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Standard Hotel Fires Employee Who Leaked Jay Z & Solange Knowles Elevator Fight Video

Standard Hotel Fires Employee Who Leaked Jay Z & Solange Knowles Elevator Fight Video

The Standard Hotel has announced that they have fired the person who leaked the surveillance video of Solange Knowles physically attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the hotel.

The company told the Associated Press that the person was fired for “breaching the security polices of the hotel and recording the confidential CCTV video” and it is turning over “all available information to criminal authorities.”

According to Page Six, the video was sold to TMZ for $250,000 after being shopped around for nearly five days to the highest bidder.

“There are only a handful of people who’d have access to that tape,” a source said. “The Standard owns that tape.”

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  • Pretty Ka

    Well, when you play with fire… you get burned.

  • Pretty Ka

    Could anyone explain how a news outlet like TMZ can pay such a large amount of money for such material? I don’t understand O_o

  • sugarbaby

    ONLY 250k?!?!?!

  • hmmm

    You know as wrong as it was for the employee to do what they did, I probably would have done the same thing. I mean the option to stay on a low paying hourly vs. selling a tape that could net me $250k in one day?? I’ll take the $250k and tell the Standard Hotel, peace!

    I hope they spend it wisely.

  • shanghai

    Well you can hardly blame the staff who is probably on minimum wages taking the chance of a lifetime and selling the images!!! Was like winning the lottery and I hope they get to keep and spend it!

  • Shar

    I’m sure he/she would’ve never made $250 thousand in 20 years working at the Standard Hotel. So he/she is much better off anyway. There will always be other jobs out there.

  • Spinach

    @Shar: Yes, but if he gets sued for reputational damage or breach of privacy or something like that he/she will end up paying legal costs and the fine for the rest of his/her life.

  • aquarius64

    @hmmm: If there is criminal prosecution (and it sounds like it would be) this person is going to spend it on a lawyer, legal fees, and court costs. With a quarter of a million in the bank no judge is going to grant him/her a public defender. What’s worse with a court proceeding that person will be ID’d publicly. In the end it wasn’t worth it.

  • aquarius64

    @Spinach: Also, Beyonce has some real crazy fans that would be launching death threats at this person if this goes to trial. He/she would be identified.

  • Xoxo

    Deuces standard hoetel

  • guest

    You people are ignorant for thinking the tape thief did a good thing. It is a CRIME, THIEF of hotel property. Criminal charges will be filed.

    So, I guess you dumb@sses think being prosecuted is worth the money. $250,000 is NOT worth a criminal charge. His/her lawyer will eat that money up right away.

  • Ghetto a-ss staff

    What an idiot… that thing was worth at least like 2-3 million

  • jeff westend

    doesnt this mean that TMZ received and trafficked stolen property? seems like something stolen and sold for $250k would be a major felony. I would pay $250k to see TMZ’s Levin being ridden by Bubba in prison.

  • aquarius64

    @Shar: Who’s going to hire this person? He/she was fired for cause, and a potential employer WILL learn about his/her past. No one is going to hire a snitch. There will be a fear of this person selling private or proprietary material to the highest bidder because of this incident. I don’t think $250,000 lasts very long in NYC. Forget unemployment insurance; again, fired for cause.

  • etc

    @guest: sry dude but how many times have hotels THIEVED from their own clients or employees? I’m sure if the employee was not just a minimum wage scrub for the corp they would’ve obeyed protocol. The little person turning against the big man was poetic justice, karmic revenge etc.

  • etc

    and Beyonce Jay Z and Solange continue to walk off into the sunset and purchase a $250 000 blanket to keep them warm in the limo the end

  • Tina

    Even though that person made 250,000 their probably not going to get a chance to enjoy it because they breached a sign contract that tell them the consequences of breaching, also depending on what the law states that individual may have to give that money up (if they haven’t spent it). But anyways thank you fellow ex employee for giving us all something to talk about, speculate on for the last couple of days. It was good TV for 3 mintues :-)

  • lisa

    nice payout. but if they sue the person it’ll go back in legal fees and such. oh well. but nice job getting that tape out there. maybe he/she had ambitions to work for TMZ. prolly should get off JustJared and over to TMZ more cuz they always get the scoops. to the poster who asked… TMZ is a media outlet like a television station or whatever, so they have funds to buy things like this tape, pay for interviews, etc., which they often do. they make money through advertisers, mainly.

  • SS

    These vapid and self-obsessed celebs do nothing but earn tons of money so let someone else earn something decent at their expense.

  • Beverly

    TMZ paid $250,000 for the video, that employee probably stopped going to work and the hotel “officially” fired him.

    Now, that’s a case for raising the minimum wage.

  • LOL

    Oh please, suing him will only make the matter worse. There will be all kinds of depositions and then if there is audio…It certainly won’t just stop there…the hotel would be best to let the employee go. And if JZ and Beyonce chose to sue, they too would be opening a kettle of worms. that idiot employee should have held out for $1 mill.

  • Amy Lee Christian

    And in other news, The US Government is Trillions of Dollars in debt, most of which is held by China. Detroit has gone bankrupt. The fed is printing Money out of thin air and Mr Obama is killing his own citizens using drone aircraft.

  • salty

    @guest: politicians, lawyers, judges, doctors, politicians, police, city officials do this kind of THIEF all day every day , the lowly hotel worker was just following by example from those in higher places. its the low brow worker on the bottom peg gonna take the beating for the higher ups

  • Fynn

    250k? Those dirty/evil bastards at TMZ got a deal here! I guess when your barely making ends meet that 250K sounds like a good deal, but it isn’t worth the criminal record + the fact that this hotel can blacklist you, and he/she will never be able to work in that field or whatever again!

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  • http://mhm EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!

    A second link showing people’s encounters with mind reading Asians.

  • Ap

    @Shar: yeah but that person will be facing charges and will need to use his 250k for lawyer fees

  • Trudie

    If all that happened in just an elevator, imagine what goes on inside their swanky digs, boats, cars & hotel rooms when there is no camera? I think America got a glimpse of reality.

  • aquarius64

    @etc: A lot of good “sticking it to the man” is going to do him/her in JAIL.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    I wonder how much Jay Z would have paid not to release that video.

  • perdida

    The guy took a video of a video so he didn’t steal the original tape, the hotel still has it, he just filmed it, probably with his phone. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. All hotels and big department stores, etc. have security cameras. Maybe Jay Z and Beyoncé will decide not to prosecute him, because at this point they want it to go away. But the hotel has to do something to him besides fire him. This is a big issue for them, bigger even than Beyoncé.

  • aquarius64

    @perdida: This person hurt the hotel’s business. Who’s going to want to book an event there, fearing the staff will rat them out to the tabloids? Standard is going to make an example of this guy/gal.

  • adriartnafagfd

    haha 250 k vs. hotel salary, I think we all know which one we would choose.

  • BreakDownBuildUp

    Yes he should have been fired that goes without saying
    …BUT they should never have been fighting in public.

  • So its ok selling vids?

    Funny how selling a tape about others is ok for you all. If a celebrity would have done the same you would call them out, that they sold their souls, but if its a hotel employee its just fine. Hypocrites.

  • Aisaiko

    $250K is a nice sum. But, unless he plans on moving out of NY he still needs to get his resume together because that money will not last long. Also, I hope he saves at least 36% of that because come April 2015 the IRS will be expecting their cut.

  • Lena

    I think the hotel did the right thing. It cannot tolerate theft if that is what occurred. But, I am happy we saw the farce of these people lifted. Who will hire this guy? He probably has a great future as a paparazzi. LOL. I don’t dislike the paparazzi. They shouldn’t assault folks, but I see no reason why anyone has a duty to help celebrities perpetrate fraudulent images on the public. I’m in favor of exposing the farce. Very interesting post about TMZ and receiving stolen property (to the poster who raised that).

    But here’s my overall issue with the elevator thing. When the fight broke out, the security guard apparently hit the STOP button. I get sooooooo tired of reading about how regular folks are made to wait for 10-20 minutes for elevators or in other PUBLIC places so that celebrities and their ENTOURAGES can move on through “undisturbed.”. If I was somewhere and a celebrity or his or her bodyguard tried to STOP me from going somewhere public so they could go through undisturbed, I would raise he’ll, and maybe sue for false imprisonment or assault/battery if they laid one finger on me. Maybe for damages of $1. What right do these people have (as private citizens on par in societal rights with me under the law and Constitution) to March around with fierce threatening bodyguards and limit MY movement in society? Celebrities are NOT mortal Gods. I’m aware of no law that entitles them to use bodyguards to clear elevators or push back crowds or clear public places for other mere citizens. Do any of you?

    I get it for the President or Justices or public officials or the Pope or diplomats. But movie stars? Sorry. No. Don’t buy it. How many people were forced to wait for these selfish demons to finish their business anyway that night?

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    This is why you should always ask for wisdom first (over anything).

    Pro – You got $250,000.

    Cons – IRS getting their cut (so now this person may have $125,000), getting sued, possible jail time, paying for a lawyer and other legal fees, your identity exposed to the public, a tough time finding future employment because of this greedy decision – In the end that $125,000 is gone and unemployment insurance only lasts for so long.

    Conclusion – A wise man lives for tomorrow, and a fool only lives for today.

  • Ella Fino

    @Pretty Ka:

    TMZ is owned by Warner Brothers though they probably don’t spread that around.

  • brainsmasher66

    Anybody who believes that Barack Obama–a black man–is actually calling the shots needs a reality check.

  • kirki

    I cannot understand how someone can be so stupid and sell a private video for 250K, when afterwards the hotel is going to sue him and request more with lawyers going at him like lions. his life is ruined by such an awful move-he could leak the video for free and silently (AND safely) get the credit from the mess after.