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Adriana Lima & Karolina Kurkova's Beauty is Put on Display For IWC Photo Shoot!

Adriana Lima & Karolina Kurkova's Beauty is Put on Display For IWC Photo Shoot!

Adriana Lima keeps it chic in a vest and blazer during a photo shoot for luxurious watch brand IWC on Friday (May 16) in Portofino, Italy.

The 32-year-old Brazilian supermodel was joined by Karolina Kurkova while posing for German photographer Peter Lindbergh.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

“My thoughts are with the people of Turkey in this difficult time #soma #prayforturkey,” Adriana tweeted earlier in the week after hearing about a mine explosion killing hundreds of people.

15+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova participating in a IWC photo shoot…

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adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 01
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 02
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 03
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 04
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 05
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 06
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 07
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 08
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 09
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 10
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 11
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 12
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 13
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 14
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 15
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 16
adriana lima karolina kurkova iwc photo shoot 17

Photos: Wenn
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  • miranbar

    wow without all the fake VS bomshell hair,makeup,fake tan,mini skirts she is painfully old and average.

  • Jeremy

    So great to see KK and Adriana together again! They’re both unique beauties in totally different ways and I think they compliment each other very well. Lindbergh will get breathtaking shots. Love it!!

  • hullalla

    Karolina Kurkova looks exactly like Robin Wright’s little sister.

  • oh yea

    Yess. Another major contract for Lima! She’s on a roll. Thry both have clean fresh make up on, but it’s not doing Karolina any favors, still love her.

  • Hater

    @miranbar: Speaking of pain, you’re in constant pain Adriana’s star is rising instead of being stuck with d list commercial work. Miranda has cemented her fate…no one will take her seriously enough to give her a luxury watch brand to endorse. Her forte lies at cheap and tacky… it’s time you accepted the truth.

  • 5


    i personally think that she looks great with the natural make up. she doesn’t need tons of make to look pretty. Im glad she’s not sitting home being miserable because of that divorce

  • 7

    it stills amaze me how someone who claim to be a bar rafaeli fan has the nerve to bash on Adriana consider Bar’s career, out all famous models specially from victoria’s secret and sport illustrated bar has the worse career of them all, never score any high fashion contract, never walk a big fashion show, all her achievements i mean career where milking from leonardo DiCaprio and yet her fan has the nerve to bash on Adriana lima seriously

  • britt

    Karolina’s horsey face looks weird here

  • assassin

    @britt: She’s not wearing make up. She can hardly close her mouth.

  • Bundchen

    @7: Even Miranda, she’s been doing nothing but landing cheap and tallow projects. Her desperation is palpable. I feel sorry for her that she needs to work overtime to make up for the VS and DJ money but some of the brands she’s associated with lately make her look so desperate for money…she shouldn’t worry about her reputation as a model because she’s left with none.
    Adriana’s actions speak volumes, look at the kind of jobs she’s been securing as of late…they put all of Miranda’s 24/7 working and traveling to shame.

  • damnwhoa

    YIKES – Dog alert! Eeeeek!

  • uhmm

    Not really fan of any of them, but I have some honest questions for you Adriana fans.
    How can you lambast Miranda and others models for being commercial, when Adriana works for companies like Veet, VS, and now a watch manufacturer? What exactly is the difference? Seriously.
    And why bring other models up at all? Why can’t you just enjoy Adriana for the beautiful woman that she is?
    I see you guys on other threads, why go on the attack? Aren’t you just asking for trouble?
    I really am curious. I’m also curious as to whether you fans will actually respond to my questions, or simply attack me.
    Which will it be?

  • pantyqueen

    @uhmm: Adriana fans only can compliment her if they bring 10 other models down in the process.

    Adriana is a commercial supermodel ala Tyra,Heidi,Elle MacPherson & Kathy Ireland. Not a models supermodel/iconic muse ala Linda,Kate,Naomi,Cindy,Christy etc. I mean they worked with top brands (solo) and top photographers for 20 plus years. Adriana is just NOW kinda getting fashion work after this many years. good for her; but hardly anything special career wise. Its defnitely on the lower end of the spectrum for a “super”model. Karolina actually has over 40 Vogue covers. Adriana has 9….

  • LOL

    Wow I wonder what took her so long to be liked by Meisel and Lindbergh? Wasn’t Adriana’s fans excuse because “she was too pretty and not ugly enough for fashion”? lmao…She probably had to pay them to finally work with her.

  • hag

    wow some harsh mouth wrinkles she also has tons around her bu**hole looking lips from blowing kisses her whole career.

  • uhmm

    “Adriana fans only can compliment her if they bring 10 other models down in the process.”
    That certainly seems to be the case.
    I like the term “commercial supermodel”. It fits quite well. It acknowledges her success, but doesn’t allow for the added cache of being a ‘true’ supermodel.

  • fdl

    @Bundchen: Oh please like Adriana’s career is “zomg so much more amazing than Miranda’s”. Get a grip. theyre pretty equal if you ask me. They both do cheap commercial brands. At least Miranda has her branding tho she beats The panty queen there.

  • 7


    at leat adriana has landed high fashion campaign in her career, i believe that with all the covers mirand

  • lima

    @uhmm: I’d take you seriously if the first comment on here is not by a Miranda fan.
    @pantyqueen: much to your dismay, Adriana as you’ll always struggle to accept has been getting steady high fashion work for more than 5 years now. I mean,even an Iidiot would know that she’s working this much because she wants to, not because some people suddenly thought it would be a good idea to start liking her now. Like you think Peter and Steven came together and decided to be smitten by her? Lol, this is the work of power. She has power that’s why she getting all these top notch work.
    Now, how come Miranda never seems to get work like this? I mean, in fashion she’s already a lost cause, but why can’t she get super important and world renowned brands even as a commercial model? Lol the answer is she’s a make-believe woman who has been a cheap commercial model at heart, and then VS became her saving grace, but she’s gone back to her commercial roots, this time, as a laughing stock.

  • 7


    aww poor miranda kerr fans are bitter because with all the magazines covers and fashion shows she walked for she never landed any high fashion campaign since prada in 2008 or 2009 that’s speaks for it’s self .

    of course Adriana does a lot of commercials campaigns but since 2009 she has at least one high fashion campaign every year

    and please she is doing a campaign of IWC international wtach company with Karolina Kurkova shoot by Peter lindberg, that already says a lot of what king of work it is.

  • lima

    @fdl: ewww, Adriana and Miranda the same kind of career? God forbid!! Adriana never did a Samsung superbowl commercial where she was drowning in a crowd of people as an extra nor has she ever done a detergent commercial. Ewwwww. Miranda wishes she’s as important as Adriana.

  • 7

    @lima: @lima:

    ” she’s gone back to her commercial roots, this time, as a laughing stock”

    hahahahahah i know right.

    plus it’s funny that you guys bah adriana for getting only 9 vogue covers when miranda has only 6

  • @19

    What does the fist post have to do with their question?
    But you did answer them, in a way.
    You attacked.
    You throw truth out the window to pad Adriana’s career and to ignore Miranda’s (and other’s) accomplishments. THAT is why people laugh at you Lima fans. You’re a bunch of blind hypocrites who are desperate to convince themselves that Veet is high end, but having a company who makes some of the finest china in the world brand a collection with Miranda’s name is cheap.
    Can you hear yourselves?

  • @20/21

    So doing a commercial as second fiddle to a true HF model is good?
    And actually, Samsung did a solo commercial/promotion with her after that one aired.
    And no, Adriana has never done a million dollar detergent commercial. She’d much rather do a commercial for a depilatory cream, *gag*
    Nothing says HF like hair removal.

  • ta

    Funny, but if Adriana is so important, why wasn’t she chosen when it came time for huge, international brands like Mango and H&M to replace Kate Moss and Gisele?
    Both chose Miranda.
    Funny, that.

  • uhmm

    Well, I guess that I did get my answer, didn’t I
    They ignored my question and went on the offensive.
    That says more about them than anything else.

  • 7


    funny that she’s also the only “supermodel” that does cheap detergent commercials

  • @27

    funny that she’s also the only “supermodel” that does cheap hair removal commercials
    Explain the difference. Come on. I dare you to try.

  • Bundchen

    Umm, who here said VEET IS high end? Lmao! Putting words into people’s mouths when you’re defeated. Typical.
    And give a detergent and a Veet commercial to amy self respecting model and see if they won’t avoid detergent like the plague.
    Sorry hun but Adriana has surpassed Miranda in more ways than one. Thessooner you deal with it, the better for you.

  • @29

    You fans talk about Miranda’s detergent ad, but ignore Adriana’s Veet endorsement. That is hypocrisy. A trait that you all have.
    You also ignore Miranda’s work with lines that have used the likes of Kate and Gisele. And the fact that companies pay her millions to endorse their products.
    The sooner that you admit that their careers are very similar, the sooner people will stop calling you idiots and hypocrites.

  • lima

    Her “Samsung commercial” wasn’t a commercial. It was a video posted online by samsung. Ot never saw the light of TV a screen and most people did even know about it. That pretty much sums up her career. Adriana would be caught dead doing that. That veet commercial you are so desperately trying to debunk. Well, keep trying. Detergent forever takes the cake.

  • xyzc


  • xyzc



  • marija

    Adriana is so stunning!!! <3 Love Karolina too! Can't wait to see the how this photoshot turns out.
    Why do Miranda fans always have to come here and talk bad about Adriana…?! Both girls are doing well, working hard and earning a lot of they care who is doing what…
    Some people here need to get a life!
    But for the record, Adriana is a supermodel, Miranda…not so much…

  • dame

    @uhmm: the difference is Adriana has both high fashion and commercial under her belt, while Miranda is only doing c list commercial projects and 0 high fashion . VS, Maybelline, IWC, Kia, are some of the biggest brands in the world, like literally. Shopestyle is, eh, well… to answer your second question, Miranda fans have always been vile towards Adriana simply because VS treated her better than Miranda so they made it there mission to hate on Adriana. They’ve been doing it for quite some time, coming into Adriana threads and trying to make fun of her. I see so reason why Adriana fans should not return the favor. Especially since Miranda is more prone to shaming… you can see, they are here already. And I don’t know of any other model lima fans are mean to, unless you’re a Miranda fan trying to cook up something.

    To the other Miranda fan, why are you trying to link Miranda to Gisele and Kate? It’s pathetic. Your fandom is the only one I see bragging over an H&M campaign. I mean, it’s great, but it’s not unattainable.

  • Lol

    If you Adriana fans don’t want Miranda fans insulting her, then stop insulting Miranda. Stop bringing up Miranda and other models in Adriana’s threads, and stop going to Miranda’s threads just to insult her
    Simple, isn’t it.
    And still believing that detergent is worse than depilatory cream?
    That’s just stupid. Whether you are a fan or not.

  • Uhmm

    But Miranda also has HF and commercial under her belt. And I may be wrong, since I don’t follow either of them that closely, but hasn’t Miranda walked more HF runways than Adriana?
    You say that Miranda only does ‘c-list’ commercials. Well aren’t Reebok, Clear, Royal Doulton and Swarovski some of the biggest brands in the world as well? Please explain the difference. I really am trying to understand.
    As far as VS goes, I’ve never seen any fan of Miranda try to claim that Adriana is not the queen if VS. That claim goes to Candice’s fans. :/
    Fans on both sides seem to love to insult each other. But you can’t cry foul when you admit to doing the same thing. You reap what you sow. But again, why did you have to bring up Miranda in the first place, on Adriana’s thread? That makes no sense.
    And I guess that you skipped over the insult to Bar on this thread. And I’ve often seen Adriana fans insult Alesandra, Candice, Behati, or any other model who seems to be getting a lot of attention.
    You fans just need to relax. Adriana has a great career. Why you feel so threatened by other models is beyond my comprehension.

  • @37

    Don’t forget Escada fragrance.

  • 7

    what high fashion work does miranda has under her belt ? please just name 4 high fashions campaigns she has starred in

  • Uhmm

    Like I said, I don’t follow either of them closely, but I do remember that Miranda has worked for Prada.
    And remember, if you are going to claim that doesn’t count because she isn’t currently working for them, then you can’t count any of Adriana’s past HF work. It works both ways, right?

  • Bundchen

    “But Miranda also has HF and commercial under her belt”
    “ but hasn’t Miranda walked more HF runways than Adriana?”
    “You say that Miranda only does ‘c-list’ commercials. Well aren’t Reebok, Clear, Royal Doulton and Swarovski some of the biggest brands in the world as well?”
    Swakrovski, you’re right. Reebok, yes, absolutely major.i think Clear is good but it’s not one of the biggest in the world. Royal Doulton, NO. So now, where is her actual fashion projects? ????!!

    oh pls don’t bring Candice fans into this. And sure Miranda fans can’t deny Adriana’s VS status because even they aren’t that mad, and that’s exactly why they despise Lima, because she’s always been VS’ undisputed queen.

    “And I’ve often seen Adriana fans insult Alesandra, Candice, Behati, or any other model who seems to be getting a lot of attention.”
    why are you lying?

  • Uhmm

    Yes, Miranda has done HF.
    Like I said…I could be wrong when I mentioned her runway work. For which designers did Adriana walk?
    At least I got you to admit that Miranda has done more than just c-list ads. And RD may not be a large company, but it is exclusive. Much like IWC.
    And I’m not the one here who is lying. You fans insulted Bar here, which proves a precedence. You are indeed in the habit of attacking other models. Trying to claim innocence now is ridiculous.

  • #13

    Please tell us what kind of supermodel Miranda is because tbqh I don’t know what to label her. Tabloid model? Paparazzi model? Maybe commercial supermodel, of course not on the same level as Heidi and co.
    Adriana was spotted havimg dinner with Lindbergh and Emily Blunt, she hasn’t said a word about it…if it were Miranda she would set her instagram om fire with selfies with them, but of course that would never happen because she is not that privileged. Now Terry Richardson, that’s someone on her calibre.

  • over

    Both look average. Adriana is so overrated.
    Adriana fans: Adriana has 9 Vogue covers???
    Miranda has 6 Vogue cover???
    @marija: “But for the record, Adriana is a supermodel, Miranda…not so much…” But why Adriana is a supermodel? She has 9 Vogue covers!!

  • Reba

    KK looks like that blonde woman from Game of Thrones! Woah…

  • since

    Since when does Vogue covers make one a supermodel?

  • @43

    Here’s a good example of what kind of supermodel Miranda is.
    Adriana goes to dinner. Miranda has dinners thrown in her honor.

  • lima

    @@43: who threw a dinner in her honor? Tell us please. And gurl, stop reaching, I’m too lazy to think, but I remember Vogue Spain throwing a dinner in Adriana’s honor.

  • Someone

    Adriana has done plenty if runways back in the days and she doesn’t need to do runways anymore she is still getting campaigns . Each year since 2009 she has a high campaign added to her resume.

    What is shame with miranda is that with all the campaigns she started doping in 2010 after flynn was born ( because after that she never did any major runway for an high fashion brand) she can’t handle a single campaign ( and yes escada is so big that even bar who never scored anything big in her Life managed to have ). After all it doesn’t surprise me that miranda can have a major campaign cause everyone on the industry she is not big, from all the victoria’s secret angels she is / was the one with lilly with the worse career in high fashion cause even erin has Versace and lacoste

    You can insult adriana all that you want but at least she has done plenty of high fashion in her career to arm those insult

  • @48

    Vogue Italia not only threw a dinner in her honor, but a lavish party/event as well.
    Really? Miranda has the worst career out if all the angels?
    Gee. I wonder how she became the second highest earning model last year?????
    Be blind all you want. You Lima fans have proved that you are hypocrites, too. But at least try no to be so incredibly stupid.
    And I love your logic of Adriana not needing to do runway anymore. If you weren’t such a hypocrite you could also apply that to Miranda. She’s getting huge contracts from Reebok, H&M, Clear, etc., so she doesn’t “need” HF campaigns. And yet, she’s STILL getting HF covers. Vogue, Harpers, Marie Claire, Elle. Even you couldn’t deny that. Even though I know that you will try. Lol