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Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Jay Z - See the Crazy Video

Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Jay Z - See the Crazy Video

Jay Z was violently attacked by his wife Beyonce‘s younger sister Solange Knowles last week and the whole thing was caught on video.

All three of the stars stepped into an elevator together after attending a Met Gala after party at the Standard Hotel when Solange started screaming at Jay before violent attacking him, according to TMZ.

Solange was held back by a large man who appears to be a bodyguard, but she was still able to get in some kicks and definitely makes contact at least three times. The whole time, Bey stands to the side without getting involved physically. No word on what happened that caused the fight.

During the middle of the whole ordeal, the bodyguard hits the emergency stop switch presumably to keep the fight private.

Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Jay Z – See the Crazy Video

15+ pictures inside of Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange Knowles on the red carpet at the gala…

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Lol at how BeyoncĂ© stands by as her lil sis goes ham on Jay Z . Bey’s no fool cuz she knows Solange will beat her a$$ too lmao! Queen Solange.

Exactly @alia …wow !

lmfao at how beyonce just stands there without moving and inch damn. FAKE family- their marriage and all is just FAKE. no emotions no nothing.

Did she spit on him??

I guess Solange can kiss her Beyonce funded trust fund and inheritance goodbye. Which is why she probably didn’t do anything because she will hit her where it will hurt.

This does not look good.

Maybe poor Solange got tired of being called Basement Baby, while Beyonce is worshiped like Queen of universe/flawless human above everybody/above criticism/best thing ever happened to the world/everybody should kiss her as* and she took it out on her husband Jay-… The King of music/despite not selling well if you trying to diss him your carrer is over..Z

Maybe Solange was attacking him because he disrespected Beyonce in some way…sooo maybe in defense of her sis??? I can think of no other reason why Beyonce would just stand there like a stone!!!

She probally was scared. Solange was savage there. WTF??? Solange??? Y’all see Jay’s face like: Jesus!!

Exactly James. Just look at Beyonce flashing big smiles before she gets in the car right after this all went down.

@HA!: True if you diss them, they do everything to destroy your carrier, sadly i think she would do it to her sister too.

Solange obviously has mental issues that they know about. That said, I think their whole perfect imagine is bogus. As for BeyoncĂ© just standing there, doesn’t surprise me, she is absolutely robotic. Ever since I saw her on Punk’ d, I have thought she was weird and devoid of any genuine emotion, at least publicly.

cancerious @ 05/12/2014 at 12:46 pm

Who knows what happened before they got on the elevator? maybe jay z hit her first. He is known for hitting chicks before. There is an old video of him punching some girls, maybe Solange didnt put up with it and beat his ass back,

Also, Solange is a zodiac sign cancer, my sister is a cancer too and they get physical quick, they don’t put up with **** and they punch you right away, just saying.



Na, I think it was something else. You don’t go all bat s#it crazy on someone unless he was beating her and I doubt that due to them be in a public place. This was something pretty deep.

Jay Z comes out looking very adult and in control
Solange comes out looking crazy
Beyonce just standing there. WTF? Beyonce comes out looking like she only cares about herself. Call Oliva Pope. Beyonce’s well crafted image is starting to crumble.

Beyonce just kept it classy she did’nt want any trouble, she knew she can’t control her sister. I thinks she’s also confronting Jay in the end of the video while never making any move.. I think Jay z done something bad with any of the 2 sisters that made Solange get angry like that.


i think you hit the nail on the head.

It looks like Beyonce was more concerned about protecting her dress whaen shewas between both of them than breaking the fight. She’s the boss!

Okay, on TMZ there is a second video of all 3 of them walking out together. However, Beyonce and Solange leave together and J goes to another car. The bodyguard stopped Jay from getting in the car after Solange got in and Beyonce was behind him. He was guided back and Beyonce got in with her sister and they escorted Jay to another car. So, it must have been some cheating thing going on and the 3rd party involved was most likely there and she broke the news to them or he got caught trying to talk to her, who knows. That is my assumption and that could explain why Beyonce didn’t react. She may have wanted to but her sister took care of his ass for her.


Some people can’t hold their alcohol well..

Careful solange….next thing you know,
Solange has an overdose and lies come out about being a druggie
I wouldn’t trust your illuminate sister
Where is your man? How come he’s never around when you’re with
the carters

Who knows @ 05/12/2014 at 1:14 pm

We don’t and probably wont ever know what caused Solange to freak out like that. But what about that person who sold this to TMZ?! Yes they are famous but this was a private matter for god’s sake @ 05/12/2014 at 1:17 pm

@#33 – maybe, and maybe not. The only ones who know what brought on this fight were in the elevator, and I don’t think any of those people will talk about this incident anytime soon. So we can speculate all we want, but we really don’t know, do we??

i have a feeling it involved some cheating

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