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Chad Michael Murray & Nicky Whelan Split

Chad Michael Murray & Nicky Whelan Split

Chad Michael Murray and his girlfriend Nicky Whelan have gone their separate ways after dating for six months, according to Us Weekly.

The 32-year-old actor and the 33-year-old Australian actress reportedly broke up a month ago.

Chad and Nicky, who started dating late last year, were last spotted together at the 2014 Golden Globes, where they posed on the red carpet together.

In case you didn’t know, Chad and Nick first met on the set of their upcoming film Left Behind, which hit theaters this October.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Chad Michael Murray and Nicky Whelan split?

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  • Chad is a douche

    Surprise surprise

  • Rose

    Chad ain’t a douche – he’s just in the closet. This should have been made clear when he “married” Sophia Bush (aka professional beard).

  • Tina

    Co- stars dating once again!!!!

  • Alli

    he’s a ho…he should concentrate on (what’s left of) his career and stop trying to get it in with all of his co stars.

  • Oprah

    Nicky Whelan deserves better than this serial cheating dbag

  • Nicole

    Cmm is still around?!

  • CF98


    That split was bitter so I doubt she was a “beard” or he’s gay I do think that he has relationship issues and should just stay single. At least he didn’t marry or get engaged to the chick

  • B-Jill

    Oh they got engaged back in December and were supposed to be married in May but Nicki broke it off. Like duh. They hooked up while he was still with another woman.

  • Leah

    Good. She deserves better.

  • diane

    This is old news the break up soner and i think
    Chad have a new girlfriend
    but engaged and maried in may that is new to me
    and he she new this he was still together with that kid whene do get together

  • Angels

    I don’t think she’s a beard… I don’t feel gay vibe in CMM

  • whatever

    Hes not gay but he definetly has commitment issues he cheats on everyone im not suprised him and nicki broke up but in saying that she seemed more down to earth than that kenzie.

  • losa

    @whatever: I think too that he has commitment issues. I think because her mother left the family when he was just 10 and he hasn’t got any connection with her. He hasn’t got a mother figure at all so I understand that is really hard for him to build a “normal” relationship. If you have issues lake that in your childhood then it’s effect your whole life.

  • losa

    laki@losa: lake is “like” (sorry but English is not my mother tongue)

  • Kate

    There are plenty of people who never grew up with a mom or a dad or even both for one reason or another and they turn out to be more fine. So he doesn’t just have “mommy issues.” Fact is that he’s a douchebag. Just ask all his ex’s.

  • boo

    this isn’t really a surprise tbh

    i know not to believe rumours but with chad it’s hard not to believe bc it’s been the reason for all his other break ups; but i sincerely believe he cheated on her. he cheated on Sophia with Paris Hilton among others, they got divorced and only a short time later he was engaged to Kenzie, he reported their breakup months after it happened and there’s a source of her’s saying he cheated and i believe it, it was said he was engaged to Nicky and i won’t be surprised if he cheated on her too, that or she saw him truly.

    I hated on Kenzie bc i thought she broke up Chad and Sophia but once i realised i was wrong, i felt sorry for her and i’m happy Soph found Dan and hope the others can find happiness

    i’m a fan of his so it’s not really a biased opinion.

  • Rose

    This is old news
    Of course he cheated on her, just like he did to the school girl and Sophia.
    He was cheating on Sophia she found out they seperated, he was flirting with the OTH extra schoolgirl while him and Sophia where still married and as soon as they seperated they started seeing each other then got engaged while Still married to Sophia. No wonder everyone hates Kenzie, hooking up with a married man while you are 17, I felt so sorry for Soph having to put up with this in get face ever day.
    Anyway the only person I think Chad loves is Sopgis but she will never take him back.

  • dianna

    I really don’t think Chad has ever really loved any of the women he’s been with. I think he was attracted to them and had an infatuation but I don’t get the impression he ever truly loved any of them. He just is incapable of being in a committed relationship and seems to attach himself to attractive women very quickly without understanding what a relationship means. With regards to Kenzie, I always thought it was wrong how cruel people were. Out of all the women he’s been with, I have the greatest sympathy for her because she was so young and naive at the time.

  • Rose

    I am not sure how you could say u feel sorry for Kenzie
    It’s not like he got with her and dumped her, they were together for like 7 years, so she was 25 when they split. she got alot of fame from being with him.
    Poor Sophia married him then had to get a divorce, then watch him parade around with his 17 year old fiancée whilst still bring married to her!!!

  • dianna

    Sure it was probably extremely hurtful for Sophia to go through what she did, but Chad was the individual responsible for what transpired with her, and not Kenzie. She only got together with him after he had split with Sophia and that too at 17 years of age. Thus, it’s not like she was actively chasing him while he was with Sophia. Fact is, he didn’t love Sophia Bush or himself enough to respect the relationship and keep his pants zipped and that’s all on him. And I’m not sure what kind of “fame” you’re referring to because Kenzie is hardly relevant.

  • Jen

    When people say that they feel “bad” for Kenzie it always
    makes me start laughing. Kenzie may have only been 17 at the time but she sure as helll knew what she was doing. She loved the limelight and the pictures and the events she got to attend while she was with Chad. Everyone who knows her will tell you that she couldn’t wait to
    permanently move to LA with Chad because she was hoping that being with Chad might open some doors for her in Hollywood (not that Chad is all that relevant himself). Furthermore, she used to love parading around with Chad on set in order to get to Sophia. Just ask anyone who’s ever worked for OTH. Fact is that Kenzie is a bitch and she finally got to see what karma feels like when Chad dumped her for Nikki.

  • whatever

    chad did cheat on kenzie once he cheated countless times and for the majority of times she knew it ,she loved the limelight though which is why she didnt walk away from him the first time he cheated or the second or however many other times he did so .Ask anyone in the know they will all tell you the same thing and also as for the kenzie parading around with chad on set thats true,Sophia and Kenzie didnt get on at all and its well known that kenzie was majorly annoyed about the brooke and lucas kiss in season 5 of the show so much she demanded to be there on set when it was filmed

  • whatever

    @losa he also has lonelyness issues he once said in a magazine he doesnt like to be single for long as he hates being alone which explains why he stupidly jumps into new relationships straight away

  • diane

    i never was a fan of kenzie she need fame and she new that chad cheaded so no sorry for her
    chad have a new girlfriend somwane now that?
    and for Sophia Dan is away for 8 weeks now i think so are the still together?

  • Aimee

    Well said whatever
    Kenzie must have a very short memory, how she behaved with Chad while he was still married to Sophia shows what sort of person she is regardless of her age. I still cannot get over the fact that Sophia was strong enough to put up with that everyday. Like everyone says chad has issues with being alone hence him hooking up with kenzie so quick once he knew Sophia would never give him another chance.
    Sophia’s career is going strong and she has so much other good stuff going on in her life. I hope Karma bit Kenzie and Chad big time cause they deserve it!!!!!

  • Aimee

    Nicky is hot, too hot for Chad. Glad she kicked his ass to the curb.

  • Anna

    Nicky Whelan follows Sophia Bush on twitter. Intelligent girl realising who is the truly worth it. Case Closed

  • diane

    Nicky bloc me on twitter so i can not see that
    i think the be together is a puplic stunt for the movie ane show
    Is Sophia still with Dan?