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Who Was Killed Off 'Vampire Diaries'? All the Spoilers Here!

Who Was Killed Off 'Vampire Diaries'? All the Spoilers Here!


OMG… Did all of that really just happen on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries this evening?! We’re still trying to process everything that went on!

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If you forgot what happened on the show last week, it appeared that Paul Wesley‘s character Stefan was killed off the show for good after his heart was ripped out of his chest. But as we know, it is rare for anyone to stay dead forever on the show.

During this week’s season five finale, there were some major developments for Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, and Matt Davis‘ characters. You must read on to find out what went down!

Click inside to find out what happened on the season finale episode…

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) are officially dead! And we mean, dead dead. After Damon learned of Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) death, he was on a mission to bring his one and only brother back from the deteriorating Other Side.

So he crafted a plan to blow up the Travelers in Mystic Falls, complete with him as the one who lights the match. He enlisted from the only humans he knows – Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig). Obviously, Elena (Nina Dobrev) was not OK with this suicide mission, so she went along, much to his chagrin. Damon and Elena died – seemingly as humans, long story – in the blast.

Meanwhile, Caroline (Candice Accola) killed Luke in order to get Liv to do the spell to bring back Stefan, Elena, Damon, and Tyler (Michael Trevino), who also died, at the hand of Markos and the Travelers’ spell around Mystic Falls. Everything seemed to be going well as Stefan, Tyler, Alaric (Matt Davis) – yes, Alaric! – and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) passed back through Bonnie. Tyler realized he was no longer a hybrid, but a human! Does that mean everyone else is? Or just those who died as humans? We don’t know yet!

Anyway, Elena impatiently waited for Damon to pass back over, but he was too late. Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) – yes, Lexi! – risked her own chance at life to hold out for Damon, but Liv cut the spell off too soon. Damon was stuck on the Other Side for good. And it was getting bad over there.

In the final few scenes, we saw Elena break down in tears over her lost love, begging him to come back. Bonnie told her to say goodbye to Damon, and he told her she was the best thing to ever happen to him. Even though she couldn’t hear him. In the interim, Bonnie made a call to Jeremy and broke the news about her own fate. She never had a chance to survive as the anchor.

In the end, Damon and Bonnie held hands as the wind picked up and they went into the light, literally.

Also something to add, Bonnie’s grandma seemed to be cooking up something on the other side, so if the two dead characters are to return, that is probably how.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of tonight’s Vampire Diaries?

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  • enzo not markos

    You messed up Jared. Michael Malarkey’s character is Enzo not Markos. Also Liv didn’t cut the spell her brother did in fear of her dying. He stopped it just before Damon could return.

  • elise

    jajajaj i cant belive i watch this show once!!! is so baad !!! anyway is obvios that damon is going to come back somehow ,and i bet without memory, or human or another ridiculus plot because nobody stay dead in this show

  • Amber

    Enzo passed back through not Markos

  • Nikki

    About f**fking time, tho death on this show means nothing. Damon and Bonnie will be back next year.

  • Cailan

    Well I’m betting Bonnie’s grandma fixed things for her and because Damon passes with her they both will be saved.

  • Joelle

    Dead? I’ve never watched the Vampire Diaries, but I was changing channels and saw the ending. They were still standing the last I saw. This is just a cliff hanger, they’ll be back next season.

  • Amy

    I miss Seasons 1 and 2 of TVD. Kevin Williamson, come back please…

  • Crystal

    This is a sad finale for season 5. I want Damon to come back. Show isn’t going to be the same. It’s cool that Alaric is back.

  • May

    Seriously not watching season 6 if Damon doesn’t come back, He is the heart of the show & the only reason I’m still watching.
    Plus Ian is the only lead actor who still promotes & appreciates the show.

  • kolorginal

    They had the chance to bring kol back they should of so he can be on the orginals that would of been interesting.

  • Max

    so basically all of the characters are dead now? great julie plec canceled her own show… FAIL

  • Shelly

    He’ll be back. They can’t have Vampire Diaries without both Salvatore brothers. It’s the premise of the show. Besides…have you not watched the show, literally every character has died and come back.

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  • http://itsverytrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!

    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by a lot of them having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
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  • maria

    crying my Eyes out. saddest Episode ever. Ian’s acting phänomenal throughout the Episode.. The most beautiful Scene ever on TVD was the one with Damon and Elena, emmy worthy acting by both Ian and Nina and heartbreaking. I am so glad that Alaric was there to comfort Jeremy and Elena. Damon will be back or the Show will be done for.

  • leah

    Loooool Weirdly I don’t really care if they died . The originals episode was way sadder than this !

  • Kira

    I hope Damon died forever

  • leah

    they should have killed off matt , useless as ever

  • olga

    all four should die and close the program because it has become boring and the actors are mediocre.

  • Sienna

    Ya’ll are idiots if you actually believe Damon is dead.

  • lol

    Yeah ….. I’m just glad Alaric is back …

  • boohoo

    The deads on this show are meaningless so don’t sweat it, they’ll be back in another silly way.

  • sarah

    And the Ian show continued. All about Damon being the hero, get the girl, blah blah blah. You know Ian will be back because he’s paid millions, free car, free trips, free clothes, free free free. I don’t like this show anymore and the ratings prove that I’m not along. Since the two older women started their worship of Ian and forgot there is other cast members the show is destroyed/gone. I won’t watch next season because it’ll be allllllll about Damon and Delena.

  • Alicia

    @Joelle: They died (though probably will come back) – the bit you saw was probably both of them on the ‘other side’.

  • tinamarie

    @Sienna: No one thinks that he’s dead for good but that doesn’t mean that it was sad. It was a great ending.

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    Alaric is back! AWESOME!!!

  • christi

    I’m not watching next season if Damon isn’t back

  • tinamarie

    I meant to say, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t sad.

  • Amber

    Damon/Ian IS the show! He is the Heart and Soul. Always was and always will be <3

  • kara

    @Amber: Julie Plec please stop with the pathetic trolling of Ian. You’ve RUINED THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. It is NOT THE IAN SHOW!!!!1

  • ellen

    @Amber: I could not agree more,!hH has been the tread ,that is holding the show together ,despite the crappy writing in last Season.

  • maria

    @sarah: The Ratings went down, because of the terrible Writing this Year, the never ending , flat as heck boring Doppelgangers, character assassination, killing of Katherine, jerking Delena around after a beautiful 4 year buildup, and finially hit there lowest ever, with the Wesley directed, advertised Stelena Scene. The Reason most of the Rest is still hanging in there is ,because of Ian/Damom . look around You every where, with the thousands of Post , to that effect ,all Season long. Ian has Fans of all Age Groups, and when You go to TVD Convention the Room full of Y people ,going crazy over Ian., He is the main Attraction and all of His Tickets are sold out Weeks in Advance , while Others are still available at Day of II laugh when I hear one time ,oh he just has teens as Fans ,and another Time oh He just has older Women. No His 13.000.000 Million Fanbase consist of People of all Ages, he is that much adored.

  • Natasha

    @Kira: haha shut up

  • Donna

    If Damon goes off I`ll not watch the show again….

  • Maria

    @maria: Emmy worthy? Are you on crack?

  • amy

    @maria: Well where are his fans? They’re certainly not watching TVD’s. You are wrong. Face it, Delena brought the ratings down. The rest of the cast barely had any scenes. It was allllll boring Delena.

  • Luxe

    If bonnie an damon dont return im done with this show.

  • maria

    @amy: Delena did not brought the rating down, bad writing , no decent Storyline for Delena , , boring , coming out of our ears , doppelgangers, killing Katherine, bought the ratings down, the Rest are just hanging in there mostly for Damon,, All you ever see on the TVD off. Page is by the thousands , We are only still hanging in there for Damon. The ratings took a dive ,when they broke up Delena and the way they did it, until finally sank to there lowest for the Wesley directed Stelena advertised Episode. it picked up again for the Damon/Enzo Episode. Give Delena a decent Storyline and the Damon/ Elena Fans will be joining the Damon Fans again und that is the majority of TVD, give us stelena again and the ratings will stay low and the rest will watch mostly for Damon. If Damon would not come back the Show would be finished.

  • toilet

    When Nina cried i thought she was taking a crap.

  • care

    @elise: well technically he does become human in the books

  • Nessie

    @maria: actually the lowest rated episode is promised land with the season finale after that. You should get your facts right. My God, is Damon your Prince Charming or something? The ratings will stay low either way, the show is pretty much done. I’ve never been so disappointed after loving a show for the first three and a half seasons in my life.

  • maria

    @Nessie: I have my facts straight, I was saying the ratings kept steadily dropping and went to there The lowest ever in the History of the Vampire Diaries in 5×18 1,6 and that Damon/Enzo Episode after that picked up a little, 1.79 , so I have my Facts straight Damon being or not , My Prince charming that is My business, as I am sure you have yours. What I do know is that Damon is the most loved Character of the Vampire Diaries., anybody that dosen’t see that is blind.

  • Nessie

    @maria: lol again. No you don’t. The lowest rated episode ever in the Vampire Diaries is promised land with only 1.50 and then the season finale. Come on now :-)

  • Crayzee_Jo

    Hey from the very very start I have only been watching this show because of Damon. Ian is the heartbeat of the show, he is the only one that can act, plus he is gorgeous. Poor writers, a poor script and poor actors , we can put up with as long as Damon’s character is still on the show. If he doesn’t miraculously come back from the dead like everyone else, then the show will meet its demise.

  • Maye

    Glad Damon died since I’m done n tired of Delena, its sad that Bonnie had to die with the other side. Bonnie is always sacrificing herself to help Elena n her friends. But no one on this show ever stays dead. They’ll find a way to bring Damon back. They should just leave him dead, n his character can be a walking ghost spirit in the show that only Jeremy n Bonnie can see. That way the show can finally bring Stefan and Elena closer together again. N I hope that they don’t put Caroline n Stefan together. They’re the only two characters that haven’t hooked up n they have a really good genuine friendship. If steroline happens, it’ll ruin the friendship between then n ruin the friendship with Elena. The show has gotten so bad with them always focusing in Damon n Delena, so pls don’t start a storyline with Caroline n Stefan, oh please don’t. This show needs to end. All it does is piss me off with each new episode they show. They should explore Enzo n Caroline as a possible couple, or even get rid of Caroline and bring her to the Originals tv series with klaus. Both klaus n Enzo seem to challenge her in a way that makes them cute n funny to watch. As far as Elena, Stefan, n Damon…prob better if neither of the Salvatore brothers end up with her. Or maybe they’ll finally kill Elena n then neither will get to be with her, n no one will have to sacrifice their lives in protecting her. I wished they had followed the books storyline, it wud have been a better show.

  • Cece

    Hope Damon stays dead. If they do show him next season, hope its only flashbacks of him when he was alive, or him showing up as a ghost. Hope Stefan and Elena become better friends n closer than ever. Hope they don’t do a Caroline n Stefan relationship, cuz this wud be the ultimate all time low n pathetic storyline ever. Itll just show how desperate julie plec n the writers are getting. Caroline with Enzo or klaus wud be something good to watch. Bonnie needs to come back as a witch with powers. The first two seasons were good, n after that it just went downhill from there. I seriously hope that next season is the last. It’s time they take this show off-air for good. It wud have been a good series finale to bring back Stefan n Elena back from the other side, but as humans like they did with Tyler. Cuz then, they could fulfill their fantasies of living a full n happy life as humans n be able to grow old n have families of their own. Cuz lets face it, neither Stefan or Elena ever wanted to become a vampire.

  • Ilona

    @Crayzee_Jo: You and Millions, Damon will be back because ,judging by all the outrage, continuous worldwide tweeting and so on, they won t have a show if he is not back.

  • Vicki

    First. Great last episode of the season!

    Second. We didn’t really see Bonnie and Damon go – we just see the light, though I hope that they both are gone. Bonnie’s story has been weird this season, and I really never liked Damon. Plus, I’m hoping that the dobbeltganger blood will bring Stefan and Elena back.

    Thirs. Why didn’t Elena cry for Stefan? They were in love for three years and she could’t give hum a tear. But when Damon didn’t come back she was all depressed — and they was never really together, without her thinking about Stefan or only slepping together.