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George Clooney's Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Looks So Happy Flashing Engagement Ring!

George Clooney's Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Looks So Happy Flashing Engagement Ring!

Amal Alamuddin is glowing while arriving on a flight from Las Vegas at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday (May 13) in London, England.

The 36-year-old lawyer was spotted flashing her huge engagement ring that beau George Clooney gave to her.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amal Alamuddin

Over the weekend, Amal and George kept it casual while attending their reported engagement party in Malibu, Calif.

“I saw them kiss once, and he had his arm around her the majority of the time,” a source shared to US Weekly about the party. “They looked very happy.”

10+ pictures inside of Amal Alamuddin flashing her engagement ring at the airport…

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amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 01
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 02
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 03
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 04
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 05
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 06
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 07
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 08
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 09
amal alamuddin flashing engagement ring 10

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet
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  • OhCanada

    Oh lord, here comes a Clooney fame whhhore.

    Please feck off. Stop with the poseur nonsense.

  • SR

    She’s so beautiful! So happy for them! : )

  • Al’s Marmot

    This idiot is neither dating nor engaged to Clooney.
    The fake engagement ring prop is a cubic zirconia sold at Sears for less than $60.00:
    Description Item # 000000000000000075580000000000000000r382P Model # r382-4
    The beautiful luxury solitaire ring is made of fine sterling silver, plated with rhodium, and stamped with a ’925′ quality mark. Striking 4-prong set, emerald cut, AAA grade cubic zirconia center stone weighs 8.48 carat and measures about 14mm x 10mm. The 2 dazzling bar set step-cut trapezoid AAA grade cubic zirconia stones weigh 0.58 carat in total and each measures about 5mm x 3mm. Band measures 1.8mm-2.7mm.
    Added on June 01, 2012

  • Yves

    Please hire Rachel Zoe. You are in great need of direction with your fashion choices. Who would wear those pants? Please call a stylist ASAP!

  • Laurent

    This is a celeb site so I’m not here to comment on her resume but her wardrobe. On which I’ll just say I’ve seen about 20 pics of her where I’m just gaping…WADDYA WEARING WOMAN?!!!! Makeover time!

  • michelle

    just noticed her nails in that close-up pic. she’s a fashion disaster. perhaps his money will help her out. I think the relationship is politically motivated anyway and one of her parents is a journalist and Clooney’s dad is one too, so there is some desire to be in the media and making news.

  • Lol

    Glad George finally found a smart girl..his recent hook ups have all been dumb waitress type.

  • Wowza

    Overall I like this girl but I agree on the fashion issue.
    The pink phone on a 36 year old.
    The bow shirt with green shorts the other day
    The ripped jeans and weird shoes.
    Is it a Lebanese thing?
    Most Lebanese women I know of are good looking but serious fashion victims because they try too hard and end up going way ott.
    Can’t wait for her first red carpet appearance or even her wedding dress.

  • Jamie

    She looks silly in those jeans.

  • peliplo

    I am simply horrified at how deeply shallow American society seems to be. I am an internet junkie, and visit many different sites, news, shows, and what not, some celeb centered places such as this one. I always end up with same weird feeling, most people who bother to make a comment would value the looks or style over any other feature like attitude, quality of their comments or personality.

    In that light, why all the nastiness? This particular person has her fashion sense, whichever that is. Who made you experts on the matter anyway? are you all from Vogue or Elle? Oh please, we already have fashion all over the place, no real need to foster the topic anymore within society.

    did she ask for this? she does not live off nice pictures in a dress, photocals or from visiting those night shows, which seem to be created to worship the somehow celeb obsession era of ours. Really, what do those shows bring to the table? she is a.layer, contributing to bigger causes and issues that affect the daily, real life. It is not just entertainment . stop the stupidity, it is simply sad to watch.

  • miapocca

    You dont know her enough to like or dislike her

    But I agree one can get vibes

    As an educated female with a higher level of education than this lady, there are holes in her educational history and work

    Something the hell does she get the time to fly around with clooney if she actually hold down a full time high powered job…not jazzing together

  • Emerald

    Al’s Marmot@ 05/13/2014 at 7:22 pm

    Okay, delusional one! Where is your verifiable evidence that George is neither dating nor engaged to Amal? By verifiable evidence i don’t mean the angry hate filled diatribes that are coming from your deluded mind. Also where is your verifiable evidence that the ring is a cubic zirconia costing some $600.

  • Looselipz

    Something’s fishy about this relationship…why such a quick engagement?
    George finally found his Angelina Joile. I never could quite understand what he saw in Stacy. Just a pretty arm piece. This one at least has smarts ….
    I’m not sure she truly knows what she’s signing up for. George seems so Asexual and boring…

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Emerald: You are the delusional one, oh katiebuttplug. I haven’t posted any diatribes, those are your specialty. And that fake prop ring cost less than sixty dollars, not six hundred dollars. Please record your reaction when you are finally forced to face reality and post it on the youtubes as that, unlike fake girlfriends and their prop rings, is sure to be priceless.

  • yawn

    Do you just love it when the self righteous show up at GOSSIP BOARDS and tell people what they should and shouldn’t post?
    Take your self righteous a@@ over to cnn if you don’t like the discussion of fashion.

  • Emerald

    Al’s Marmot@ 05/13/2014 at 10:29 pm

    Ah yes! I almost forgot another one of your standard fall back positions when your delusions are challenged. You accuse me of being “katiebuttpug”. Never heard of that poster but it’s obvious she has dared to challenge your delusions as well. Good for her!! I see that, as per usual, you cannot provide any verifiable proof that the ring is a fake prop ring because none exists.

    Nor can you provide any verifiable proof that George is neither dating nor engaged to Amal. Despite the fact that those close to George, WHICH YOU ARE NOT, have come out in public to say it is happening. But then I suppose you George’s mother and father are all put of Stan’s non existent mythical P.R. machine.

    You haven’t posted any diatribes? Well Okay. I’ll tell you what! Why don’t we go back through all the threads on George Clooney for say the past year. Let’s see how many hate filled posts you’ve spewed out in your anger that George is seeing a woman without your permission.

  • Rose

    Homegirl sure didn’t waste anytime getting those staged photo ops. No way is this fake engagement gonna last. They’ll be broken up within two years. lol

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Emerald: Blah, blah, blah. Nice diatribe, katiebuttplug. Seriously, I want to see your reaction when the truth hits home, so please record it.

  • Kerry Louise

    Wait until she finds out he is queer

  • fitzy

    She seems to be wearing a lot of baggy clothes, is a baby on the way??

  • Emerald

    Al’s Marmot@ 05/13/2014 at 11:24 pm

    And I cannot wait to read your delusion filled posts if George and Amal actually do get married. I bet they will be stellar.

  • jon m’shulla

    Well, some gay guys marry women for some reason,eh?

  • anomaly of the senses

    Unattractive & hard-faced manly features.
    Comments everywhere that she looks like an anteater, Adrian Brody, Michael Jackson with a Toucan-beak, Klinger from MASH, Mr Bean, Groucho Marx, Paul Stanley.
    She’s educated but seems so mismatched with Clooney.
    She’s the dominant Alpha-male in the union.
    Taller, more masculine, more accomplished in education.
    A classic movie icon like him (even if fake) just seems better with a soft, feminine, attractive petite woman. But … His choice.
    Total unbalanced PR.

  • Big Deal

    @anomaly of the senses: disaster arrangement if it’s another Hollywood bogus marriage like Rock Hudson or Tom Cruise had… This woman (?) seems like a total fame-ho. Wants to be world famous celebrity.
    They’re no AngelinaJolie + Brad Pitt power couple who are equally attractive, not a generation apart & have chemistry.

  • Leon, Tel Aviv

    My concern is that this Amal Alamuddin is from an Islamic family of PLO supporters who are anti-Israel. Her mother Baria Alamuddin is a Muslim editor on Arab TV who long supported Palestine.
    Debbie Schlussel wrote this very alarming account about them:

  • jess

    @miapocca: As an educated woman I don’t understand why we need to hear about her CV. Clooney has put it about for the past 20 years with the women he chose now they are nothing because they don’t hold a degree. Why did he choose them? What is she doing with him? I bet she becomes an American Citizen very soon. Wink Wink

  • Pete

    @Al’s Marmot: there’s just doctored pictures of them together circulating the internet, right?! What a tool!

  • Pete

    @miapocca: a higher education hey? And yet here you are posting irrelevant comments to just Jared … Okaayy

  • Jay

    @Al’s Marmot: honestly do you hear yourself ?? What the hell are you on about man.

  • Union HiJack

    @jess: who cares if a corrupt “human Rights abuser” lawyer defends criminals like Gadaffi’s henchman Senussi, the King of Bahrain for atrocities against political prisoners or even Ylia Tymochenko (who isn’t that innocent)??? Who cares is a corrupt anti-Zionist lawyer gets US citizenship?? One more terrorist in the US like Boston Marathon & 9/11 pilots.
    Who would want US citizenship anyway? More taxes to pay to pay even on income earned abroad.

  • OMG!

    LOL!!! She DOES look like Adrian Brody but with big bug-eyes.

    I’m sure Clooney is gay & to stop the rumors, he decided to marry a lawyer beard. Or if he’s bi, wants ‘em super skinny like drag queen twinks so he can turn ‘em over when he’s drunk. Like Anal.

  • Illusions

    Who honestly cares about a mineral element mined & faceted to be adorned as an ornament? Only superficial mercenaries.
    Is it a symbolic gesture of love measured up in terms of wealth? No, only to shallow, ignorant, avaricious people.
    The overall effect:
    A replica can be made undetectable to man or even under microscope for same effect. Money can be used for charity.
    The most tasteless aspect is the constant media reports about money & value catering to simpletons.
    Clooney is a disappointment who never changes.
    We live in a mostly ignorant world.

  • fsas

    “No matter your talking the important is you are talking about me”… For an Oxford Lady and humanitarian lawyer, some subjects need to be revised…

  • nack clooce

    Some men like to fell down in one of the oldest trick in the world: “the best is who most resist”.

  • …sigh…

    Some simpleton men are easily played.

  • …sigh…

    Those who really resist mens’ control are the ones men can never have… nor forget.
    Till eternity…

  • Anti Occupation

    @Leon, Tel Aviv: I bet you supported apartheid in South Africa too. There is a difference in being anti Jewish and anti occupation. What the world did to the Palestinian people was and still is unacceptable.

    How would you like it if the world decided that the population of the US have to leave their houses and live in say Nevada and New Orleans. The Native Americans will move into your houses complete with your furniture etc. You are not allowed to use their roads, they will build a wall around you so you cannot get out, they will control how much food you get, chocolate is banned, so are toys for your children. At any time they are allowed into your home and if they want it, they will tell you to go live somewhere else. Don’t complain if you do you will pay for it. And your 2nd amendment you stand by will be considered a terrorist act by the world.

    Good luck, enjoy your new life

  • James

    @peliplo: I am 100% with you. All those nasty comments are so superficial. I don’t care about her clothes. Why the hell shouls she change herself? Why? Being Clooney’s fiance means you need a stylist? Damn people are stupid. She’s a nice person. That’s absolutely enough to like her. What’s people’s problem? Everyone wants to be unique but at the same time everyone screams “change yourself so you look exactly how you should be”. Craziness…

  • James

    What’s wrong with you people? How can you be so awful and full of hate towards someone you don’t know? What did she do to you?!

  • whose she kidding?

    This so called educated female dresses like she’s a teenager with bad taste and please forgive me for being so blatant but explain HOW the paps knew she was in Las Vegas leaving for Britain, when she was just photographed in Malibu on Sunday? They just got incredibly lucky and just HAPPENED to see her arriving at the LV airport and got those pictures of the smiling fiancée? Yeah right and I’ve got a wonderful financial opportunity for you to invest in as well! LMAO

  • Mary Fisher

    Oh, She-Mal Alamuddin is getting same endorsement deals for the corrupt PR network as the previous arrangements.
    Keibler made $10 Million in 2 years just her cut, without ever being intimate with him…Waldo Sanchez was always on the scene.
    Keibler had JohnFrieda too. Canalis has Pantene.
    Fashion, accessories….yes money making venture all round….
    Big bucks.
    Ugly too boot but marketable.
    Angelina Jolie she isn’t. Too tall, hard-faced masculine & asexual.
    Clooney’s AsianArab publicity partner by his corrupt team….

  • starchys

    what the hell is wrong with some of you people? This is a well-regarded human rights lawyer, not some dumb fameho’ Hollwood twit. She looks perfectly nice and probably doesn’t give rocks about what any of you think. Because she has a career, a cause. Clooney is just an actor. That’s Nothing in the real world.

  • Mary Fisher

    It’s just that George Clooney’s corrupt PR network handlers upped the ante and selected someone with a clean image for the purpose of lifting the sleaze off his.
    The Hottest Barristers blog story in August 2013 was definitely planted by the GC corrupt PR network. This I know for sure as barrister friends of mine in London said it was a one off arranged by a PR team + more details from sources.
    The point was to add sex appeal to AA in the lead up to the fake contract passive-aggressive GC conceded to do.

    Because the PR crones network were stressed that Amal Alamudin looked so imbalanced & lacking chemistry with George.
    She was told to lose weight & remove her social networking accounts in November 2013, when GC agreed to continue.


  • Mary Fisher

    George Clooney was aware of AA in the lead up to the PR arranged meeting, however, he only had files of data on her provided by the corrupt PR network. INITIAL MEETING WAS ON OCTOBER 24, 2013.

    The same losers who promote AA as trying desperately to look like the much taller, educated Arab version of Angelina Jolie with harder manly features and a massive parrot beak. The drag queen impresario.
    A mutually beneficial marriage of convenience to cover-up.
    or even Tom Cruise’s….

  • susna199n

    why bring Angelina into the pic, Angelina doesn’t have the background or coneections that amal does. Amal helpe people in real life, Angelina pretends to help, by taking phot-ops around the world.

  • busted


    and why are you attacking Jolie for no reason. Why is it necessary to take that one comment and use it to demean what one woman does.

    to set you straight Angie has in fact a great many contact. and doing her work and helping millions of people is not just talking photos around the world. Building schools, establishing TB and Aids clinics are hardly doing nothing.

    get your facts straight before you attempt to put someone down

    You have now been schooled.. go home

  • Mary Fisher

    @susna199n: Androgynous Amal Alamuddin is no comparison for beautiful and talented Angelina Jolie.
    When drunk, Clooney jokes to his team that Alamuddin looks like Amy Winehouse or refers to her as Pinocchio.
    He needs to clean up his ridiculous public image, conceal bisexuality…but AA was selected for lack of anyone else deemed suitable. His team “headhunted” her for a business arrangement.


    Plain, hard-faced, manly-featured lanky tall Arab woman more androgynous than himself. She’s the dominant masculine one. MEGA FAIL.

    * College dropout A-list actor JUXTAPOSED with highly educated university graduate professional lawyer. FAIL. Rendering him the weaker academically underachiever. She comes out as the dominant one again.

    * HOLLYWOOD ACTOR WITH JEWISH COLLEAGUES linked to Arab lawyer with Islamic fundamentalist PLO supporting, anti-Zionist family. CONTROVERSIAL DISASTER!

    *then other incompatible differences: generation gap, lack of common interests other than political discussions (shared by thousands), lack of romantic love (they seem like to friends on a business compromise; this will undermine his longterm happiness settling with a substitute), lack of knowing each other longterm (he’s set in his ways by 53; not an impressionable youth).
    *adding to that Amal Alamuddin’s embarrassing clientele representation of King of Bahrain (known for torture atrocities against political prisoners which are human rights violations), Gadaffi’s criminal Senussi is another client of hers, & others…At 36, her year of call as a barrister was 2010. Pretty late for all the overloaded hype she’s getting as experience.

    Sure her Muslim mother Baria interviewed some politicians for Arab news. So did thousands of other editors & reporters.
    Mother’s contacts got Anal opportunities. She works with colleagues to research legal advice to various courts of law or high profile individuals. In other words, she refers to Law Books for data & complies facts.
    AA didn’t invent cure for cancer nor won the Pulitzer Price. She’s just another average woman & a lawyer with good education.
    Not a genius.
    Quit the bitter spin for which you receive directives. You’re so HELLBENT on pushing an agenda…

  • Deena

    @Looselipz: so what? Maybe shes asexual herself? Not everyone lives for sex only, like so many indecent celebs out there.. He proposed to her, obviously he wants to spend his life with her.They dated in the past and may have remained friends theough the years. Then George finally realized she is what he’s been looking for all these years in between. Whats the point of waiting if you found the right one? My husband proposed after only 5 months of dating, and months before that expressed his wish to marry me some day. We are best friends and to this day love each other’s company as we did since day one. Waiting forever to marry someone may just mean you can’t decide if the person is right for you. Sometimes you know as soon as you meet the person. Who says there has to be a rule of certain timeframe?

  • Barrio

    @Leon, Tel Aviv: israelis are sc(_)m if they are anti-isreaeli good for them. Most of the sane world is too.