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Kendall Jenner Makes Her Cannes Film Festival Debut!

Kendall Jenner Makes Her Cannes Film Festival Debut!

Kendall Jenner steps out for her debut at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday afternoon (May 14) in Cannes, France.

The 18-year-old model, who was joined by fellow model Karlie Kloss, has never been at the Cannes Film Festival before! Hope she’s having a blast!

“hi Cannes!” Kendall tweeted that same day. “no ones putting a ring on it so I put 2 😏…. #FestivalDeCannes #Chopard” she added.

FYI: Kendall is wearing a Chanel dress, a Chanel clutch and Chopard jewels. Karlie is wearing Chopard jewels.

15+ pictures inside of Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival…

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kendall jenner makes cannes film festival debut 01
kendall jenner makes cannes film festival debut 02
kendall jenner makes cannes film festival debut 03
kendall jenner makes cannes film festival debut 04
kendall jenner makes cannes film festival debut 05
kendall jenner makes cannes film festival debut 06
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  • Debbie

    So the karKrashian’s have ruined everything nice with their presence??
    It’s like a dog marking it’s turf to ruin everything .
    No Cannes is infected too.
    Nothing is nice anymore.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    Kendal,your outfit is fugly.Your ear jewels are too big like your foot! Are you BigFoot?

  • Roberta

    What is she doing there? Is she in a movie or something? Or is Cannes that desperate they will hand out invitations to just anyone?

  • Anna

    I don’t think I’ve seen such bad taste in clothing in my entire life. And it applies to both of them.

  • Bel

    theres a BIG difference between Karlie and Kendall just look how karlie pose to the camera, kendalls still scared!! and yes her foot looks TOO big

  • Selena

    W T H is Kendall doing there? Promoting KUWTK in Cannes ;)!?
    She is a reality *star* and a *model* and newly *author* but an actress!? I don’t blame her for wanting a career, be a *model* but don’t be everywhere please and don’t act ..

  • pika

    1. What is Kendall doing there? Nothing to promote and not a big of a model to pose around like Karlie
    2. That outfit is NOT tailored to her at all and neither are her shoes it makes her feet look long
    3. She looks scared. She IS scared. Her posture is off, her smile is crooked she is still clearly a baby in the industry. She is pretty in a plain way but so are many models so she can still gain a stable career out of it. But now? Not worth it, wait till you are maturer and take more lessons

  • Joanne

    I think Kendal is a pretty girl. Maybe not beautiful because she is sort of plain but she is pretty. But I just think she will probably never find a decent guy because 1) any smart guy that is decent isn’t going to go near that family so she will attract the same d-bags her sisters got 2) and her mom is pushing her down this road to destroy herself and her character so young.
    She is rich sure but I think her mom is sabotaging her chances of a real happy life and relationships.

  • Asa

    She should learn how to pose better, after all she is american royalty, you know, with the piss princess as a sister.

  • WTH

    The whole K family is like the Hollywood version of the wedding crashers. They just show up every place as if they are suppose to be there and act like they belong.
    Height of tackiness.

  • Kardashians Can Suck It

    Jenner was not in any films, so she should not have even been invited. Another entitled Kardashian trying to look like they have more class than they actually do. Her outfit is awful, too. If you’re going to Cannes, you have to know how to dress the part. It’s not some average movie premiere.

  • Hate the K Family

    Kendall looks stupid posing at Cannes, of all places. At least this pathetic family hasn’t managed to infiltrate the Oscars…yet. It was great when Vanity Fair refused to give Kim an invite to their post-Oscar party, even after she begged.

  • kate

    Jeez you guys are so bitter. She’s there because she was invited by Chopard, a jewelry company and partner of the Cannes Festival, to promote the jewelry.

  • Amanda

    If you people hate the kardashians/jenners, WHY ARE YOU CLICKING ON THIS ARTICLE? Why do you even waste your time making mean comments about someone?

  • Fryie

    This is disgusting. Why is she even there? Its one thing that Vogue and the MET have bee ruined by their appaerence. Now Cannes? And Karlie Kloss is way more famous and sccuesful then the no-name sister of a sex tape whore.
    She is a nobody amongst these A listers. Who is she in comparassion to the likes of Karlie Kloss, Nicole Kidman, Aishwarya Rai, Julianne Moore,etc?
    And I just heard the Carters will be at their lame wedding. I wonder what deep dark secrets the Kardshains and Kanye found out about the Carters in order to make them come to the wedding.

  • Fryie

    @Hate the K Family: The Oscars would never invite reality tv stars. They are the only Hollywood event that has atleast maintained class and dignity. I bet the Kardashians have tried very desperately to get invited to them but the Oscar people probably told them to get lost.

  • AshleyLove

    Why do the Kartrashians feel the need to be at a film festival of this magnitude or any significant event. They are ONLY famous because of a s*x tape. I would be embarrassed, knowing that everyone knows this. Paris Hilton always show up too. Do they have a s*x tape category that I don’t know about? Events for actors and actresses, not some reality TV slvts.

  • Maria

    Kendall is the prettiest daughter of Kris Jenner by far, but her clothes are always awful. I bet Kim “helps” her choose her outfits for big events to make her look ugly so that Kendall doesn’t overshadow her.

  • Spinach

    No talent, cute but not special, average in every way, all of them. If her sister hadn’t made a s e x tape and their mum had not released it no one would have heard about any of them.

  • JM

    I guess Cannes is letting anyone in now?

  • Bobby

    Do the Kardashians have to infect everything with their presence…she wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for her fame whore mother shoving her daughters down our throats…seriously nobody likes you guys GO AWAY

  • nono

    Kendall jenner on the red carpet in Cannes….I’m mean seriously!! Who’s next Kim or khloe ?!

  • nono

    She’s pretty but there is a lot of pretty girl in the world, she has no elegance her presence removes the glamour of this event.

  • Camden

    WHY? Why? Why? is she even there?

    Clearly Cannes have lowered their standards ….

  • Twinkle

    Why is she there? She’s not an actress. Barely even a model. No talent whatsoever in the family.

  • verox87

    She’s looks awful and she doesn’t know how to pose..uhmmm strange for a “model”..please..

  • Jai

    Ugh why is she there?

  • Greg

    She has no business being there.

  • John