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Katie Holmes Meets an Oompa Loompa in Wonka Land!

Katie Holmes Meets an Oompa Loompa in Wonka Land!

Katie Holmes poses with an Oompa Loompa while stopping by the Winter Wonka-land pop-up shop on Thursday morning (May 15) in downtown New York City.

The 35-year-old actress tried one of the new Wonka Peel-a-Pop frozen treats to help beat the heat from the warm spring weather.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the week, Katie and Maggie Gyllenhaal seen attending an intimate dinner hosted by Tod’s to celebrate their creative director Alessandra Facchinetti. It was the first event held in the new director’s honor since she was appointed at the creative helm of the company back in February 2013. See photos below!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes visiting Wonka-land and attending the dinner…

Just Jared on Facebook
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 01
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 02
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 03
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 04
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 05
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 06
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 07
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 08
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 09
katie holmes meets an oompa loompa in wonka land 10

Photos: Billy Farrell Agency, Joey Andrew
Posted to: Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal

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  • Lydia

    Holy crap. When I saw the Oompa Loompa, for a second I thought she got back with Tom Cruise.

    Love her dress and her Tod’s purse at the other event.

  • Jeanie

    Katie is such a weird woman. She always poses with her feet turned inward. Pigeon-toed.

  • Nathan

    There’s something you don’t see everyday Both Batman Rachel’s in one picture. Very Cool.
    Katie looks beautiful as always. Love you Katie.

  • WORD

    Word is now Harvey Weinstein is trying to save Katie’s dead career.
    If he is able to pull a rabbit out of the bag then she still owes her Career to Tom because the only reason Harvey is trying to help is because he hates cruise.
    Her TV show isn’t going to make it after all.

  • Mandy

    Does anyone know why her contract with Bobbie Brown was cancelled?
    It was meant to be 3 years but they dumped her for Kate Upton after 1.
    What’s the backstory there?

  • Missy

    What makes you think Harvey hates Cruise? Because he produced ‘The Master’? I doubt that he hates Tom. He was simply capitalizing on the controversy surrounding scientology. He even gave Tom’s children a present to make sure there were no hard feelings.
    Anyway, Katie looks beautiful. I have to admit her makeup was looking kinda rough in March/April, but it’s looked great at the past few events.

  • Mary

    Is Katie messing with her face, because she looks so puffy and off lately. Sigh. Wish she could dress to flatter her figure. I don’t understand her consistently poor choices. She could do so much better!

  • Prada

    Mary, her choices in clothes are the least of her problems. LOL.
    She needs to go to every opening of an envelope to get some good work and get her face out there.
    Discussion on Mania Days was that is going to be a big flop.
    Will Miss Meadows her IndieFilm get seen by the mass public? Probably not.

  • Dee

    Dead career? Just take a look at her imdb, she has multiple projects in pre and post production. A working actor is a successful actor in Hollywood.

  • Prada

    Indie films and things on there that are not even legit. They still have her pilot series listed and that is not given a green light.
    Mania Days is probably another flop.

  • are you for real?

    Is that the standard just being employed? For someone like Katie who was given every chance and introduced to all the big contacts in Hollywood she is doing small roles and Indie Films.
    There has to be a reason after all those contacts and opportunities she is not being offered great leading roles in good movies.
    Sure you can say she is working but I guess success or talent is another story.

  • Dee

    @are you for real. Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you were the King/queen of deciding who is and who isn’t successful in life or a career, especially of a stranger you know nothing about. Lol. What is your role in Hollywood exactly?

  • rubyz

    #11: Exactly! She was GIVEN every opportunity to be great. She didn’t have the talent to make it happen. It’s one thing to be given opportunity after opportunity, but eventually, you have to be able to back up the opportunities with TALENT. That she cannot do because she has none.

  • are you for real?

    You don’t have to have a role in the Hollywood or know her personally to see the fact that she is not getting good roles in good movies and that must be for a reason.

  • Missy

    I wonder if her critics ever realize how shallow they come across. All they seem to care about is fame, money, and being on the “A-list”. I don’t care whether she’s a-list or not. All I know is that she has several films that sound interesting to me. Let’s see.. she’s playing a vigilante in a quirky dark comedy that has already earned her praise for her performance, a bi-polar woman in mania days, she has a role in the Giver which is based on a classic novel and has an all-star cast. She just signed on to the holocaust drama Woman in Gold with oscar winner Helen Mirren. I realize that these films have not been released yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out, but so far, things are looking pretty good to me. From the way that her critics talk about her career you would think she was doing tacky Llifetime movies or something. (not that there’s anything wrong with Lifetime. There are some good ones.)

  • are you for real?

    Thanks Rubyz
    Miss you around here!
    Yep, her fans are now saying “at least she is employed” since they know it’s true and they can’t deny with what open doors she was given she still is not being offered strong roles.

  • Nolan

    love her! critics are so funny….please give me a break and let her be…she is a very much working actress, from one.project to another, with some interesting ones in line. she is talented and solid actress, but truth is, it felt she was lost for some time. i do not think she is worried about labeling, or what you haters say. she is passionate about acting and is very much doing it along with many people in the industry she admires. she is very much.Hollywood, whether you like it or not, just more simple and down to earth than most.

  • Dee

    I’m not a huge Katie fan, I just dropped in to see the pics and was appalled at a bunch of nasty b’s pulling apart someone who works regularly and continues to be offered work regardless of what any non-entities like yourselves think. May someone judge you and all your decisions as harshly. Oh, and publicly.

  • annie

    If you say something is white, they come out from under their rock, and say , no it’s black.
    The going thing now is HW is here to save her.
    I personally think he sees her potential, a potential that hasn’t been utilised properly, and maybe he wants to mentor her.
    Her acting was not criticised in Don’t be Afraid of the dark, the storyline was.
    She wasn’t criticised in The Romantics, again the storyline was. Yet it made 45,000 in just 2 theatres, heaps more than a lot of other indie movies. That one niggles me a bit, something about the whole thing.
    She seems to have a lot going on, more than what we know.
    There is a beautiful pic of her in the above white dress walking towards the camera. Loving Katie Holmes Facebook, maybe Nathan or Missy can provide the link.
    She also looks to have put on a bit of weight , which looks good on her.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Isn’t it strange, any article mentioning Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes gets all of these negative remarks ?????? I wonder why ?????? I have an idea.

  • Nathan

    I can try and post the link annie.

    Katie white dress Loving Katie Holmes Facebook.

    Katie looks amazing in that white dress.

    Pic thanks to: Loving Katie Holmes Facebook

  • marie

    “Katie Holmes Meets an Oompa Loompa” really jared? .-.

  • annie

    nathan thank you so much, but that’s not the one, sorry i’m so painful, i’ve got to learn how to do it.
    it’s the one when you press the link and the 37 pics come up. the head to toe one, looks like she’s walking towards the camera.
    It’s the 6th pic, don’t worry but thank you again.

  • Dee

    @Missy: at the end of the movie where they were filming in a real war(the plot). He was mocking him ( in character)

  • annie

    nathan thank you so much, but that’s not the one, sorry i’m so painful, i’ve got to learn how to do it.
    it’s the one when you press the link and the 37 pics come up. the head to toe one, looks like she’s walking towards the camera.
    It’s the 6th pic, thank you again tho.

  • annie

    gosh it went in twice!

  • Sincerely Concerned

    I bet ya that 80% of the naysayers would be happy to eat crow if she pulled off nominee elect etc. (or whatever u c all it). Because it is NOT about talent as much as it is skill. U know 10% inspiration; 90% perspiration. Hopefully the perception of her poor hygiene is that perspiration and not the grundge that comes from being too lazy to care for oneself.

  • Missy

    Annie, to post a link on jj, just copy& paste the url (web address). It automatically becomes a link.

  • Lydia

    Know what I find funny about the “naysayers”, aside from their cruelty and anger? I guarantee you that not one of them is nearly as successful or as pretty as as Katie Holmes. If they were, they’d be out doing their thing, not hanging out here using a million different names to attack some stranger. Me? I’m home with a newborn, on maternity leave from the real world. The haters that come here all the time – what’s your excuse??

    Funny thing is, I’ m not even that big of a fan. I just thing it’s crazy ridiculous how vicious and hateful these people are. As somebody else said, you really gotta question their motives and why they’re so hateful toward a total stranger.

  • lol

    LOL Lydia has a built in excuse in her reply. Sure you are honey. Are we to assume also Lydia is the only name you use since you mention it? Sure.
    I think its funny that her fans only reply is to attack the critics since they know the facts are that she is not getting good strong work these days. It shows defensiveness on their part. This is a place of gossip/discussion about actors and their work and other things. That is what people do here. This place is like kindergarden compared to places like tmz or dlisted/radaronline in terms of comments made about celebrities.
    Are they going to say that she would prefer to get this little roles and she turns down great roles or strong leading roles that go to others in her age group?
    It was not too long ago her fans were saying now she is on her own just watch she is going to do amazing things. It’s been a couple years and not much is happening.

  • Caryn

    @Lydia: Sorry, but the comments about Katie are to as cruel as they are to some others. I don’t care for Kimye etc., but those comments are really awful. Ditto for those tat attack the JP family, Aniston (who gets it worse than KH on JJ) etc. Katie brings a lot of the negativity on herself. She knows cameras follow her, she knows commenters are off the wall about public and private figures so she must know her every outfit, interview and glimpse is going to be rehashed and often not kindly.

    And just saw the interview in today’s DailyMail. She says she loves the author of the Giver and calls her Louis instead of Lois. In the interview she comes off like a ditz and very vapid. She may come across as a nice person, but she also comes across as a twit.

  • ANNE

    @Sincerely Concerned:

    “Hopefully the perception of her poor hygiene is that perspiration and not the grundge that comes from being too lazy to care for oneself.”

    How do you know? You live with it? You are your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend? Scientologist or injured?
    Save me reading your dumb and cryptic comments. Is K-Flop?

  • Lydia

    @lol # 30

    This is the only name I have ever used. Please don’t ASSume that because you’re a liar, switching names, etc. that everyone is like you. Another ASSumption you make is that I’m some sort of rabid fan. I used to watch DC when I was a kid…..beyond that I can’t say I’m a fan since I honestly havent seen anything she’s done recently. My point was that you and your other hateful friends seem to get off on being particularly vicious. I’m sure you do the same thing toward other celebs. I have to wonder why you would do that. Why are you being so nasty to a famous person you don’t know and why are you ASSuming I’m lying. I would bet its because you’re jealous and unhappy. A fulfilled person doesnt get on the net, changing names and such, to attack a celeb unless they wish they had their life. As for your attack on me, rest assured I’m not a hater and liar like you. I just wanted to point out that its very uncool to be vicious to anyone….and then you proved my point with your reply. She’s on Just Jared, she’s an actress, she’s pretty, she lives in a great city, and she’s famous. YOU. ARE. NOT.

    As for what I think Katie prefers, I have no blessed idea nor do I care. I also dont know what she turns down and I wouldn’t presume to know. I just think people who spend their time on the internet attacking strangers and hiding behind their keyboards calling other people liars and all that nonsense, are pathetic and stupid…..and yes I just called you pathetic and stupid, which you deserve since you felt the need to attack me. Not gonna go around in circles with you or your alternate names. If your on the net doing nothing but saying nasty crap about people more fortunate than you, you’re….well…..pathetic.

  • Lydia

    @ Caryn

    Sorry, I didn’t realize that because certain idiots are cruel to alot of celebs and their fans that it’s OK to do so. I can’t stand any of the Kardashians but you dont see me attacking them. ITS NOT NICE TO BE CRUEL AND OBNOXIOUS TOWARD ANYONE, whether its Katie Holmes, Jennifer Anniston of Kim Kardashian, especially if you have no idea what their life is like. It’s one thing to say ‘I don’t care for her dress’ or something like that, but the crap that goes on is disgusting. Just look at the idiot who thinks Holmes smells bad. What kind of moron assumes something like that?!?! Not a normal human being, thats for sure. You have to be some kind of evil to say some of the things said here. Its my experience that people like that are evil and angry for a reason, and that reason is usually that their lives are pathetic. They need to let their anger out somewhere and places like this are where they feel safe. They hide behind their computer to get out their frustrations because they’re very unhappy.

    If you dont like someone, you generally don’t spend your time talking about them all the time.

    Your excuses don’t make sense.


    Why did you make me look? LOOL! That video was embarrassing.

  • @lydia

    You made the first post in this tread.
    It was a very mean and cruel dig at Tom Cruise.
    I don’t care for him so it’s not personal but fair is fair.
    That was all the things you accuse others of being but it was on your terms so you think it was ok.
    Mocking his height and appearance is just as cruel as anyone saying Katie looks like she smells.

  • America

    Right, #15.

    None of these people should be blaasted like that either, #31.

  • annie

    @ Lydia
    That’s the same thing some of us have been saying for a long time.
    If you don’t like someone, why follow them all over the internet, finding whatever is available, what new projects , what are they wearing, where are they going, what are they doing, and then come back and criticise them for everything, and desperately, so desperately try to put them down. It’s very acceptable for them to trash her, but if you come to her defence, and present them with a few facts.. well that’s not on, they try to make out that you’re making it all up. You can’t win, but I figure that if they can put down someone they don’t know , then I can stick up for that person even tho I don’t know them as well, but who certainly doesn’t deserve it.
    I’ve also found that that some are so devoted to certain celeb, eg Katie wronged TC, because she should have known better than to join scie, and marry him, when you can say the same for him, being so much older or they are a major NK fan, and then come here after saying how wonderful NK is,or how wonderful she looks, and then have a go at Katie.
    Nobody has ever made her out to be a huge Alist star,(which seems to bother them a lot) or the best actress in the world or the most beautiful, but she’s very nice looking , she works, she looks after daughter, and gets on with her life.
    But whatever you say you can’t win!
    So, thank you for you thoughts!

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @Lydia: No kidding. Some people used to go play a game of racquetball or go out for a run when the kids were driving them nuts, now we just let our frustrations out on the celebs by posting $;/?@. I think it’s a little abnormal for others to react so personally. But than that just adds to the drama which no doubt is what draws everyone back. I read at least 20 posts from different posters commenting on her smelly hygiene. Hopefully they’re not all wondering if they’re evil.

  • Mirror Mirror

    @Dare To Be Honest:
    You gotta love the hypocrisy with the selective outrage. They (some even in this thread) degrade cruise and his kids calling them fat and ugly and then claim to be puritans when it comes to Holmes.
    So is the new MO to state that they never thought Holmes was a great beauty or great actress? If that is the new party line we can easily point to post where they assured everyone Katie was going to be the next big thing now that her chains of marriage were gone and how many times have they posted that she was the most beautiful girl in Hollywood????

  • Lydia

    @ Mirror Mirror

    You guys are so full of crap. I’ve been accused of being a liar, using multiple name, and now being as awfull as you are, NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE. I even have the courage to use the same name so I can be identified, unlike most of you. Personally, I think there are only a very few haters, and I think their agenda is obvious….but thats just me.

    Just for the record:

    I have never said anything mean about Tom Cruise’s children, nor would I. Again, another example of someone ASSuming others are capable of what YOU are guilty of. My initial joke about Cruise was just that….a joke about his obvious short stature. So what? He’s short. I know it, you know it, and he knows it. I didn’t say he was a bad father, or that he smells, or any of the 1000 other awful things said about Holmes. The minute I opened my mouth I was attacked viciously. All I did was show y’all what you look like to outsiders. Hurts, doesn’t it?

    Again, for the record, I’m NOT a huge Holmes fan. I watched her as Joey when she was a kid and I was a kid. The point is that there are soe sad, angry, ugly people here, hiding behind their computers, and viciously attacking a complete stranger (holmes and I) for no reason other than they’re sad, pathetic, and lonely. If those attackers had half decent lives, they wouldn’t be here with such a nasty agenda. They’d enjoy themselves, rather than spend their time being nasty and fighting with others. All I did was shine a light on what you look like and what you are. It must be embarrassing. By the way…..this goes for any celebrity this trashing is being done to…..not just Holmes.

    Your behavior is a reflection on YOU, not the person you’re trashing.

  • Mirror Mirror

    Your insult to Cruise was just as bad.Deal with it you are a hypocrite. You can’t insult celebs and then claim others are worse for doing the same thing. The comment above was inclusive to you and others so no one said you insulted his kids only him.

    Keep ranting away if you want but you have been exposed for the hypocrite you are.

  • Mirror Mirror

    your own words up thread were
    that includes Cruise. Insulting a man and making jokes about his short stature is demeaning. If it’s not funny when others do it then it goes for you too.

  • Lydia

    @ Mirror Mirror

    Sorry, but you’re wrong. Obviously, you can’t think of another way to defend your horrible behavior. Here’s the difference…..Tom Cruise is not average height. He’s short. This is not an opinion. It’s a fact. One I’ m sure he’s very well aware of. The average height of an American man is 5’10″. He’s an american male who happens to be at least 3 inches shorter than that. I simply pointed out a fact.

    Now, I’ll go slow, so maybe, just maybe, even someone as dense as you can understand the difference…..No one here is stating a fact when they say things like Katie smells, or she pimps out her kid, or she’s ugly or a horrific actress and the other 9000things that have been said. All are opinions and some are not even reasonable opinions. On top of that, they’re presented in the most horrible way possible. Did I say it was BAD that Cruise is short?? I did not. I’malso well below average height. So what. Its a fact neither he nor I can do anything about. My comment was more about the way he and Katie looked standing next to one another. This may shock you, but Holmes is taller than the average american and she made him look even shorter than he is. If you deny that, you’re just lying. Did I say Cruise is a terrible parent, that he smells, that he hates his child, that he pimps her out or anything even remotely as awful as things said here in this thread? I did not. Please don’t compare me to your horrible name calling, insults and ASSumptions. I simply stated a truth about Tom Cruise. That’s NOT what you do when it comes to Katie. You say awful things that are probably NOT based in fact at all. Please don’t compare the two. They aren’t comparable. Would it be an insult if I said Cruise has brown hair or that he’s into scientology? Nope. Well, he’s also shorter than average. Get over it.

    You want me to be as horrible as you. You want me to call you names and give you a reason to take out the frustrations of your sad and pathetic life on me, but it’s not going to happen. I’m not “ranting” as you are. I’m not upset and I’m not going to lower myself to your level. You’re not worth it. If it helps you to personally attack a woman you don’t know based on your own insecurities and frustrations, then go for it. It’s a reflection on YOU, not her.

    Katie Holmes is a successful actor (compared to the average person), who works regularly and who has a substantial amount of money compared to the average person. She’s pretty and draws attention. SHe appears in magazines and ads, hence she’s atleast somewhat known for her looks (as opposed to again, the average woman) . She seems happy with her life and she seems to get work regularly. The above are facts which you have to learn to deal with. And no…..its not ok to insult the woman when you consider that you probably are not half as successful as she is. I know you’re not happy, because a happy and fulfilled person doesn’t do what you do.

    PS. Tom Cruise is short. I know that bothers you alot so I’ll say it again…..TOM CRUISE IS SHORT. HE IS BELOW AVERAGE HEIGHT. LOL!!

    Keep ranting and raving Mirror Mirror. I’m going to go enjoy my new daughter and my husband. I wish you the best and I hope you find happiness that takes away the anger you spew here.

  • Mirror Mirror

    Wrong. It is not just stating the truth to make a joke about his height.
    Your long winded rants don’t change that and you are not better then those you judge here.
    You did not just state a fact you did it to make a joke about him which is to
    demean him for something he has no control over which in many ways is worse then mocking Katie for not washing or brushing her hair which she can control if she wants to.You even said it was a joke above and not just a statement of fact.
    yes, we know he is short and below average height but to mock him for that is to try and bring him down which is what you did.
    Which makes you just as pathetic by your standards as those you are attacking here no matter how long winded and how self righteous you try to come across in your post. It doesn’t work you are the same no matter how much you try and repeat otherwise. You mock celebrities too just like those you judge here.
    No it doesn’t bother me for you to say Tom is short. I know that. I am just pointing out what a self righteous hypocrite you are and you are a blind one too since you keep denying it.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @Lydia: She chose to marry a man so short. I still remember my dtr. ( 8 yrs. ago) when she was attending Toledo University. The joke was: “Come here Tom, nck, nck, nck,.” In other words, what the heck was SHE thinking.

  • Lydia

    @ Mirror Mirror

    Whatever you say sweetheart. Whatever you say. LMAO.

    Please feel free to continue spending your sad, lonely, pathetic life viciously attacking total strangers. Don’t waste time being productive or improving yourself. Just hang out here being jealous of those who have much better lives than you. I’m going back to my new little girl, my loving husband, and eventually back to my productive and lucrative career. Guaranteed, you’ll still be here under multiple names, attacking people with better lives. It would be really sad if it weren’t so funny.

    You’re dismissed. Off you go.

  • annie

    @ mirror mirror
    you seem to be responding to Sincerely Concerned , otherwise known as Meg, about people degrading TC and family , however it’s ”Sincerely Concerned ”who ”degraded ” several times ” his butt ugly daughter (bella) and butt ugly sisters(her words).
    you chase me around JJ, trying to find my posts from years back, things i have written and now you side with Sincerely Concerned.
    I have said many times that Katies best work is just beginning, and you will see that come to fruition 2015 . I have always complimented her, because she is one of the few that really deserves it.
    Never used the word Alist because don’t believe in it.
    Wow you have scraped the bottom of the barrel siding with Sincerely Concerned, altho I myself have had some interesting times with her, and not always bad, she’s very changeable!

  • Mirror Mirror

    LMAO indeed. In other words you know you are wrong and did the same as others.
    You can try and back track if you want but no one would read that post about his height and think it was not a slam at him. No one would look at an orange man with green hair that is under 4feet tall and state as a matter of fact that they thought it was tom cruise. Its not about defending him he has been called much worse but the point is to show your hypocrisy which is glaring. A few post back you said the “joke “was on his “obvious short stature”. If Tom was fat and she was standing with a fat mascot you know it would be a slam to make the joke that it reminded you of Tom and not just a statement of fact as to how they use to look standing next to each other.Joke was at his expense just as jokes are at katie’s expense on her threads. So there you are just like the posters you hate. “attacking total strangers” LOL.
    Your assumptions about me and the other posters are funny coming from someone like you. You know nothing but assume your little heart out if it helps you to justify it in your mind. Most are probably just rolling their eyes are your attempts to come to a gossip blog and act so self righteous. You appear to have a desire to make yourself seem better but you aren’t and if you think people are impressed with your long winded mini series you are remiss.

  • Mirror Mirror

    No one chases you around JJ
    In fact I rarely ever reply to you unless you address something to me directly.
    Post to DTBH was not an approval of all her post but a general comment.