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Justin Bieber is Being Investigated By LAPD For Attempted Robbery

Justin Bieber is Being Investigated By LAPD For Attempted Robbery

Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by the LAPD after he allegedly committed an attempted robbery, according to TMZ.

The 20-year-old entertainer reportedly tried to take a woman’s phone after he thought she took pictures of him during an altercation at Sherman Oaks Castle Park on Monday (May 12).

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According to the woman, Justin demanded that she unlock her phone, so he could erase all photos of himself. She claimed that he screamed at her and made her daughter cry.

After the incident, the woman filed a complaint and the LAPD went to her home to take a report on Tuesday.

Also pictured: Justin drinking a glass of cold water while exiting his hotel on Tuesday (May 13) in Los Angeles.

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  • Jason

    Hopefully this time the police have something on this scum that will stick and give him the prison sentence that he has been deserving for years.

  • Ego

    It’s just really sad…the kid has never known normality. Do you blame him? He needs to just take a few years off and decide whether he wants to do it still.

  • lol

    the police can never detain him or ever stop him from doing such nuisance. justin has the money, he can do whatever that pleases him. #sadreality

  • aalol

    the police can never detain him or ever stop him from doing such nuisance. justin has the money, he can do whatever that pleases him. #sadreality !

  • Maria

    He is such a punk. Trouble follows him everywhere. What kills me is how the little girls adore him. I would never allow my daughters to buy a single CD of his, and put money in his pocket. Ever.

  • @2

    Uhm, yes. I blame him.
    He’s a d*ouche with a huge ego.
    He needs to be thrown in jail, just to show him that his actions have consequences. You know. Something normal people learn by the time they can walk.

  • Diedre

    Even though he is a laughable little weenie, at some point his drug use and entitled attitude are going to manifest into something dangerous and he will end up severely hurting himself or somebody else.

  • police state

    It used to be that in America one is innocent until proven guilty. Now someone can just randomly accuse someone of something and that person get arrested- insanity police state sick culture.
    It used to be that someone could speak out or stand up for themselves- now they get arrested for disorderly conduct. Sick police state.

  • web domain registration

    When I read this article an old proverb comes to mind that says ” You reap what you sow”. Basically he will eventually have to face up to the consequences of his actions

  • @8

    What are you talking about ? He hasn’t been arrested (yet). A complaint was filed with the police. If the police think that the complaint has merit, the little sh*t will be brought in for questioning. If the complaint is supported, charges will then be filed. But with most minor offenses, he will be out on bail almost immediately.
    Don’t blame the American legal system for the problems that this idiot has made for himself. He acts like he is above the law. Well, guess what. He isn’t. It’s way past time that he (and his little fans) understood this.
    Once again, he has shown that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Yelling at a woman with her daughter there is reprehensible. Why he has any fans left is beyond me.

  • Lena

    Once again, I’m awed, humbled and thrilled to see people on the internet that are AWAKE and aware of the deception and farce that Hollywood shoves at us to extract our $$$ like alien parasites. I rant about celebrity worship syndrome which the psych people say affect 300,000,000 people. The Nazi party started with 2,000,000 and grew to 8,000,000 but look at how it was able to bring the entire world to its knees in hell among a world population of only 2.3 billion. With the speed of the internet, the increasing numbing of humanity to genocide, the increasing acceptance and in fact worship of negative behavior prevalent mainly in charming plastic surgeon created attractive on the outside, ugly on the inside, entertainers who are backed by powerful fire breathing PR dragons constantly selling us lies about the character of these vice prone drug addicted alcoholic scumbags, I worry about our future. It will take only one despot to seize upon the weakness of celebrity worshipping Kool aid drinkers to take all of us down again. For the record, I don’t think Bieber is that guy. LOL. :) Nor Clooney or Jolie. But look how these actors (Jolie as a former?? heroin addict) has entrenched herself in the U.N. Clooney marrying a human rights lawyer with ties to the U.N. Hollywood parties for the prime minister of Israel? Naomi Campbell and her blood diamond scandal with genocide tyrant Charles Taylor? I’m just glad there are folks out there that are NOT drinking the Kool Aid. Celebrity worship is a virus spreading across like pestilence or plague. There are places on the internet that are very scary where people follow celebrities like blind sheep… Willing to go war to defend these self centered empty voids. And I just read that before he became the Hitler we know, Hitler hint led a “Bohemian” lifestyle as a watercolor ARTIST. For those who don’t know what Bohemian is, it means someone who lives an unconventional lifestyle free of rules etc, usually associated with an ARTIST or WRITER. That fact is very scary. But typical of hypocritical tyrannical behavior. Charles Manson hung out with the Beach Boys. And many in Hollywood lead the same deceptive double lives and I wouldn’t want any of them in charge of my world, that’s for sure. Boy, that rant took an interesting turn today…LOL… :)

  • Lena

    Not Hitler HINT…typo. I meant, it was Hitler HIMSELF who led a Bohemian lifestyle. But with Bieber trying to take that lady’s camera, and Jennifer Lawrence announcing nonsense like people who call her fat should be imprisoned, it’s clear to me that most celebrities are not only narcissistic, but they are control freaks who don’t feel inclined to control their own vices, but feel quite free to control folks around them, and don’t feel like they should be constrained by the rules of normal society. Bohemian control freaks. I think Bieber should go to jail. He had no right to do what he did in my opinion.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    What a jackass.

  • No

    Punk is also stealing glassware from the hotel.
    Such an idiot.

  • santamarivargas

    Go away Justin Bieber, and we don’t want you back in Canada.

  • CouldDoBetter

    imo ,He has the right to defend or even fight for his his right to some privacy , anyone and everyone should have the right to not have an image o themselves exposed to the public…
    sadly others are not always in agreement.

  • Emma


    Yeah I would help my daughters pirate his music if they wanted to listen to it that desperately before I would let them put more money in his pocket.

    Thankfully despite being young teens my daughters don’t like his music. They are into that Taylor Swift.

  • Lena


    Bieber doesn’t have a right to commit a crime to ensure privacy in PUBLIC. That’s ridiculous. If he was walking the public streets and his picture was taken, he has no right to privacy. Sorry. Are we now going to get Bieber punching out parking lot security cameras and those videos in elevators (cough cough Solange Knowles), monitors at airports, and those cameras at intersections?. Whatever you believe about the legitimacy of that kind of intrusion into EVERYONE’S lives, all of us mere mortals have to deal with it. So why would Bieber be the exception? Does this little prince feel he is royalty and the rules don’t apply to him? I’d have to disagree.

  • @16

    He has no right to take someone’s phone away from them. He has no right to touch anyone’s property, period.
    How much simpler can we make it for you?