered about her dress than image than defending her husband or calming her sister. She left in the same car as her sister but was all smiles when getting out of the lift!

  • merri

    @#49 – I agree – none of us know what brought on this fight. Just seeing the video doesn’t tell us much except that Solange was really, really mad!!

  • partylove

    we be reading more about this soon…i think

  • bluebell123


    ummm Solange is not from the Ghetto. They from an upper middle class part of Houston.

  • Bey

    He’s a CHEATER, people. He’s had (and HAS) countless mistresses, and I’m sure she did that for her sister. It’s a no-brainer. She’s also known for her temper and lack of tact herself, though. She used to pick verbal fights with interviewers if there was something she didn’t like, instead of keeping her big mouth shut. It didn’t help her singing career, either.

  • Jessa

    HOLY CRAP. The fissures become apparent. I don’t think it’s fair at all to say that Solange is ghetto or has mental problems because of this. She’s obviously beyond pissed off to act that way so Jay Z. He definitely did something pretty awful to provoke this. For sure. And as far as Beyonce goes, she definitely knows that Solange isn’t in the wrong. If she thought Solange was in the wrong she would be trying to talk her down. At one point she picks up Solange’s shoe and puts it back on her foot. Again, if Solange was acting like this for no reason, Beyonce probably wouldn’t do that for her. But then of course, Bey might have done it so that when the elevator doors opened Solange didn’t look a mess. I wish we could know what was actually being said! This shi* is GOLD.

  • ReetPeteet

    This was about a career move or some money. Jay Z is the Boss. He is in charge. So maybe Solange had a few drinks, and Jay Z insulted her or maybe she felt like he owed her something related to her career. Maybe she wanted to record something and he told her no, or whatever.

    I think Beyoncé was in shock and there isn’t a whole lot you can do in a crowded elevator. She was trying to get out the way and let the bodyguard handle it. She probably left with Solange to calm her down.

    But if Solange was angry with Jay Z it was probably bcz of something career related. Solange wouldn’t go after him if it was about Beyoncé because that would be between him and Bey. That’s the rules.

    I doubt if Beyoncé would even confide in Solange and I seriously doubt Solange would be anywhere Jay Z was to even see him do wrong if he ever did. They don’t travel in the same circles unless it’s for family type public appearances.

  • Holymoly!

    i would have reacted just like Beyoncé.. I mean, is MY sister hitting MY husband!!!! How else do you people expected her ro react??!! AT LEAST JAY DIDN’T PUNCH BACK!! maybe solange was drunk…

  • Kim

    @Xoxo: are all those illuminati stuff just rumors? What does that mean anyway?

  • funny9

    I like Beyonce. I give her credit for staying calm. We dont know the situation and their is probably nothing she could of done anyway.

  • sino

    Guys check out when Solange kicks Jay for the last time, do you guys see something black in between the bodyguard and jay, something black that’s holding Solanges other leg… That’s Beyonce. At first she’s talking/ shouting and then when Solange kicks jay she kinda steps in. Oh the Carters are not perfect, they’ve had family disapproval, bey has had a miscarriage. Bey finds out about the interview jay had while two girls were sexing,now this… Uh uh they’re not perfect. Yall just think there are perfect because of their status, money, occupations, the way they are in public, we don’t know what happens behind the scenes


    Solange is a straight forward person, no bullsh.t, she is real.
    She knows that JAY IS A CHEATER!
    This man is ugly inside and out, cheating on his wife(with her approval), getting woman preggo and allegedly killing them when they decide to make it public. This JAY SHOT IS OWN BRO!


    GO SOLANGE.>>>we all know the truth

  • doublestandards

    She shouldn’t have hit him, that’s not how things get done. Violent bitch, I hope she doesn’t beat her son like that.

  • tina

    You do know they are not from the Ghetto. Father was upper management at IBM. Middle-class upbringing.

  • Harm

    Has anyone noticed Beyonce’s forehead and chest are red as if she was hit. When I first saw the pics the day following the MET gala, I thought it is due to skin reaction to the head piece or dress but now, I wonder??

  • Cheral

    WOW! I just automatically assumed based on the title of this thread that it was some sort of spoof, like Funny or Die. Then I read Lainey’s blog about it and clicked on the video and was SHOCKED!

    If anyone needed confirmation of Beyoncé’s allegiance to Jay, well you got it now. If made to choose between Jay and anyone else, she’ll choose Jay always.
    Like everyone else I’m curious what could have preceded this physical attack. But we’ll probably never know. I’m thinking the vid of this will disappear shortly. I’m stunned this occurred and was leaked! They are a VERY image conscious couple.

  • Jacque

    Its all for publicity! Don’t believe any of it they are attention hogs and they will do anything to grab attention for themselves.

  • swrive

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  • PJ

    Beyonce knew there are camera everywere and most likely this scene is being recored. Helloooo…shes not dumb and she probally told Jay Z not to react as well. Something set Solange off. She seems like a Cool person from what i seen and read about her. I hope they do work it out though.

  • http://@bongz_Masreti that@guy4sho

    Slap him girl.lols I dislike that guy

  • zzz

    Anxiously awaiting for Fakeonce’s response to this. She always likes to portray this perfect image of her family, no matter how many lies she has to tell..just like the birth of her daughter via surrogate.
    I can’t wait to read what she comes up with to cover up this fiasco. She’s goign to say she was just playing around, or practicing for her new movie role lol she’s ridiculous like that.

  • Sam

    You guys criticize Beyonce for just standing there, BUT if she had got in the fray, you would have called her ghetto. She is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t.

  • Sam

    @Leenah: #5

    This shows you can take the girl outta the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto outta the girl.
    For you information. Solange and Beyonce were not raised in the ghetto (they were upper-middle class) when the girls were born and growing up. Their father worked as an Engineer and their mother owned a beauty salon and worked as a seamstress before they started to manage their daughters careers.

  • yes

    @Sam: Any normal person’s instinct is to get between the two people and try to stop the fight..BEyonce is weird..get over it.

  • Jai

    @Bella: Probably because Solange is sticking up for Bey not herself.

  • outSTANding


    Riiiiight. Because only people from the ghetto ever fight, is that right? Idiotic comment.

  • Hands

    The thing that I find weird: the plastic surgeries beyonce gets. And what’s up with her whitening her skin? what IS UP with that girl?

  • Aaron James Norman

    Watch “A-Rod – Still Got It (Official Video)” on YouTube
    A-Rod – Stil Got It (Official Video): /

  • Bree

    She is not from the “hood or the ghetto” Her and her sister grow up pretty privileged.

  • Lena

    I do not advocate domestic violence in any form as this is my area and the courts take these matters very seriously. And REGARDLESS of what Jay Z could have said or done, Solange had absolutely no RIGHT to do what she did. And I imagine even if she was scared of him for some threat, there was a bodyguard there, so self defense? No…and she attacked first…solo…sol…

    BUT, notwithstanding that, I have to say this, and I’m trying to say this without sounding hypocritical so I will try to say it with a disclaimer… I am thrilled that we the PUBLIC got to see a CELEBRITY family in a dispute. Disclaimer: Not thrilled that they had pain, or suffering, and definitely not the violence. But one of the main and destructive PROBLEMS with celebrity in general is their need to defraud and maintain farces and frauds of perfection and society getting the false idea of perfection of CELEBRITY life and that their own lives don’t measure up. I think that dynamic is destructive.

    I think it is good the public sees that celebrities aren’t as perfect as they would love for their fans to believe. I believe the farce and fraud perpetrated on devoted fans by unethical PR folks is disgraceful. As far as I’m concerned, I’m sorry Jay Z got attacked, and that family had some trouble, but they did a good public service in an ironic way in the end. The fans got to see real human behavior. Not their idols being perfect…that was a gift …

  • WTF?!

    lol what a crazy b-itch

  • Sayer

    Beyonce’s a robot. A trained show horse, with NO actual mental capacity for thought.

  • Von

    So ghetto, how dare she hit anybody and especially her sister’s husband! And Glory B, just stood there like a manikin. No amount of money canbuy class. They should cut Solange off the payrol and put her on some meds.

  • AshleyLove

    Jay Z was blocking them punches and kicks. Good for him. You can do that when standing. Chris Brown was driving when he was being violently attacked. Put this child back in a mental facility. Obviously, the medications aren’t working.

  • WTF?!

    Jay-Z has been shown to have self-control and some class

  • Fist Brown stans are disgustin

    @AshleyLove: Fist Brown is a disgusting piece of s h i t, who beat his ex-girlfriend green and blue and chocked her till she was unconscious, then this disgusting pathetic coward fled and let her alone on the street at night. Fist Brown didnt even call help, it was a neighbour. FIST BROWN IS A PATHETIC DISGUSTING COWARD, who beats the ish out of his ex and then flees. YUCK.

  • Violet

    Solange looks angry as she enters the lift, she seems poised to lash out just as the doors close. It could be Jay z did something to HER not Beyonce, she could be mad at an action he did to HER. I see Beyonce looks like she sees the guard has Solange, she leans in and talks to Solange then Solange kicks out and she does stand between Jay z and Solange. It’s not our business what is going on in the Carter/Knowles family, fame doesn’t elevate them above problems, but it speaks volumes Beyonce went in the car with Solange not her husband. Beyonce doesn’t stand by 100%, she talks to Solange and stands between them, she just instinctively gets her dress out the way so she and Solange don’t get tangled up as Solange kicks out with her high heels.

  • Slag Murphy

    I slap dat beeches teefs out.

  • Observation

    There should be a receiving line a mile long for everyone that wants to slap this thug’s fugly mug.

  • lITO

    Man the internet is so crazy! They already have the audio version on , but how?? I always suspected Bey Was on drugs I just didn’t think Jay had a hand in it. smh

  • LaCroix

    who knows what happened.. it’s different when you are at home in private.. this was at the MET Ball.. these people have no damn class & yet they are in that position. unreal.

  • sokphair phay

    I believe that she don’t like what Mr.Carter is doing and she doesn’t agree on that devil crap that they are doing…just pure evil in all ways.@uh oh:

  • Missy611

    Next time they should leave her don’t know how to act ass at home. I bet a lot of these events she wouldn’t even get in if it wasn’t for Beyoncé.

  • Nicole

    Why are people using the word ghetto? They’re not from the ghetto.

    @Leenah: I guess you’re using the word ghetto because they’re black. How nice.

  • sokphair phay

    What you do in the dark will come to the light and their light is dimming. God don’t like ugly and their ugliness is coming undone. Be careful Solange.

  • johnny

    see the neck and finger going..totally classless behavior

  • gaby car

    Beyonce is going to be neutral. She is not going to cross Jay Z. She probably checked her sister in private. Her sister is not worth losing Jay Z caching caching caching.

  • aquarius64

    @Leenah: And comments like yours make people feels they can openly wear the hood and sheet.

  • Wow

    Beyonce was pretty much in a damn if you , damn if you don’t situation.

    She did move in the middle after awhile, so it wasn’t as if what was going on wasn’t affecting her. You can see her telling Jay something that makes him leave the elevator first, while she gets in front of Solange. Bey’s smart enough to know that there are camera’s EVERYWHERE. Though I’m pretty sure she and Solange had a “talk” as they ended up leaving in the same car, and Jay Z took his own ride out.

    smh @ this whole thing.

  • Blasé992

    If Bey is pregnant… then why would she step in the middle of kicks and fists flying. Her bodyguard is there for a reason and did his job. Still awaiting the tea on what flipped Solange’s switch.