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Solange Knowles Deletes Pictures of Beyonce From Her Instagram Account After Jay Z Elevator Fight?

Solange Knowles Deletes Pictures of Beyonce From Her Instagram Account After Jay Z Elevator Fight?

It was a big shocker when video was released of Solange Knowles beating up her older sister Beyonce‘s husband Jay Z after the 2014 Met Ball.

Some outlets are reporting that the 27-year-old singer has deleted pictures of Bey from her Instagram account, including any 2014 Met Ball pictures that were posted there.

Only two pictures of Beyonce appear to remain on Solange‘s account. See the older pics here and here.

Some outlets are still reporting that Solange never had pictures of Beyonce on her account. Stay tuned to this developing story.

Be sure to watch Solange beating up Jay Z in the leaked video right here in case you missed it. It has not been revealed the cause of the big fight.

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  • maggie

    People have speculated that he hit Beyonce & she was standing up for her sister.

  • Lash out

    @maggie: Yeah maybe, I don’t know if Jay hit her but I definitely think he treated Beyoncé or Solange very badly in some way either psychologically, socially or physically or all of the above. This is a strange situation, hope we get to know what really happened. Beyonce definitely acted like she was used to the situation…

  • pika

    this drama…..lawd i wonder who leaked that video because beyonce and jay z have the tightest pr in pretty much the whole of hollywood. not anymore!

  • Sarah

    I really like her! It’s obvious she stood up for her sister. Sad part, looks like her sister didn’t appreciate it.

  • Morgaine

    Guys its all about the money! Follow the money and you’ll get the answer. Somehow there is money involved. Not cheating ot beating, but money! money – money – money!

  • double standad

    -good thing it wasn’t a man who crossed the line and got violent on video, no matter what the reason, he would skewered

  • LaPeu

    Poor Solange, I would hate to have Beyonce as my sister.

  • Living in a box

    So it’s okay for a women to hit a men but a men cannot hit a women. What happen to gender equality?

  • GFW

    It was leaked because someone had it enough.

  • Casey


  • 246chick

    I heard on a TV channel yesterday that the elevator was taking kinda long to come and Solange said “this elevator isn’t going anywhere”, and Jay-Z replied “like your career”. Then when they got into the elevator she went off on Jay-Z. I could believe that, it is the appropriate response but it was too harsh, you know the truth hurts and that one sure did. I would feel insulted too!

  • Flo

    @Sarah: @Living in a box: exactly ! You have a woman who is acting completely crazy, and everybody keeps wondering what the guy had done to her to deserve this SMH

  • @Living in a box: It doesn’t exist when it comes to men, jay-z must have done sg to deserve this (sarcasm).

  • nono

    @double standad:

    Okay, can people stop using this. First off it is not cool for anyone to fight. However, there are times it is called for to protect oneself or not called for but provoked due to a extreme situation. To me this was an extreme situation that must’ve happened that caused this reaction.

    A man has a huge physical advantage over a woman and that is why it is viewed very negatively and receives a different reaction. A woman shouldn’t hit a man but when she do it does not usually have the same physical damage as a man hitting a woman unless she has a weapon of sort. There is such a thing as men being abused by women and it usually tend to be more of a mental issue which causes the physical abuse from that woman to over come him because he could hurt her if he wanted to. Abuse is different than just a one time fight. It generally involves mental issues on both sides, in my opinion.

    Fighting is an instinct that we all have and we usually can control how we use it. I believe it becomes hard to control when it is a delicate subject and that could be family, infidelity, money, and reputation/image. Fighting doesn’t always mean physical hitting but sometimes it happens and you just hope it doesn’t do any permanent damage when all is said and done. Some are good walking away all the time and others are not. Yet a man should walk away from a woman because one blow from him can kill a woman, not so much with a woman. She would have to be pretty strong or have a weapon in hand to do that. To me that is the difference. That is why I never push a man to that point because once he’s there it’s hard to talk them down.

  • LOL Fist Brown stans are on

    I bet all Fist Brown stans will come now out the woods, like the rats they are.

  • Cate

    “Be sure to watch Solange beating up Jay Z in the leaked video right here in case you missed it..” What a disgusting sentence. These are real people not just characters in a movie or video game.

  • AshleyLove

    @LOL Fist Brown stans are on:
    Please take yo crazy azz on somewhere. Preferably back to the mental institute from whence you came. Stalker azz.

  • Lol @ Casey

    Casey has Brain Damage

  • Tina

    My son had an older girl picking on him for quite some time and he asked what he should do when she hits him as it was getting worse. I said deck her, he did, I stood by him, and that was that. Over. : )
    The girls are really something these days.

  • luly

    “Be sure to watch Solange beating up Jay Z”
    seriously, jared ?

  • tld

    I watch a sad women (Beyonce) fake her happiness to the world.

    May be too deep for some BUT, Beyonce do you remember that you are the salt of the earth (from the looks of things and the sound of your music you have), your light is dimming and you don’t remember who you are.

    This family is as fake as the Kardasians, no they are faker because the Kardasians are dysfunctional but they don’t care if you know it. This is tue new Jacksons of 2014, the Knowles-Carter’s all messed up. MESSY

  • Sue K

    I am enjoying the reactions on the internet to Solange/Jay Z fight. This list made me actually laugh lol so funny!

  • funny9

    Really? Poor Solange?/? Because she’s volatile?? I say she better check herself before she wrecks herself. Tatrums are for 3 year olds, not adults.

  • Lena

    I agree with @GFW from the other thread that very specific EXPERT “brain surgery” was performed on Solange by JayZ to get that kind of reaction. I believe he knew exactly what he was doing, when he was doing it, and just DARING her to react. And I suspect he has “picked on her on many other occasions before. But with the vigor of her response, I suspect that she caught him off guard THIS time, and he didn’t expect her to go to those lengths.

    Exhibit #1: The deer in headlights look on JayZ’s face a/k/a a “bully after a wake up call…”

    Exhibit #2: “Bully confrontation expert” Ralphie and his event “reconstruction” to show you how it could have went down…

    Exhibit #3: Recent “Blind Gossip” Reveal which suggested Beyonce did not attend the Grammys because Whitney Houston suddenly died, and she was NOT asked to sing the “tribute” so she was ticked off that the night was not all about HER so she stayed at home and sulked. This suggests to me that Beyonce might not be all that sweet and might possibly sort of enjoy seeing her husband torture her sister…

    Without knowing these people but having an understanding of sibling rivalry and family dynamics through my work, I speculate Beyonce is quite content with a suppressed position of Solange in the family. For her to stand there cool as a cuccumber and to be having the time of her life in public the day this hits the press looks “passive aggressive” to me. Consistent to the way the Blind Gossip paints her. It would ( in my opinion) be irrelevant to someone who craves power and status like that if her husband cheats. I would say that if Jay Z made a comment about Solange’s career, to set her off, that would NOT upset a controlling self centered diva who enjoys alpha status in her family. Actually, quite to the contrary, I suspect she would get off on it…

    Sibling relationships are great but overrated sometimes. What I mean is this. I rescue cats from the pound. If you’ve ever seen the boxing matches between litter mates trying to nurse???. They will kick, claw, bite, climb, push weaker ones out of the way. And in the wild the runts often die because the stronger ones horde the milk. They’re in competition for parental resources. I have to literally play defense and pull off the fat kitten bullies to stick the weaker ones on to make sure everyone survives (or supplement with formula). Human children still compete for family resources but we’re just trained to be loving friends….But the animal rivalry is innate..a lot or a little. It depends…

    My point is this: it’s pretty rotten that Jay Z who with his wife, are practically billionaires, yet they aren’t seemingly SATISFIED with the world music domination they have achieved, so that Jay-Z now has to “feed” off of Beyonce’s sister to satisfy his need to “bully.” And Beyonce so pathetically can’t be satisfied with being as famous as she is and alpha female in her own family, that them TOGETHER have to try to annihilate Solange that way. First inside the elevator. Then, in that very manipulated and staged courtside photo.

    I say Solange needs to get away from both Jay Z and Beyonce. Those two strike me as folks who have surpassed the “world is not enough” attitude. What happens to people who find that world domination isn’t making them as fulfilled as they thought it would?


  • topstory

    Look what Sarah MIchelle Gellar wrote on her twitter about Solange lol

    & check out this wendy williams video on her opinion on what really happened, you won’t regret it

  • gosolange

    Look what Sarah MIchelle Gellar wrote on her twitter about Solange lol

    & check out this wendy williams video on her opinion on what really happened, you won’t regret it

  • mom50

    Solange seriously needs to chill. At her age she should be able to deal with things better. I hear it was just a stupid remark. Hopefully she doesn’t own a weapon besides those heels