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Beyonce Breaks Silence, Shares Happy Pictures of Her & Sister Solange Knowles After Jay Z Elevator Fight

Beyonce Breaks Silence, Shares Happy Pictures of Her & Sister Solange Knowles After Jay Z Elevator Fight

Beyonce has just taken to Instagram to show her love for her sister Solange Knowles after the big elevator fight between her sister and her husband Jay Z.

Earlier in the week, video footage was leaked of the 27-year-old singer attacking Jay Z in an elevator.

Beyonce and Jay Z have remained quiet on the subject until this morning, when she shared four very happy photos of her and her sister.

Only one photo contained a caption, which read, “Good Morning 🐝”

We can only hope this means that Beyonce and her sister are all good after the incident!

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beyonce shares four happy pictures of her solange after jay z elevator fight 01
beyonce shares four happy pictures of her solange after jay z elevator fight 02
beyonce shares four happy pictures of her solange after jay z elevator fight 03
beyonce shares four happy pictures of her solange after jay z elevator fight 04

Credit: Instagram
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  • simone

    I’m sorry, but Solange was just wrong. Period. There is nothing, not one single thing, no situation that calls for that kind of attack, unless she was being physically attacked and she was defending herself. Jay Z handled himself well. He never tried to harm her. All his moves were defensive. Solange was wrong. You can come up with a million ideas why you think she acted like that, but none of them are good enough reasons for her to act like that. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Beyoncé is just doing damage control. Solange was totally out of control. She should be ashamed.

  • boohoooo

    Beyonce’s FAKE.

  • Fakey

    Fake, just like the rest of her.

  • Roberta

    JayZ did something.

  • go go

    Where’s J?

  • leah

    @simone: come on ! it’s just a fight …

  • guest

    @go go: #5

    JayZ was seen yesterday shopping with Solange, and he was seen in the past couple of days at sporting events with his wife Beyonce.

    They are family. So there is no story here. Move on!

  • guest

    @leah: #6

    @simone: come on ! it’s just a fight …
    LOL.. some of these nuts are going to have a stroke over this, and it is not even their business.

  • Joelle

    So obvious. Why do they even bother, the jig is up.

    @simone @ 05/14/2014 at 8:54 am
    I agree. She needs to control her anger. Doesn’t matter what he did or if he said something, he didn’t hit her back. Fighting is childish. Spoiled brat.

  • kramer

    Beyonce, the most over-rated artist next to Rhianna…

  • Lena

    Give me a ROYAL break. People front in families when hundreds of millions of dollars are NOT at stake. Like PR damage control machines are not at play here to protect the $$$$ making machine… Right?

    Yooooooohoooooo….look at us…..we are having the time of our lives. Just frolicking in the meadow us “sisters..” pssssst…hey look at us over here… Say, can you get a picture of me and my sister in law? And tell everybody not to give money to Rihanna. Keep the $$$ coming our way, Kay?

    Once again, kicking back into “our lives are perfect and so much better than yours…” Mode… Cause unlike a NORMAL family who might have to separate for a while after a crazed beat down like that, we (Solange and Beyonce) like to go skipping through the wildflower meadows like young carefree girls..a la la la la la…after a big scuffle…LOL…


  • Maddy

    You can’t just sweep this sh*t under the rug. It happened and it’s time to start being human and just admitting your life ain’t perfect. Her posting these photos mean NOTHING other than Beyonce trying to make us forget what will not be forgotten.

  • Marie

    The big PR machine is just trying to cover up that Jay-Z is an abusive cheater. I can see some people are buying into the spin “oh, they’re just a family, no biggee”. Lol

  • Marie

    Funny you mention Rihanna as someone to compare to Beyonce, who Jay-Z has been sleeping with for years.

  • Janice

    Jay Z and Beyonce live in fear that Solange will reveal the truth, that a surrogate carried Blue Ivy and Beyonce faked her pregnancy

  • Callista

    I see Solange likes kicking her leg up….lol.
    No one except those present will know what went down. It sucks to fight and I hope it all gets patched up. How old is this Instagram image…lol,

  • Sheril

    Ah because when I fight with my sister in law I punch, kick , spit , yell and have to be restrained ….. Ah only in crazy town is that normal. Or the person did something despicable .. This is JayZ and Beyonce buying her sisters silence, their PR hacks have been spreading it to outlets that it’s all Solange, she has mental problem , Solange is jealous , crazy .

  • Ava

    The marriage between JayZ and Beyonce is a mirage … And they don’t need no family members breaking free and telling the truth.

  • spirit7

    @simone: I totally agree. Solange act like a spoiled brat and needs to learn how to control herself. I also had a temper in my late teens and I but then I matured and stopped throwing tantrums

  • Not buying it…

    This goes to show this is pure and plan PR stunt from Beyonce herself and her people. She just want viewers to draw attention to her as usual, cause she believes she is this so called DIVA.

    I mean no ordinary person in their normal life, will just put on the internet pics of her loving sister and le tthe world knows she still loves her sister or at least forgave her when the day before this so called sister were kicking and beating the otther sister husband. I mean how can Beyonce put up with her own sister beating and kicking her husband and they just forgave her and show them to the world pics of her with her sistesr showing some good sibling love like nothing happened?

    At least Beyonce should had been super mad at her sister for doing what she did and be mad at her for quite some time until things get resolved between then in private not thru the internet or the social networks to pretend what happened was nothing and Beyonce forgave her sister that easily cause what she did was nothing.

    Pure PR stunt from Beyonce and her people to convince us ohh Beyonce is so lovable , she forgave her sister, she is a good person, blah blah, etc etc This goes to show what kind of business Hollywood is on how Hollywood runs their business solely for the image, appeareance and PR things to make them look good.

    What a fake person Beyonce is!!

  • KBB

    Rarely do I ever comment on someone’s personal business (and it was) but if you are iin an elevator with your family and you have a disagreement (famous or not) you have a right to that privacy. Had this occurred in the streets and the Paps got it then fair game but just because a non moral person took their cell phone and recorded the events and leaked it to tmz it doesn’t mean that anyone has a right to know why someone was fighting. None of our damn business. You guys are like nosey neighbors

  • sunshine2121

    @Lena: ahhahhahahaa… so true!!! I agree with you. They just keep on frolicking in the meadows, just because they can. $$$$…

  • Guest
  • http://JustJared Jan

    These old pics are ridiculous – what is the point may I ask? Good gawd….that attack in the elevator was between Jay Z and Solange. Nobody’s questioning the sisters’ relationship. Beyoncé cleverly stayed out of it….very smart move….she’s a lady. Solange on the other hand has no class whatsoever. This is probably not her first tantrum.

  • LaCroix

    no matter how much they post these fake PR inspired photos.. we will always see that video & how you people truly behave. losers.

  • Jj

    Theyre all trash. Beyonce is fake beyond belief, always has been. Her life is sad and pathetic living with an abuser.

  • Penny

    Beyonce and JayZ dont need to explain anything to you guys, its their own personal lives. Its so funny how people are like they should just face it when its like Beyonce and JayZ dont owe you guys anything.

  • Amelie

    jay z & beyonce are both public figures – they both knew what they were getting into when they entered the entertainment industry. & beyonce hardly keeps her life private – she did a behind the scenes documentary series which showed private moments with her husband, family and child. & she shows pictures of blue ivy on her instagram all the the time!

    people are going to speculate what happened in the video – it must have been something for solange to react the way she did – i’m not justifying violence in anyway but something must have provoked her. & the way beyonce is so inactive in the video – she doesn’t stop her from attacking her husband is so weird – maybe he had done something?

  • Nick

    Wow, pictures where they are having fun and are together! wow! incredible, this is so magical, they made me forget about that fight in the elevator! thank you pr and fake press!!!

  • Lashanti

    Whassup with beyonce’s wig man? why not just glue a mop on your head girl?

  • Lashanti

    @Penny: Hell yea, they owe us, we are the ones makin’ em rich!

  • Rita

    Fake, Fake, Fake

    Her fan base must really be dumb people if she thinks this doesn’t smell like the lamest damage control.

  • Bart

    @Rita: yeah what’s up with those damage control stuff?

  • aquarius64

    @guest: This won’t go away because the AUDIO is still out there. The damage control pics will not shut this down.

  • Franck

    @aquarius64: I wouldn’t like my family problems exposed like that.

  • Lena


    Actually, I wish I had audio when I post on JJ sometimes. I was thinking of Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek (forever after) when I was writing the “frolicking through the meadows” comment. Like this…

    Yep… and all the PR nonsense reminds me of him in the movie when he skips around and says “Nobody’s smart but meeeeee!”

    @Amelie, you are soooooo right about them signing up for this. And, they invite the public in to love them so that instead of having to rely on the object they are selling at the moment (i.e., a song, a record, or a movie), the public will fall in love and trust THEM, and like THEM, as a “brand”. They sell us a farce and fraud (much of the time) so that people will buy “them” regardless of the quality of whatever they are selling. That is, don’t just buy my record, give me money in support of ME ME ME… Then, they turn around and dare to claim privacy when they can no longer manipulate and control the message and images we see. I say this all the time. But what other business can people get away with public deception in selling their products? For some reason, not only do we allow celebrities to do this, there are actually celebrity worshipping zombies that go to war with folks like me when I question motives, and suggest that these people who claim to lead perfect lives may just be scam experts and con artists violating the public trust much of the time.

    And to those folks who said people have a right to privacy in an elevator? In what universe? A PUBLIC elevator? That’s ridiculous. I’m not getting into wiretapping analogies or the 4th Amendment, etc., but there are cameras at intersections, in elevators, in parking lots, and when people are in PUBLIC, they do not have the right to demand privacy. But, I guess that explains the DIVA attitude you hear about when you hear some actress or singer etc saying she wants no one making eye contact with her, and if anyone violates the rule, they will be fired. These narcissistic control freak fools think they can expect privacy after not only seeking fame and fortune but also in PUBLIC by forcing other people moving about in society to turn away and not watch. That’s basically what Justin Bieber got arrested for recently. What an idiot.

    @Lashanti “Hell yea, they owe us, we are the ones makin’ em rich! ” I think you get the prize for most SUCCINCTLY summing up the whole contract between celebrities and the masses. Bravo!!! :)

  • Chill

    Yall making a big deal outta nothing family always argue and fiight
    Leave them to there business

  • Denise E Godwin

    This is sad when people can get fired for just leaking a Video,for Fake famous People.Patty Labell said it best if you don’t want you laundry to be seen stay much for the perfect marriage..Beyonce always look unhappy with her fake smile..GET OUT GIRL IF YOUR NOT HAPPY,FAMILY ALWAYS FIRST ESPECIALLY IF THE MAN IS FOUL