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Jennifer Lopez Looks Back at 'On the 6' Fifteen Years Later

Jennifer Lopez Looks Back at 'On the 6' Fifteen Years Later

Jennifer Lopez poses for a photo on the stage at American Idol during the results show on Thursday (May 15) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 44-year-old entertainer was joined for the last show in their regular studio this season by fellow judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. and host Ryan Seacrest.

Jennifer recently chatted with Billboard about her first album On the 6 fifteen years after she released it.

“It was a great process. I was working with Corey [Rooney], who 15-years later is still with me. Everything was so new to me: I had never been in the studio. I had never recorded music. I had only sang at shows and plays. It was one of those things where ignorance was bliss,” Jennifer said. “I knew I was making an album, but you’re so young it’s not hitting you how big it is. I remember going back and doing the vocals over and over again. I was a perfectionist about it. Everything went from there…”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing an Emilio Pucci dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and W. Britt earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez on the set of American Idol

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29 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Looks Back at 'On the 6' Fifteen Years Later”

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  1. 1
    Floritsa Gomez Says:

    Who watches this rubbish?

  2. 2
    Ben Says:

    Sorry Jen but whomever is doing your hair, makeup and styling hates you.

  3. 3
    Poopy Says:

    To wear a turtle neck you have to have a neck, something Jen doesn’t have. It’s hot in LA why in the world is she all covered up and wearing long sleeves. I’m wondering if she’s purposely trying to ruin herself.

  4. 4
    Beyond Says:

    I can’t believe how low, tacky and s!upid this woman is, hire a style already! you s!upid Ho.

  5. 5
    jack Says:

    The problem with J.LO is that she lets a bunch of fat, uneducated Puerto Rican ghetto dictate what she wears.

  6. 6
    jen Says:

    All I can say is that she LOVES herself. She loves showing her legs. I’m sure that the night before AI, she doesn’t sleep thinking about what she’s going to wear to make the show all about her!! She is the most self-absorbed person on the planet. Now, I hear she’s a vegan!! what next…. It’s all about ME, ME AND…..YES, ME!!!

  7. 7
    Oh dear Says:

    Looks like Keith has added a bit more hair to his hairpiece.

  8. 8
    She Stinks! Says:

    That album sucked then, and it sucks now. She can’t sing by her own admission. The glam squad must be really mad at her, they made her look like a roast turkey. Can’t say I blame them, she was probably having a screeching diva tantrum and was screaming at them endlessly. She’s still a short sloppy old HO from the streets of Castle Hill.

  9. 9
    Nora Says:

    I adore Keith Urban because of his talent, good looks and being such a nice person. My problem with Keith is, with all of his money can’t he hire someone to do something with his hair. Let it grow out a little or something ??

  10. 10
    Patricia Says:

    J Los face actually looks like hard plastic. Check out her forehead and cheeks. Keith Urban needs to do something with his hair, maybe a comb might help. Keith is one of my favorite entertainers, if you have never been to any of his shows you are missing something, but he definitely needs to do something with his hair.

  11. 11
    sue Says:

    Agree with the comments about Keith’s hair. He looks like a hair model or something. Not natural at all. Definitely not a country singer look.

  12. 12
    allison Says:

    Why was Keith pretending this week to miss her wife so much when he was in LA and she was at the Cannes Film Festival. (Keith put a picture of Nicole on the judging desk during the live show.) It’s not like she was in LA. She has been in Australia doing a movie.

  13. 13
    WhiteLatina Says:

    J-LOW is the reason why this show is in the toilet. This untalented, skin bleached, nose job getting, blond weave wearing, saggy butt, twggy legged thing looks like an aging PuertoRican man in drag.

  14. 14
    Nora Says:

    @Floritsa Gomez: Millions and millions of people, probably you too !!!!!!!! love American Idol. Love the three judges. I cannot get enough of that talented Keith Urban.

  15. 15
    Patricia Says:

    No Allison, you are wrong, she has been in LA. She finished movie week or two ago.

  16. 16
    JoBeth Says:


    Nicole was in Cannes, where she received poor reviews by the critics. Not only did her movie, ‘Grace of Monaco’ receive these reviews, but the reporters also found the chance to insult her looks, acting, etc. Therefore, Keith’s placing her photo on the panel table was, IMO, an act of support. This is my opinion, and I’ll probably be slammed for saying it. So be it.

  17. 17
    Audra Says:

    @JoBeth. You are right, you need to get slammed for your stupid remarks. That picture was taken before the Grace movie was shown. That picture that Keith put up was because he loves his wife. Also, American Idol loves Nicoles name to be brought up she is a huge movie star, more publicity fit them.

  18. 18
    Sorry Says:

    @Audra: the last thing AI needs is any reference to the Kidman, the Queen of Box Office Poison.

  19. 19
    Louis Says:

    @JoBeth: Keith did this because he’s desperate to be seen as a good husband. A real good husband would have flown to Cannes to be with his wife. Keith is never there for Nicole when she needs him. While she was being bashed in Cannes, he was having fun on AI, ogling at Jennifer Lopez’s breasts. And now, he’s once again away from his family, he’s in Florida, selling guitars on the Home Shopping Network (!)…

  20. 20
    JoBeth Says:


    Yes, Louis, Mary, whoever you are this lovely day, just blather on.
    OTH, I was having a conversation today with a woman who’d been in the music business in Nashville, and I mentioned I was a Keith Urban fan. This is a no nonsense lady, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised when she answered back without hesitation, ‘Keith’s a good guy’. I might add that this is a very married lady with children who has her feet planted firmly on the ground, not some nut who under anonymous, childish names spouts illogical craziness.
    Louis/Mary, we are all aware that every word you say on this board is straight from what you’ve read and then put your negative spin on, so thought I’d just pass on a positive remark which is actually the truth for a change.

  21. 21
    Louis Says:

    @JoBeth: A woman in the music business in Nashville told you that Keithy is a good guy? Wow that must be true then. How about Keith’s ex girlfriends? Have you talked to them? I bet they loved the way he was lying to them and cheating on them constantly.
    I’m only talking about what I see. Was Keith with Nicole in Cannes? No. Did he go to Cannes when she was being attacked? No. Was he ogling at Jennifer Lopez’s boobs during AI this week? Yes,several times (just watch the show). Is he with Nicole now that she’s back from Cannes? No. He went away to Florida for another ridiculous gig (selling guitars for HSN lol).

  22. 22
    Whoah! Says:

    @Louis: So, Louis–what is that YOU would have Keith do? Is HE supposed to give up HIS music career and just follow Nicole around the word, as she films one movie after another, with NO break “for the family”? Since her movies aren’t doing so well these days, is Keith supposed to give up his career totally? Is that what YOU do, Louis–NOTHING, so your wife or girlfriend can take care of YOU?

  23. 23
    Louis Says:

    @Whoah!: There’s a difference between touring for 2 or 3 days a week, which is what Keithy did until a year ago, and working ALL THE TIME like he does now. He doesn’t spend ANY time with his wife. It´s like he’s trying to avoid her. That´s why I find his little games like showing a picture of her on AI absolutely pathetic. He doesn’t really care about Nicole. If he cared, he would stop adding unnecessary stuff to his schedule. Why the hell does he sell guitars on HSN? Does he need to do so many interviews (TV shows, radio shows every single day)?
    And of course now you attack Nicole because you know that what I say is the truth and you can’t find a way to defend your precious Keithy. It’s sad that his fans are so gullible.

  24. 24
    Lizzie Says:

    OK what the heck is this ‘Louis’ creature? Why would a man be so worried about another man looking at J Lo’s boobs as they’re being tossed around every Wednesday night? It’s much funnier watching Harry find excuses to roll his chair over to Keith’s section while giving Jennifer a little touch, now and then. In fact, Jen would probably go into a deep depression if those boobs weren’t being appreciated nightly. What’s the trouble, Mary? Isn’t anyone appreciating your Double D’s?
    BTW, if you think we’re fooled into thinking that nickname your calling Keith is original, think again. We’re all aware that was the name the beautiful Niki Taylor revealed she called Keith when they were together. You poor, poor soul. Try again.

  25. 25
    Lizzie Says:

    Tout fini. I can’t take this anymore. Dealing with this idiot is unhealthy. In fact, I’m ashamed I’ve stayed on the board as long as I have, noticing that others with an IQ in triple digits have disappeared since this misfit’s arrived on the scene.

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