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Mariah Carey Debuts 'Thirsty' - Full Song & Lyrics Here!

Mariah Carey Debuts 'Thirsty' - Full Song & Lyrics Here!

Check out the first listen for Mariah Carey‘s brand new song “Thirsty” featuring Quan off of her album Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.

The entertainer’s new album will be available for purchase on May 27, but you can pre-order on iTunes now for immediate delivery on the date!

Mariah also revealed the cover art for the song on her Twitter account, where she looks super sexy in a bikini.

Listen to Mariah‘s new song below, and sound off in the comments about what you think!

Click inside to read the lyrics to Mariah‘s new song “Thirsty”…

Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty

You send the bright lights
Even change your name
Say you’re my boss now
Ain’t nothing out your range
Well, almost anything

You used to be Mister all about me
Now you just thirsty for celebrity
Best thing that happened to your ass was me
Pull down them Tom Fords, and act like you see

You thirsty for a dream
Leaving me drowning
Boy there ain’t no SOS
Filled with discontent
Finding you can’t quit
Why you try to so damn hard?

Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty

Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty

Calling you again
So you stunting on your Instagram
But that sh-t ain’t everything.
You used to be Mr. all about we
Now you’re just thirsty for celebrity
Best thing to happen to your ass was me
Pull down them Tom Fords, and act like you see

You thirsty for a dream, leaving me drowning
Boy there ain’t no SOS
Filled with discontent
Finding you can’t quit
Why you try to so damn hard?

[Rich Homie Quan]
Somebody get this girl a glass water
I say she six nickels, not a dime, past a quarter
Her daddy question me why she thirsty
You can ask your daughter, back up off
You look a little salty, so thirsty, should drink coffee
And you ain’t really gotta keep hitting my phone, I see every message
Texting me asking where I’m going, baby girl stop stressin’
Then I walked in like the man of the year with these thirsty girls in my section
These thirsty girls want a blessin’
Get wet, you [?] for me
No defense but you can get the D
No sequal it’s only one on me
That thirsty [?] my tires
It got me on fire
Rich Homie Quan times Mariah, Sing!

Boss now, you’re trying to be a boss now
Thinking you a boss now
Boy you just looking thirsty
Boss now, you try to be a boss now
Thinking you a chief now
Boy you’re just f–king thirsty

Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty

Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty
Oh, you’re thirsty

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33 Responses to “Mariah Carey Debuts 'Thirsty' - Full Song & Lyrics Here!”

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  1. 1
    Sayer Says:

    Sorry Miss Piggy. Your heavily photoshopped images aren’t fooling anyone. We’ve seen your double chin.

  2. 2
    Whatever!!! Says:

    It’s over for Mariah. She continues to miss the mark with these slow jams; she needs to get back to what made her successful on the pop charts – up tempo dance songs. This stuff belongs at a Bar Mitzvah or a prom.

  3. 3
    cm Says:


  4. 4
    Mick Says:

    I find the song kind of meh. Sounds like a dozen other songs out there. Also I just caught Mariah on David Letterman last week and talk about photo shopped album cover. So she’s got a little weight on her. Why not just own it instead of this.

  5. 5
    allison Says:

    Britney, J Lo, Mariah, Beyonce etc songs sound all the same. It’s why Frozen has been a hit at the charts for so long.
    BE ORIGINAL people and stop using the same producers over and over again.

  6. 6
    kami Says:

    wow, they photoshopped the h*ll out of those pix. girl aint that thin.

  7. 7
    LaPeu Says:

    wtf? She’s way too old for this, it sounds so ridiculous that I’m embarrassed for her.

    With all the money these artists have why do they need to put out **** music? Can’t they afford to make quality records?

  8. 8
    jenna Says:

    yeah… ok… That is EXACTLY what she looks like in real life…

  9. 9
    Jan Says:

    One word: PHOTOSHOP!!

  10. 10
    JanetJay Says:

    I don’t understand why women care so much if a picture in the ENTERTAINMENT business is photoshop. Every single photo in a magazine, print ad, billboard, album, etc. are all edited and photoshop. It’s routine. Even portraits in old Hollywood were fixed – freckles removed, cigarettes removed, chins removed, etc. Women think the entertainment business should reflect real life and they are role models and that’s sad. No wonder women are all in the plastic surgeon’s office, starving themselves, etc.

    Now on to the music, it’s typical late 2000s Mariah. It’s okay.

  11. 11
    Mick Says:

    @JanetJay: I don’t find it necessary to photoshop weight off of a woman. It’s not like Mariah isn’t beautiful in her own body. She’s just somewhat heavier then this album cover. Here she is last week on Letterman.

  12. 12
    Vanity fair Says:

    It’s about The music, hanty?! The music… If she os fat ir skinny… Que do not care!!! The sound is good and opinion each everyone has yours… And if want to ser Photoshop with a lot of glamour… Buy a VOGUE magazine… On its cover just find The truth… Do you belive in that?! Ridiculous!!! Let’s talk about The music… This is enough!!!

  13. 13
    Gina Says:

    I love her, but her music has been awful lately. It’s like she tries too hard to be modern, but is stuck at the 90′s at the same time.

  14. 14
    D. Says:

    Surprise, surprise. The same folks who griped about “The Art of Letting Go” and “You’re Mine (Eternal)” being out of touch are still complaining now that she’s dropped a radio-friendly single. Mariah has always been about a hip-hop collab and this one’s hot. It’s not the pinnacle of her career, but it’ll play great on the dance floor and shows the range that’s made her legendary. Now we know the new album contains ethereal slow jams, a midtempo soul summer jam, songs fit for the club, and star-studded remixes of two iconic tracks from her last album. I can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us!

    Understand that Mimi has NOTHING to prove at this point. She’s already had her flawless comeback moment, and her legacy and influence carry on whether she ever charts again. She’s already changed the game, dominated the charts, and snatched more trophies than she could’ve fathomed possible, growing up. She’s moved on to family life and whatever she makes now is for her and for the fans. She doesn’t have to win anyone over; she’s a legend and she knows it. If “Thirsty” isn’t to your taste, fine. No need to insult her appearance or her age. Trust me: Mariah’s doing just fine, and has been enduring/ignoring haters for decades. Y’all can stay pressed.

  15. 15
    Julie Says:

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this song!!!! It’s a smash. I luv me some mariah! Well done.

  16. 16
    Sisqo Says:

    Wow! Pleasantly suprised! Great song.

  17. 17
    Beyonce Says:

    I’m THIRSTY for More!!!!!!! This joint is Jammin’

  18. 18
    Matt Says:

    Sounds so fresh, really feeling this at the moment, I hope this blows up on radio! Song of the Summer!!

  19. 19
    msandra Says:

    Yall fat f*ckers are jealous GO FOREVER YOUNG MARIAH 12YRS OLF

  20. 20
    Guido Says:

    The song is amazing!! I loved this record!! Mariah is giving me life with this new album.

  21. 21
    T Says:

    For all of you commenting on the photoshopped cover. For the record this picture and pictures from the album were taken over a year ago and not last week. This is what we have been waiting fo…an uptempo jam. We love mariah when she sings the hell out of a ballad but we also love it when mc can make the club go crazy.

    Stop hating

  22. 22
    JLO Says:

    Trust me I am no hater, That face on the heavily photoshopped pic is how Mariah really looks… the the early 90s…. Did they take it from one of her older pics?

    The song however is giving me life!! Get it b!tch GET IT!!

  23. 23
    bearbabe Says:


    well said!

  24. 24
    bearbabe Says:

    keep on hatin’ people…Mariah is here to stay…she ain’t goin’ nowhere…just keep on hatin’…it won’t do you any good…and she certainly don’t care your hatin’…

  25. 25
    dlambily Says:

    @Sayer: I LOVE THE SONG! so fresh and current! mariah can do anything! All you damn goats are talking **** about the album cover but don’t know the the photos from the shoot were taken back in 2013 when she was THIN from idol and the #Beautiful video shoot LOOK AT THOSE PICS you will see not much Photoshop needed she was THIN back then so stfu when you don’t know what you’re talking about now check that

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