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Keith Urban Places Nicole Kidman Photo on 'Idol' Judges Table!

Keith Urban Places Nicole Kidman Photo on 'Idol' Judges Table!

Keith Urban places a framed photo of his wife Nicole Kidman on the judges table during the performance show of American Idol on Wednesday evening (May 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“My wife is at the Cannes Film Festival tonight and it’s heartbreaking I can’t be there. This is her on the red carpet as of tonight, so I’m going to pretend she’s here and that I’m there all at the same time. It’s the one night I couldn’t be there,” the 46-year-old singer said during the show.

When host Ryan Seacrest asked him who his wife is wearing, Keith said, “I don’t know. Unfortunately, not me, but I don’t know who that is. Did I just say that? That is my inside voice, I’m sorry.”

Joining Keith at the show were fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Fyodor Golan dress and Casadei shoes with Jennifer Fisher ring.

10+ pictures inside of the American Idol judges at the taping…

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keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 02
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keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 05
keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 06
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keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 09
keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 10
keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 11
keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 12
keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 13
keith urban places nicole kidman photo on idol judges table 14

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  • 1urbanfan27

    :( :( :(

    Oh Keith…Basically the same thing from January 2013…

  • lololololololololol

    @1urbanfan27: Poor 27, completely blind to the truth.

  • Gmitse Ko

    Who watches this complete rubbish television program?

  • Honest Truth

    @Gmitse Ko: Oh, gee, only EIGHT MILLION PEOPLE still. And for a 13 year old show, that’s damn good. Too bad The Voice is down to only 10 million now, after starting their season in January with 15 million!

  • Honest Truth

    @1urbanfan27: Good grief… is ’27′ still blubbering for her lost love after what, now NINE YEARS? Still quoting dates, I see, of what only SHE can see and ‘read’! Too bad you can’t see and ‘read’ the truth, no matter what Keith SAYS and SHOWS you. WHY on earth would Keith Urban have ANYTHING to do with someone who chases him all over the internet and Nashville?

  • Louis

    If he truly loved his wife, he would have been with her in Cannes. Nicole’s movie is being slammed, she needs his support right now and where is he? On this stupid show, staring at JLO’s boobs and grinning like an idiot. Keith only cares about his image, his “good husband” image. But he’s about to sign for another season of American Idol, a way for him to be away from Nicole as much as possible.

  • duh

    If he missed his wife last year why would he not miss her this year?

    Nicole called Keith her country prince at Cannes. How sweet!

    Speak up, 27. We can’t hear you. When is Keith leaving his family for your sorry butt?

  • bahahaha

    @Louis: nicely said @Louis.

  • Good job Keith

    Is that the viral pic from Cannes which shows chipmunk cheeks Kidman botoxed to the max?

  • duh

    And now we know ”Louis” is a skeptic planted persona from The Crazy One who attacks Keith instead of Nicole. FAIL.

  • Louis

    @duh: Why do you say “fail”? Keith is a liar and you know it. When he says : “It’s the one night I couldn’t be there”, what kind of joke is that? Between his tour (two or three days a week), American Idol (two days a week), talk shows, awards shows, he’s NEVER with her! He doesn’t really care about her, it’s so obvious.

  • llj88

    Louis, can’t have it both ways, it is ok for nicole not to surport keith on his stuff, like when she has been to LA but never been to idol set, he even had girls on the set while she was filming (and yes their or shots of girls at idol, not the ones with only faith , but with sunday and faith earlier ) but when faith did show up to see keith by herself no nicole, faith was with nannies, nicole was running around LA (their are pictures to prove this also) no children and no idol surport,(I see lots of stars run away la with their kids, never nicole)and no country music awards so far, now just pointing this out,I think nicole has been to many music awards, as keith has been to many of her stuff, but she is in cannes with no kids, last year she was in australia at the big horse derby no kids,she has flim what 5 or 6 flims Iin a role so far has two more.getting ready to flim,she has been on lots of talk shows, and clip of her at cannes dancing, (this year)last years she was their as a judge for a week with no kids, show her on a boat at party, than another party all with out kids, her career hadn’t been put on hold, but yet your waiting keiths to stop,

  • llj88

    And louis,when keith won the Horizon award in Nasville, big blacktie event, no Nicole, got his award by himself, AFTH ,no nicole, but keith went to the cancer benefits for her , he took her place at this wonderful cause, but nicole was working again, let me say this I think they support each other but they both have careers and nicole is just as busy as keith,

  • Louis

    @llj88: Why would she have to be with him on the American Idol set? All he does on this show is acting like a 12 year-old (OMG secret words are so much fun!). He is very happy on that set, he doesn’t need her support . But, in this case, she is at the world’s biggest film festival and she is being destroyed. She seemed very nervous and sad on the red carpet. If it was my girlfriend or someone I Iove who was being attacked the way she is, I would cancel everything and fly over there to comfort her. Keith doesn’t care about his wife, it’s all for show.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    It’s cute especially when she has difficult times at Cannes

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Honest Truth: lol…I didn’t chase anyone…Anywhere…That’s what you don’t get…You’re blinded by the flashbulbs…And the promotion…But it still isn’t the truth…

  • Louis is a Legend

    @Louis: way to go @Louis !!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @lololololololololol: I’m not the one who is blind…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @duh: You know NOTHING about my butt…But you’d like to…Why so invested in a “celebrity couple”? That you would try to tear down someone you don’t know…And you DON’T KNOW me…And you certainly don’t know him…But I do…I do…And you can’t change a thing…

  • Trudie

    I like Keith on Idol, and I hope he does return next season along with Harry. Does anyone know if J-Lo has renewed her contract? I preferred this seasons judges than all the other seasons judges. They got along well, picked great contestants, and they have been fun to watch. Thank goodness there was no Nikki Minaj drama or an arrogant Simon on the panel.

  • http://comcast Brenda

    Another popular name The Crazy One is using now is Louis, What an idiot. The Crazy One isnt getting much sleep lately with all of the activities Nicole and Keith are involved in. Another subject, J Lo is beautiful but I think she uses too much Botox and injections in her forehead and cheeks,

  • http://comcast Monica

    OMG I Love KEITH URBAN !!!

  • Seriously

    What’s wrong with you people?

  • sis


    Again.. you are an idiot. Keith is under contract to be at the desk of American Idol. If he could be there with Kidman, he would. Last year, he about killed himself to manage to do Idol then bust it to get over there if only for a few hours to be with her. Due to the timing this year, he couldn’t do that. Get your facts straight. You know nothing.Idiot.

  • Jan

    Well after this weeks (May 19, 2014) ‘National Enquirer’ exclusive headline, “NICOLE KIDMAN MELTDOWN! *Marriage Falling Apart, *SUICIDE nightmare, & Career IN CRISIS, with an image of her face (looking heavily botoxed) be the reason? What else could Keith Urban do to dispel the rumors that this magazine published? The magazine also is pairing Prez. Obama and Caroline Kennedy up w/ a cheating bombshell… as if. Yikes.

  • sam


    sucks for you, don’t it? lol

  • http://comcast Monica

    Love Keith Urban on American Idol. Keith has to come back next year, he made the show for me.

  • Louis

    @sis: That’s why he is about to sign for another year of AI. Just so he has an excuse not to be with Nicole. Pathetic man who chooses his career over his wife.

  • sis


    Kidman wanted Keith to do Idol. This couple does not hold the other back from career opportunities. They are both creative people and respect that of each other. If anyone needs to slow down for the family, it is Kidman. Keith is more flexible than she is. Idiot.

  • Sally

    1urbanfan27 has been living a life all in her head for years. She cries out for Keith to come see her and he never does. She is always wondering what he is doing because he DOESN’T CARE about you. You are a very disturbed individual, you need help.

    Louise or whoever you are you are just an idiot.

    Jan if you truly believe what the National Enquirer is saying, you are sicker than all of them. Lets see Jennifer and Ben Affleck, the Obamas, the Shelton’s the McGraws, the Urbans are all getting divorsed. Wow and somehow they are all still together and are celebrating wedding anniversaries. The Shelton’s just this past week and Keith and Nicole will be celebrating their 8th anniversary next month.

    Oh sorry 27 go back to playing that movie in your head, Yes Keith and Nicole are still happily married and will be celebrating their anniversary next month. Oh what’s that I hear, you also have an imaginary anniversary coming up. What is it now 10 years of never being with the man you supposedly love. LOL!!!!!

  • Missy

    Those are the sweetest comments ever! So love that! Love him now. My kinda man!!!

  • Holly

    Kidman must have had a huge meltdown with all the bad reviews and deformed face comments in Cannes for Urban to do this. During this season of American Idol, Kidman has been out of the country most of the time between Morocco and Australia. Why the need to put a picture of her on the table on one of the most embarrassing days in Kidman’s career?

  • Beth

    He obviously wished he could be there but his job dictated otherwise. It was very sweet of him to put her photo on the desk. It’s not like she was in the hospital. She is a grown, mature woman who can handle her husband not being by her side at all times.
    Hey 27, WHEN will the man who loves you put an end to the fake marriage ( a decade old with 2 children ) and rush to your open arms? Please share! ;). Since it’s true love, it must be soon. It must hurt you deeply that he never ever puts true love above all else. Surely, he loves you and cares only about you, that’s why he had that photo next to him last night. I can only imagine your groan when he pulled that out. Could he make it any more clear? What would convince you? Not a marriage, not two children. Not a decade. What else can he do?

  • Beth

    Unless you are obsessed with NK you know nothing about the movie’s issues and you certainly don’t exaggerate the disappointment. She’s fine. She got her paycheck and she looks stunning. Real people in real life know it and compliment her all the time. She gets affirmation from her loving husband.

  • Carolyn

    I think it was sweet of Keith to mention Nicole’s big night and his disappointment about not being there with her. It was his way of offering support. He’s proud of her as well he should be. They are a lovely couple.

  • Uh Oh

    Why did he make such a childish/teenage move? PR of course! Just gotta remind everyone WHO he is married to…and groveling because he signed a contract to judge on AI and cannot be at her beck and call. Grown ups do not act this way. On the day she is skewered in the press for GofM, he pulls that. He just HAD to call attention to her. That (and Cannes) doesn’t mean a Rat’s Azz to the fans of AI. Last night was a huge night for the contestants. To spoil it with that, the comment about her, and then fake embarrassment and ‘find’ a closet of ‘things’ under the desk. Are we really to believe that those ‘props’ were not left there for some reason. This is a multimillion dollar production…and they DON’T clean up the judges’ table after every show…you have got to be kidding!

    Was it an offer of support? …a demanded ‘payback’ for not being able to attend? …or really a dig since the film has been panned? We will never know…….but HE does!

  • Angelica

    @Uh Oh:

    You are out of the loop, apparently. Keith is assigned a secret word by some friends of his each week to work into the show. Those objects represented all of the words he has thrown in, so far. Keith is a supportive husband to his true love. I thought it was cute that he did that!

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    @Uh Oh:

    Are you actually as obtuse as you appear or do you think everyone else is mentally challenged? I’ve watched Idol since the beginning of the season, and I’ve not heard Keith talk about Nicole. I’ve heard Seacrest and Harry mention her, but not Keith. The comment about what she ‘wasn’t’ wearing was a zinger and left the ever talkative Harry speechless. The items under the desk weren’t meant to be anything but a fun break between contestants. Re his support for Nicole. It was simply support, clear and simple. She was getting blasted by the paps, and he could have just ignored that she was in Cannes; but he didn’t and that was beautiful.

    I’d like to bring up another item which has been mentioned here at various times. Nicole Kidman is a huge star and there are those who complain she takes all the attention when she attends country award shows. Yes, it does seem a shame when Keith attends these shows alone, but if the other entertainers complain that she receives too much attention, then what are they to do?

    Finally, Louis (or Mary). You’re a ridiculous idiot. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Keeping It Real

    @1urbanfan27 You need help. Get it through your delusional mind that Keith Urban doesn’t give a rat;s behind about you. He loves his wife, he loves his family, NOT YOU!! Stop pining for a man who doesn’t even know that you even exist.

    Get a friggin life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keeping It Real

    @1urbanfan27 Your a stalker! Your family needs to get you the help you so desperately need!

  • Uh Oh


    It was a zinger…as it was meant to be. It’s not usually her wearing him…it is the other way around…she clings to him like clothing with a bad case of wintertime static! Using the words fearful, brave, and extraordinary to describe the love of your life and the relationship in general is a bit much. It’s like romance novel wording…or a movie script.

    I’m not saying that they don’t love each other…it just was not necessary for the benefit of the show and the viewers to be put through that. He doesn’t have to PROVE it to the world constantly. I’ve rather enjoyed his indepedence lately. He is doing his ‘thing’ and she is doing hers. They both have careers and have had for years. It’s OK, and they work it out, for whatever that is worth.

    And…I know all about the secret words………

    I still say it was payback….or maybe a dig…

  • Uh Oh

    I thought it was ironic that JLo also had on a blue sparkly dress. What a co-ink-i-dink! ;)

  • Keeping It Real

    @1urbanfan27 Security has a thick file on you. They know all about you how you stalk Keith wherever he goes. Security makes sure that they surround Keith whenever your around.

    Get it through your cement head! KEITH URBAN WANTS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH YOU!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    The mention of Nicole took under a minute. The show has plenty of fluff to allow for a bit of a sidebar. The selfie stuff was long and stupid. I actually like seeing a man and his love for his wife displayed so publicly. It’s rare and a breath of fresh air with all the other celeb news out there. Sweet. Keep it up Keith! You are a great role model.
    JLo is a beautiful, sexy woman and every male notices. Keith and Harry keep it respectable. Ryan gushes too much, but it is probably part of his job.

  • Holly

    @Uh Oh: It is Urban’s version of couch jumping. What did Cruise get for couch jumping? In my book, if you need to do things like this for the public eye to notice, things at home have to be unhealthy.

  • Amy


    Wow. You clearly haven’t had someone express their love and support for you publicly. It feels very good and is a sign of a healthy relationship. It tells all, I love this woman! Celebs have such crazy people trying to break up their relationships, I’m sure Nicole appreciates Keith’s affirmation. Any woman would.

  • truth

    @Holly: lol as if. You just don’t want to be reminded Keith is married when you watch him on tv every chance you get. You’re so transparent.

    Btw the whole Keith was sending a message to Nicole, a dig, is pure Taralea aka hitnrun. Everything is a dig at Nicole, even the beautiful liner notes of Keith’s albums. So predictable from the silly transparent skeptics.

  • maclen

    Ha…yeah…I guess this pathetic little plug DIDN’T help with the reaction of the film at Cannes. So orb continues to “align” himself with mediocrity. It’s truly a revelation to watch these two “feeding” off each other’s failure…and the lackluster cross promotion that has clearly sent their careers to the level of dreary indie flicks and reality tv. They are clearly “boat anchors”…both dropping to the bottom of the ocean in relevancy.

  • truth

    The skeptics said a separation would be announced during Idol? How many weeks are left in this season? Bahahahaha!

    So this is a dead giveaway about how much mental anguish this marriage is causing to the haters

    ” it just was not necessary for the benefit of the show and the viewers to be put through that.”

    First off, they post here daily no one watches Idol but they do. Second, if someone’s love for their wife pains you that much you need to take a look in the mirror and fix your life.

    But hey, we all know nothing the Urbans do is right according to the all-knowing perfect skeptics. Early in the marriage they complained the couple didn’t say each other’s first names enough in interviews. Now, Keith should act like his wife doesn’t exist when on tv and Nicole shouldn’t attend award shows with Keith because God forbid anyone take an interest in her.

  • truth

    @maclen: Hi Mary! Another desperate attempt to gain attention for yourself because your cuckoo board sure isn’t gaining any traction! Bahahahaha!