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Nicole Kidman Has Great Respect & Regard For 'Grace of Monaco'!

Nicole Kidman Has Great Respect & Regard For 'Grace of Monaco'!

Nicole Kidman is classy chic in a black dress while signing autographs after appearing on Le Grand Journal on Tuesday (May 13) in Cannes, France.

The 46-year-old actress was promoting her new film Grace Of Monaco, which centers on the life of actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly.

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“I know they’re upset. I would be too if it were my mother,” Nicole recently shared to the press of Grace‘s children. “It’s a child’s job to protect their parent. In that regard, I get it. I get why the children are upset.”

She added, “I can’t say much other than that I have great respect and regard for their mother.”

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman signing autographs at Cannes…

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nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 01
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 02
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 03
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 04
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 05
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 06
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 07
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 08
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 09
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 10
nicole kidman respect regard for grace of monaco 11
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  • sabrina

    She is always classy.

  • Holly

    Is it all natural when a husband and wife have identical cheeks? Why Keith? Why do you take advice from someone who has already messed up their face? Could Nic get anymore pumped into her face?

  • Arrow 12

    She looks like Elizabeth Montgomery – Bewitched

  • chris0929


  • Dor

    She used to have beautiful red she has this fried blonde mop.

  • alicia

    Montgomery was adorable. Her and Bob Foxworth made a great couple.

    I love Nicole here. Her outfit for an earlier French tv programme was even more of a knockout. I look forward to Grace of Monaco opening Cannes.

  • It is ALL LIES

    “I don’t use Botox and I embrace my natural curl”

  • x

    “I know they’re upset. I would be too if it were my mother. I get it. I get why the children are upset” … but I went ahead regardless.

  • Amber

    Nicole is so beautiful. Jared please post photos of Nicole at Antibes!

  • GKN

    Whatever happens with Grace of Monaco …. it really is not Nicole’s fault

  • too much botox

    @GKN: it will absolutely be Nicole’s fault.

  • Essai

    @GKN: GoM is not and never was a biopic. Dahan asked Nicole not to do an impersonation of Grace but to convey the emotions of the situation. Apparently the royal family doesn’t know what they are watching. Nicole is right, they can be upset but they also have no right or control over projects about their parents. GoM has always been up front that its not a doco or biography.

    It’s hilarious how the usual spammer on Nicole Kidman articles thinks she’s accomplishing something.

  • It is a biopic Box Office Bomb

    The movie explores Monaco’s documented political upheaval with France and therefore, it is very much an historical biopic. You can believe Kidman’s pathetic attempt to deflect the truth if it makes you happy, but the rest of us don’t.

  • duh

    Nicole looks classy and beautiful as usual.

    The Crazy One won’t get any sleep until Nicole flys out of France lol

  • sabrina

    @It is a biopic Box Office Bomb: It’s fiction. And it isn’t Nicole’s fault that the director and Weinstein are fighting over the final product.

  • duh

    @It is a biopic Box Office Bomb: Wrong. It’s not a biopic. Using some real events from a small section of time mixed with other plot points for dramatic license as a backdrop for a woman’s emotional journey does not make it a biopic. There’s an entire genre of books in this same vein – it’s called historical fiction. Go back to school flunkie.

  • So says Dahan

    It is a biopic, straight to VOD, pile of sh!t.

  • DisGrace of Monaco

    A biopic, is a film that dramatizes the life of an actual person or people. Such films show the life of a historical person and the central character’s real name is used.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    I think Nicole honestly tries to be the mother and wife she’d like to be; however, she’s never so radiant as when she’s the star attraction.

  • ACTING~~~

    How many times will she lower her voice in a husky whisper and bug out her eyes in this one

  • ACTING~~~

    Nvm… just watched the trailer and as usual she can’t stand still or speak normally for ONE SECOND. Movie looks great aside from her, its a real shame. Time to retire ffs

  • Gatsby of Monaco

    @ACTING~~~: Trailer looks like that horrid Gatsby monstrosity from last year starring a tall wax candle as the lead

  • :)

    This flop will do irreparable damage to Kidman’s career.

  • so predictable

    Try again 17-22. More planted and failed comments from The Crazy One!

  • so predictable

    Already another from 23. No rest for Crazy One!

  • Abysmal Acting

    @ACTING~~~: she is so tiresome. She cannot hold an accent for more than one scene and whispering dialogue is her forte.

  • so predictable

    When Nicole walks the red carpet Crazy One will have fits that last all day!

  • Kerry Louise

    Why not talk about her fake pregnancy?

  • bahahaha

    If anyone wants to gauge how popular and respected Nic is, read the DM comment section, where Kidman’s grotesquely botoxed and filled face/cheeks are receiving a right royal bashing.

  • http://comcast Joni

    # 2,5,7,8,11,13,17, 20,21,22,23,26, and 29 are comments made by the same crazy person, x and maclan are what IT uses for a lot of ITs names. IT has been named THE CRAZY ONE by people that enjoy reading about celebs here at JJs and other celebrity articles. IT even leaves crazy, ugly remarks in Sydney, Australia articles written about Nicole and Keith. Get a life IT–THE CRAZY ONE !!!!!

  • bahahaha

    Kidman’s grotesquely botoxed tundra is trending on Twitter !!!!

  • duh

    Only a skeptic would think a movie based off of less than one year of a life is a biopic or biography. SMH.

  • duh is dumb

    It is a badly acted by Kidman biopic based on a politically important period of Monaco’s history.

  • Annie

    OMG WTF has she done to her face??………..she has had cheek implants LMFAO she looks ridiculous !!

  • DS

    Wow. She looks like Samantha from Bewitched.

  • Oh dear

    @Kerry Louise: fake pregnancy, fake marriage, fake face. It’s all the same.

  • *Huskily whispers*

    An actual wax candle is warmer than this try hard art class dropout

  • No Emotion

    Cannes was envisioned to be a self-indulgent so-called film festival for the well-heeled and wealthy. Nicole fits perfectly into this ‘plastic’ farce of a world that really doesn’t exist. There is not one thing about her that looks natural at all. Her wig/hair extensions are horrible (oh, I’m embracing my curls…sure!) and her face barely moves. She cannot smile ‘naturally’ for her life. She looks scary in these photos. Her regal air isn’t even a good acting job. She believes she is a princess…and has even been called that. Why she believes she is so deserving of praise, worship, and entitlement I don’t have a clue. Who put that in her bobble head?

  • http://comcast Joni

    I would like to add to my list — all of these insanely jealous remarks are made by same person– I hope you caught my earlier list — 31, 33,34,36,37, and 38 all made by the same deranged person. Just Jared wouldn’t have many comments on Nicole if it wasn’t for The Crazy One. Do you stalk much ????

  • Be4

    Enough listing post numbers. I doubt anyone goes back and makes note of your list. Stop taking your crusade to defend Nicole so seriously. It’s just as ridiculous as the negative lies.

  • Cafélady

    On the first glimpse, I almost hadn’t recognized her. No, she doesn’t look ‘ridiculous’ as some commenters here said and she also doesn’t look bad. She still looks good, and has a good figure and all that – but it’s obvious that all that artificial, what she apparently has made with her face and hair, has done her no favor.
    She was once a natural beauty – but now this natural radiance is lost somehow. And it has nothing to do with aging – and that she is no twenty anymore.

    On the other hand one has to see, that this brutal dictate of the showbiz industry makes it very difficult for an actress to age in an natural way – and not to fight against aging with using certain products and surgical possibilities of the beauty industry. And that’s a very sad thing.

  • Macy

    @No Emotion:
    Actors are contracted to promote their films. Going to premieres and film festivals goes with the territory. It’s a world that every actor inhabits, not just Nicole. It’s not easy to go and put on a brave face when your film has been savaged right from the start, even before it’s opened. Nicole carries it off with elegance and class. Do I see her feeling entitled? No. Do I see her doing her job? Yes.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth


    I agree. This must be agony for her. Weinstein has pulled in every favor possible to destroy ‘Grace’. His petty little mind can’t accept that the French director’s version was selected to be shown in Cannes over his fairy tale. This man’s ego has no boundary.