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Zac Efron Rumored to Be Up for Unspecified Marvel Role!

Zac Efron Rumored to Be Up for Unspecified Marvel Role!

Zac Efron is rumored to be in talks to play a part in an upcoming Marvel movie, though there is no word on what project this would be for yet.

The 26-year-old actor was reportedly given a script for an upcoming Marvel Studios project and very few people in the world actually know what is going on, according to Latino Review.

Some of the suggestions out there include Daredevil for the upcoming Netflix series, Adam Warlock or Nova from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, or something for the upcoming movies Ant-Man and Captain America 3.

The news comes off the major success of Zac‘s new movie Neighbors, which grossed nearly $50 million at the box office this past weekend.

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  • OK

    I’m betting he has a choice of different projects now!!!!

  • Omar

    Daredevil for sure (he looks more like him in my opinion) .. give the guy a chance, at the begin everyone is going to hate him for the role.. but then they will love it because this guy is really talented, same happened for Affleck.. everyone hated him at the begining for his role in Batman but then everyone is loving it.. these fan boys are never going to be happy about whoever they cast for a role, just do it and they would pay to see it anyway.

    I think most of the people who is voting “I don’t want him” are hater or are just some people who has never seen a movie of him besides High School Musical.

    Just give the guy a chance.. what can be wrong? he is a BoxOffice guy!! and Marvel is always great at the BoxOffice! people will love it for sure!

  • StanLee

    First that disgustin fat guy from Magic Mike get the role of Gambit and now Zac Gayfron? What the actual f^ck is happening…

  • OK

    BTW “Neighbors” will surpass the $60,000,000.00 mark sometime today (If not already.)

  • Omar

    @OK: Yeah. he says that he isn’t interested in superheroes roles right now.. but it’s Marvel you know? anyway.. who really knows?

  • BigMan

    I’m a fan of Marvel movies. And to be honest I’m always happy with the decisions that they take. I would give him a chance or whoever is in talks even to that guy from 21 Jump Street. Is always good to see new faces in these movies.

  • BigMan

    @Omar: totally agree with you.

  • tree

    I hope he plays a villain. I think though he looks sweet, villain is more is type than the hero like in neighbors. I say, he’d make one hell of a sexy bad a$$ villain,

  • tamara

    Latino Review….

    Really JJ? Really? If it comes from them then it’s not happening.

  • OK

    @Omar My opinion is he said that in an interview as not to sound to eager. A celebrity shouldn’t come off as looking or asking for a role.

  • GradyB

    Lies. Marvel isn’t going to trust a big role to a junkie. His PR team is making stuff up. Rember when he was up for a Star Wars role? That was B.S. too.

  • Jennifer

    Shorty could play a gay super hero, not a stretch…ensemble roles are all he will have now.

  • Rose

    How does Zac keep getting so many movie roles? He’s not that good of an actor. And all those drug related rumors/scandals aren’t helping his image. I know Neighbors is doing well in the box office but still…I don’t get the appeal at all.

  • Conan

    @OK: not a good number and sales are not related to Zach in the least. Anyone could have played the supporting frat boy role.

  • Robin Thicke’s Free Hand

    @Omar: What? No everyone does not love Affleck now. People will always love Batman. They tolerate Affleck, most make fun of it or just don’t care.

    Most people don’t “love” it.

  • What Do I Wear

    Any – As long as Zac is SHIRTLESS in it, I don’t care!

  • Gina

    @Conan: not a good number? Movie hasn’t even been out for a week. How else do you explain the 53% female audience?

  • Becky

    @Omar: I definitely agree with you. You hit it spot on.

  • Living in a box

    This probably ended like Star Wars rumours, which he didn’t get cast in the movie.

  • Vicky

    @tree: yes, a villain. He could definitely pull that off. That would be awesome.

  • Chris

    I need to get up on my comments. I don’t remember any of theses people lol.

  • OK

    @Conan If anyone but Zac had the role of eddy Sanders “Neighbors” would not of done so well. Try to deny it all you want but Zac is a very big part of it’s success.

  • Lolz

    And what hero or heroin(?) might that be? Coke Head? Wonder Molly?

  • Chris

    Wow, I meant “comics” lol

  • OK

    @GradyB Don’t be to quick to dismiss things. Read the original article there is still a chance that Zac (Or someone else) is going to be offered a major role in “Star Wars”. They are introduced near the end of the “Star Wars VII” and continue.
    Zac did go in for a reading.

  • Lance

    I love Marvel so I would watch anything that they do lol.

  • Kiki

    Daredevil… That’s want I want to see. But, whatever is fine.

  • Mac

    @BigMan: yes it is always good to see fresh faces. Definitely. Marvel is pretty good with that.

  • TT

    here goes the hater(s) again . Multiple names. One person. lol

  • tamara

    Yes Neighbors is a huge hit cause of Zac…I mean cause he was naked in The Awkward Moment and that was a huge hit…oh wait. Try again OK

    Neighbors is a hit cause its a good movie. I saw it cause the PLOT looked funny.

  • Emily

    @tamara: I agree they keep saying that Neighbors got the Zac fans in for his abs and yet that awkward Moment had him naked? You are right it was a good comedy movie period.

  • Amy Lee Christian

    Is it true that this Man is a h@mose@ual?

  • OK

    @Amy Lee Christian Zac is straight.

  • OK

    It was a hit because the critics like Zac as Teddy Sanders.
    One reason he is shirtless it is a key to understanding Teddy Sanders.
    I won’t spoil it but it does catch up to him.

  • Shania


  • Ap

    @Lolz: you are so pressed lol

  • Dumby

    This is coming form the same source who said Lupita was going to be in the SW7. His PR people is working overtime to clean his imagine but everybody can see throw this BS. Marvel people would be stupid to give him a importan character knowing how his life has been a complet messs. They would be bring nightmare to their production.

  • OK

    @Ap Actually I said the same thing on a JJ Zac post right after I saw a special screening of “Neighbors”.
    Since then several critics have said the same thing.

  • OK

    Haters will not like this at all but like it or not Zac is getting some fantastic reviews from the critics, “Neighbors” is doing better than expected,(Partly because of Zac) and Zac has several projects to choose from.

  • Justine

    I enjoyed everyone in Neighbors. It was good and it had a lot more heart than I thought it was going to have. That bromance was one of the best things in this movie.

  • Twinz

    @OK: yup, I completely agree too. Neighbors was pretty funny.

  • OK

    @Twinz Glad you agree. I actually want to see it again it was so funny.

  • Cam

    I didn’t know Marvel had so many movies. Wow, they are making bank!!

  • Nina

    @Omar: you are right on point. That’s just what I was thinking.@What Do I Wear: haha lol.

  • Twinz

    @OK: haha yea, it was. I love seeing comedy and horror movies in the theater. The best.

  • Nessie

    Sounds interesting.

  • Zenet

    @Justine: yes, I agree with everything you just said. It was a great cast.

  • ziggy

    I agree. It was a great cast, most definitely.

  • jon m’shulla

    No to Zac Efron.
    He is a coke head and drug addict.
    He is a homophobic bigot.
    He is a racist.
    He is a fool

    No to the fool that is Zac Efron.

  • Nikki

    Love Zac!! The more, the better lol. Loved his last movie.